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Tariffs season 2014:
High season 01.7-15.8.
Ascension day &
With sunday
Low season
15.4-30.6 & 15.8-01.10
10,00 € Per day
8,00 €
7,00 € Per day
6,60 €
Child (3-14 years):
3,80 € Per day
3,50 €
3,50 € Per day
3,50 €
0,24 € Per minute
0,24 €
Warm water dish
0,25 € Per minute
0,25 €
3,00 € Per day
3,00 €
Day visitor:
Deposit: Sep-Key
credit card:
Visa, Mastercard,
Maestro, V-Pay etc.
Deposit: Key for
10,00 € Per family
10,00 €
25,00 € Per key
30,00 € Per key
25,00 €
30,00 €
5,00 € Per key
5,00 €
The deposits for the blue Sep Key (25€) and the key for electricity (5€)
will be reimbursed on your invoice.
Family Keiser
1, Toodlermillen
L–9181 Tadler–Moulin
Tel.: 00352 - 83 91 89
Fax: 00352 – 839189-89
email: [email protected]
Dear guest,
Welcome on our campsite.
We wish you and your family a nice and sunny stay; the Keiser family an their team will do their
very best to ensure you have a pleasant holiday.
Please do not hesitate to address any questions, wishes or complaints to us.
General information:
The campsite is open from the 15/04 until the 01 /10.
The reception and our store are open from 9.00-12.00 a.m. and from 14.00-19.00
p.m., in low season from 9.00-12.00 a.m. and from 14.00-17.00 p.m. You can or der
bread by filling out and order form in the reception, and buy groceries, camping-gas, beverages, ice cream etc….
On request, we can drive or pick up our guests at the nearest train station of <Goebelsmühle>.
Please help us recycling to keep the environment safe from harm.
 Household waste to the rubbish container, glass into the glass container.
 Don’t throw away empty bottles with deposit.
 Old batteries must be brought to the reception.
 Notify the reception when you have to throw away bulk rubbish.
Lost and found? Please contact the r eception.
Some rules:
The Sep-Key System:
The barrier and entrance to the sanitary facilities work with an access control system. You
get the Sep-Key when you register, on a bail of 25,00 €.
Like in all places where people live together, there have to be rules on our campsite too.
Please do respect them!
Barrier: The bar r ier is oper able fr om 08.00 a.m. until 22.00 p.m. The bar r ier is
locked when you return after 22.00 p.m.; you will have to park on the parking lot. Please
do not lend your Sep-Key to other guests, or it will not work properly.
 Cars and bikes have to drive dead slow!! = 10Km/h
Showers an dirty dishes: The shower s also r un on the Sep-Key system. The key is
charged to a certain amount when you register, and when using warm water the key pays,
instead of chips or cash. Recharging can be done in the reception. Furthermore there is an
automatic recharge in the sanitary facilities, which will also recharge your Sep-Key with 1
€ coins. You can also consult your credit using this device.
The showers cost 0,24 €/min. Warm water in the sinks costs 0,25 €/min.
Cold water is free.
An emergency telephone is situated right next to the entrance to the sanitary .
A washing machine and a drier can also be found in the sanitar y, next to the sinks.
They do also work with the Sep-Key system, the price is € 5,00 for one time washing and
€ 4,00 for one time drier. Washing powder can be bought in the reception.
The chemical toilet can be emptied in a special device next to the old administr ative
There is a first-aid station in the r eception.
Letters and greeting card can be sent through the reception. When you get letter s,
these can be picked up at the reception, too.
 Fishing is prohibited !!!
 No open fires (campfires)!!!
 Dogs have to be chained on the campsite.
 The sanitary facilities are not a playground. Par ents ar e r esponsible for their childr en.
Please keep them clean.
 If you receive guests during the day, they have to pay a visitor tariff per family at the reception.
The car is parked on the reserved parking lot and cannot enter the campsite.
 Your vacation is paid in the reception, cash o using the following credit cards: Maestro,
Visa, Euro card & MasterCard.
 Please do respect the opening times for your departure.
 Keep the campsite clean. You are requested to leave behind a clean space.
Nice holidays an thanks in advance, the Keiser family.