7 Mullins Court #1
East CaMbridgE, Ma
[email protected]
Dear School of Classical Ballet Parents and Students,
The Spring 2015 Term is right around the corner! Enclosed you will find our spring registration
materials. Just a reminder: your child will be registered once we receive the registration form and
tuition, and classes do fill up quickly.
A costume fee is included in the tuition payment. The registration fee is annual, so it is due only once per
year. The costume fee covers the cost of your child’s costume for our Spring Performance, which will be
Sunday June 7th with a dress rehearsal on Saturday June 6th. Please mark your calendars and save
the date! The show will include ALL classes.
Other important dates for the spring:
Monday January 5, Classes Begin
Monday February 16–Saturday February 21, No Classes
Monday April 20–Saturday April 25, No Classes
Monday May 25, No Classes
For this Spring Term, we are offering two different payment options. Tuition payment can be made all
at once at the start of the term or in three equal installments. The first installment is due by January 5th, the second by February 28th, and the third by April 15th. Please don’t hesitate to speak with
me if you have questions about tuition.
We are also offering discounts this term. If your child registers for multiple classes, please subtract the
following amounts. This discount also applies to families with more than one sibling registered.
2 classes–subtract $20.00
3 classes–subtract $50.00
4 classes–subtract $80.00
5 classes–subtract $110.00
6 classes–subtract $140.00
If you have questions please always feel free to email or call, and remember our website,
www.theschoolofclassicalballet.com. All relevant information regarding the Spring 2015 Term is listed
online including class descriptions and times, pricing, dress for class, procedures, and important dates.
Thank you!
Kirsta Sendziak
[email protected]
The School Of Classical Ballet LLC
Registration Form • Spring 2015
Name of Student______________________________________________________
Present Age_______Date of Birth _________________________Grade__________
Name of Parent/Guardian ______________________________________________
Street Address________________________________________________________
Email Address________________________________________________________
Our primary form of communication is email. If you do not have access to the Internet
please indicate the best way to reach you.
How did you hear about us?_____________________________________________
If your child has had previous training, please explain: ________________________
Does your child have any physical considerations? Yes______ No______
If yes, please explain:___________________________________________________
Enrollment for the Spring Term is from January 5th – June 7th.
Child's Costume Size:__________________________________________________
Circle below which classes you would like to register for.
Please note there are no reimbursements for missed classes. If a student is unable to
attend class, please try to notify us before class starts. Make-up classes are allowed only
when approved by SOCB.
Tuition ________________________
Registration Fee______$15.00______
Total Enclosed__________________
OVER- Please fill out Page 2
It must be understood that classes offered by the School of Classical Ballet involve
strenuous physical exertion. Completion and signature of this form releases the
school from any responsibility or liability for any stress, strain or injury resulting
from class participation.
After registration has been received should the student for whatever reason be unable to attend, withdraw, be excused, or be absent, we will be unable to refund payments.
Parent/guardian signature____________________________________________
Parent/guardian please print name_____________________________________
Today’s date_______________________________________________________
We will hold a space for you when we receive this form and tuition.
Please make your check payable to:
The School of Classical Ballet LLC
And mail to:
The School of Classical Ballet LLC
7 Mullins Court #1
East Cambridge, MA 02141
We update our website and brochure frequently, and we would like to use photos of
our students in these publications.
Photo Release Form
I hereby give my consent for The School of Classical Ballet to use my child’s/
children’s photograph and likeness in its publications, including its website. I release
them from any expectation of confidentiality for the undersigned minor child/
children and myself and attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child/
children listed below.
Parent Signature: ____________________________________ Date: __________
Name and Age of Minor Child/Children:
Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _____
Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _____