Fixing A Noisy Laptop Through Hp Support

Fixing A Noisy
Laptop Through Hp
Working on a noisy laptop might be a very frustrating
task for all laptop users. Do you any idea why your
laptop is creating a noisy sound? This sound comes
from the internal fan which is used to prevent the
overheating of the system. To stop its noisy sound, you
have to clean its internal for any dust or debris, also
change the speed of the fan to fix this problem.
Here is the Complete Guide to do this:
First of all, clean the fan properly.
Turn off your Hp laptop and unplug it from the power source to remove its battery.
Separate the bottom panel of your system by unscrews all the screws.
Now, screw the bottom panel after replacing the battery. Now, listen carefully if it still
making a noise. Follow the next step if it still makes a noisy sound.
Turn it upside down to locate the fan vents on the bottom. Beware of its internal parts,
don’t touch them otherwise, you might get a shock. However, you may touch a metal
surface before proceeding to release any static charge.
Remove the dust particles inside of your laptop through a can of compressed air. Cover
your nose and mouth with a mask or handkerchief to prevent the dust inside you.
Reduce the fan speed
Press F1, F2 or Esc key just after starting your laptop to enter into the Boot
Navigate to Fan settings option under Advanced or CPU using up or down
arrow keys on the key board. Use Esc key to go back to the previous screen.
Navigate to Fan High Temperature, Voltage and Low Voltage option settings
among all the fan settings options.
Instigate it by making small changes. If the laptop stays in cool condition then
make other additional changes. If it becomes hot then immediately undo all
the recent changes that you made.
Increase the Low Temperature of fan to make it run less often, and increase
its high temperature. Also, decrease the High voltage and increase the Low
voltage to run it slow and quietly.
Finally, when all the settings are done. Save them and exit the window to go
back to the main BIOS menu. Exit the BIOS and restart the laptop.
HP Support Number Australia 1-800-952-985
If you fail to resolve this issue and getting
trouble in following above steps, then
Contact HP Support Number 1-800-952985 to let the experts help you. The team
works day and night to give users a complete
satisfaction with their services. So, don’t
waste the further time and contact us soon.
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