Just Go With It

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Just Go With It haunt him. Danny (Adam Sandler) has a unique approach to
picking up women -- in order to break the ice and gain their sympathy, he pretends
to be stuck in an unhappy marriage. The instant he brandishes his wedding ring,
the deal is all but cinched. But when Danny finally meets a woman (Brooklyn
Decker) that he really would want to marry, he abandons his usual approach for
something a bit more subtle. Incredibly, it works. But when she discovers the
wedding band that he used to use as a pick-up prop, Danny attempts to cover his
tracks by falling back on his tried-and-true divorce line. Unfortunately for Danny,
the plan backfires when his new girlfriend asks to meet his future ex. Desperate,
Danny recruits his office manager, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), to validate his
ruse by posing as his current wife. Before long, the lies are snowballing, and by
the time Katherine's kids get involved and everyone comes together for a trip to
Hawaii, it's not a matter of if Danny's plan will fall through, but when. Sony
Waiting For Forever A lonely man devotes his life to being near his childhood
friend, a failed Hollywood actress looking to start a new life while caring for her
ailing father, in this romantic drama starring Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson.
Growing up, Emma (Bilson) and Will (Sturridge) were inseparable. When Emma
moved out to Hollywood she forgot about Will. But Will never forgot Emma; as
far as he's concerned, they're just two soul mates separated by distance. These
days, Will just drifts though life while trying to be as close to Emma as possible,
earning enough money to stay well fed by performing on the streets. When
Emma's father falls ill, she turns her back on Hollywood and returns home to take
care of him while reevaluating her hectic love life, rediscovering a kindred spirit
in the process. Fox
Death Hunter When his wife is abducted by a group of blood-thirsty Vampires,
John Croix is left to die in a forgotten region of the desert. It is here where an
unspeakable evil exists. Now, by no choice of his own, Croix will come face-toface with the most terrifying creatures of the night. Still a man, but possessing all
the strength and power of a werewolf when the moon is out, Croix becomes a
reluctant hero for mankind when he learns that his wife may still be alive. Croix
sets out on a mission to rescue his wife - venturing deeper and deeper into the
Vampire's lair- in his quest to save her before she is lost to the world of the
undead forever. Stars Sam McConkey, Paulino Hemmer, Mike Lawler, Shari
Wiedmann, Rich Williams MTI
Talking Baseball Atlanta Braves Real nostalgia is achieved with Del Crandall, a
member of the original Boston Braves and Milwaukee Braves before the franchise
moved to Atlanta; three 300-game-winning pitchers Tom Glavine and Greg
Maddux who pitched together and comprised one of the greatest starting rotations
in the history of baseball and legendary knuckleballer Phil Niekro, who, along
his brother, combined to win more games than any other brother combo in
baseball history; followed by David Justice, a member of the powerful ’90s
Braves and World Series champion. Talking Baseball
Talking Baseball Cincinnati Reds Every Reds fan will revel in the interviews of
Sparky Anderson (1934 –2010), manager of the Big Red Machine world series
champion who dominated the 1970s; Tony Perez, the Hall of Famer who spent 16
years in Cincinnati and was the centerpiece of the great ’60s teams and then the
Big Red Machine of the 1970s; George Foster, the incredible home run hitter on
the Reds teams; and Barry Larkin, the wondrous and beloved shortstop who
played all 19 seasons with the Reds, leading them to the 1990 World Series.
Talking Baseball
Blue Crush 2 A champion surfer who never met a wave she couldn't conquer,
California teen Dana (Sasha Jackson) leaves Beverly Hills behind for the adventure of a lifetime, and makes some remarkable new friends along the way. Dana's
late mother grew up in South Africa, and kept a detailed diary about her childhood
experiences. Inspired by her mother's words, the privileged teen rejects her
father's requests to enroll in college, instead booking a flight to South Africa to
walk the beaches she has read about since childhood. Her mother's dream was to
surf the waves of Jeffreys Bay, and with a little help from some fun-loving
friends, Dana prepares to fill in the missing chapter of the book that guides her
voyage. Universal
The Comancheros John Wayne is a Texas Ranger in this rollicking, good
humored western, assigned to bring an arms-running gang to justice. After Wayne
arrests one of the criminals, matters are complicated when they wander into an
area controlled by the Comancheros: a group of Anglos aiding the warring
Comanche Indians. Based on the novel by Paul I. Wellman, The Comancheros
was the last film for director Michael Curtiz. Fox
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen A celebrated Chinese hero returns
to the mainland seven years after the fight that made him a myth, and assumes the
identity of a masked crusader in order to expose the clandestine alliance between
the Japanese and the mafia, and to procure a vital assassination list in this epic
action thriller from Infernal Affairs director Andy Lau. At the height of the
Warlord Era, China is being torn apart though internal conflict, allowing Japanese
forces to gain a foothold in Northern Shanghai. His mentor murdered by Japanese
troops, Chinese avenger Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen) single-handedly defeats an
entire dojo full of enemy combatants amidst a blinding shower of bullets. Though
his body is never recovered, Chen Zhen is presumed to have perished in the fight.
Flash forward seven years, when high-ranking Japanese officials rub elbows with
ruthless gangsters in the lavish Casablanca nightclub as the impoverished masses
starve in the streets. Suddenly, into the Shanghai social scene steps a wealthy
entrepreneur named "Ku" (also Yen), whose obvious affluence quickly gains him
an audience with the most powerful mob boss in town. Little do the local criminal
masterminds realize it's all an elaborate ruse; by day Ku uses his relationship with
the formidable gangster to gather intelligence on the collusion between the
Chinese underworld and the Japanese military, and by night he dons a mask in
order to fight the powers attempting to oppress his people. But the closer Ku
grows to scorching beauty Kiki (Shu Qi), the more he risks blowing his cover.
Later, when Ku discovers evidence of a top-secret Japanese hit list that threatens
to shift the balance of power in their favor, he prepares to risk his life in a fight
that could alter the future of an entire nation, and give the downtrodden masses
hope for a better future. Well Go USA
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Platoon In Platoon, Oliver Stone draws on his experience as an infantryman in
Vietnam to convey the brutality of guerrilla warfare: the heat of the jungle, the
brushes with such wildlife as snakes and leeches, and, most powerfully, the
presence of the unseen enemy. Charlie Sheen stars as Chris, a raw recruit, or "new
meat," who serves as the film's narrator. At first he wilts under the rigorous
conditions of jungle life, freezes up in a fire fight, and wonders whether he'll be
able to survive. But he gradually adapts and, as time goes by, begins to see that
the platoon is divided into two groups. One consists of lifers, juicers, and subintelligent whites, the other of blacks and heads. Sgt. Barnes, a combat-loving burnout
(Tom Berenger), is the informal leader of the lifers, and Sgt. Elias, a free spirit
(Willem Dafoe), leads the latter group. When the platoon takes some gruesome
losses, an enraged Barnes kills some Vietnamese and orders the burning of their
village, outraging the temporarily absent Elias. As the conflict between these two
reaches its tragic climax, Chris must decide what he really values. Widely
regarded as one of the finest war films ever made, Platoon reflects not only the
United States' division over Vietnam but the timeless truths of battle: terror,
disorientation, exhilaration, and horrible loss. MGM
AC/DC Let There Be Rock he only movie powered by AC/DC. This legendary
concert film, covering a 1979 Paris concert during the Australian heavy metal
band's "Highway To Hell" tour showcases the power and precision that the quintet
bring to vicious rockers like "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Let There Be Rock."
Pixieish lead guitarist Angus Young, attired in his trademark school-boy's
uniform, takes center stage with his energetic antics and frenetic solos, while the
rest of the band crank out their minimalist boogie with quiet determination.
Interview segments and humorous backstage footage show another side to the
thuggish musicians, especially AC/DC's flamboyant lead singer Bon Scott, who
died two months after this filmed concert. Special Features DTS-HD 5.1 (English)
Loud, Locked & Loaded: The Rites of Rock: Seasoned rockers, actors and
journalists recollect their rite of passage as early witnesses to the raw, bone
rattling rock of AC/DC. AC/DC: The Bedrock of Riff:No one has mastered the
basic DNA of Riff Rock as successfully as AC/DC. Explore Angus and Malcolm
Young's telepathic groove and the four-on-the-floor swing of Mark Rudd. Angus
Young: A True Guitar Monster: Angus Young's transformation from diminutive
schoolboy to raging rock monster electrifies the masses. Find out what makes this
time bomb tick. Bon Scott: The Pirate of Rock 'n' Roll: Bon Scott was the
ringleader of the AC/DC circus, balancing his screaming sexuality with a rakish
charm. Get a glimpse into the life of a classic Rock 'n' Roll pirate. AC/DC: A
Rock Solid Legacy: From bar band to arena rock, AC/DC stuck to their guns and
shot their way to the top. Fellow rockers and journalists chart AC/DC's ascent into
the Pantheon of Rock Gods in rock 'n' roll history. BD Playlist: your favorite
songs in your favorite order 32-page tribute book by rock journalist Anthony
Bozza (author of Why AC/DC Matters Exclusive souvenir guitar pick Collector
card set featuring concert photos. Warner
Another Year British filmmaker Mike Leigh delivers another emotionally honest
portrait of ordinary people trying to make sense of their lives in this comedy
drama. Tom (Jim Broadbent) and Gerri (Ruth Sheen) are a couple who are drifting
past middle age into their sixties; he's a geologist and she's a psychotherapist. Tom
and Gerri have a stable and happy marriage and a grown son, Joe (Oliver
Maltman), an activist lawyer who hasn't settled down yet, much to his mother's
chagrin. One of Gerri's co-workers and close friends is Mary (Lesley Manville),
who puts up a facade of desperate good cheer despite the fact she's been very
lonely since her husband left her and has been drowning her anxieties in wine.
Gerri has unsuccessfully tried to fix Mary up with Tom's sloppy but good natured
pal Ken (Peter Wight), and she's startled when Mary begins openly flirting with
Joe, more than 20 years her junior. Mary's troubles only grow worse when she
stops by Tom and Gerri's place only to be introduced to Katie (Karina Fernandez),
Joe's new girlfriend Sony
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Astro Boy director David Bowers helms
the follow-up film to 2010's big-screen adaptation of Jeff Kinney's acclaimed
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid comic novels in this Fox 2000 production. As Greg
Heffley (Zachary Gordon) braves his first days of seventh grade, his parents
(Steve Zahn and Rachael Harris) make a noble yet ill-advised attempt to help him
forge a stronger bond with his mischievous older brother, Rodrick (Devon
Bostick), who takes twisted delight in tormenting his unsuspecting younger
sibling at every opportunity. Fox
Benn & Teller Bullshit Season 8 Comedy duo Penn & Teller are primarily known
for revealing the secrets behind magicians and magic tricks. But in their madefor-cable television series the provocateurs train their satiric sights on debunking
some of the most dearly-held notions of popular culture. Utilizing research hidden
cameras and healthy doses of humor and skepticism Penn & Teller set out to
expose the fakery behind TV psychics alien abductions end-of-the-world theories
bottled water and secondhand smoke among other things. Disc 1 disc includes the
following episodes: "Cheerleaders," "Fast Food," "Martial Arts," "Teen Sex,"
"Easy Money" and "Area 51." Disc. 2 includes the following episodes: "Criminal
Justice," "Old People," "Self-Esteem" and "Vaccinations." Showtime
Undertow A man struggles to come to terms with the unexpected consequences of
a secret love in this drama from director Javier Fuentes-León. Miguel (Cristian
Mercado) supports himself and his family as a fisherman in a small town on the
coast of Peru. Miguel is happily married to Mariela (Tatiana Astengo), who is
pregnant with their first child, and the couple are well respected in their community and active in the local church. But there's a side of Miguel that he keeps
hidden from most people Miguel is also in love with Santiago (Manolo Cardona),
an artist who is spending time in the village, and the two have secretly been
having an affair. Santiago drowns one evening while swimming, and his ghost
visits Miguel, telling him that his spirit will not know peace until Miguel finds the
courage to tell the community about their love. While some suspect Miguel is
hiding something when nude paintings of him are found in Santiago's home,
Miguel isn't sure where to find the courage to confess his bisexuality to his wife
and neighbors. Undertow was an official selection in World Cinema program the
2010 Sundance Film Festival, where it received the Audience Award for Best
World Dramatic Feature. Wolfe
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Vanishing on 7th Street Four survivors of a mysterious plague of darkness flee the
shadows that seem to have consumed all of society in this thriller from Session 9
director Brad Anderson. Detroit has fallen ominously silent; the power to the city
appears to have been cut off, and the streets are littered with the clothes of people
whose bodies are nowhere to be found. Desperate and terrified, movie-theater
projectionist Paul (John Leguizamo) seeks shelter with television news reporter
Luke (Hayden Christensen), frightened physical therapist Rosemary (Thandie
Newton), and trigger-happy 12-year-old James (Jacob Latimore) in an inner-city bar
owned by James' mother, who has apparently vanished along with the rest of
humanity. Momentarily safe thanks to a power generator that keeps the clutching
shadows at bay, the group ponders how to stay alive as Rosemary fears what fate
befell her missing infant son, and Luke conceives a plan to seek out his estranged
wife in Chicago. When the lights start to flicker, the fight for their lives begins.
Fort Bowie There's a measure of sympathy for the Apaches at the beginning of Fort
Bowie. Under the tyrannical rule of ambitious Major Wharton (P. Ian Douglas), a
cavalry detachment slaughters a band of Apache who've arrived with the intention
of surrendering. A counterattack is inevitable, but before this happens the story is
sidetracked by the jealous behavior of Colonel Garrett (Kent Taylor). When stalwart
young Captain Thompson (Ben Johnson) resists the romantic overtures of Garrett's
wife Allison (Jan Harrison), she screams "Rape!" and Thompson finds himself
facing court-martial and execution. This plot strand and several others are resolved
after the Cavalry is forced to attack its own fort following an Apache takeover.
Geromino Walter Hill directs John Milius's script depicting a revisionist perspective
on the "Geronimo Campaign" and how Geronimo, with 34 men, managed to elude
5000 U.S. cavalry men between 1885 and 1886 before his surrender at the Canyon
of the Skeletons in September 1886. The film centers upon Charles Gatewood
(Jason Patric), the U.S. Cavalry lieutenant who is charged with capturing the elusive
Apache leader. Gatewood is torn by a grudging respect for Geronimo and his people
and his duty to his country. But then all the white men in the film have a respect for
Geronimo, even as they are trying to hunt him down and kill him. General Charles
Crook (Gene Hackman), charged with overseeing the forced settlement of the
Apaches on reservations, has nothing but admiration for Geronimo. MGM
Patty Hearst A newspaper heiress is kidnapped, brainwashed, and forced to join a
group of terrorist bank robbers in this docudrama, based on the saga of Patricia
Hearst. In 1974, Hearst (Natasha Richardson), the granddaughter of publishing
tycoon William Randolph Hearst, was a student at the University of California. On
February 4, members of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a radical political group,
broke into the Berkeley home she shared with her boyfriend and kidnapped her.
Hearst then allegedly spent 57 days locked in a closet as she was indoctrinated into
the group's revolutionary beliefs by their charismatic leader, Cinque (Ving Rhames).
Eventually, Hearst joined (or at least pretended to join) the SLA, adopted the name
Tania and participated in a number of high-profile bank robberies. After several
SLA members died in a police fire storm, Hearst and fellow members Bill and
Emily Harris (William Forsythe and Frances Fisher) went on the lam and were later
arrested. Although she claimed her participation in the group was a ruse carried out
to protect herself from further rape, torture, and mind control, Hearst eventually
served several years in prison after her 1976 conviction for bank robbery. Based on
the novel Every Secret Thing, Hearst's own account of the events, Paul Schrader's
film tells the story from the heiress' own viewpoint, with little in the way of
conflicting evidence. MGM
Rubber The old saying about "this is where the rubber meets the road" takes on a
new and sinister meaning in this black comedy from filmmaker Quentin Dupieux.
An old tire appears in a California desert, and under its own power it begins rolling
down the road, stopping and starting as it pleases. The notion that the tire can
operate under its own power isn't half as remarkable as its other talent -- the tire has
telekinetic abilities and can make things explode at will, including human heads.
The evil tire goes on a killing spree after its affections for a beautiful woman
(Roxane Mesquida) are thwarted, and local lawman Lt. Chad (Stephen Spinella)
steps forward to investigate. Meanwhile, a handful of people aware of the tire and
its actions are watching it from a safe distance until they're poisoned by a mysterious villain; one of them (Wings Hauser) manages to survive, and is looking for
some revenge of his own. Magnolia
Cross A man with superhuman powers and his hard-charging team of mercenary
weapons experts fight to keep the city of Los Angeles safe in this comic book-style
action romp featuring Tom Sizemore, Michael Clarke Duncan, Lori Heuring, Vinnie
Jones, and Jake Busey. When Callan (Brian Austin Green was a young boy, his
father bestowed him an ancient Celtic cross that gave him incredible powers.
Adopting the persona of Cross, Callan uses his abilities to fight crime. When a rash
of kidnappings befalls the city of L.A, Cross and his team discover than an immortal Viking has acquired a doomsday device, and race to stop him from wiping out
the entire human race. Sony
Gun Brothers Recently discharged cavalry sergeant Chad Santee (Buster Crabbe)
joins his brother, Jubal (Neville Brand), and discovers that Jubal is a wanted outlaw.
Unwilling to partner with him or to turn him in, Chad leaves. But jealousies draw
the brothers to a deadly face off. Thinking Chad has betrayed him to lawmen, Jubal
and his vengeful cohorts track Chad down. And, in a bloody confrontation, Jubal
discovers the truth -- one gunshot too late. MGM
Mr. Wong Detective The first in Monogram's series starring Boris Karloff as
Chinese PI James Lee Wong, this mystery finds panicked industrialist Simon
Dayton (John Hamilton) begging the intellectual detective for help, but Wong can't
prevent Dayton's murder the following day. Inventor Carl Roemer (John St. Polis)
and Dayton's partners are the chief suspects, but while Wong investigates, he's
hindered by excitable police Capt. Sam Street (Grant Withers). MGM
My Gun Is Quick Private detective Mike Hammer (Robert Bray) learns that a
young prostitute he met the night before has been murdered. To avenge the girl's
death, Hammer scours the underbelly of Los Angeles looking for her missing ring,
which he hopes will lead him to the killer. Based on a novel by Mickey Spillane,
this detective movie features brutal beatings, warring criminal gangs and valuable
treasures stolen by the Nazis. MGM
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White Collar Season 2 Compelling characters and thrilling plot twists make
"White Collar" one of television's slickest, sexiest shows! Matt Bomer returns
as sophisticated conman Neal Caffrey, who teams up with FBI Agent Peter
Burke (Tim DeKay) to investigate an intriguing array of crimes ranging from
extortion to murder. Now, reeling from the death of his girlfriend, Neal
struggles to unlock the secret behind a mysterious music box and find Kate's
killer, even as his partnership with Peter begins to crumble. Featuring
exclusive bonus footage and extras including a spotlight on fan-favorite
Mozzie, behind-the-scenes with Matt Bomer, more. In Season 2 of the hit USA
Network series, somewhat reformed con man Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer)
continues to use his criminal past and detailed knowledge of the finer things in
life to assist FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) in capturing an array of
white-collar crooks. Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) try to uncover what
exactly happened to Neal's girlfriend, Kate, in the events that took place at the
end of Season One. Fox
Burn Notice Season 4 Explosive thrills, great stories and wry humor make
Season Four of Burn Notice the show's hottest season yet! Master-spy Michael
Westen is back, and this time, he's joined by Jesse Porter, a no-nonsense
counter-intelligence expert who has been burned himself. Along with go-to
guy Sam and the dangerously sexy Fiona, the team takes on a barrage of
outlaw biker gangs, drug dealers and a worldwide terrorist threat. As tension
mounts, uneasy alliances are forged, friendships are tested, and a lethal game
unfolds when Jesse vows to find and kill the one who burned him. In Season 4
Spook-turned-sleuth Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) continues to explore
the dark side of sun-soaked Miami now joined by counter-intelligence pro
Jesse Garcia (Coby Bell) in the fourth season of this popular espionage series.
Michael is pressured into killing government agents, looks for a kidnapped
girl, monitors chemical weapons, helps Nate with a drug-infused job and
attempts to stop a revenge-driven lawyer. Fox
Stargate: Universe Season 2 This edgy hit returns for a second season of
deep-space action and intrigue as Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle), Tamara Johansen
(Alaina Huffman) and other passengers trapped aboard the mysterious
spacecraft Destiny try to unravel the secrets of the vessel's Stargate. As their
hidden agendas begin to clash, the scientists, soldiers and civilians must also
contend with members of the Lucian Alliance and other aliens. MGM
Keaton's Cop Police partners Mike (Lee Majors) and Jake (Don Rickles) get
pulled into a seemingly humdrum assignment when they're asked to keep an
eye on aging ex-gangster Louis Keaton (Abe Vigoda), who's currently holed
up inside a retirement home for elderly seniors. But polar opposites Keaton
and Mike are forced to get even closer when Jake falls victim to the hired
hitman who's got a target on Keaton's back. MGM
Season of the Witch A noble knight battles a wicked witch in a bid to save
humanity from an ancient evil in this supernatural thriller starring Nicolas
Cage and Ron Perlman. Upon returning to his home in Europe, crusading
knight Behmen (Cage) finds his faith beginning to falter due to the brutality
he's witnessed on the battlefield. The Black Plague has decimated the
countryside, forcing Behmen and his loyal companion, Felson (Perlman), to
seek sustenance and supplies at the Palace of Marburg. They're weary from
war, but they're about to discover that their struggle is just beginning.
Commanded by the moribund Cardinal to deliver a suspected witch to the
abbey where her powers can be abolished, Behman accepts the assignment
under the condition that the young peasant girl will receive a fair trial. The
church believes the girl to be the one responsible for the Black Plague, and
they may be right, too. As the two men and a small group of chaperones set
out on their arduous mission, they quickly realize that their young charge is
something more than human, and that they're about to face an evil beyond
human comprehension. Fox
Defiance When a ship worker named Tommy Gamble (Jan Michael Vincent)
shows up in one of New York’s tougher neighborhoods, nobody notices aside
from his kind hearted neighbor Marsha (Theresa Saldana). That changes when
he draws the attention of Angel (Rudy Ramos), who leads the gang the Souls,
by standing up to the gang. Tommy tries to keep to himself and just works on
his art until the local guys, led by Carmine (Danny Aiello) decide they are
going to take their neighborhood back. Soon Tommy finds himself in the
middle of a neighborhood turf war where he has to fight for those he is starting
to care about. MGM
Kingdom of War Part 1 & 2 An epic historical action film about King
Naresuan the Great, who liberated the Siamese from the control of Burma,
changing the destiny of a nation. Part I depicts Naresuan's boyhood, when he
was taken hostage by Burmese King Bayinnaung to keep the vassal Ayutthaya
Kingdom subservient. During this time, he was a novice Buddhist monk under
the tutelage of the wise father-figure monk Sorapong Chatree. Part II portrays
Naresuan as a young adult prince, already a formidable military strategist, as
he leads his army on exploits against breakaway kingdoms for King
Bayinnaung's successor, King Nonthabureng, and eventually breaks away to
declare sovereignty for Siam. Directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol Magnolia
N-Secure A controlling businessman's crushing insecurity yields dire
repercussions for his frightened girlfriend in this tense psychological thriller.
David Washington (Cordell Moore) has a big bank account and a gorgeous
girlfriend, but his growing self-doubt is driving him to psychosis. When
David's girlfriend Robyn (Essence Atkins) flees into the arms of another man,
the rejection is simply too much to take. Now, as David plots his revenge,
Robyn finds that falling for the wrong guy can yield deadly repercussions. Fox
The Long Riders The notorious James-Younger gang is the most famous
group of outlaws in the country, robbing banks, trains and stagecoaches with a
sense of daring that makes them folk heroes throughout the land. But when the
mighty Pinkerton detective agency swears to track them down, these criminals
must face an awesome enemy that will stop at nothing to see them behind bars.
..or dead! Only through the strength of their loyalty and blood ties can the
outlaws hope to survive the brutal pursuits, unexpected betrayals and
blistering showdowns that mark the end of their dangerous ride. MGM