VIA IV’s Value as Your Advisor
1. Fiduciary responsibility. As a Fiduciary, it is VIA IV’s legal and professional responsibility to
put your interests ahead of ours. Other advisors are not fiduciaries and will not put you first.
VIA IV will.
2. Emotions Management. VIA IV is committed to saving you from “The Big
Mistake” (deserting the portfolio during extreme volatility) while adhering to your portfolio at
all times, offering guidance and peace of mind.
3. Cost savings. VIA IV’s fee of .625% is well below the industry average, whereas VIA IV’s
performance exceeds it. With a process cemented in the science of capital markets, VIA IV
chooses superior portfolios to fit your needs.
4. Research. VIA IV stays current with financial research through VIA IV’s affiliation with
Dimensional Fund Advisors (a $325 billion asset class provider with four nobel prize winners
on their board). VIA IV regularly attends investment research conferences and continually
seeks new information to better serve its clients.
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