Restore Your Gmail Account Data

Gmail is considered as one of the best platforms for exchanging messages over the internet in
today’s digital world. And day by day Gmail is becoming wide email service and more interesting for
using the Gmail users. Now anyone can easily understand the features of this mail server and use it
with comfort-ability.
But Over time Gmail starts to create issues with your account while functioning smoothly.
Sometimes, due to our fault or maybe an unknown performance on email, our data may get lost.
But you do not need to worry if you have lost your data as here Gmail Customer Support is
providing you with some tips by which you can easily recover account data.
1. First of all, you have to Visit the official site and fill all the necessary column such as Email
address and Password in it
2. After filling both columns, click on ‘Sign in’ and enter into your
3. Now, take your cursor on the left sidebar to see the list of your folders.
4. After finding, click on ‘More Option’ and click it to expand.
5. After clicking, you will see 4 more options named ‘All Mail’ ‘Spam/junk’ ‘Trash’ and the last
one ‘Chats’.
6. Your Google’s deleted data is inside these 4 folders. Firstly, check the ‘Trash’ folder because
all the deleted data remain in it for 30 days.
7. As you get your data, simply select it and Recover it by clicking ‘Move to Inbox’ option.
8. Now your whole data is recovered to you and you can check it in your Inbox.
Hope this blog will help you in resolving your issue related to email/data recovery, but still, if you
did not get satisfied with this blog or maybe you did not completely understand it, So Simply Dial
Gmail Technical Support Number 1844-856-1333 or we will surely help you in recovering your data.
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How to recover your Gmail Account data