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Pre-Exam Letter: Fire, Police and EMS Annual Comprehensive Examinations.
Scheduling appointment. Several options:
1. Call clinic at 208-229-ERHC (3742) or 381-0697. Jina or Liz will assist with appointment.
2. Email: [email protected]
9976 W. Emerald, Boise 83704
208-229-3742 (ERHC)
*Corner of Emerald and Ancestor Place, between Maple Grove and Five Mile.
What needs to be completed by each individual before the exam?
1. Please Complete both ‘Medical History Form’ and ‘Patient Information Form’ – both forms
can be printed from our website:
2. Laboratory Studies: *Ideally drawn 48 hours prior to exam date.
• Notes:
o Fasting: 8-10 hours
o No appointment necessary for blood draws.
o If drawn at TVL, notify personnel to use ERHC or Dr. Rob Hilvers standard
protocol: ‘New patient: fire/police/EMS.’
• Lab draw options:
o Emergency Responders Health Center (preferred): Every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday (7:30-8:30 am). No appointment necessary.
o TVL(multiple locations). Notify personnel to use ERHC or Dr. Rob Hilvers
standard protocol: ‘New patient: fire/police/EMS.’
Additional Information:
1. The appointment will take approximately 90-120 minutes. We will do our best to keep
everyone ON TIME!!
2. The appointment/evaluation will consist of computerized vision screening, audiology,
incentive spirometry (testing lung function), chest X-ray (2-view), resting EKG, cardiac stresstreadmill testing, vaccination update and a confidential evaluation by Dr. Rob Hilvers (or
Jenna Rovig, NP as requested).
3. Please bring in your insurance card (invoicing of vaccinations). No out of pocket costs.
4. Please bring comfortable shorts and running shoes for the treadmill test.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your examination, please contact our clinic: phone: 208381-0697. Our web site is
See you soon!
Rob Hilvers, MD and ERHC Staff
Rob Hilvers, MD ● Jenna Rovig, NP ● Erin Green, RD ● Chris Seagrave, PT
9976 W. Emerald St. | Boise, ID 83704 | Phone 208-381-0697 | Fax 208- 229-8450