What is the Method of Creating a Watermark in Adobe Illustrator

What is the Method of Creating a Watermark
in Adobe Illustrator?
Some clever heads attempt to steal or fling an unauthorized access to the paper in the form of copying
or indicate the content which is not even a final version. With the help of Adobe Illustrator feature of
adding the watermark, you can do the chores trouble-free. This inserted impression can be a brand
name, owner’s name, signature, any image or a symbol which can be refined and scrubbed according to
the needs of the user.
Approach to the Adobe Illustrator and start with a new document.
Hit on the texts link in the toolbar on the top-right and go to a blank page for a new watermark.
Now you may choose common ones like confidential, sample, do not copy etc.
Tap twice on the text to highlight it and then use the property on the upper side for altering the font
style and size as the way you want it to be. You can also add your name there.
5. Are you facing any error in the process? Do not hesitate to ask a professional to aid you with the
subject. Reach Adobe Illustrator Contact Support to get the help from the support team for a real
6. Hold your cursor over the text and drag it to place and reposition it.
7. Hit the menu stated with the object and go to transform it. The drop-down menu will ask for
rotation, modify it to 45 degrees.
8. Take the selection menu bar for moving the text back to the center of the screen.
9. There is an option for modification of opacity on the top, change it to 10 to 20%.
10. Now, approach to the file where you want the insertion of a watermark.
11. Go for copying from the edit menu and then tab on the top of the screen for switching to the image
file. Paste it there from the edit menu itself or go pasting from Ctrl + V.
12. Now, use the selection arrows to position it where you want it to be.
At the moment, you can insert any text or image over it freely. Features of this software don’t end here!
It is a package of attributes advancing up at regular intervals. To get familiar with this application and to
ask any other related query on the subject from our technical panel, make a connection with our tollfree Adobe Support Number Canada. Our dedicated and all-time servicing staff will surely guide you in a
way the problem won’t trouble you again.