Floor Standing Digital Signage Systems

Floor Standing Digital Signage
Systems – Advantages
Advertising signages have been brought to a whole new level with the help of
digital signages. Digital signage displays are being seen as a mainstream
advertising tool and all types of advertising screens are found everywhere:
airports, doctor’s surgeries, retail shopping stores, huge shopping malls,
transportation hubs, etc. These advertisement signages have grown in
popularity because they are effective, engage the onlooker because they are
eye-catching and are much better than traditional billboards and posters in
this regard. Their rates are also competitive.
The ratio of the audience they reach out to when compared to the amount that
they cost is so high and this is the singular reason why digital-out-of-home
(DOOH) is among the fastest growing means of advertising. Some of the
obstacles that you face when you set off on a signage project are procurement
and set up of hardware equipment such as media player, the LCD screen, and
housing for the equipment.
A majority of the digital signage systems are custom built according to the
specifications of the user. These systems tend to be more complex. However,
there are also simple direct advertising signage systems that are used for
various purposes. The floor standing digital signage system is one such
equipment that is used.
Floor Standing Digital Signage System
The free standing digital signage system can be thought of as a type of startto-end-digital advertising system. The housing of such a signage system
contains all the equipment that is required for the display: the LCD display, the
media player that is already loaded with the content which is also scheduled
for a specific number of runs in a day.
This type of a signage system work well for retail stores and is proven to be
one of the most noticeable forms of advertising. The information from such
free standing units is impossible to miss out on unlike posters (digital) or
hangings from ceilings. With a playlist that rotates, more information can be
displayed in the space that you have available in the signage. Digital screens
pictures. You can also build an interesting playlist with content as you may
require. The most attractive point is that the floor standing digital signage
system can be easily installed. All you have to do is place it in position and plug
it into the power point. The content then starts playing automatically.
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