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Welcome to
This Week at Meadowlands
November 16, 2014
Worship Services
9:30 & 11:00 AM
10:30 AM
Wednesday 6:00 PM
7:00 PM
9:30 or 11:00 AM
9:30 am
11 am
Teens (Room 308)
Manuele Russo (Room 221)
Bryan Statt (Room 207)
Pastor Jerry (Room 312)
College & Career (Room 207)
Duncan Johnson (Room 221)
All adults are invited to a fellowship time by the gym for the first 15
minutes (beginning at 9:30 or 11 am). We will then meet in the classrooms
for prayer, Bible study, and discussion.
Children’s Ministries
9:30 & 11:00 AM
Ages 0-1: Nursery (Main Floor) Gr. 1-3: Room 309 (9:30 am)
Ages 2-3: Former Library
Gr. 4-6: Room 209 (9:30 am)
Ages 4-5: Room 311 (9:30)
Jr. Church: Room 308 (11 am)
(Jr. Church Ages 4 - Gr. 3)
Choir Practice
4:30 PM
Evening Service
6:00 PM
Message by Pastor Jim MacPhee
Children’s Ministries through Kindergarten
Ages 4-5 in Room 311 (will be dismissed from auditorium)
Nursery Workers Needed
Adult Bible Study Classes
Helen V., Susan F.
2&3 Year Olds: Patti A.
Infants: Eleanor J., Anne H., Roseanna H.
Toddlers: Amanda H., Thingpam V., Helen S.
2&3 Year Olds: Sarah L., Lindsey D., Tatyana L.
Marie R., Jen B., Grace H.
2&3 Year Olds: David & Angela M.
Tybie C., Teresa B.
2&3 Year Olds: Rick & Carolina B.
Nursery available for all services for children under 3.
Mothers’ Room (across from nursery) available for mothers with infants. for sermons/weekly bulletin/etc
Please turn off your cell phone during the service. Thank you.
Message by Pastor Jerry Ascher
7:00 PM
1:00 PM
Mom’s Time Out
Handbell Choir Rehearsal
Various Adult Classes
Children’s Ministries ‘Kids 4 Truth’
Youth Ministries
Youth Gym Activity
Beaumont Outreach
Future Events
Nov 30
Dec 5
Dec 13
Dec 13&14
Dec 16
Dec 19
Dec 21&28
Dec 24
Dec 31
Jan 21
Deadline for Deacon Nominations
Information Meeting-Pizza & Cheesecake—(6:00 pm)
Men’s Prayer Breakfast (7:00 am)
Christmas Cantata—6:00 pm (both nights)
MBA Christmas Program (7:00 pm)
Teen Christmas Party
Services in the Gym (11 am & 6 pm—no adult classes)
Candlelight Service (6 pm)
Praise Service (5 pm)
Annual Business Meeting
God’s hand is continually evident in all the details of our ministry here. This
week we hosted our first home Bible study in the town to which we recently
moved. We met a woman who has been a believer for five years and has been
praying for the last three years for more believers to move to this area. We met
a few others and started a Bible study which we hope will become a new church
plant….. During our morning English camp, we hosted two clubs at two
different parks during which we rounded up the children on the playground to
play games, learn verses, sing songs and hear the Good News. ...One day we
went to our first meeting but it was raining and the park was empty. We
thought about cancelling the meetings but God led us to the second meeting
where, in the pouring rain, there were four children waiting for us. The adults
held a tarp above the heads of the children as we sang songs in the rain but
then a nearby school allowed us to use their entry way for our meeting. We
gave the gospel message and then worked on the memory verse from the day
before. One boy who was not present the day before approached us and recited
the memory verse from the day before. When we asked him how he knew the
verse, he told us that his friend had attended and couldn’t make it today but
taught him the verse at home. God’s Word never returns void and only in
heaven will we know how far reaching His Word was in those few days….There
are so many stories we could tell! Thank you for praying for us and our
ministry. We need you and are so grateful for you. Kris & Mariola Kolt