How to Fix Cartridge Leaking of Epson Printers

How to Fix Cartridge Leaking of
Epson Printers?
A cartridge is responsible for delivering graphical pictures, texts and other stuff on
the paper. With lubricants and another combo of colours, they print vivid images,
photos via a tiny hole that dispenses the ink mixture.
No doubt Epson has attracted more audience towards their exemplary printing
features. But despite being such a good machine they still have a few complications
which make users concerned. For this reason, Epson Printer Repair Centre is
presenting an effective blog to guide our readers – how to fix cartridge leaking of
Epson Printers. If this sounds familiar, you have found the right blog! As we will
cover everything you needed. So without wasting a minute let’s get started:
 First of all, shut down your peripheral printing devices and unplug all the
power sources.
 Make sure no wire; power cable is connected.
 After that, remove the cartridge from your machine.
 Take a clean cloth/swab and wipe it over the ink cartridge (toner).
 Don’t use water-based solution because it may generate and damage electrical
 You can also use tissue papers as they are quite soft and don’t let the debris
take place.
 While rubbing, if you notice any leakages on the area; means it is not the only
damaged portion, there could be so many. If so then carefully identify them to
 Now, inspect the leaked portion once you have determined, see if there is a
cracked fault.
 If you still suspect, then squeeze it gently until you see it.
 After determining the exact location, take a large piece of tape.
 Large enough to the whole potion.
 Here, place the piece over it gently.
 Leave it for 2 minutes.
 After that, replace the cartridge in the device.
 At last, give a command, test it.
Hope this blog is worthy. However, if you require further information regarding this
matter or other matters you can contact Epson Printer repair number 1-855-2534222.
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