December 2014

December 2014
Winter Solstice
Just-A-Buck Cash Mob
8 Tuesday
Flower: Narcissus
Birthstone: Turquoise
ECAAC - PTCU meeting
BAAC - PTCU meeting
Just-A-Buck Cash Mob
MHAAC - Boutique
Ohio Department of DD
MHAAC - Food Pantry
Forum, ESC Conference
Center, 6393 Oak Tree
Blvd. South, Independence
6 - 8pm
meeting, 10:30am
Just-A-Buck Cash Mob
People First of Cuyahoga
Cty. meeting 6:30pm
Hanukkah begins at
Cleve. Clinic Bldg.
Rockside, Rm. A
BrAAC- Holiday Party
SWAAC - Holiday Party
ECAAC - Holiday Party
RRAAC - PTCU meeting
with Choir performance
meeting, 5:30pm
BAAC - Helping Hands at CCBDD Rockets vs. A
Warrensville Civic Center Better Way
ECAAC - Staff Appreciation Day
BAAC - Holiday Party
MHAAC - Holiday Party &
JJ Therapy dog
RRAAC - Holiday Party
ECAAC - Art show, 11am
- 1pm
Christmas Eve
Kwanzaa begins
BAAC - Workers' Council SWAAC - PTCU meeting CCBDD Rockets at
Big Creek Center
Ashtabula County, 10am
AACs closed thru 1/2/15
for Winter Break
CCBDD offices open
12/26,29,30 &1/2/15
New Year's Eve
*All dates and times are subject to change. Please contact your site for updates. For additional information, go to or find us on Facebook.
In spite of an expected ongoing decline in state and local funding, the CCBDD will continue
to serve more than 10,000 individuals annually, expand Employment First initiatives and serve
individuals on the waiver waiting list with the identification of an additional $500,000 for waivers/residential supports in 2015. The budget will total $201.2 million, down slightly from 2014’s
$202.5 million.
Income is expected to total $188 million, which means tapping into the sustainability fund.
Levies, like the CCBDD levy that was last approved by voters in 2005, produce revenues beyond
spending in their early years, which are saved for use during the later years when spending
exceeds income. Those early extra funds are what make up the sustainability fund. In concert
with its long-term strategic levy plan, CCBDD will use some of those sustainability fund dollars in
2015, but it will work hard to minimize their use.
The CCBDD’s local levy will provide 56 percent of the 2015 income with the federal Medicaid
program providing 33 percent. Six percent of the income will come from grants, donations and
miscellaneous sources. Only five percent of the income will come from the state of Ohio.
Read the entire 2015 Program & Expenditures Plan or a summary of it at
under “Latest News” on the homepage or call (216) 736-2647 to have a copy mailed to you.
Beachwood AAC artist wins winter card contest
Cheryl DuShane of Orange Village, who attends our Beachwood Adult Activities Center, has
won the CCBDD 2014 winter card contest. The contest drew more than 50 entries from within
CCBDD and from individuals who receive their day services from other agencies.
Her entry, a multimedia rendering of a bare tree cut from burlap with glittering snow beneath it
silhouetted on a perfect blue sky, will grace the cover of our 2014 winter card. She will receive a
check for $100. In addition to being featured on the card, the art will be framed and on exhibit as
part of the permanent collection of works by artists with DD at the Michael A. Donzella Administration
DuShane enjoys a variety of art activities through the HeARTworks program at Beachwood
AAC. She especially enjoys painting, watercolors and making greeting cards. Her favorite subjects
are swans and other beautiful birds, as well as flowers.
An articulate self-advocate, DuShane is a vocal member of the
Beachwood AAC Workers' Council. She enjoys talking with friends,
writing letters and attending activity classes at Beachwood.
We are grateful to all of the artists who took part in the annual
contest and to those who helped them submit their works. We have
some very talented artists out there!
2015 plans approved
Cuyahoga County Board
of Developmental Disabilities
1275 Lakeside Avenue East
Cleveland, Ohio 44114-1129
(216) 241-8230
When the weather outside isn’t so delightful
Whatever your reaction is when you look out the window on a snowy
morning and wonder if the Cuyahoga County Board of DD might be
closed, find out quickly.
We use the same system that many school districts and universities use to
give notices about emergency closings. It directly calls the homes of those
enrolled to deliver a recorded announcement about an emergency closing. The
system can call everyone affected by a Cuyahoga County Board of DD
closing within a very few minutes. If there is no answer, it will either leave a
message on an answering machine or voicemail system, or it will try again
up to four times.
It’s important to have your current phone number listed with us. If your number changes, make sure
to let your site know. Or, if you eliminate your land line (as many people seem to be doing) in favor of a
cell phone, make sure that you report that to your site so that the number can be corrected in our
computer system.
We will also continue to use the iAlert announcement systems operated by local tv and radio stations
to broadcast closings. When conditions warrant closing one, some or all of our centers, we make every
effort to announce it in time for the 11 p.m. news the night before the closing. When that’s not possible,
we send the announcement out in time for the 6:30 a.m. news. Tune in at:
WAKS, 96.5 FM or WKYC-TV, Channel 3 or
WCLV, 104.9 FM
WJW-TV, Channel 8
WCPN, 90.3 FM
WVIZ-TV, Channel 25
WCRF, 103.3 FM
(We appear as ‘All DD Adult Act Ctrs’ or by site name.)
WGAR, 99.5 FM or
WHLO, 640 AM or
Remember: Parents and caregivers make the
WKDD, 98.1 FM or
ultimate decision about sending someone to a
WMJI, 105.7 FM or
center during bad weather. Even when we’re open,
WMMS, 100.7 FM or
you may choose to keep him or her home, based on
WTAM, 1100 AM or
his or her needs.
WMVX, 106.5 FM or
Radio Free Ohio 1350 AM or
We will also post emergency closing announcements
on our website at,
on Facebook at,
and via Twitter @CuyahogaBDD
There are a lot of changes taking place in Ohio’s developmental disabilities system. One of the significant
changes is a new rule from the federal Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which says that
Medicaid funds can no longer be used to provide waiver services in or adjacent to settings that have the effect
of isolating people.
DODD convened a CMS Transition Plan Committee comprised of stakeholders from across the DD system to
identify which settings currently are not in compliance with the new CMS regulations, and develop
recommendations for how to bring them into compliance.
Join members of the committee to learn more about the CMS rule and what the state is doing to ensure we’re
in compliance, ask questions about the transition plan, and learn how you can review the plan and provide
Tuesday, December 2
6-8 p.m.
Hamilton County Board of DD – Queensgate Office
801 W. 8th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
Saturday, December 6
10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence
470 Glenmont Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214
Tuesday, December 9
6-8 p.m.
ESC Conference Center
6393 Oak Tree Blvd South, Independence, Ohio 44131
Thursday, December 11
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Athens County Board of DD – Beacon School
801 West Union Street, Athens, Ohio 45701
Tuesday, December 16
6-8 p.m.
West Toledo Public Library
1320 Sylvania Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43612
More information about changes to Ohio’s developmental disabilities system – including the new CMS rule,
the letter from Disability Rights Ohio, and the work of the Strategic Planning Leadership Group – is available
online at DODD.Ohio.Gov/OurFuture – you can use the “Feedback” feature of the site to quickly and easily
provide comments and ask questions. Also, watch Pipeline for more information.
January 13, 2015 • 11 a.m.
Tickets: $5 ($3 for Cleveland Metropolitan School District schools)
General Admission
Run Time: 45 minutes
PlayhouseSquare is committed to ensuring that all individuals
in the Cleveland community have the opportunity to experience
the transformative power of the arts regardless of their age or
ability. To further this commitment, the Community Engagement &
Education Department will give individuals with autism, sensory
challenges or developmental disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the
fine arts by presenting its first ever sensory-friendly performance.
For individuals with sensory, social, and cognitive disabilities, a
trip to the theater can be challenging. While entertaining for most
audience members, the bright lights, big voices and over the top
theatrics typical of a traditional theater experience can quickly
lead to sensory overload. Working closely with Paige Hernandez,
the artist behind Havana Hop, PlayhouseSquare will transform the
Ohio Theatre into a sensory-friendly, comfortable and judgment-free
space that is welcoming to all.
What makes a performance “sensory-friendly”?
• Lower sound level, especially for startling or loud
• G uests are free to talk, leave their seats and move freely
during the performance
• Designated quiet areas within the theater
• House Lights will be left on low throughout the
Havana Hop Description
What if you were invited to dance for the President? You’d want
it to be the best dance ever! Come meet young Yelia who visits
her grandmother in Cuba to add a salsa flavor to her own hiphop style! The audience gets to dance along in this dynamic
participation play where one actress creates three generations of
lively women. Journey with Yelia as she discovers the fun of her
multi-cultural heritage.
For tickets and information, please call