Future of Manufacturing – IT / Manufacturing

Future of Manufacturing – IT / Manufacturing
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Information Technology (IT) has been enabler of how the industry processes raw
material to produce refined products and goods with consistent quality. It is all
pervasive in today's industrial scenario, be it mining and metals, automotive,
aerospace, or chemical. It is hard to imagine how our industry will work without
their aid. The manufacturing industry has benefited through the adoption of
solutions such as, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning,
manufacturing execution system, product life cycle management, control system
and many more. We are at the cusp of a big change as the digital era unfolds. Newer
manufacturing technologies are maturing to fruition and finding their niche, for
example, additive manufacturing, autonomous mining equipment, are challenging
the status quo. On the other hand, the digital revolution is fuelled by computing in
newer contexts of Social, Mobile, Analytics/Big Data, and Cloud. Some of the
companies have taken the plunge of marrying these two worlds, for instance, Rio
Tinto in its Mine of the Future initiative. The future is looks bright and challenging
for the industries. We have invited a group of industrial experts with varied
background who will take us through the successful adoption of technology in the
past and help us visualize its future.
Date & Time: Thursday, November 12, 2014, 04:00 to 06:00 PM
Mini Auditorium, New Academic Complex,COEP,Pune
Ÿ Mr. Jack Maclachlan
(Global Head, Metal Solu ons, TCS, UK)
Mr. Colin Mitchell
(Head Mining Solu ons, TCS, Australia)
Ÿ Mr. Sudhakar Potukuchi
(Vice President (Technology) and Head, Eaton Engineering Centre, Pune)
Mr. Ajay Purohit
(Technical Chief, Addi ve Manufacturing, Tata Motors/Tata Technologies, Pune)
Ÿ Mr. Srikant Srinivasan
(Director, Manufacturing, GE Global Growth and Operations, Pune)