1210 East Wood Street, Paris, Tennessee 38242-4402 Office: (731)-642-4681 Fax: (731) 644-9668
E-mail address: [email protected] Website: www.holycrossparis.org Office hours: Weekdays 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
33rd Sunday In Ordinary Time
November 16, 2014
Pastor: Rev. Krzysztof (Kris) Rusin
Deacons: Rev. Mr. Michael Gore, Rev. Mr. Rodney Seyller
Office Manager: Mrs. Leila Kackley
Receptionist: Mrs. Judy Warrer
Director of Preschool: Mrs. Angie Taylor
Preschool teacher: Mrs. Connie Bell
Director of Faith Formation: Ms. Dorissa Filopoulos
Assist. Director of Faith Formation: Mrs. Sam Smith
Music Minister: Mr. T. J. Gladwell
Organist: Mr. William McDonald
Maintenance: Mr. Paul Plowman and Mrs. Teresa Herman
Saturday -- 5:00 pm
Sunday -- 8:00 am, 10:00 am & 12:00 pm (Spanish)
See page 2 of the bulletin for the daily Mass schedule.
The LifeTeen Mass is the second Sunday of the month at 10:00
am during the school year .
Saturdays at 4:30 pm and Sundays at 7:30 am
Wednesdays: OLPH Novena after 12 pm Mass. Fridays:
Chaplet of Divine Mercy after 12 pm Mass.
Begin each Fall. Adults seeking information about membership in the Catholic Church should call Andy Fazzini at
Classes for 1st through 8th grade students meet on Wednesday
evenings at 6:15 pm during the school year.
Meets on the first & second Sunday evening of the month at
5:30 pm in the gym during the school year. Other meeting
times will be given at that time.
Mass is celebrated at 12:00 pm every Sunday in Spanish.
Our preschool program is conducted from 8:15 am until 11:15
am weekdays during the school year. Children must be four
years old on or before August 15th of the year they would like
to attend. For more information or a tour of our school, please
call 642-4681.
Articles for the bulletin must be submitted to the church office
(by e-mail preferred or in writing , No phone calls please)
no later than noon Monday for inclusion in the following weekend’s issue. E-mail address is :
[email protected]
If you choose to bring it to the office over the weekend put it in
the gray file cabinet drawer marked OFFICE.
Saturday -- 3:45 to 4:30 pm
Sunday -- 9:15 to 9:45 am
Anytime by appointment
Arranged by appointment. At least one godparent must be a
practicing Catholic; another practicing Christian may serve as
a Christian witness. Parents must be registered with the parish.
Arranged with the Pastor at least six months in advance. Marriage preparation is conducted by Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Michael
Anointing & Pastoral Care of the Sick
Please call the office if someone is hospitalized or ill at home
and/or would like to receive Holy Communion, Confession,
and/or Anointing of the Sick. (NOTE: the hospital does not
notify the church about admissions.)
Holy Cross Catholic Women (HCCW) meet on the third
Wednesday of the month September through May.
Knights of Columbus Council 7086 meet on the second
Thursday of the month.
Social Ministry Call Fran Brown for meeting times 642-0584.
Oktoberfest Call Al Luigs for information 731-234-9913.
Rev. Krzysztof Rusin, Mary Ellen Blanton, T. J. Gladwell,
Lorraine Hamilton, Paul Plowman, Dean Robb, Larry Smith
and Phil Wichlan.
Diane Mahan, Angie Taylor, Rose Cunningham,
Rosemary Hehn, Kelly McEntire, Xanne Harrison.
Rev. Krzysztof Rusin, Melody Plowman, Cynthia Guinn,
Ron Harrison, Billy Smith, Al Luigs, Brittney Plowman,
Deacon Rodney Seyller, Karen Sinn, T. J. Gladwell, Andy
Fazzini, Dorissa Filopoulos, Dustin Smith, Ryan Mahan,
Consuelo Núñez, Silvia Oñate, Fran Brown, Ann Cardoso,
Carolyn Gore, Lorraine Hamilton, Angie Taylor.
Many Cultures - One God - One Faith
All God’s Children are Welcome!
Dear Parishioners and Visitors,
Maybe you don’t feel worthy of being called the child of God, but believe me our Loving God loves you as you are. No
matter what your present status is in the Catholic Church --- maybe you have a very difficult family or financial situation, maybe you have a lot of baggage from the past or present time, maybe you don’t even want to come to Church because of your previous experience with a priest/s or parishioner/s --- PLEASE COME AND TRY AGAIN!!!
No matter what your story of life is (background, age, sexuality, race), no matter what your own self-image or selfesteem is … just remember that you are invited…, accepted…, welcomed…, respected…, and loved… here at Holy
Cross Catholic Church.
YÜA ^ÜéçáéàÉy eâá|Ç, Pastor at Holy Cross Catholic Church – Paris, TN
Muchas Culturas, Un Dios, Una Sola Fe
Todos los Hijos de Dios son Bienvenidos!
Queridos Feligreses y Visitantes,
Tal vez usted no se sientan dignos de ser llamados hijos de Dios, pero créanme nuestro amoroso Dios los ama tanto tal
como son. No importa cual sea su situation actual en la Iglesia Católica -- tal vez tengan un problema familiar o financiar muy dificil, o tengan una carga muy pesada del pasado o del presente, o no quieran venir a la iglesia debido a su
experiencia previa con un sacerdote/s o feligrés/s--- POR FAVOR VENGAN Y PRUEBEN DE NUEVO!!!
No importa como sea su historia de vida es (antecedentes, edad, la sexualidad, la raza), no importa cual sea la imagen
que ustedes tengan de sí mismos o su autoestima... solo recuerden que son invitados…, aceptados…,bienvenidos…..,respetados…, y amados… en la Santa Cruz Iglesia Católica.
ctwÜx ^ÜéçáéàÉy eâá|Ç? Pastor at Holy Cross Catholic Church – Paris, TN
[† deceased]
Mon 11-17
Tue 11-18
Wed 11-19
Thurs 11-20
Sat 11-22
Sun 11-23
Weekly Mass Schedule
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
12:00 p.m.
6:30 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
12:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
Kym Warrer
Agnes LaBarge †
Victor Riola †
Nicol Hernandez
Andy Fazzini
The Ronnie Herman Family
Douglas† and Doris† Callender
Hilda Scheve †
Betty Fairchild †
Nola McEntire †
Mary Riola †
The rosary is recited Saturday at 4:30
pm and Sunday at 7:30 am;
Novena of OLPH Wednesday after
12:00 pm Mass;
The Chaplet of Divine Mercy Friday
after 12:00 pm Mass.
The Pope’s November Intentions
Bishop’s Appeal
Parish Goal Current $$$
Please pray regularly for the
Pope’s intentions.
General Intention:
That all who suffer loneliness may experience the closeness of
God and the support of others.
Missionary Intention:
That young seminarians and religious may have wise and
well-formed mentors.
Las intenciones del Papa para Octubre
Intención General
Que todos los que sufren soledad puede experimentar la cercanía de Dios y el apoyo de los demás.
Intención Misionera
Esos jóvenes seminaristas y religioso pueden tener mentores sabios y bien formados.
Ministerial Schedule
November 22 & 23, 2014
Altar Servers:
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
A. Richardson
M. Brown
A. Price
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
D. Richardson
G. Gulish
A. Fazzini
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
J. Peberdy
B. Bragg
E. Dillon
Eucharistic Ministers:
5:00 p.m.
C. & F. Brown
8:00 a.m.
J. Beasley
10:00 a.m.
P. Plowman
5:00 p.m.
D. McCloskey
M. Graves
S. Harrison
A. Britt
B. Gardner
B. Smith
T. Hamilton
R. Hehn
S. Minor
% of Goal
Thanks to everyone who has participated
in the Bishop’s Appeal.
If you have not yet made a gift or pledge,
please prayerfully consider doing so. It is
not too late. Make your check payable to
Bishop’s Appeal and drop it in the offertory
or contact the office for a pledge card.
Please participate in the support of our
diocesan church.
Wednesday, December 3rd we will have a Parish
Advent Penance Service at 6:15 pm. There will be 5
priests available and confessions in Spanish will be
If we give ourselves to God and let Him use our
talents to serve others, we will be amazed by the
results. Not only will our lives be changed but so
will the lives of others.
Weekly Parish Support
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Budgeted weekly for operating expenses..........$6,417
November 9th contributions.................................6,746
+/- budget on November 9th.................................+329
+/- budget fiscal year to date [week 19]..............-7,939
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you try tithing (10%) for one
year, you will never stop due to the many blessings you
will receive.
Thank you! ¡ Muchas Gracias!
Que por eso entonces siempre luchemos por ser
buenos administradores del don de la fe – “por
nuestro bien y por el bien de toda la Iglesia.”
Next weekend the Second Collection will be for
the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.
Please be generous.
K of C Food Donations
Please don’t forget the Knights of Columbus food
bank collection box is at the side door of the church
always. Please feel free to donate as often as you
The church office will be closed on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28
for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
On Wednesday, November 19th, Holy Cross Catholic Women will meet in the PRE hall conference
room following the Mass at noon.
Prayer For the Dead
Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord our God, that the
souls of Thy servants and handmaidens, the memory
of whom we keep with special reverence, and for
whom we are bidden and are bound to pray, and the
souls of all our benefactors, relatives and connections, and all the faithful, may rest in the bosom of
Thy saints; and hereafter, in the resurrection from
the dead, may please Thee in the land of the living.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen
We are in need of a person or couple to
take an open Adoration spot at 1:00 pm
on First Fridays. Please contact the office if you can do so.
Dessert and beverage, to accompany your sack
lunch, will be served.
HCCW invites all women of the parish, especially
new parishioners, to join us.
There is an Al-Anon Meeting every Monday at
6:30 pm in the PRE hall conference room.
Who are the members of Al-Anon? Al-Anon members are people just like you and
me – people who have been affected by someone
else's drinking.
They are parents, children, spouses, partners, brothers, sisters, other family members, friends, employers, employees, and co-workers of alcoholics. No
matter what our specific experience has been we
share a common bond: we feel our lives have been
Tenemos la necesidad de una persona o
de una pareja de tener un lugar abierto
para adoración a las 1:00 pm en primer
lugar los viernes. Póngase en contacto
con la oficina (642-4681) si usted puede
HOSPITAL/SICK: John Michael Rhodes,
Thomas Holcomb, Wilfredo Robles, Mike
Brown and Thomas Minor.
HOMEBOUND: Jessie & Marion Edwards,
Shirley Kudrna, Kym Warrer, Irene
Sexton, Barrie & Joe Daniels, Baron
Guttenberger, Delores Jackson, Mike
O’Connell, Darlene Gaietto, Santos &
Michelle Jaime, John Smoot, Bruno
Przepiorski, Carolyn Brown-Wabinga.
Rosalie Beasley, Mary Beth Wood, Ruth
Furey, Olga Malanowski, John Polcyn, Bea
Barrera, Martha Agricola, Mary Sue
Leach, Rita Manning, Jane Bonneau, Joe
Monday, 11/17
@ 6:30 pm
- Alanon meeting (PRE hall conference room)
Tuesday, 11/18
@ 6:30 pm
- The Study of Matthew (downstairs conference
Wednesday, 11/19
@12:00 pm
- Holy Cross Catholic Women’s meeting (pre hall
conference room)
@6:15 pm
- PRE Classes (pre hall)
- R.C.I.A. classes (gym conference room) please
park downstairs and enter at the gym doors.
Names will remain on the Hospital/Sick list for 1
month. Parishioners only please. If you would
The Office will close at 1:00 pm on Thursday,
November 20th for a staff meeting.
Bill Culley, Father-in-Law of Catherine Culley, passed
away on Saturday, November 8, 2014.
Remembering him in our prayers, let us ask for God’s
mercy upon his soul and peace for all family members.
Our deepest sympathy to the family.
Annual Parish Thanksgiving Dinner
The annual Parish Thanksgiving Dinner, sponsored by the Holy Cross Catholic Women, will be held
Saturday, November 22, 2014, following the 5:00 p.m. Mass. All parishioners are cordially invited to
attend. Each family is requested to bring a "covered dish" - vegetable, salad or dessert - to accompany the
traditional turkey, dressing, rolls and beverage provided by the Church.
Please mark your calendars now, and plan to celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with your parish family.
A very sincere THANK YOU to all of our parishioners that par cipated in having your portrait made for our
new directory. If you were not able to schedule an appointment this past week - WE HAVE SCHEDULED A
MAKE UP DAY!! Monday December 8th make up pictures will be taken from 2 pm - 9 pm. Call 731-336-0934
to make your appointment! Times are filling up fast!!
You must PARTICIPATE in order to receive your parish directory. They will NOT be available for purchase.
PARISH ORGANIZATIONS - If you want your group picture in the directory - call me and schedule a me for us
to meet or call to submit your photos.
If you have any pictures of ANY church ac vi es - please email [email protected] or submit to the
Again, a very sincere THANK YOU for helping to make this a success!!
UÜ|ààÇxç cÄÉãÅtÇ
Our Pope Francis on >>> TWITTER @PONTIFEX <<< this past week
11/08/2014 - The Church is ever on a journey, seeking new ways to announce the Gospel.
11/06/2014 - Indifference towards those in need is not acceptable for a Christian.
11/04/2014 - Being humble helps us share the burdens of others.
11/01/2014 - A good example brings about so much good, but hypocrisy brings about much evil.
10/30/2014 - The principal mission of the Church is evangelization, bringing the Good News to everyone.
Bye Bye Joke - My husband said it was him or the cat…I miss him sometimes.
Difference Between Cats And Dogs Joke - A dog thinks: ‘Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me
with a nice warm, dry house, pet me and take good care of me … THEY MUST BE gods!’
A cat thinks: ‘Hey, these people I live with feed me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry house, pet me and take
good care of me … I MUST BE A god!’
† † † VATICAN CORNER † † †
Pope Francis: Church Tribunals must serve justice in marriage cases
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Wednesday spoke about the importance of fairness and accessibility in the proceedings of Church
Tribunals trying to adjudicate the validity of marriages. He made
his remarks before his General Audience, when he briefly greeted
participants of a course offered by the Tribunal of the Roman Rota
on “Instructing a Case for the Dispensation of a Marriage ‘Super rato et non consumato’” -valid, but unconsummated marriages which can be dissolved under certain conditions according to Church
law. “In the Extraordinary Synod [on the Family], there was talk
about procedures, processes, and there was a preoccupation for
streamlining the procedures, in the interest of Justice,” Pope Francis said. “Justice: For decisions must be
just, and because there must be justice for the people who are waiting.” He also spoke about the Commission for the study of the reform of the matrimonial processes in canon law, which was announced in September, which he said is designed to help streamline the process: “A path of justice, and also charity, because there are so many people who need a word from the Church about the marriage situation – be it a yes
or a no – because this is just.” He said some processes are “so long and so weighty” that people become
“discouraged” and leave.
He then provided an example. “The inter-Diocesan Tribunal of Buenos Aires had – I do not remember, but
I believe –15 dioceses in the first instance. I think the furthest was 240 kilometers away! …It is impossible
to imagine that ordinary people…can go to the Tribunal: They would need to go on a trip, missing days of
work, and there is also the cost…so many things…They say: ‘God understands me, and I go on like this,
with this weight on my soul.’ And Mother Church must judge and say ‘Yes, it is true, your marriage is
null’ or ‘No, your marriage is valid.’ But [she must] make a judgment and tell them, so that it is possible to
go forward without this doubt, this darkness in the soul,” said the Holy Father.
Pope Francis also warned about treating the Church’s annulment process like a business, again providing an
example. “There have been public scandals,” the Pope said. “I had to dismiss a person from a Tribunal
some time ago, who said ‘Give me $10,000 and I’ll take care of both processes: the civil and the ecclesiastical.’ Please, not this!” He said the Synod also had proposals about the costs of the process, adding “when
you attach economic interests to spiritual interests, it is not of God.” He concluded by reminding the students to always look to the “salus animarum” [the salvation of souls], adding this is not necessarily found
outside of justice, but “indeed, with justice.” 2014-11-06 Vatican Radio