Cool Facts About Android

Google has finally unveiled their Latest Mobile Devices, the Pixel 2
and the Pixel 2Xl. They runs the latest and much awaited android
Oreo with refined notifications and much smoother UI. The devices
would be available for Pre-Order on Flipkart pretty soon. The
Android operating system has the largest market share in 2017.
Android has taken leaps and bounds to reach where it is now. Let’s
check out some trivia about the beloved OS.
The OS was built by Android Inc. which was founded by Andy Rubin
who previously worked at Apple. HE was called android by his coworkers due to his love for robots. Android was developed initially as
an operating system for cameras. Later it was pitched as a mobile
operating system, due to its potential to rival market leaders like
Symbian and Windows. In the early days of Androic Inc. Samsung had
an opportunity to invest in the project, but they passed. In 2004
Google took an interest in the project. Later in 2005, Google acquired
the company for a said amount of 50 million$. Andy Rubin and his
team joined Google as a result of the acquisition. After the iphone
launch in 2007 Google took some time to improve and launch the
operating system on November 5, 2007.
The HTC Dream was one of the
first mobile to run on an
android OS in 2008. Back then
market leaders like Nokia
didn’t feel a threat from the
new kid in town. Fast forward
into the future we see that
Nokia and windows OS &
mobiles have gone extinct.
Nobody could expect Android’s tremendous growth. Currently Android
commands over 80% of the market share, competing majorly against IOS.
Google has reported that, more than 1.3 Billion users are active on android
run mobiles & tablets
Apart From the earlier version of the Os Which were Android 1.0 and
1.1, all Android versions that followed, are named after sweet treats,
like Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Marshmallow to name a few. The Os has
been released in alphabetical order starting with android c, which
was called cupcake. The reason behind using such a nomenclature is
due to ease of naming the multitude of versions which would be
released eventually. Google says that it is an internal team thing to
be inscrutable.
Google has been an open source platform which allows
developers to customize it. Therefore we see custom android on
different phones. Samsung has the heavily modified Samsung
Experience as its user interface. Oneplus uses a custom android
based sytem called Oxygen OS which is more close to Google’s
version of android. Android allows developers the freedom to
make something new. All these custom ecosystems are android
based and reflect the developer’s vision. Google does not take a
cut from Oem’s as it’s an open source platform. Google gets its
revenue mostly in the form of advertisements.
The Human robot like logo which is the mascot of the android
Os was created by a designer by the name of Irina Blok. It
resembles a male robot, and is called Bugdroid internally by
team members at Google.
Google android has changed the way we use our mobile
devices with its amazing day to day usage applications like
maps, Google Music & More. If you are one of those proud
owners of an android device like me, then you can now feel
great to be part of the android family.