How to Install a Free Antivirus Program on Your HP

How to Install a Free Antivirus Program on Your HP Laptop?
An antivirus tool provides you essential protection against viruses, malware, spyware, worms, malicious junks, and data theft risks. The antivirus
is suitable for both HP laptop and desktop and has a greater compatibility for several versions of Windows and Mac such as XP, Windows 7, 8.1,
OS X, and Mavericks.
Many consumers choose free antivirus and it seems that freeware is gaining more and more popularity. But the fact is freeware/ free antivirus
software is indeed free; and there is the biggest reason why it is becoming popular. Before HP Support Canada dive into head-to-head
explanation, it is important to mention some essential points that will surely help you to install on your HP laptop.
 You can download any free antivirus you want, just visit their website and click the Download button to get started.
 Double-click on the installer to begin the installation process.
 Follow the wizard to install the software. If it asks you to remove your existing antivirus software, go ahead. We generally do not suggest
running two antivirus programs simultaneously.
 Accept the terms and agreements when prompted.
 Choose the default settings, if you are an advance user, you can customise as per convenience.
 During the installation process, your program may prompt you to run other application; you can opt out if you don’t want.
 Once it’s completed, you'll have an option to create an account. Most antivirus programs require you to register for free to continue further
using the program.
 Click the Create a new account link, set it up, and log in when you're done.
 Now, you should see a little turtle icon in your system tray; means your downloaded security software is now running in background and
monitoring your HP computer.
By following the process you can install and active an antivirus at ease. However, if you face any issues or you’ve have same or other queries for
us. Contact our HP Customer Support Number Canada @ 1-855-264-9333 and get quick assistance from the experts.