Waingels College - School of the future Principal: Ann Keane-Maher

Waingels College - School of the future
Principal: Ann Keane-Maher
25th September 2014
Dear Parent/Guardian
The purpose of this letter is to give you details of a visit that has been organised for your
son/daughter’s participation. The details are as follows.
Visit Leader: Mr Conlon
Visit Name/Location:
Berkshire Schools U12 Festival – Reading Blue Coat
Year Group and Subject: 7, PE
Purpose/Relevance of Trip: Compete in the annual U12 Berkshire Schools Rugby County Cup
Date: Thursday 20th November
Meeting Time and Place: 9am - Outside PE Block
Departure Time: 9:15am
Return Time: 4.00pm
Means of Transport: School Minibus
Costs: Nil
Dress Code: Students will need to wear their Waingels College rugby kit as well as bringing a tracksuit
with them as there will be rest periods between games when the students will need to keep warm.
Please return the reply slip, along with the Parental Consent and Medical Form to Mr P Conlon by
Friday 14th November.
On all visits students are expected to abide by the School’s Behaviour Policy. This includes the use of
mobile phones. We advise you to read our Educational Visits Policy available on the college website.
When students are on any visits that take place after college hours, to speed up communication to
parents, the college operates a Telephone Tree. The telephone number that you add to the Parental
Consent and Medical Form (attached) will be the one used to contact you in the case of an Emergency
or delays to journeys.
I, as the Visit Leader, will have the school mobile phone with me at all times and you are advised to use
this if you need to make contact, the number is 07523 511 844.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this activity please do not hesitate to contact me by
telephone on 01189 690 336 or via e mail on [email protected]
Yours sincerely
Mr P Conlon
PE Department
Waingels Road, Woodley
Berkshire RG5 4RF
Tel 0118 969 0336 Fax 0118 944 2843
Email [email protected]
Web www.waingels.wokingham.sch.uk
To the Parent or Guardian,
Please find attached to this form information regarding an Off-Site Activity which is planned from this
college. Would you please examine that information and if you wish your child to attend please
complete, sign and return the form to the person in charge of the activity as soon as possible.
STUDENT'S NAME ___________________________________________________________________
Telephone numbers at which parents can be contacted in case of emergencies and/or delays to
journeys. This number will be included in the Telephone Tree if needed.
Is your child currently undergoing medical treatment? If so, please give details.
Please give details of any medical conditions that might possibly affect your child's performance or
safety on this activity.
I acknowledge receipt of the information regarding the proposed visit/activity to
Berkshire Schools U12 Festival – Reading Blue Coat on Thursday 20th November
and consent to my child, named above, participating.
I agree to members of staff giving permission for my child to receive appropriate medical treatment in
an emergency.
I agree to the above contact numbers being used in the Telephone Tree if necessary.
I undertake to inform the teacher in charge of the activity in the event of any changes in my child's
fitness prior to the date of departure.
I have ensured that my child understands that it is important for his/her safety and for the safety of the
group that any rules and any instructions given by the staff in charge are obeyed.
Signed ____________________________________________ Dated ___________________________
Please indicate relationship to child ______________________________________________________
Trip: Yr 7 Berkshire Schools U12 Festival
Date: Thursday 20th November 2014
Please Return To Mr P Conlon by Friday 14th November
Student’s Name
Tutor Group
Visit Leader Name
Mr P Conlon
I confirm I am happy for the above named student to take part in the Berkshire Schools U12
Festival – Reading Blue Coat on Thursday 20th November.
I enclose the reply slip and the completed Parental Consent and Medical Form
Signed ______________________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)
Dated ______________________________________________________