Weingarten Rights If you are requested to meet that discipline or termination

Things to Remember
Your employee ID #
Your hire date (used for seniority)
- probation period is 90 work
days or 120 calendar days,
whichever comes first
When are local branch meetings
Who do I talk to if I have a question
- always ask a co-worker first
Find out and save important contacts
and phone numbers below:
Steward _________________________
Phone #
Post Office _______________________
Phone #
Phone #
Weingarten Rights
If you are requested to meet
with Management, and you feel
that discipline or termination
may result - read the following
to Management PRIOR to the
meeting, and then call a Union
representative to help you.
"If this discussion could in any
way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect
my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that
my union representative, officer,
or steward be present at this
meeting. Until my representative arrives, I choose not to participate in this discussion."
Carrier Academy
Brochure Designed by
Brian Greunke, V.P. NALC Branch 89 Merged, Blair
NALC Leadership Academy
Class 18. Fall 2014
With the assistance of Chuck Walls, President NALC
Branch 5, Omaha
City Carrier
This brochure is designed to aid you in
your new career as a City Carrier Assistant, CCA. The brochure was developed with the help of many CCA’s,
many of which are now Career Letter
It is our hope that you use the advice
and tips of “veteran” carriers. They
have a wealth of knowledge that they
can and will share with you.
We want you all to succeed!
Helpful Links
-Know what you should do in case
of emergency
Helpful Memorandums / Literature
-who do you call? (accident)
National Agreement Q-and A’s for CCAs
CCA Rights and Benefits booklet
-where do you park?
The Letter’s Carrier’s Guide
-where do you go next?
The National Agreement (2011-2016)
-where do you go? (weather)
-Always plan ahead
-Always be defensive when driving
-be courteous and safe
-never assume you know what
the other driver will do.
-Be aware of your surroundings
-is there a dog hiding?
-other hazards you can’t see?
Why join the NALC?
Tips from CCA’s for CCA’s
“Don’t be intimidated by everything that you have
ahead of you. It will come to you but not all at once
so don’t fret it. After all, you’re delivering mail,
use your brain and body correctly and you’ll learn.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”
K.W. in Lincoln
“Get to know your union stewards. They are your
best resource. Ask the carriers about “hidden
boxes” or mail slots on their routes. That way
when you are carrying on those routes, just knowing where to put the mail will help you get into a
rhythm and won’t slow you down.”
C.B. in Fremont
“Safety is the #1 priority. Be safe at all times.
Drive carefully. Have comfortable shoes. (Very
important!) And always stay hydrated. Ask a senior carrier if you have questions.”
C.L. in Schuyler
Strength in numbers
With close to 260,000 members, the NALC
is a force to be reckoned with.
One Voice
When negotiating or bargaining for wages
and benefits, having a strong presence and
unified voice makes a difference in the results we get.
Dignity and Respect
With all the brothers and sisters of the
NALC supporting each other, no one can
single out and intimidate one of our own
without a fight.
Proud History
The NALC has been fighting for the rights
and benefits of it’s members since 1889.
For over 125 years, our predecessors
blazed a trail for us to follow. It’s our turn
to pay it forward to the next generation of
letter carriers…. Our New CCA’s.