Key questions from this lesson: - What is effective marketing?

Key questions from this lesson:
What is effective marketing?
What is the purpose of marketing
What is the difference between consumer
and business to business marketing?
The Marketing Process
Marketing Definitions
Marketing is about supplying the right products, to the
right customers, at the right price, in the right place, at
the right time.
marketing strategy
Re-assess consumer
reaction/sales levels
Monitor consumer
The basic function of marketing is to attract and retain
customers at a profit
Marketing is the process of planning and executing the
conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas,
goods and services to create exchange and satisfy
individual and organisational objectives.
The purpose of ‘Marketing is to establish, maintain and
enhance long term customer relationships at a profit, so
that the objectives of the parties involved are met. This is
done by mutual exchange and fulfilment of promises.
If necessary adapt
marketing strategy
Effective Marketing will have certain features;
ü A process
ü A business philosophy
ü Building relationships with customers
Levens Farm is a fruit farm in Sussex. It allows customers to ‘pick your own fruit’. But increasingly it is selling to retailers, encouraged by the news that
Britain is fast becoming a nation of berry lovers.
Sales of British strawberries, blackberries and raspberries broke records in 2007 and many suppliers were struggling to keep up with demand. The soft
fruits, which are credited with staving off cancer, saw sales of £204 million in the UK. ‘It’s because people are becoming more aware of the health benefits
of eating fresh fruit, especially berries’, said Laurence Olins, the chairman of british Summer Fruits (BSF), which represents nearly all of Britain’s soft fruit
Strawberry sales accounted for £165 million, a 5 per cent sales increase for the previous year. In comparison, sales of blackberries shot up by 31% to £4
million while raspberry sales were up 26% to £35 million. Such is the demand that none of Britain’s home-grown fruit is exported. And in July and August,
when demand was at its highest, berries had to be imported from Europe.
(a) Explain why Levens Farm is selling to (i) consumer markets and (ii) business to business markets.
(b) Explain how the information in the article might help Levens Farm to; (i) identify customer requirements, (ii) anticipate customer requirements; (ii)
make a profit.
Research Task
Choose one business and complete some research into their marketing strategies.
Detail how they have anticipated and identified consumer requirements, satisfy their customers, compete effectively and make a profit
Produce a report on the brand using the above as guidance.