Fall 2014 ETP Trading & Investing Forum – Agenda

Fall 2014 ETP Trading & Investing Forum – Agenda
Registration/Continental Breakfast
November 19, 2014
Welcoming Remarks
Chris Romano, Director of Research Applications, ETF Global
Wealth Management Session Opening Discussion: State of the Markets/Emerging Trends
Jeff Macke, Host of Breakout, Yahoo Finance
Josh Brown, CEO, Ritholz Wealth Management
Nick Cherney, CIO, Velocity Shares
Joe Anthony, President - Financial Services, GREGORY FCA
Matthew Tuttle, CIO, Tuttle Tactical Management
Portfolio Construction: How to select the right ETP?
With 1,600+ US listed ETPs, it is a daunting task to select the right instrument for the ETF consumer. We will explore the
metrics used in any ETF due diligence process including: issuer and index providers, liquidity in the primary and
secondary markets, associated costs - both explicit and variable fees.
Mike Boucher, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments
Christopher Hugar, Portfolio Manager, Nottingham Advisors
Thomas Mosel, Managing Director, Windhaven Investment Management
Justin Sibears, Quantitative Strategies Group, Newfound Research
Randy Bullard, ETF Solutions Group, Cantor Fitzgerald
ETF Liquidity and the Individual Investor
The media, AP community and broker dealers have made great strides to educate a new base of ETF consumers which
continues to grow. Yet, ETFs remain a different and unique investment vehicle which requires an even deeper
understanding on the part of the investor. We will explore and explain the difference between primary and secondary
market liquidity, market impact costs, market participants, basket construction, the mechanics of different asset classes
and the structure of the creation/redemption process.
Jason Lichten, Director of Equities and Listed Derivatives, Wolverine Execution Services
Robyn Misiano, Head Equity Trader, Boston Advisors
Steve Sachs, Head of Capital Markets, ProShare Advisors
Scott Dooley, CIO, Fusion Investment Management
Dodd Kittsley, Head of ETF Strategy & National Accounts, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
Frontier Markets – Are these the next Emerging Markets?
Emerging Markets have been part of diversified portfolios for the growth they provide and diversification effect. Lately,
current events and a global currency shifts have adversely affected these economies. Perhaps investors should be
looking towards Frontier Markets, as we postulate, some countries may be investors next Emerging Market. In this
panel, we look at the differentiation between individual countries within relevant benchmarks, liquidity and the time
frames associated with an appropriate asset allocation.
Eric Balchunas, ETF Analyst, Bloomberg L.P.
Darshan Bhatt, Co-Founder/Deputy CIO, Glovista Investments
Morgan Harting, Senior Portfolio Manager, Alliance Bernstein
Phil Mackintosh, Head of Trading Strategy and Analysis, KCG Holdings
Francis Rodilosso, Portfolio Manager, Van Eck Global
Mainstreaming Alternatives – The Growth of the 1940 Act Space
We examine ETP, CEF and Mutual Fund strategies that investors are employing to gain access to alternative asset classes
including commodities, currency, real estate, long-short and hedge funds. We will discuss key issues, benchmark
conventions, open architecture, levels of transparency, and the new investor base as we hear from leaders in the field.
Matthew Kerfoot, Partner, Dechert LLP
Christian Hoffmann, Director, Liquid Alternatives, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Kim Flynn, SVP, Head of Product Development, Nuveen Asset Management
Dennis Bowden, Managing Director, U.S. Mutual Fund Research, Strategic Insight
David Katz, President & Chief Operating Officer, Larch Lane Advisors
Session Wrap-Up/Session Surveys
Custom Shirts Raffle – Susan Brown, J. Hilburn
1:20 – 1:55
Lunch – Intermission - Networking
Session Welcoming Remarks
Chris Romano, Director of Research Applications, ETF Global
Institutional Program – Session Keynote Address
Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO, Morgan Creek Capital Management
Complex World of Credit and Fixed Income Investing
Since the financial crisis, the fixed income markets have undergone a series of significant changes, re-defined the current
role of bank trading desks, regulatory capital and the implementation of Dodd-Frank. In an environment of low treasury
yields and volatile equities, credit has become an asset class of increasing interest both in terms of the yield potential
and uncorrelated returns. In addition to “traditional” fixed income instruments, we will discuss more complex
strategies, investment structures and their suitability within a managed portfolio.
Alex von Obelitz, ETF Strategist, PIMCO
Bob Kricheff, Portfolio Manager, Shenkman Capital
Brian Good, Portfolio Manager, THL Credit
Ronnie Jaber, Portfolio Manager, Carlyle Group
Lee Shaiman, Senior Portfolio Manager, GSO
Institutional Asset Owners Roundtable
The business of managing capital is a long term endeavor. Alternative investments have become a clear strategy as CIOs
look to reevaluate their allocation on the efficient frontier. Increasing forays into alternatives are not without their risks,
however, careful due diligence and manager selection can increase chances of superior performance. We discuss Risk
Management, Compliance, Reporting, Transparency, Performance Measurement, Re-Risking or De-Risking.
Frank Paone, Partner, Director of Institutional Investor Services, Lord Abbett
Edgar Sullivan, Ph.D., Senior Strategist, SECOR Asset Management
Paul Joss, Investment Strategist, Hartford Investment Management
Eric Alexander, Investment Committee Chairman, Emerson College Board of Trustees
Best Execution: What Are The Implicit Challenges Practitioners Face?
The term best execution is difficult to define, measure and obtain on a consistent basis. The SEC helps us by telling us
brokers are legally required to seek the best execution reasonably available for their customers' orders. While it is not
possible to always know our customers objectives, we have a rich framework for discussion. Issues to be discussed
include the interrelationships between the different market participants, investors and the rules by which we need to
follow. Our industry experts will discuss the major considerations and drivers of liquidity for a wide range of asset
David Abner, Head of Capital Markets, WisdomTree Asset Management
Will Wall, Senior Trader, Riverfront Investment Group
Jay Fraser, Head of Business Development, IEX Group
Haddon Kirk, Head ETF Trader, UBS Securities
Thomas Picciochi, Multi-Asset Portfolio Management & Trading, QS Investors
Closing Remarks/Event Surveys
Chris Romano, Director of Research Applications, ETF Global
Networking Cocktail Reception – sponsored by Indxx and ETF Issuer Solutions
Connelly’s 3rd Floor – 121 West 45th Street
Immediately following the program, there will be a private, complimentary reception for all participants