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Supporting Multiple
Dwelling Unit (MDU)
and In-Home Wiring
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SlimBox™ Customer Splice Point
(CSP) Module
& External
The SlimBox™ Customer Splice
Point (CSP) Module is an excellent choice as an internal or external demarcation closure, featuring
dual functionality as either a splice
or connector housing.
Designed to resemble other typical wall outlets in a home, it is
small and inconspicuous enough
to satisfy the most discriminating
homeowner, while protecting the
valuable network splice sleeves or connectors inside. The version for indoor
Internal SlimBox CSP Module
applications is a neutral white color,
while the external version is gray. The
SlimBox CSP Module can be used for a wide variety of applications including
Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB) applications.
When used in conjunction with indoor Optical Network Terminals (ONT) and
the wall-hugging capabilities of OFS EZ-Bend® Optical Cable, the SlimBox
CSP Module enables the network operator to provide a very clean, professional-looking installation at a very attractive price point. The SlimBox CSP
Module can also be used as a simple, low priced fiber distribution box to
distribute to multiple apartments or businesses for Multiple-Dwelling Unit
(MDU) or retail shopping plaza applications.
Versions are available for either primary indoor or primary outdoor use, and
can accommodate most common fiber optic drop cable sizes including 900
micron, 3.0 mm, 4.8 mm, and flat drop cables. The outdoor version features
a sealed cover. A separate splice tray will hold up to four splice sleeves
(40 mm sleeves only), and either version accommodates up to 4 SC-APC
Features and Benefits:
• Common installation methods and procedures for both indoor and
outdoor versions
• Small and inconspicuous footprint (Versions as small as 6.5” (16.51
cm) length x 3.9” (9.91 cm) height x 1.18” (2.98 cm) depth)
• Large space for slack storage
• Tamper-resistant
Key Component of
• Splice protectors, plastic ties, and
screws for typical wall-attachment
Fiber Optics to the X
Ordering Information:
SlimBox CSP Module
SlimBox-H, Indoor CSP-4 Fiber
SlimBox-H, Outdoor CSP-4 Fiber
SlimBox-H, Outdoor CSP-2 Fiber Inside Adapter
SlimBox-H, Outdoor CSP-2F-SM-SCA-PT
SlimBox-H, Outdoor CSP-2F-SM-SCU-PT
Part Number
C6060A-4 Duplex Single Mode SC adapter
C6868A-4 Duplex APC (green) SC adapter
EZ-Bend Indoor SCA to SCA patch cord 3 meters in length
EZ-Bend Indoor/Outdoor SCA to SCA patch cord 3 meters in length JI4DK001SCASCA003M
SlimBox, External Capping 25A
SlimBox, External Duct Cover 4
Internal SlimBox CSP Module Opened
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