Remembrance Sunday Welcome ‘The Old Church’

All Saints Church, Old Church Road
‘The Old Church’
9th November 2014
Remembrance Sunday
10 .00 am Hymns: 49, 432, 321, 39 and 366
Please stay for refreshments after this Service in the hall (via back of church).
6.30 pm Memorial service at the Parish Church, North Chingford
Next Sunday is the Second Sunday before Advent
10 am Eucharist: Celebrant & Preacher: Fr. Rodney
Services here this week
Monday: 9.00 am Morning Prayer
Wednesday: 9.00 am Morning Prayer, 10.00 am Holy Communion
Services at the Parish Church
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 6 pm Evening Prayer
Thursday: 10 am Mass, 12noon Prayers for Peace, 6pm Evening Prayer
Friday: 8.30 am Morning Prayer, 9 am Mass
Saturday: 9.30
am Clergy
Rosary 10 am Mass
Rector: Fr. John Connell, The Rectory, 2 Green Walk. E4 7ER.
[email protected] Tel: 020 8529 1291
Associate Priest: Canon Hall Speers, Old Church House, 1A Priory Avenue, E4 8AA
Tel: 020 8529 3738 [email protected]
Hon Asst Curate: Mtr Tina Rollings Tel: 020 8523 7174
Hon Asst Priest: Canon Rodney Matthews Tel: 020 8529 4372
Old Church Wardens: Larry Relfe 020 8529 4447 Jenny Beardsmore 020 8985 3418
Hall Bookings: Jenny Beardsmore
Churchwarden: Jan Harrison 020 8529 0351 Sacristan Joe Collins 020 8524 7746
DCC Secretary: Aleksander Mazalon Tel: 020 8524 6515
Flower Arranging: Gill Hemsted Tel: 020 8529 2304
Notices for the week starting 9th November 2014
Fr. John
It was with shock and sadness that we heard last Sunday of Fr. John’s
resignation. He is currently on sick leave so all church business should be
directed to myself, Mother Tina or the Churchwardens. Fr. Hall
Armistice Day, 11th November
There will be an Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial in Albert Crescent
at 11 am.
The Persecuted Church
There is unprecedented persecution of Christians in many places. We will have
a special service with prayer for them at 3.30pm, Sunday, 23rd November.
Parish Church Organ Recital by John Rippin, this Saturday at 4 pm.
Money for Parish Share
The Parish Treasurer writes: “Thank you for your contribution so far this year.
The total collections at Sunday Services during October with standing orders
was Parish Church £3,113, Old Church £1,370, blue envelopes £994, Total
£5,477.” To balance the books it needs to be nearer £6,750.
PARISH BAZAAR to raise money for parish funds is Saturday, 29 th
10 am – 12 noon in the Vestry Hall, The Green, North Chingford.
Flower arranging
There will be a demonstration in the Old Church Hall on Saturday, 6 th
December, 2 to 4 pm. £5 ticket includes tea and biscuits and a DIY Christmas
table arrangement to take home.
In your Prayers please continue to remember
 the persecuted Christians especially Asia Bibi, mother of five children,
and all condemned to death under the Pakistani blasphemy laws.
 The struggle against the Islamic State
 All children suffering in poverty in this country
 the Sick: Fr. John, Bishop John of Bradwell, Valerie Odell, Maureen
Clark, Renee Dawson, Barry & Victor, Brenda, Chris Love, Richard
Dunn, Dominique, Fr. Robert Hampson, James, Jason, Sarah Johnson,
Ruth Ogosu, Norma Sutherland and Elaine Winkler.
 The bereaved and all at Memorial and Requiem Services this month
 All whose anniversary it is, especially Douglas Davidson: all who have
died recently including those killed in the Middle East Conflict and the
victims of Ebola; Mrs. Iris Reynolds, Mrs Mary Winward and Miss
Karen Barnes