Shift Your Money Frequency Vibration

Shift Your Money Frequency Vibration
How’s your relationship with money, do you have enough, do you wish you had more, does it slip
through your fingers, is it the biggest issue in your life?
Like all things in this Universe money is energy and most of us have many blocks to this energy flowing in
our lives.
Our relationship to money is built on our beliefs around it, are you aware of your money beliefs? The
problem with our beliefs around money is they are largely unquestioned, and they are rarely our own.
Growing up we were programmed by our parents, caregivers, grandparents, authority figures, media etc.,
and we’ve taken on these without questioning their validity. Subconsciously we soaked everything we
saw, heard and felt about money, even though we had no idea we were paying any attention.
Our money beliefs are determining our relationship with money right now.
So the first step is to get clear on what your money beliefs are.
Step 1 – Identify your beliefs
Get a piece of paper and start with the heading – MY CURRENT MONEY BELIEFS.
Now make a list of all your current beliefs about money. Think about the kinds of things you say when
money comes up.
What do think when bills arrive?
How do you feel when you want/need to buy something you “can’t afford”?
What’s the dialogue you have with yourself and others when discussing money? I
If you argue about money, what’s your side of the story?
Your list of money beliefs might look something like this:
1. People have to work hard to get money
2. Money doesn’t grow on trees
3. I only need enough money to get by
4. Money doesn’t buy happiness
5. Being rich will lose me my friends
Dig deep; you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Get as many beliefs out as you can, at least 5 or
Step 2. – Who do these beliefs really belong too?
Now, next to or underneath each belief write down who or where you think this belief came from.
1. I have to work hard from money – Came from Dad
2. Money doesn’t grow on trees – Mum used to say that when I asked for something.
3. I only need enough money to get by – Mum used to say this when she was complaining that she never
had enough no money.
Let’s just stop for a minute….
Take a moment to really allow yourself to absorb this discovery, that the beliefs you have been carrying,
your story about money, isn’t actually yours.
Let yourself to recognize that these beliefs are not working for you anymore than they worked for those
who taught them to you.
Now consider that we always get what we believe. So those who believe that you must work hard for
money, just notice how they are the ones who do just that; work hard, often for little money.
Think about how each belief you have is playing out in your life.
Step 3 – Turn it around
Now under a new heading – TURNAROUNDS - you are going to take that same list and turn each one of
those beliefs around to its exact opposite. And then give an example underneath of where this belief is
1. People don’t have to work hard to get money
Example; people can win money, marry money, be left money, find money.
2. Money does grow on trees
Produce can be grown on trees and exchanged for money, money is everywhere. There is actually no
shortage of money in the world.
3. Money can buy happiness
Example: Money can buy freedom and freedom can create happiness.
Stop for another minute….
Allow yourself to absorb this new discovery that you don’t even have to convince yourself of these beliefs
because there is already real evidence to support that they are true.
Step 5 – My new beliefs
Get a fresh piece of paper and write the heading – MY NEW MONEY BELIEFS. Now write out each of the
turned around beliefs that you’ve evidenced as being true.
These are now your new beliefs around money – they make sense, you’ve seen them to be true, and the
more you affirm them and keep reminding yourself of them the more they will work FOR you in the same
ways your old beliefs worked against you.
Print them out and put them somewhere you can see them every day, and keep a look out for the ever
emerging new evidence that will continue to arrive to support them.
It takes work to enforce new beliefs; you’ve been enforcing the old ones for a long time. Keep doing the
work, keep challenging those old beliefs every time they surface and replace them with the new truer
Happy money manifesting! And for any help, visit us by clicking on manifesting mindset coaching