Template Letters For Specialist Homelessness Services Going Home Staying Home

Template Letters
For Specialist Homelessness Services
Managing major change during the Going Home Staying Home transition
May 2014
Note: These template letters are intended only to be used as guides and to
illustrate key issues which need to be covered in formal communications with
potentially redundant employees. These templates are not intended to be
relied upon as legal advice. Further advice should be sought in relation to the
particular circumstances of your organisation.
Initiation of formal consultation
Dear (name of employee)
This is to advise you that the (name of your organisation) has been advised that the outcome of our
tender for the Going Home Staying Home reform was (unsuccessful/only partly successful). As a
consequence there will be major changes including potential redundancies.
Because we will no longer be funded to deliver the same level of service, in absence of alternative
funding we have little option other than to explore staffing reductions.
We plan to hold discussions with all affected employees on these issues, including the likely impact of
such decisions on organisational structure, the hours of work and positions of employees, and the
possibility of redundancy. We will also consider, where appropriate, strategies to minimise any negative
impact of the changes. This letter does not constitute notice of termination of employment.
The proposal/options that will be the basis for the discussions is/are as follows:
Arrangements for winding down activities, including temporary reduced hours for some staff
Identification of positions which may terminate
Options for arranging transfer of employment to other services in the region that have secured
additional funding
Options for internal redeployment within (name of your organisation)
You are therefore invited to attend a meeting on (specify date, time and place).
If you wish to put written submissions or suggestions to us either before or at this meeting, please do so.
If you are a union member you are invited to seek the assistance of your union throughout this period of
The management of (your organisation) values your input into this process and looks forward to a
productive and constructive meeting.
Yours sincerely
Chairperson (or Manager)
Expression of interest in positions in restructure
Dear (name of employee)
As you are aware, the (name of organisation) was unsuccessful/only partially successful in the recent
tender as part of the Going Home Staying Home reforms. We have examined options and have decided
to introduce changes to the structure of the organisation. As a result, your position is potentially
redundant. This letter does not constitute notice of termination of employment.
Management has decided on a revised structure for the organisation. This structure contains a reduction
in the number of positions. Following our consultative process we have identified some opportunities for
staff to be transferred to (name of other provider/s who gained funding) where they satisfactorily meet
the selection criteria.
You are invited to express interest in being considered for (any of) these new position(s). The details of
the available positions are attached to this letter. Expressions of interest should be forwarded to the
CEO/Chair of the Board by (date).
Should you wish not to express interest in (any) position(s) you should advise the CEO/HR Manager of
this by (date). You should be aware that:
if you are not interested in a position, that as your current position will no longer exist after (date)
your employment will be terminated;
if we do not receive any response from you, it will be assumed that you are not interested in any of
the new positions at (the organisation);
if you are not successful in being offered a position, your employment will also be terminated; and
if you are successful in being selected to transfer to a new position, the offer of employment will
include details about whether accrued entitlements will transfer or be paid out.
Subject to the outcome of the selection process, we plan to formally give any notices of termination of
employment to all affected staff on (date) with the terminations to take effect on (date).
In the event of termination of employment due to redundancy, you will be paid accrued entitlements as
outlined in the attachment to this letter.
Please also note that throughout this process, there are a range of supports available to you, including
resources such as EAP, Career Assist and the sector-specific Jobs Board which can be accessed through
the Sector Employment Assistance Scheme at http://seas.jobseeker.org.au/ .
Yours sincerely
Chairperson (or Manager)
Formal notice of termination due to redundancy
Dear (name of employee)
We refer to the letters to you dated (dates) and the consultative meeting(s) held with staff on (date(s))
and individually with you on (date(s)).
(Use whichever of the two paragraphs below is appropriate)
 After consideration, the Management of (organisation) has determined that at present there are no
viable alternative positions available in which to offer you continuing employment.
 After consideration, your application for the position of (position title for internal redeployment or at
other organisation) has been unsuccessful.
(Use whichever of the two paragraphs below is appropriate)
You are hereby given (number of weeks) notice that your employment with (organisation) will terminate
on (date).
You are hereby given (number of weeks) notice of termination of employment due to redundancy.
However we do not require you to work the full notice period and so you will finish work on (date) and be
paid in lieu of the balance of the notice period.
During the notice period you are entitled to up to one day per week of paid leave for jobsearch and you
should consult with your supervisor about the timing of that.
All entitlements due to you under the (name of Award/Agreement), together with an ex gratia severance
payment (if applicable), will be paid on termination, and you will be provided with a statement of service.
There are a range of supports available to you, including the Employee Assistance Program and Career
Assist, and access to the sector-specific Jobs Board on the Sector Employment Assistance Scheme website
The Management Committee/Board regrets that it is necessary to take this action, and would like to
thank you for the dedicated service you have given (organisation). We wish you well in your future
Yours sincerely
Chairperson (or Manager)