SPECULUM UNIVERSALIS « Dialogue with Reality : a neo-classical observation

« Dialogue with Reality :
others. The poor getting poorer and the
Nicaragua, Nigeria, Algeria, Afghanistan,
a neo-classical observation
on economic interdependence among third world nations »
rich getting more powerful and influential.
Trinidad and Tobago, et cetra. To support
Violence, disease, Trans-national Terrorism
this conceptualization, the First World
and cultural conflict, economic recession,
(developed market economies) and Second
the failure of capital to accumulate, the cor-
World ( developed centrally planned econo-
ruption and despotic dramatization of de-
mies) Nations are the wealthy industrial,
mocracy has not allow a fateful contract to
democracy and economically advanced na-
hold and flourish between the people and
Par Saidu Ahmed Enagi
Responsible for CNRJ-Nigeria
their respective government. Natural and
man-made disasters, Climate Change, food
insecurity and poverty has become the
problem of developing countries. Now, how
can these issues be solved? is there a wayforeword? What is the global Future of the
Third World Nations?
The aim of this paper is to briefly take a
look at the aforementioned problems and
how can they be addressed from a neoclassical standpoint. let's now start the dialogue
Mohammed Ali Pate, Adjunct Professor of Global
Health at the Duke University Global Health Institute. USA. And Bill Gate, Board Member, Microsoft
and Chairman Corbis.
We have seen over the years how the
Dialogue no.1: Think local
wealthy nations group themselves into
political and economic agendas, some of this
groups include the G-8 Countries, OECD,
European Union(EU). Thinking locally has
The world of mankind has come to a deci-
now allow the Third World nations to real-
sion-point where economic development
ize that there is a divide between the rich
among nations provide a platform for the
and the poor, thinking locally has allow
emergence of private properties and socio-
Third World nation to know that there is a
economic classes dividing the humanity into
need for them to re-write their history in
spheres of influence: The Rich and The
gold, to discard the idea that they can also
Poor, The Powerful and The Weak, Political
walk their paths to economic freedom. the
Control and Political Dependency, Imperialism checkmating the dynamics of human
development. An intellectual cartography
that saw
the philosophical emergence of
Ricardianism, Han Dynasty, Bait-Alhikma,
Newtonian Industrial Revolution
and re-
cently the rise of the Computer Age and
the globalization of Nuclear Science and
Petroleum Economy.
Global inequality and distributive injustice
has continue to threatened our path to
development modernization, a united international community has been difficult to
achieve despite classical-historical literary
endeavor by Immanuel Kant Perpetual
Peace (1795), Ibn Khaldun Muqqaddima
(13th Century), Mohandas Gandhi Civil
Disobedience and Non-violence among
problem of a nation can only be solved by
Charity begins at home, said a popular plati-
that nation, no one else can, and a nation
tude. if the world is facing critical challenges
can only be acquitted this reality when
to economic development the first hypothe-
those in it are willing to think locally.
sis to a sustainable resolution, i believe
should begin from understanding the do-
Dialogue no.2 : act global
mestic foundation of what brings about the
wealth of a nation. The Third World nations
When the third world nations realizes the
are the economically less-developed states
implication of the economic power disparity
that tended to share a colonial history. the
existing between the developed and the
third world is a home to more than 85 per-
developing nation, they began to challenge
cent of the world's people it commands less
themselves to take-up the task of nation-
than 20 percent of its wealth. these coun-
building. In the 1960s, the third world na-
tries are characterized by low productivity,
tions formed a coalition of the world's
high rate of population growth, and skewed
poor, the Group of 77 (known in diplomatic
patterns of income distribution, with large
circles simply as (G-77) and used their vot-
segments of their populations suffering from
ing power to convene the UN Conference
poverty, illiteracy, and ill health. these coun-
on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
tries include Namibia, Madagascar, Bolivia,
SPECULUM UNIVERSALIS|Article issu de la Revue internationale de ONG CNRJ|www.cnrj.org| N°18 Novembre 2014
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'interest-blocs' in order to advance their
UNCTAD later became a permanent UN
begin to feel that they have brothers and
sisters in Indonesia, Cote d'ivore, Peru and
World express its interests concerning
anywhere in the world were mankind exist.
development issue. a decade later, the G-77
for us to actualize this, for the third world
composing of about 120 Countries used its
to achieve its lofty dream, then the idea, the
numerical majority to push for a New Inter-
struggle must begin with you and i.
through which the
national Economic Order (NIEO) to replace
the international economic regime championed by the United State and other capitalist powers since the World War II.
Dialogue no.3 : be part of global economic solution
Today, despite the economic and sociopolitical challenges, the Third World Nations were still able to contribute to global
economic solution. in 2006, net capital flows
climbed to $647 billion, the highest level on
record. the Asia/ Pacific region now accounts for two-fifths of the worldwide capital investments. In 2007 Global remittances
have steadily climbed since the 1970s to
Philippines lives abroad, sending home $15
billion a year, a seventh of the country's
GDP. Argentina and Paraguay Members of
the Mercosur free-trade Zone that expanded trade to $21.1 billion in South
Dialogue no.4 : it begins with you and
i. A conclusion
Everything in life begins with an idea, science
and chemistry allow us to understand that
rain is as a result of Condensation taking
place beyond the atmosphere, Literature
became the powerful tool in history because it was an idea accepted by all. The
idea of E-commerce was invented because
of the increasing globalization of business
transactions across continents. the idea that
the world need to live in peace as against
the cutthroat and desperate political power
struggle by great economies, i believe in a
world free from war, free of nuclear weapons, free from poverty and hunger, i want a
world where cultural affinity of the man in
India with the young man in South Africa is
possible, where the man in Ethiopia and the
man in Brazil believe in collective change, a
world where the children in Nigeria should
SPECULUM UNIVERSALIS|Article issu de la Revue internationale de ONG CNRJ|www.cnrj.org| N°18 Novembre 2014
Article issus du LSU n°18 de Novembre 2014
reach $318 billion, nearly ten percent of the