learn to create a bill via quickbooks support

Learn To Create A Bill
Via QuickBooks Support
QuickBooks Technical Support
QuickBooks is a set of software applications
designed by Intuit to reduce accounting work for
small and medium businesses. The tools of
QBs are used to track expenses, monitor job
status and payroll, and manage inventories.
This tool reduces the risk of doing calculating
mistakes and also prevents a user from wasting
much time. If you wish to create a bill on QBs
then follow these steps
QuickBooks Bill Generation Steps
1) Open QuickBooks software on your system by clicking on the
taskbar or on its icon located on the desktop.
2) Click Plus icon located on the top-right corner of the screen of
your QBs account.
3) This will open a Create menu, click on Bill button and move to
the next step.
4) Now, choose a vendor using the drop-down list at the top. If it’s
a new person to add then click +Add new and then enter the
name of the vendor in the field box and click Save button.
5) Enter the address of the Vendor in the Mailing Address box.
QuickBooks Bill Generation Steps
6. Choose a bill date from Bill date option by generating a
calendar. Choose the date from the calendar.
7. Now, choose a due date by clicking on Due date option. A
calendar will open up on the screen, select the right date and
month on the calendar.
8. Click on the below box Account and then using drop-down
menu select its type from the list.
9. Enter the amount due in Amount box and proceed to the next
QuickBooks Bill Generation Steps
10.There are more things you can add in the bill
like, bill number, description or a memo related
to the account details. Moreover, attachments
can also be added by just drag and drop from
the system to the “Attachment” box.
11.When all these things are done, click Save and
Close. The bill has been added not.
QuickBooks Bill Generation Steps
There are unlimited things that you can do with your
QuickBooks account. A user can connect his bank
account with QBs, create an invoice, make payments,
managing payroll and lots of other necessary things
which saves the time as well as struggle. Contact to
QuickBooks Technical Support Number: 1-844562-9111 for further information. Or visit our website
for more answers to your related questions. Our
engineers and technicians are available 24/7 to fix the
accounting software issues.
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