How to Prevent a Website from Being Opened Automatically Using Trend Micro?

How to Prevent a Website from Being
Opened Automatically Using Trend Micro?
Trend Micro antivirus program is a high-end protection, a prominent name for providing better
security solutions to their users. In addition, using Trend Micro you optimise your computer for
better performance.
Trend Micro is indeed a must-have application, its Security Smart Firewall features has an option
to create an exception list and then add the unwanted websites on it. However, you can allow
access to any website which has been blocked mistakenly. Furthermore, you can also add an
exception for the application that needs to access the Internet.
Despite being such a flawless antivirus program, it still has a few complications which make users
concerned. For this reason, Trend Micro Antivirus Support has gathered around to guide our
users – how to prevent a website from being opened automatically:
 On your desktop, double-click the application icon to open it. If the icon is not available
here, click the Start button and follow the next steps to continue.
 Once you click the Start button, click the Trend Micro antivirus icon from the All Programs
 After opening, click the Settings tab to open the main setting window.
 Here, select the Network tab and choose Smart Firewall under the Network options.
 Now, there should be a Program Rules button, click the Button to create or modify the rules.
 Click the Add button, enter the name of programs you want to add or you can simply drag
and drop them. To this end, select an application icon and add it to the list.
 Once you’re done with adding, choose the Save button and exit the window by clicking the
Close button at the top of antivirus program.
If you think this method is successful, but still haven’t been resolved by the above guidelines. You
can log a report and send it to our Trend Micro Antivirus Customer Support team. Here, our
experts provide minor to major all types of solutions. All you required to do is just ring a bell to
Trend Micro Support Australia Number @1800-807-909 and your issues will be gone away for