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Meet the Putnams — Bob and Lucille
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The Sierra College Community Chorus,
now known as Placer Pops Chorale, has
long delighted Lincoln Hills’ residents with
its spring and winter concert series. One of
those delighted residents was Lucille Putnam
who says becoming a member of the chorus
was a “wish/goal” of hers. Her wish came
true, and today she sings while her husband,
Bob, supports her efforts as an usher. Indeed
music was the first catalyst to bring the couple
together, all the way back in sixth grade. The
couple celebrated their 55th anniversary last
Lucille was born in Cassadaga, New
York, a farming community whose 800 or
so residents lived 50 miles south of Buffalo.
Born at home, Lucille later made up names
for all of the houses her parents rented during
her childhood. Her family was financially
challenged. Her father was a farmer and later
a lathe operator at a furniture store that made
furniture for Lucille Ball (who grew up in
nearby Jamestown). Her mother held jobs as
a cook, a house cleaner, a grape picker and a
Lucille and Bob Putnam
seed factory worker. The family did not own
a car until Lucille was a sophomore in high
school, and all of them once lived in a single
hotel room. Lucille’s words reflect acceptance,
not self-pity.
Music was an intrinsic part of Lucille’s
life. Her best friend’s family rented a French
horn for her so that she could play at school. In
high school she won 2nd place in a county-wide
talent show for her solo, “An Old Fashioned
Let’s backtrack a bit now to the sixth grade.
Bob came to Lucille’s school and won a blue
ribbon for his solo vocal baritone performance.
Unbeknownst to him, he had won more than
that. He had won Lucille’s heart. They went
out onto the playground after the performance,
and she says she knew then that Bob would
be a part of her life. She was smitten with the
young man from Stockton, a town of less than
300 residents.
After high school Lucille became a legal
secretary. Two years later she and Bob married
in Gerry, N.Y. Bob secured a position with
National Cash Register, and when that job
ended, he joined the military and was stationed
in Grand Island, N.Y. for three years.
Schooling followed, and Lucille says she
earned her PHT (Putting Hubby Through)
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Neighbors InDeed Provides Personal Services
Neighbors InDeed’s Handy Helpers
are best known for doing minor household
maintenance and repair tasks for Lincoln
Hills residents. But did you know we also
provide short-term personal services?
If you’re recovering from an injury,
illness, or surgery, you may find it difficult
to shop for groceries, pick up meals and
prescriptions, bring in your mail, take
out your trash, feed or walk your pet, and
perform light housekeeping tasks. For
help with such chores, leave a message
with Neighbors InDeed at 223-2763. You’ll
get a prompt response, and if your needs
are within our capabilities, we’ll dispatch
a Handy Helper to assist.
For liability and time reasons, we can’t
take the place of professional caregivers,
perform care-related tasks involving
physical transfers or administering
medications, transport residents in
vehicles, run errands outside Lincoln, or
use residents’ bank cards or checks. Cash
is required for any payments we make.
We can provide personal services
for up to three weeks or so. For longer
periods, Neighbors InDeed can refer you
to professional caregivers or personal
service providers recommended by
other residents. Call that same number
(223-2763) for assistance from one of
Last Chance
Lincoln Hills Foundation presents
Last Chance Bingo for 2014 on
Monday, November 10 at the Orchard
Creek Lodge Ballroom. A special
Chef’s Choice ½ sandwich and soup
special will be served in the Meridians
restaurant prior to the 1:00 PM start
of Bingo.
Here’s your final chance of the
year to get together with friends and
neighbors with the chance to win an
early Christmas present.
Janet Roberts picks up a
resident’s meal order.
our capable Information & Referral
Neighbors InDeed is pleased to
play this additional role in our caring
community. You may not need our
personal services now, but it’s nice to
know they’re available if and when you
do. There’s no charge for this or anything
else we do, although contributions to offset
our expenses are appreciated.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
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From Your Placer County Supervisor
I strongly encourage residents
children’s schools, and parents’
to sign up for Placer Alert, the
county’s new state-of-the-art
When you log in to register
emergency mass notification
mobile devices, make sure you
also enter your landline phone
Placer Alert proved invaluable
number so you know for certain
during recent wildfires in Placer
it is in the system.
County – and can help ensure
Placer Alert is used by public
you receive timely computersafety agencies throughout Placer
Robert M. Weygandt
generated alerts during future
County in combination with other
wildfires, severe winter storms
traditional ways for contacting the
and other emergencies that affect you and
public during emergencies. It is powered by a
your community.
system called Everbridge that Placer County
The system’s database already includes
acquired in partnership with Sacramento and
listed and unlisted landline phone numbers
Yolo counties. Messages can be targeted at
provided by telephone companies.
specific neighborhoods, communities or the
If residents want to receive emergency
entire county.
alerts on mobile phones, though, they need
During the recent King Fire, the
to register them with Placer Alert. It’s quick
Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Office of
and easy. Simply log on to www.Placer-Alert.
Emergency Services and other agencies
org and provide the requested information.
used Placer Alert to notify residents of
All personal information is kept strictly
community meetings and to help counter
worrisome, but untrue rumors about the
By registering mobile devices, residents
can ensure they receive alerts through
They used Placer Alert for several
landline telephones, mobile phones, e-mails
purposes during the Applegate Fire:
and text messages.
notifying residents who needed to evacuate
Placer Alert has other features that
their homes, publicizing a community
many residents will find very helpful. The
meeting and letting evacuees know when
system, for example, allows each household
it was safe to return home.
to register as many as five addresses. That is
We can make Placer Alert even more
important for residents who want to receive
valuable in the future if we take a few
emergency alerts that affect several locations
moments to register our mobile devices so
– their homes and perhaps workplaces,
it can contact wherever we happen to be.
Exclusive to Lincoln Hills
Highly Screened House Companions
Room for
Trade Yo
Room fo
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Providing Insurance and Financial Services
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
“Literally Saved
My Life”
Neuropathy Patients Speak Out about
New Breakthrough Treatment
January 27, 2014
June 30, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
To Whom It May Concern:
Many years ago I started losing sensation in my feet. The ball
of the foot felt like leather, and my toes had very little feeling
in them. I was concerned, but didn’t know what to do.
As the years went by I was forced to use a cane for stability
when standing as I could not feel my feet. Various doctors
told me that neuropathy was setting in and “that was part of
the aging process, and there was not much that could be
done for it. “
However, at the age of 82, I discovered an advertisement
placed in a local newspaper that an office, INTEGRATED
HEALTH CENTER, was opening in a neighboring community.
They stated they were successfully treating neuropathy.
I immediately made an appointment and started their
treatments with hopes for any relief possible. I was very
pleasantly surprised that shortly after starting treatments the
nerves in my feet started to come alive.
I have completed the program, and life is so much better. I
no longer need that cane to stand on my two feet. Walking is
also a pleasure again. The nurses and staff have been very
supportive and have shown great concern for me.
I highly recommend that anyone that suffers with neuropathy
find one of their facilities and take full advantage of their
My feet have been a terrible issue for me for several years. Many years ago, I had surgery on my feet
and the nerves were cut. Complicating this was the arthritis in my feet. I could hardly walk.
I was receiving shots in my feet from a podiatrist without much success up to the time I saw the
advertisement in the newspaper and contacted the Integrated Health Center of Roseville. In just a
couple of visits, I was walking without severe pain and each visit is helping my feet and the nerves
“come back to life”.
Robin Jackson has been taking care of me and I can’t thank her and the Health Center enough.
Bob F.
I was quite unhappy when I got the letter from the clinic that said Medicare in a great wisdom decided
not to pay for the treatment they were giving not only me but quite a few other people with neuropathy.
I’m telling you right now that in the years I’ve had neuropathy I’ve gone to I don’t know how many
doctors and aII I’ve ever gotten is pain pills. I see in the Ietter that your decision is because there is only
been limited amount of research and studies available at this time. Why don’t you come over and look
at my feet that’s the only study I needed. Also Medicare’s recommending oral medication as a preferred
treatment. Why don’t you tell all of the doctors about all this oral medication because they don’t seem to
know about it . All they seem to know about is pain pills. Maybe if you toId them so many people like me
wouldn’t have to put up with so many years of pain.
Now, as the saying goes, “LIFE IS GOOD!”
I just wish one of you people that make these decisions couId spend one day with your feet burning
so bad and hurting so bad you couldn’t even walk. Like I said the integrated neuropathy clinic literally
saved my life.
Harold S.
Yours truly
Richard B.
Roseville CA: If you suffer from Neuropathy, then
you should know that A recent published medical
study of over 100 patients has shown outstanding
results with an 87% reduction in symptoms of the
participants. This study and the protocols used have
helped doctors make remarkable inroads into getting
Neuropathy patients relief from the debilitating and
painful symptoms of neuropathy. Using a new medical
approach that does not involve any surgery , lasers, or
oral medications patients are being treated in a new way
and getting results not often seen with more traditional
oral medications. In fact not only are patients getting
substantial pain relief or even becoming pain free again,
follow up has shown long term relief as well. Imagine
that for a moment!
As explained by Dr. Robb Leigh, Medical Director and
owner of Integrate Heath Center of Roseville PC “
we are actually seeing nerve regeneration- with patients
recovering balance, sensation, and normal function of
the nerves. It is quite remarkable actually.”
Integrated Health/ Neuropathy Center is offering this
proven and very different medical treatment for local
residents, and The consultation is FREE at this time.
($297.00 value)
Integrated Health of Roseville PC is located off
Secret Ravine Parkway next to Sutter Hospital. 1411
Secret Ravine Pkwy, Suite 100, Roseville CA. Call
Today to :
This offer expires Oct 27th 2014. Integrated Health Center of Roseville PC Testimonials are unique experiences and your experience may be the same or different depending on your age, condition,
diagnosis, overall health condition, genetics, compliance with treatment and other factors. Typical patients find an 87% reduction in neuropathic pain based on the protocols used in the study we based our
treatment protocols on. Not all patients are candidates or accepted for treatment. Medical providers will determine if you are a candidate following initial screening by our staff. Testimonials are from our office.
Originals letters are on file with the office along with releases. Copyright 2013 DNTC LLC All Rights Reserved.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Players Group
The 2014—2015 Players
Steering Committee is
officially in place. The October
13 meeting provided Barbara
Greenfield -President, Kathy
Shaddox - Vice President,
Karen Ulijohn - Secretary and
Bob Zimmerman - Treasurer,
their first opportunity to
demonstrate their skills.
Before taking office,
Barbara Greenfield promised
to provide exciting guests
to entertain and educate
the members of the Players
and anyone who is curious
enough to attend the monthly
meetings, held the second
Monday of the month at 4
PM. Kudos to Barbara. She
didn’t disappoint.
The Players were
captivated by November’s
Village maiden costumes for Cinderella —
special guest, Paul Burke, the
Top row: Linda Marchus, Helena Hanusek and
founder and Artistic Director
Carol Ferrar. Bottom row: Marilyn Railsback,
of Blacktop Comedy. A native
Janice Strong and Linda Snyder.
of Sacramento, Paul always
felt that Northern California
actors, singers and dancers who have been
was his home. His love affair with improv began
busy practicing and rehearsing to bring you
in 2004 and continues to this day. He studied
the best musical production ever. The ladies
at the renowned Second City and iO theaters
will be adorned in costumes that are a feast
in Chicago before he returned to the Northern
for the eyes and include a variety of colorful
California area to bring us a taste of that windy
dresses of the period, and extraordinary gowns
city improv. In 2010, with a group of friends,
that will have you “oooing and aaaing”. Not
he created Blacktop Comedy’s first long-form
to be outdone, the men will be in their own
improvised show “Damsel” (a twisted take
magnificent costumes. Tickets are available
on a classic fairy tale). Following the success
NOW and will soon be sold out. Don’t miss
of Blacktop’s first show Paul directed “The
this opportunity for you, your family, and your
Colony,” “The Shorties,” (similar to “Who’s
friends to kick off the holiday season with your
Line is It Anyway?”), “The Draw Something
toes tapping and your heart singing.
Show,” and “Our Love Story.” Paul travels
throughout the country so he can share
the national improv scene with Northern
LH Community Chorus
The Readers Theater production of “The
Black Chapel,” directed by Bill McCarrel was
Tickets are now available for “Winter
another installment of the wildly successful
Fantasy,” our mostly Christmas concert on
Halloween Series, performed on October 25
December 14-16.
and 26. The three short plays included: “Tell
This annual celebration has become a
Tale Heart,” “The Lodger,” and “The Three
real community tradition, eagerly anticipated
Skeleton Keys. As always, the performances
and roundly applauded by our full-house
were FREE.
audiences. Under Bill Sveglini’s professional
It’s that time of year when folks fancy a
direction, we’re constantly striving to excel,
gala, musical production and the Players are
and we’re often approached by concert-goers
happy to oblige. This November 20, 21 and 22
saying how much they’ve enjoyed us.
the Players will present “Cinderella,” a grown
Those who’ve attended our previous
up musical comedy based on the classic tale,
concerts need no persuasion to buy tickets for
directed by Dolly Schumacher James. The
this one, and most of you have probably done
production will include a cast of talented
so. If you haven’t come before, ask someone
Country Couples
who has about us. The response will prompt
you to hurry and get your tickets for either our
Sunday matinee (if any remain) or our Monday
or Tuesday evening performances. See page 47
of the October Compass for details.
Line Dance Group
Line dance classes will take a break for
the month of December and resume again in
January. There are many classes to choose
from including two Introduction classes for
those who have never danced before. It’s a
great way to start learning line dancing and
remember, you don’t need a partner.
Our holiday potluck is coming up on
Monday, December 1. The cost of a ticket is
$7 and the dinner/dance will be from 5:00-9:00
pm at Kilaga. Audrey, Sandy and Yvonne are
our instructors and will be present to lead
dances of all levels. This is always a fun and
exciting dance event.
Just a reminder, that our Steering
Committee will end their term in December.
If anyone wants to volunteer to be a
committee member, please contact our
Steering Committee Chairman, Sharon
Worman at 408-1555.
Tap Company
is busy working on
their performance
number for our up
coming annual show,
Rockin’ The Hills.
There are four classes
of dancers working on
tap numbers that will
depict the lifestyle of
Gary and Soundra Moulton
Tables were decorated on top of a western
scarf with miniature versions of cowboy hats,
glowing lanterns and hay bales while the
featured centerpiece was a “redneck wine
glass” filled with sun flowers. Members brought
a variety of wonderful salads, appetizers and
desserts to accompany sandwiches (provided
by the club) from Mr. Pickles. For those of us
with a sweet tooth, desserts were deliciously
When our DJ’s, Dennis and Connie,
turned up the music, seeing every person in the
room head to the dance floor was truly amazing.
Each song thereafter was an invite to dance
and dance we did. During the course of the
evening, Rene and Kathy Lopez demonstrated
the Cajun Two-Step for those that might be
(cont’ on page 6)
Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Medicine by the ABMSP
On September 19th, Country Couples
came together to enjoy their version of a
Western Hoedown. By broad definition,
a hoedown is a community dancing party
featuring lively hillbilly or country tunes played
on a fiddle. We didn’t have an actual fiddle,
but we certainly had lively country tunes.
our very own Lincoln Hills. Watch future Sun
senior News and Compass articles for more
information as it becomes available.
The Tap Company annual Christmas
lunch will be held on December 12th at 12:45
in the Orchard Creek Ballroom. Watch your
emails for a “hold the date” announcement
from Muriel Menig. You will be able to sign
up for the luncheon with your class rep.
Seventeen of our tappers had a great
time participating in the Lincoln Hills 15 year
anniversary parade on October 18. Becky
Nicholson choreographed a dance that was
performed at several stops along the way. Janet
Becker and Muriel Menig carried our banner.
Conductor Bill Sveglini and
accompanist Paul Melkonian.
23 yrs exp. / Lincoln Resident / Licensed
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Country Couples
(cont’ from page 5)
interested in learning this lively dance.
As usual, the evening ended all too soon,
but for Country Couples, it was a night of fun,
laughter and friendships.
For Country Couples information contact:
Rene or Kathy Lopez 434-5617,
Ballroom Dance Group
Wow! It is hard to believe that 2014
will soon be history. We only have one more
month of lessons for this year. There will be
no lessons for December, as hopefully, we
will all be out celebrating the Holiday Season
(with dancing, of course). For our November
lessons, we will spotlight the Foxtrot. Some of
you may have read this column some months
ago, when we talked about the history of the
Foxtrot. We are going to
return again to the time
period of 1914. The dance
“super stars” of that era were
Vernon and Irene Castle. It
was the Castles who refined
the Foxtrot to the dance it
is today. Vernon and Irene
were an amazing pair. I
would encourage everyone
to watch the movie “The
Story of Vernon and Irene
Castle”, that debuted in
1939, starring Fred Astaire
and Ginger Rogers. The
Castle’s not only influenced
dance, but they were real
style icons and trendsetters of their time.
There are also some fascinating dance clips
of the Castles on YouTube. So here we are,
100 years later. The Foxtrot endures as a
dance of social elegance, characterized by
smooth, graceful, and gliding movements.
Interestingly, the Foxtrot can be done to jazz
music, many rock and roll tunes, big band
music, and many other popular music styles.
So, why not come and learn the Foxtrot with
us in November? Not only can you learn a
dance that has a fascinating history, but you
can have a good time socializing and learning
with a great group of people. We meet on
Tuesdays at Kilaga Springs. Beginning group
lessons are from 2:00 to 3:00pm. Immediately
following, from 3:00 to 4:00pm we have open
dancing. During the open dancing hour, you
can get a little extra individual help, if you
wish; and, you can enjoy dancing to a wide
musical selection. A more advanced lesson
in the Foxtrot will be presented between 4:00
Gail and Emin Selcuk
and 5:00pm. You will find that dancing is so
much fun, that you won’t even realize that
you are also benefiting your mind and your
body. Our dues still remain at $7.00 per year.
And believe it or not, that includes any and
all lessons that you might wish to attend. We
also have lots of exciting dance themed events
throughout the year. We will have a Dessert/
Dance Social on Sunday, November 9, from
2:00 to 5:00pm at the Orchard Creek Ballroom.
Tickets are $10.00 each, advance sales only.
Our Christmas Potluck will be Tuesday, Dec.
9, from 5:00 to 9:00pm. Fitting right in with
dancing in the movies, our theme for this year
will be “Hollywood Extravaganza”. We look
forward to seeing you!
Contacts: Ruth Algeri 408-4752, Brigid
Donaghy 543-6003
LH Painters Club
First, we wish to congratulate club
members, Joyce Bisbee, Diane Pargament,
Paulette Pesavento, Jim Brunk, Nancy Sloan,
Wanda Avery, and Margot Comer whose
paintings were juried into the recent KVIE
ART AUCTION. All of these artists’ pieces
were bid upon and purchased by viewers.
Some of these were “Bell Ringers”; pieces that
brought bids for more than the asking price!
Painters Club members interested in donating
a piece next year should watch for the call to
artists on the KVIE website - usually in March
or April. Their paintings may be entered online
with a photo of the work.
At our October membership meeting
we were privileged to watch a detailed screen
presentation and demonstration of oil painting
provided by well-known artist, Susan Sarback,
who will teach her second in-person class
here in February. Her focus, again, will be on
water, streams, and lakes and students may
use her preferred implement, a palate knife,
or brushes. We also enjoyed viewing and
hearing from several Painters Club artists, their
experiences with creating some recent pieces.
Those who participated included members, Jim
Brunk, Cosette Augustine, Rudi Franke, Judy
Munshauer, Gary Hoffman, Joanie Adams,
Paulette Pesavento, and Judy Zografos.
At our November 4th meeting we will
view and choose from member’s “Farm Life”
works, 20 paintings which will be hung in
the Buonaratti Restaurant in Lincoln during
November and December where restaurant
diners may view them and, perhaps, purchase
one or more.
In December, our monthly meeting will
be a Christmas Luncheon. Reservations and
checks for this event will be collected at our
November 4th membership meeting.
In January we will review rules and
regulations for our annual February art show.
If you are not yet a member of the Painters
Club, but interested in considering joining us,
you are incouraged to visit one of our monthly
membership meetings which are held the first
Tuesday of the month from 2:00 to 3:30 at
Orchard Creek Lodge.
President, Joyce Bisbee, [email protected]
Membership, Jack Cook, [email protected]
Plein Air Paint-Outs, Jim Brunk, [email protected], 434-6317
Website, http//
(more Club News cont’ on page 7)
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When it comes to Medicare, you have choices. And those choices depend on where
you live. Let me introduce you to plans from UnitedHealthcare.®
Each plan strives to give members the resources, tools and coverage they need to
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National University
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James Wirick
209-365-3979, TTY 711
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Call now for a personal consultation.
There are a number of reasons that allow for enrollment in a
Medicare Advantage plan throughout the year. Call me today
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Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract.
Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare.
Y0066_131206_162246 Accepted
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Needle Arts
Threads of Friendship
Talk about creative minds!! The month
of October was a dazzling array of creative
projects shown off in both a fashion show
and a parade!! As President of Needle Arts,
Pat Barnhill led a group of members in the
15th Anniversary Parade, sporting a dress
she designed starting from a T shirt. All the
sub groups of the Needle Arts Club were
represented, all showing their talents. The
golf carts were decorated to show off quilting,
and made quite a show.
Approximately 25 people helped with the
preparations and many marched in the parade
itself. Bev Rognlien designed the banner by
enlarging and appliqueing the logo on a huge
piece of fabric. Nancy Rich and Rebecca
Hoetger drove their golf carts which had been
decorated with fabric, yarn, beads and all sorts
of other needle craft items. All the subgroups
were represented as well in the parade, and
you will see just what each group does at the
next meeting on November 11th at Kilaga
Presentation Hall at 1:00 PM. T shirts will be
sold there as well for $10.00.
President Pat also started off the Wearable
Arts Fashion Show in October by modeling
her T-shirt dress. She took an extra-long
shirt and added a lovely piece of material
to show her design techniques. The show
was a huge hit with piano music provided
throughout by Cherilyn Duncan and Donna
Jenkins. The narrator, Bonnie Dunlap kept
the show moving along; about 45 minutes of
show stopping costumes with much laughing
and clapping for both Sun City ladies as well as
the Auburn Wearable Arts group in attendance
and participating.
The stage was beautifully decorated, the
theme East Meets West was evident in the
designs as well, and the models were so gracious
with their time as they walked the walk, always
responsive to their audience.
Show stopper was the last model. Who
says we have to grow old and not be hep to
the times? Our Gothic gal was decked out in
black with a bit of red, fishnet stocking, high
button shoes and a tulle skirt and long sleeve
top!! Just in time to wrap up October!!
LH Photography Group
California’s historic Highway 49 runs
North from Oakhurst in Madera County
through Nevada County’s Sattley. Naturally,
living where we do now, the highway likely
conjures images for us of gold and the area from
which it was scrabbled. The photographic show
beginning October 20th at Simple Pleasures
Restaurant in Lincoln will show how far afield
our group’s photographers traveled beyond
the compound to capture their images. In
the photo shown here, the photographer lefthandedly skip-roped all the way to Auburn
whilst chewing Fleer’s bubble gum backwards.
That’s artistic dedication.
Speaking of dedication, our speaker for
the November 12th General Meeting will
be Steve Solinksky from Nevada City. His
presentation, “Awakening to the Light,” will
be a revelation of his artistic insight and how
that came to pass. You can get an advance
peek into his photographic persona at http://
Speaking of Nevada City, that’s where
we’re heading on October 30th to capture
Ken Fox’s ‘Claude Chana by jeffa
some local fall foliage, and hopefully more
that what would fit in one’s pocket. Catching
the right time is very tricky, but our intrepid
trekkers will give it lots of shots.
Speaking of shots, let’s all set aside a
reflective moment on November 11 for those
who took kinetic shots, or were subject to
them, or served those who did. That would be
Veteran’s Day. Thank you for serving - past,
present and future.
Our group is a thankfully eclectic
collection of landscape, event, wildlife,
architectural, fine art, and maybe even goofy
photographic interests. Some of us prefer
automatic point-and-shoot cameras, some
shoot DSLRs or mirror-less cameras, a few use
film, and others are committed early-adopters
who can’t stand being anything other than
the first person on the block to own the latest
technology. Each of these many threads are
woven into the fabric of our group and form
our common bond - the love of photography.
We have regular challenges to enhance our
skills, frequent internal show-and-tell events,
plus beyond-the-compound displays of our
work. Some show and sell their work, others
shudder at the mere thought of such exposure.
We have field trips and speakers and discussion
groups to expand our photographic horizons.
We do a lot of stuff, and if only some of it is
of interest to you, you should check us out.
We meet three times a month, each
time for different reasons, and our regularly
scheduled meetings are always on Wednesdays.
Visit our website News Page
for more information about our activities and
The General Meeting is on the second
Wednesday of the month, 8:30AM – 10:30AM
KS Presentation Hall - usually with a featured
speaker. The other gatherings are of the
Special Interest Groups (SIGs). On the 1st
Wednesday of the month, this SIG intermixes
“Camera” and “Photo Enhancement” subjects
and that meeting is from 8:30AM-10:00AM
in the Multi-Media Room of Orchard Creek.
“Camera” is about how to operate that
computer attached to a lens. “Enhancement”
is about fixing shooting errors and creating
different effects with software. Then on the 4th
Wednesday, from 8:30AM - 11:15AM in the
Multi-Purpose (not the Multi-Media) Room at
the OC, the “Round Table” and “Print” SIGs
meet, one following the other in that order. The
“Round Table” is an open discussion forum for
anything about photography, and “Print” is all
about the process, equipment and materials
to create a print.
(more Club News cont’ on page 9)
Medical Supplies
Sales Service Rental Free Delivery
Repair Center
Rental Specials
CALL (916) 543-3377
more than 20% OFF
Medical Supply
20% OFF
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Santa Clara
Santa Barbara
San Mateo
El Dorado
Orchard Crest
Santa Cruz
Echo Ridge
Quail Cove
Pine Hill
Wood leaf
[email protected]
NOTE: The statistics above do not reflect any consideration in value for model options nor location.
“We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business”
1. '3&& professional house cleaning
2. '3&& professional carpet cleaning
3. '3&& professional window cleaning
4. '3&& professional yard clean-up
5. '3&&property evaluations for Estate
BRE# 00456442 & 01243980
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
SCLH Gem and
Mineral Society
Our November 2014 meeting will be at
10 AM on the 24th in the Sierra Room at
Kilaga Springs.
Our club sponsors the Lapidary and
Jewelry Lab. Hours: Mondays 8AM to 12
PM. The charge is $5 per each 2 hours spent
in the lab. Funds go to refresh equipment and
supplies. Shop Master is Dave Fisk.
Chuck DiFrenzo is available in the Monday
Lapidary and Jewelry Labs some Mondays, to
provide assistance in jewelry fabrication and
jewelry repair. He plans to start at 9 am, and
adjust based on need and attendance. Call him
and insure he will be there 916 253-3973, or
email [email protected] Those of you
unfamiliar with Chuck should know that he has
created custom jewelry for many years, and has
taught the jewelry fabrication class here at Kilaga
Springs many times.
Our web site is currently located
Lapidary and Lost Wax classes are no
longer taught. If you’re interested in these
subjects, talk to Dave Fisk.
Contact Dave Fisk 434-0747 for lab info.
Authors Resource Group
Meet The Authors. Sat., November
8th.10:00 a.m. Kilaga Springs. Meet nine authors,
hear excerpts from their books, and be eligible
for FREE book drawings and a door prize.
The Ghost Eagle and The Moon Promise
by Quentin Grady are the first two of an
historical-fiction trilogy. A Montréal fur trader
risks his life and fortune to travel back to
France to rescue his son. Escaping across the
Atlantic Ocean and deep into the wilderness
of New France, they believe they are safe from
a vengeful Marquis. The aristocrat, however,
sends an assassin in pursuit--intent on killing
the fur trader and everyone he loves.
The Incantation by Paul Worth is a
mystery/thriller set in ancient Egypt and
modern time. On a dig outside Cairo, a gifted
archaeologist uncovers the incantations for
life-extension. Unaware severe penalties exist
for improper use of the spells, she translates
the hieroglyphs and utters the magic. Wielding
God-like power, she embarks on a perilous
journey of self-discovery.
Andy Petro died, went into the Light and
returned. Remembering The Light and Alive in
the Light; Remembering Eternity detail his
euphoric and peaceful experience.
Vietnam Redemption...Full Circle is Joe
Baginski’s memoir of his military assignments
in Vietnam. The reader travels with Joe full
circle from being a young, impressionable
warrior, ready, willing and able to kill his
Vietnamese enemy, to a compassionate
ambassador of peace.
Living in Pakistan in the mid-1960s,
exploring West Pakistan’s Waziristan, the tribal
area, the smugglers’ village in the Khyber Pass
and riding with the Pakistan Rangers are some
of the adventures Irene Aylwoth Douglass
shares in her memoir, An American Woman
in Pakistan; Memories of Mangla Dam.
California Love Letters, 1903-1918 by
Linda Price Williams is a heartwarming tribute
to a love between her grandparents spanning
miles and decades. Their love letters offer the
reader access to a romantic journey of a young
couple living in the Bay Area at the dawn of
the 20th century, while experiencing American
history up close and personal.
Jonas Porup’s memoir, Remembering
Russia, details his 26,000 mile excursion by
train throughout Russia, studying her culture
and history.
Men’s Point Of View by Arloa Walters is a
collection of observations retirement-age men
telling their life stories. This book advocates
“life review” as a means to reconcile the pieces
of our lives and live in peace with ourselves
and those around us. Ms. Walters newest book,
Voices of Older Women will also be available.
From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The
House of Hope is an award-winning memoir
by Linda Bello-Ruiz. From the vineyards of
Northern California to the Red Light district of
San Jose, Costa Rica, Linda’s memoir tells the
story of her journey from the darkness of despair
to the creation of a house of hope – a safe-haven
for street girls and underage prostitutes.
Antiques Appreciation Club
Our October 6th program was a delightful
fashion show, with clothing modeled by several
of our Club members. This was a presentation
of Vintage and Antique Clothing, primarily
owned by one of our members who has been
a serious collector of 20th century clothing
and accessories. Another member wore her
mother’s black dress ensemble complete
with fox tail fur. Several others displayed and
described their items. What a great program!
The November 3rd program will be
presented by one of our long-standing members
who has a great collection of Shirley Temple
Our December meeting will be a Holiday
Lunch on Monday, December 8 in the OC
Ballroom. Tickets will be available at the
November meeting for $25.00. The theme
Donald M. Thommen
Attorney at Law
Living Trust/Estate Planning
Criminal Defense
If you do not have an estate plan,
call me to obtain one and avoid probate fees and time delays!
If you moved here with an existing estate plan and did not bring your attorney with you,
please call for a review and possible upgrade of your plan.
To the first 10
customers each
is “brighten your day and light up your life”.
There will be a free raffle ticket for the
table decorations, a gift for everyone and
entertainment by the Hills Brothers singing
group. Please bring an unwrapped toy for
“Toys for Tots”.
Other than for our annual Holiday
Luncheon, we normally meet on the first
Monday of each month at 10:00 AM in the
breakout rooms of the Ballroom, Heights
and Gables. If you collect or just appreciate
antiques, we’d love to have you join us!
Contacts: Rose Marie Wildsmith 4090644; Barbara Engquist 434-1415; Appraisals
OC Book Group
When 65 year old, Harold Fry received a
letter telling him that a colleague of his from 20
years ago was in a hospice with terminal cancer,
he reevaluated everything he was doing and
set out on a course that would change his life
forever! Please join us on Thursday, November
20 from 1:00 to 2:30 in the multipurpose room
at Orchard Creek to discuss The Unlikely
Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.
Also, we will be voting on our final
selections for 2015 at this meeting. You can
find a list of proposed readings on our website.
Check it out and come prepared to vote for
you favorites.
Orchard Creek Book Club Schedule for
the remainder of 2014
December 18: Holiday Luncheon
Website: http://LHocbookgroup.
Contacts: Contacts: Penny Pearl 409-0510,
Darlis Beale 408-0269, Dale Nater 543-8755.
SCLH Writers Group
One of the pleasures we derive from
being a member of the Writers Group is the
association of kindred spirits, especially if
those are members of your own family. Over
the past, there have been a few husband and
wife teams of writers who come to share their
experience and talents with our group. One
such couple is the Perkins, David and Isabel,
both of whom have their own distinctive style
and formulation. They are both accomplished
memoir writers; David having published a book
about his attending a one-room schoolhouse in
South Dakota in the 1930’s. Isabel colorfully
recounts her own memories of growing up in
California at the same time, incorporating
actual events into her personal recollections.
David has gone on to write science-fiction and
pulp-fiction novels basing his stories on real-life
events or scientific facts. Isabel is often able
to weave her artwork into her stories.
We actively encourage all those out there
who have a story to tell, an opinion to express
or a poem to share, to come and be a member
of our group. Yes, we do give advise, but do
not criticize the works that are read at our
bi-monthly meetings. Our aim is to make you
the best writer you can be - for yourself, your
family, or the outside world. Come visit with
us to listen in and then share your creations
with the group. We guarantee you will be
presented with a variety of interesting offerings
to inspire, amuse, or spark your creative fires.
You can find samples of our works regularly in
the Writers column of the Sun Senior News.
For more information on the Group, you
can contact any of the members of our steering
committee: Bev Brannon at [email protected]
com; Jim Fulcomer [email protected]
or Linda Luccchettiat [email protected]
Square & Compass Club
On the afternoon of Thursday, October
9th, 21 “Germans-for-the-day” celebrated
Oktoberfest on the beautiful patio at the
home of Glenn and Betty Stanphill in Sun
City Lincoln Hills. The beer flowed, German
bratwurst sizzled on the grill, the tables were
laden with an abundance of German dishes
including German potato salad, sauerkraut,
red cabbage, etc. Desserts were plentiful with
many apple pies, German chocolate cake, to
name a few. Gary and Darlene Kramer stole
the show, dressed in their authentic Bavarian
costumes, which added much to the festivities!
Special heartfelt thanks go to our gracious
host and hostess, Glenn and Betty Stanphill,
for all they did to make this special event
Plans for November and December
include lunch at Siino’s (formerly Pete’s Pizza)
and our Holiday get-together at the Meridians
in Sun City. Information on these events will
be forthcoming and sent to the membership.
If you have a background or interest
in Masonry and/or Eastern Star, we invite
you to join us at our monthly get-togethers.
To be advised of upcoming luncheons and
other events, contact one of the following for
information and to be added to our mailing list:
Glenn Stanphill - 408-8885
[email protected]
Bette Ahrens - 408-5325 - [email protected]
Autumn – the year’s last, loveliest smile
— Wm. Cullen
(more Club News cont’ on page 10)
Affordable Computer Help
xRemove Viruses
xFix Spyware
xWireless Setup
xCustomized Training
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I am a Sun City - Lincoln Hills resident and
I will make HOUSE CALLS.
Your Fulltime Computer Specialist
Jerry Shores 663-4500
Call: 408-4784
PO Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg No. 85117
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Lavender Friends
Shalom Social Group
Lavender Friends is a social organization
serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Transsexual community and those in friendship
in Sun City Lincoln Hills. The Lavender Hearts
Committee was created when the LF Club was
first established to reach out to the community
at large, and generate financial and volunteer
support for organizations that support the
LBGT community. Money has been raised
through the SCLH Parking Lot sales, holiday
cookie exchange fees, Progressive Dinner
reservations, 50/50 raffle tickets sales, and
Silent Auction Fundraisers; in addition, the
committee has encouraged LF Club members
to donate clothing, non-perishable food items,
and personal items used to create themedbaskets that maybe raffled or auctioned.
Outreach activities have included
answering telephones during a membership
drive for KVIE, participating in fundraisers
sponsored by organizations supporting the
LGBT community, co-funding a third year
of GSA high school scholarships awarded
by PFLAG of Greater Placer County, Inc.,
conducting clothing drives, purchasing annual
holiday meals for safe house residents and
clients of Stand Up Placer, Inc., and donating
food items to the Salt Mine.
The latest outreach effort is creating eight
themed-baskets for raffle by the Sacramento
Women’s Chorus, Inc. during its upcoming
concert “Masquerade”. The basket themes
included: Happy Hour, Pasta Perfection,
Gardening Helpers, Chocoholic Delight,
Home Movie Night, Gourmet Wine, Trader
Joe’s Goodies, and Picnic Time. The raffle
baskets will raise funds for the organization’s
The Shalom Social Group has been very
busy between the Jewish New Year, game
night, bocce ball, and lots of potluck dinners!
There are a lot of things going on and we
invite you to come and check us out. We offer
something for everyone with such a variety of
activities. We are all Sun City residents getting
together and enjoying each other’s company.
Sound good to you! For more information
contact: Sandy Klein 408-2020 or Judi Schane
Robin Richie with one of the baskets.
operational expenses. The multi-diverse
chorus membership exceeds 50 women;
the costs of performances often exceed the
revenues from ticket sales as the chorus makes
ticket prices affordable to the general public,
and at times, donates the entire ticket sale
proceeds to local charities.
Upcoming events include PFLAG 11/10,
a Breakfast 11/12, Dinner/Dance 12/13, and
a Holiday Brunch TBA. Check http://www. for additional social
Contacts: Jacquie Hilton 543-9349,
[email protected], and John
408-2576 .
SCLH Singles Club
It’s that time of year, Sun City Lincoln
Hills -- the Holidays!
That’s right -- family time, remembrance
time, sharing time, planning time for people
and party and Pinot and presents -- and food!
Your Lincoln Hills Dynamic Singles Club
has just finished a VERY active October -including our “ Monster Mash Dinner/Dance/
Costume Party, and marching down the avenue
in the Sun City 15th Anniversary Parade, with
two cars, four golf carts, lots of walkers, and a
partridge in a pear tree! What a hoot!
Now on to November, when we can look
forward to RAIN and cool days and nights,
so we can get together and share even more!
BTW, with all this eating and drinking,
don’t forget we also have golf, hiking, bocce
ball, dancing, and THE WAVE!
Nov 2 - Birthday Party, 4:30 in Sports
Bar -- any November birthday person gets a
free drink, and anyone else can just drink for
the heckuvit!
Nov. 6 - Cocktails, 4:-00- at Orchid Thai
-- join us at this beautiful restaurant and talk
about Holiday Plans past, present, and future.
Hey, Ebeneezer, wake up!
Nov. 8 - Second Saturday Breakfast, 9
a.m., Sports Bar/Meridians -- $ 8 each, all
you can eat -- and you can visit with old pals
or make new ones!
Nov 13 -- General Meeting, 6 p.m.,
Orchard Creek -- after business, we play Turkey
Bingo -- guess what will be the grand prize!
Nov 20 -- Dining Out, 4:30, Whitney
Oaks Golf Club -- our pre-Thanksgiving
gastronomical gluttony, and we can talk about
how to baste the bird!
My gawd, it goes on and on! And this is
just November!
More info? Check the Sun City website,
or get our three-month calendar at the flyerholder at O.C., or call Judie Leimer, 408-4308.
(more Club News cont’ on page 11)
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Monthly Events at Sierra Pointe
A Guide to Estate Planning
Thursday, November 13th • 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Presented by: Roseville Attorney, Richard W. McGinnis
Receive important information rergarding wills, trusts, durable
powers of attorney, and advance health care directives.
Holiday Entertainment
Sunday, November 16th • 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Performed by The Riverbells (hand bell choir)
The Railroad Years
Friday, November 21st • 3:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Presented by: Christina Richter, President, Roseville Historical Society
Hear how the “Big 4” Huntington, Hopkins, Crocker, and Stanford,
along with Theodore Judah, influenced Roseville and the 40 years
leading up to the time of the railroad boom.
All programs are free. (916) 910-2289
The Sierra Pointe Family Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!
5161 Foothills Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747
License# 315002050 LSS
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
The Healthy Eating Club
The club enjoyed its semi-annual Potluck
Supper October 15 at the Sports Pavilion.
There were lots of terrific healthy dishes
brought by the members for others to enjoy and
a good time was had by all. Another hilarious
entertainment program was hatched out by
our members as the highlight of the evening,
just as it always is at our potlucks. Prizes were
won by lucky participants in the nonsensical
games we staged, and in keeping with past club
gatherings hardly any of our prizes are worth
mentioning here.
October is harvest month in Placer
County, and what a wondrous thing it is to
see the wide selection of locally grown freshlyharvested fruit and vegetables on display at our
Farmer’s Markets and at the many festivals in
our area that are celebrating this year’s harvest.
There seems to be a consensus among the local
growers that the drought has caused some crops
to come in early this year, but in general the
harvests are still producing abundant crops of
good quality. Nevertheless there is concern all
around about the need for a good wet winter
to ensure the 2015 harvest is a good one. El
Nino rains where are you when we need you?!
It has been reported by some food writers
that the average American household relies
heavily on fewer than twenty (20) dishes served
at the majority of their home-prepared meals.
And you can bet that dishes widely known as
dietary culprits find ways to appear on our
dinner tables with steady regularity despite
our good intentions to the contrary. Many
of these dishes are the “comfort foods” that
we grew up with, or for whatever reasons are
foods we just don’t want to give up. Well, fine!
Don’t give them up…just work at “making
over” the recipes for these dishes into more
healthy ones. It’s not that difficult once you
get the hang of it. This is precisely what the
Healthy Eating Club does on a regular monthly
basis. We take one popular American recipe
a month and make it into a healthier one and
we ask for new suggestions from the members
for the next “recipe makeover.”
The Healthy Eating Club’s stated
mission is to educate our members about the
importance of healthy eating and to improve
our relationship with food. All our general
meetings and smaller gatherings center around
food topics and food-related activities. At
our small gatherings we call “workshops” we
sample healthy foods prepared by volunteer
members at a member’s home, or in rare cases
a full meal will be prepared. We invite guest
speakers to our meetings to talk on various
food-related topics, and we have two membersonly potluck suppers each year, one in April
and another in October, both at the Sports
Pavilion where we share dishes prepared by
the members. At our monthly general meetings
we discuss such diverse topics as upcoming
site tours of food-related businesses, local
farmers’ market schedules, how to make
common dishes healthier and a mix of other
food-related topics currently in the news. We
encourage suggestions and participation from
our members.
Contact Don Rickgauer, Club
Chairperson, at 253-3984 for information
on our Club and the next guest speaker, or
email at [email protected]
$1595 - INSTALLED!
For more than 30 years Nick Giordano, his son
Ken, and the management team at Nick’s have
been doing what they enjoy most; customizing golf
cars and utility vehicles. We are proud to be an
independent, authorized Club Car Golf Car Dealer.
We are a full service company providing sales of
new, remanufactured, reconditioned and previously
owned golf cars. We are committed to providing
you with excellent customer service and quality
Club Car products. Our friendly and professional
staff is available to assist you in selecting the best
vehicle, parts and accessories for your needs. Our
corporate office in Benicia is also a manufacturing
facility where we produce custom enclosures,
windshields, and custom seat upholstery. Our
Rocklin office offers new and used golf car sales,
service, parts and mobile technical support. Both
locations also offer a complete line of Club Car
Carryall commercial and industrial vehicles. For a
complete listing of our current inventory please visit
our website ( to begin
your Nick’s Custom Golf Cars experience.
$2395 - INSTALLED!
(more Club News cont’ on page 14)
Lincoln Hills Retired Law
Enforcement Officer’s Group
Try us in Lincoln...a place
(Available on most makes and models).
Our monthly general meetings are on the
4th Monday of the month, so the November
meeting is Monday the 24th at 2:00 pm in
Presentation Hall at Kilaga Springs Lodge.
Guests are welcome at our general meetings
with no advance notice required, but Club
workshops where we sample various healthy
foods are members only. The annual
membership fee is $15 per household.
CHP Assistant Chief Jonni Fenner to
Speak — Join the Lincoln Hills Retired Law
Enforcement Officer’s Group for another
LEO Breakfast on November 21, 2014 in
the Meridians Restaurant Sports Bar at the
Orchard Creek Lodge of Sun City Lincoln
Hills, 965 Orchard Creek Lane, Lincoln.
Coffee on the table at 8:45 AM Breakfast
buffet includes eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes,
pancakes, coffee & orange juice. As always,
spouses & LEO friends welcome. Cost is $8.00
and includes tax and tip. Reserve your place at
the table by emailing Jim Pola at [email protected] and please mark your calendar!
Our guest speaker is CHP Assistant
Chief Jonni Fenner. Assistant Chief Fenner
has been with the California Highway Patrol
over 25 years. She has held the position as
Assistant Chief in the Golden Gate Division
that covers all nine Bay Area counties, and is
currently assigned to Valley Division within
the Sacramento region.
Farmers’ Market Scene
You Can Trust for
your car repairs and maintenance.
We have 17
25 Years
of Honesty & Integrity behind us.
“Duncan’s Automotive
fixed a problem that I had
been to 3 different places
over the course of 2 years”.
-P. Buntiny
-Citrus Heights
Winter Service Special $89
Golf Cars
4325 Dominguez Rd, Unit B
Rocklin, CA
(Synthetic Oil Extra.)
27 point safety
Citrus Heights
Citrus Heights
Roseville Locations
Roseville Locations
Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 12/15/03.
A place where
your car is
done when
(877) 666-5864
Good at:
Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 12/15/03.
185 Flocchini Circle, Lincoln
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Open Daily 9am to 5pm and after hours by appointment.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Thanks, Please
Expiration Date
It was a gorgeous, sunshiny August day
in the beautiful, active adult community
of Leisure Ranch, about 30 minutes from
Sacramento. June Moses, 72, sat at the kitchen
table of her sprawling ranch house engrossed
in preparing a grocery list. George Moses,
70, sauntered into the kitchen and moved to
the large, white GE refrigerator and opened
the door. Grabbing a bag of salad from the
vegetable tray, he flipped it over and then back
again. Looking somewhat confused, he turned
and stared at June and . . .
“Hey, June. What’s the expiration date on
this Asian salad mix you bought last week?”
“Just look on the bag.”
“I did, but I can’t find it.”
“George, can’t you do anything for
“Come on! I’m just asking you to help me
find the date. I’m not requesting you cook a
meal for me.”
“Oh, about that. What do you want for
“Dinner? All I want is a salad for lunch.
Dinner’s six hours away.”
“Well, I’m going to the store and if you
want something, you’ve got to tell me.”
“First, you tell me where the expiration
date is on this salad bag so I know I won’t die
if I eat it.”
“George, George, my sweet, dear George.
Nobody ever died from eating an expired bag
of salad.”
“There, you said it. It’s expired.”
“No, I didn’t. You did.”
“You wouldn’t care if I died, would you?”
“Just don’t do it now. I’ve got to go to the
store to get the things I need to make dinner.”
“That’s all you care about . . . dinner,
dinner, dinner. What if walk to the mail box this
afternoon and get run over by a car and die?”
“That’s not going to happen.”
“How do you know? We live in a senior
community. Those crotchety old folks can’t
see or hear. They don’t even slow down at
stop signs. My demise could be at any time.”
“Is your insurance policy paid up? And,
more important, am I the beneficiary?”
“Oh, don’t be cute, June. You’re making
me angry.”
“Then, maybe you’ll just have a heart
attack from the stress and drop dead in front
of me. Then I won’t have to worry about your
dinner. I’ll just open a can of soup for me.”
“There you go again. Just thinking about
yourself. I don’t matter. Do I?”
“Well, you did. But keep going on like
this and you won’t.”
“Are you threatening me again?”
“Again? When have I ever threatened
“At the Wertheimer’s party two weeks
“What do you mean? I don’t remember
threatening you.”
“When it’s convenient, you just forget.”
“Right now, I want to forget you.”
“See, another threat.”
“That’s not a threat. That’s a comment.”
“Threat, comment . . . whatever. You want
me to die so you won’t have to bothered by
me ever again.”
“Now that’s a thought. What is the value
of your American Life policy?”
“If I’m going to get rid of you, I need to
know if it’s worth the effort.”
“So get rid of me. I’m going to starve to
death anyway.”
“George, you’re thirty pounds overweight.
It’ll take years before you starve to death.”
“I can’t handle this anymore. I’m going to
McDonalds for a burger and fries.”
“Well, that’ll certainly kill you. What
happened to the healthy salad you were going
to eat for lunch?”
“It expired.”
“So you found the expiration date on the
“Huh, no. That’s why I asked for your
help in the first place.”
“I’ve had it, I’m going to the store. Do
you want anything?”
“Yeah, a new bag of salad. And make sure
it has an expiration date I can find.”
June shook her head in dismay, scooped
up the shopping list from the table and headed
toward the garage. Grasping the knob of the
door, she looked back at George and blurted,
“Go check our marriage license.”
George looked confused. “What for?”
he queried.
“The expiration date,” she chanted, as
the door closed behind her.
When I was a child many years ago,
My parents said gratitude is what we should show.
Back then, every present deserved a note.
Not just a “thank you” which I often spoke.
Whether Aunt Gladys or Uncle John handed me money,
Calling it “a little something from the Easter Bunny”
Or Aunt Jenny created a lovely ceramic doll,
To be shipped via UPS for my birthday in the fall,
I sat and scrawled words of appreciation
To relatives for their benevolent demonstration.
But need I mention --that’s not the case today.
I am never quite sure if my gifts make their way.
That’s why I have a serious pet peeve
About presents I send, but only hope are received.
Young folks these days are so very busy,
With kids of their own – they’re often in a tizzy.
But, you’d think with social media capabilities,
I might get a text, tweet, or other possibilities.
Courtesy it seems is no longer in vogue.
Signs of thankfulness have reached a plateau.
Could it be acts of giving have become expected?
Or any display of thanks is genuinely neglected?
Whatever reasons may surface to quell this curiosity,
Until my presents are known, I hereby curb my generosity.
Once again, the old curmudgeon dips his pen in the inkwell of pedantry to complain about
the current overuse of the word “amazing,” which is being used to describe virtually anything
even slightly above average or unexpected.
Granted, terms such as “pretty good,” “cool,” or even “superlative,” do not carry quite the
degree of enthusiasm, but there must be something that will equate the word and free it from the
commonality it now enjoys. Could it be “stupendous,” “marvelous,” thrilling,” awe-inspiring.”
wonderful,” or even bodacious?” And if “excellent” was used, would if have to be followed by,
“dude?” Oh, please...
As it is now, even a mildly different evaluation becomes, “amazing.” Does it really amaze,
stupefy, dazzle or excite? I applaud that it is usually attributed to the positive side of criticism,
but I often question a serious evaluation when the word “amazing,” pops out. Can we just delve
into our own thesaurus of needed expressions without giving the impression that we are jaded
or elitist?
I just feel that the time has come to “blow the whistle,” on “amazing” and its’ equally
overused, “awesome.” Hopefully (adverb) soon, it will be reserved for those occasions or events
which actually (adverb again) merit its’ use. There. I feel better already. (Seriously)
Alan Lowe, Linda Lucchetti and Jim Fulcomer are members of the SCLH Writer’s Club.
Redken Specialist - 21 Years Experience
New Client Specials
tMen and Children Haircuts
$18.00 reg. $20.00
tWomen’s Haircut & Style
$30.00 reg. $35.00
tFull Color $60.00 reg $70.00 and up
tColor Touch up $40.00 reg. $45.00-50.00
[email protected]
tPartial highlight $55.00 reg. $60.00-70.00
tFull highlight $90.00 reg. $95.00 and up
tGloss or Color Gloss $25.00 reg. $35.00
tPerm/Haircut/Style $80.00 reg $85.00
Free Eyebrow Tinting with any
Waxing Service!
Papillon Salon
855 Twelve Bridges
Lincoln, CA 95648
By appointment only
More music.
More drama.
More lectures.
More art.
Great performances all year.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Unsurpassed Service to
You and Your Referrals!
Available Listings*
San Mateo Model
820 Violet Lane - $620,000
Trinity Model
1786 Cliff Swallow Lane - $380,000
Passionately Selling
Del Webb Lifestyle
since 1997
*As of 10/10/14
Paula Nelson
[email protected]
BRE lic. # 01156846
Each office independently
owned and operated.
Caregiver’s/Support Group
The November meeting of the Alzheimer’s
Caregiver’s Support Group will take place on
November 19th, the 3rd Wednesday of the
month (not the 4th as usual) to avoid the
Thanksgiving holiday. We will meet at 1:00
PM in the Multi-purpose Room OC Lodge.
Stefani Wilson will lead the group.
November and December are months
when family and friends gather to celebrate
and visit. If you and your loved one have not
been with a particular group of people for a
while, there may be changes in behavior that
are not expected. How do you as a caregiver
plan for these events? How might you explain
grandma not knowing a grandchild or repeating
questions over and over?
If you as a caregiver feel overwhelmed
with the idea of entertaining a large group
while being a caregiver, perhaps it is time
to ask for help or to change the usual family
gathering place.
The November meeting has long been a
time to discuss these issues. You will find good
suggestions on how to handle many situations
so that both you and your loved one can find
some pleasure in visiting and sharing during
the holiday season. Bring your questions and
concerns on these and other matters. Good
advice will abound from both the Professionals
and other caregivers in attendance.
For more information call: Judy 434-7864,
Cathy 409-9332 or Maria 409-0349.
Eye Contact Group
SCLH Low Vision Support Group:
Presentation Hall, Kilaga Springs • Thursday,
November 13, 1:00-3:00 PM
Sidney Gutmann, M.D., — Dr. Gutmann
is the Director of Outpatient Surgery at
Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, Roseville,
Folsom, and Rancho Cordova. He will speak
about glaucoma, which he calls the Silent
Thief of Vision. He will discuss causes, types,
diagnostics, and treatment strategies.
Followed by: An annual webcast update
on news about nutrition and vision presented
by Ellen Troyer for the International Low
Vision Support Group.
Living Skills Workshops — Due to the
Holidays, Living Skills workshops will not
be held in November and December but will
resume on January 22. The subject will be
using gadgets to make life easier.
Group Contact: Cathy McGriff 408-0169
Rides to Meetings: Margie Campbell
(more Club News cont’ on page 15)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Bosom Buddies
Yikes! It’s almost “turkey day, AGAIN!”
My great-niece has taken over the family dinner
for Thanksgiving. Bless her! I’m told what
to bring, where to bring it, and the time that
dinner will be served. How much better can
it be!! My great-niece and her husband are so
sweet and work very hard to make the holiday
special. Not having too many relatives myself,
it’s so nice that these kids want to preserve
what family we do have.
Think about the first Thanksgiving. The
pilgrims shipped over with minimal “stuff”.
They left their extended families knowing
they likely would never see them again. Now,
visualize this. Your aunt, who you always
have issues with, is waving to you on the dock
as you leave. You hide that smile on your
face because you don’t want to offend this
aunt but deep down you are so happy! The
thought of going to a new world where there
are ferocious natives, wild beasts, and lack of
water and food is not nearly as bad as staying
home and dealing with the “aunt”. Sound
familiar? You thought the pilgrims came to
America to get away from the oppressions at
home. Wrong! They left home to get away
from all their “difficult relatives”. They weren’t
so stupid, RIGHT!!!!
Now back to club news. Sun City Lincoln
Hills sponsored a Breast Cancer Awareness
5K Fun Run/Walk on October 15th with 50%
of the proceeds going to the Placer Breast
Cancer Endowment. They had 95 registered
participants, however, due to the rain (yes real
rain!) only about 50 participated, however, the
rain didn’t happen until the event was almost
over. So, ye-faint-hearted folks, you should
have been there…
Bosom Buddies had two tables at the Fun
Run/Walk manned by Cheryl Karleskint, Dee
Hynes, Mary Shelton, and Brenda Cathey.
(see photo) One table featured Bosom
Buddies pictures and information and the
other table pertained to the Placer Breast
Cancer Endowment. The Placer Breast Cancer
Endowment raised about $2.000. So it was a
real success. Thanks to all participants.
On October 18th (too late for this
issue), I will report on the Lincoln Hills 15th
Anniversary Parade. Hopefully, we’ll have
some great pictures of our pink shirts and
banner! Stay tuned…
Bosom Buddies’ next meeting on
November 13th is one that none of us should
miss. Have you heard about the new 3-D
Mammography? Well, the speaker for this
meeting is Chris Braun, Operation Manager,
Sutter Roseville Imaging. She will speak
on the 3-D Mammography that has a 41%
detection rate for cancer in dense breast
tissue. Be ready with your questions and bring
any friends and/or family that could benefit
from this information. Your daughters and
granddaughters? Everyone is welcome!
We meet at Orchard Creek Lodge on the
second Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm.
If you have any questions regarding
Bosom Buddies, please contact: Marianne
Smith (408-1818) or Patty McCuen (408-4185).
If you wish to go to lunch at the Meridians
before the meeting, please call Marilyn Poole
(434-8902) and she will make the reservation.
We end each meeting by holding hands
and saying: “Together We Are Strong. Together
We Will Make A Difference. Together We
Will Survive.
And, we will, hopefully with a little fun…
SCLH Genealogy Club
November 17 is the final general
membership meeting for 2014 so, you will
want to attend the presentation of Tamara Noe
whose topic is “Using”
Tamara’s presentations are always informative
and a valuable asset in genealogy research.
Tamara Noe has been a volunteer at the
Sacramento Regional Family History Center
for more than ten years and is currently serving
as a supervisor, instructor and staff trainer. She
is also a writer for, and the current editor, of the
Roseville Genealogical Society’s Newsletter.
For the past six years,
Tamara has been teaching genealogy
classes as well as Power Point classes.
The door prize for the November 17
meeting is an AI0 Wireless Printer...all that
and a social gathering immediately following
the general meeting!
Just a reminder...the door prizes are for
members only and you must be present to win!
The year 2014 has been the most successful
in terms of total memberships...170, and we
look forward to more member participation
(cont’ on page 17)
“Making a Lasting
Contribution To
Our Clients,
To Our Community and
To Our Profession”
x Resident Since 2004
x Top Producing Realtor
Every Year Since 2005
Jennifer M. Jensen, CPA
¾ (xperience
Master in Taxation
¾ &ompetence
¾ ,ntegrity
¾ )ollow-Through
Lisette L Hutchens, CPA
™ Income Tax Preparation
i Individual
i Business
i Sole Proprietor
i Partnership
i Limited Liability Company
i Corporation
i Estates& Trusts
™ Audit, Review & Compilation Services
™ Small Business Consulting
™ Estate Planning
661 5th Street, Suite 101 ™ Lincoln, CA
Phone (916) 434-1662
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Happy Turkey Day!
This is the time of year to give Thanks and Express our
Gratitude to all our friends and neighbors.
All of us at Coldwell Banker
Sun Ridge Real Estate
Thank You for making us
your #1 Choice in Real Estate.
Jim Berry
Sharon Brevik
Gail Cirata
Andra Cowles
Michelle Cowles
Don Gerring
Paula Nelson
Wendy Olsen
Lisa Snapp
Gay Sprague
Holly Stryker
Kathy Sullivan
Loree Risi
Tara Pinder
Maria Herrera
Gail Hubbard
Donna Judah
Tish Leo
Jill Mallory
Peggy Poole
Ann Renyer
Michael Renyer
Bill & Jan Rexrode
Karl & Margaret
Doreen Traxel
Tangi Walker
Tony Williams
Sharon Worman
Each office is independently owned and operated
1500 Del Webb Blvd. Suite 101, Lincoln, CA 95648
Visit our Website at for current listings
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
SCLH Genealogy Club
(cont’ from page 15)
in 2015. The Genealogy Boot Camp was a
huge success.
The program began in January and was
presented each Monday evening through
March 10. This year was also enjoyed by a social
gathering for members after each monthly
general meeting.
The monthly general meetings are
highlighted by experienced and informative
guest speakers covering a variety of topics of
interest to all genealogy club members. Great
prizes are given away to a lucky club member
and a social gathering added to the general
meetings...each month! Plan on becoming a
Genealogy Club member in 2015.
Thanks to all members for your generous
support in 2014.
Contacts: Maureen Sausen 543-8594 or
Arlene Rond 408-3641.
LH Computer Club
Main Meeting November 12, 06:30 PM
“Afraid of Backing Up to the Cloud? Backing
Up To Your Own Hardware Has Never
Been Cheaper
or Easier! Just
do it!” by Rita
Wr o n k i e w i c z .
If you’re one of
those people who
have no backup
strategy for your
computer – or
have one but don’t
know if it’s even
creating backups,
it’s time to learn
Rita Wronkiewicz
what software and
hardware are available to you – and for you
to understand how to use them. The “Cloud”
can be the right answer for some, but if you
have data you don’t trust out of your own
environment or if it’s extremely large (huge
folders of high-resolution pictures or music)
then you might find it more economical to
use a non-cloud strategy. Or you might put
some data in the Cloud and other data on
your own hardware. Come find out what’s
best for you and how to implement it! You
never know how much your data means to you
until you’ve lost it!
Clinic November 14, 03:30 PM “Restoring
Your Data From a Backup”. Have you ever
actually tested your backup strategy? We’ll
simulate a backup scenario that we can use
in order to actually do a restore. Time for
questions about this entire Backup/Restore
topic will be provided. Meetings at KS
Presentation Hall
Walk-In-Workshop: Nov. 18, 1:00PM
- 3:00PM in the Computer Lab at Orchard
Creek. Our more experienced computer
members will provide assistance to any of our
Club members who would like hands-on help
in utilizing computer hardware components,
the Windows operating systems, or application
Ask The Tech. Nov.28, 10:00 AM Our
regular monthly meeting where all members
can come to get solutions to their technical and
non-technical WINDOWS PC and ANDROID
O.C. Multi Purpose Room
Contact: Claudia McEnerey
[email protected]
Website: (more info)
labs held each month. These labs, which run
on the second and forth Wednesdays, take
place in the OC MultiMedia room, where you
can get personal instruction and practice on
MUG-supplied Mac computers. The “second
Wednesday” lab is usually a follow-up to the
Newbie Seminar topic presented at Kilaga
.The forth Wednesday lab, run by former
Apple employee John Fancher, is an “open
lab”, where you can learn and practice any
Apple skill you choose. John has an endless
supply of good ideas and tips, including many
your grandchildren don’t know yet. There is
no charge for these labs, and you can explore
any Apple topic you select.
Two new iPhones were recently released,
and unless you were napping and missed the
media blitz, you probably heard that the phones
might bend. It turns out that this news was a
media event, not a scientific one, and both
the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are very solid and
LHMUG All Things Apple
Important calendar note-There will be
no MUG meetings or labs in December. The
MUG volunteer staff will be busy reviewing
new hardware and software, and preparing a
full calendar of programs for next year. If you
would like to become one of our volunteers
for 2015, please call President Henry Sandigo,
(415-716-0666), or sign up on the Volunteer
sheet at the front entry table in Kilaga before
our seminars and meetings. For November,
our programs include:
November 6 - “Face Time, Notes and
Speakable Items” Andy
November 11 - The new operating system
“Yosemite” Bob Bowman
November 19 - Gifts for the HolidaysAndy
The front entry table can be a busy place
as you enter the Presentation Hall at KS,
especially at membership renewal time, but
things are going very smoothly now. You no
longer need to scan your SCLH card or sign
in, so most of the time you can leave those
cards at home. The reason? SCLH no longer
requires the names of people attending, but
simply the number of people at the meeting,
so we do not need to scan your cards. The only
time your card and current membership sticker
are required is prior to the monthly meeting,
the second Tuesday of the month, when MUG
members show their card to verify eligibility
for a raffle ticket and the great raffle prizes.
There are usually four educational
seminars/ meetings per month, but for
members who want to dig in and get more
hands-on activity, be sure to check the two
Bookkeeping $ Tax Service
Mary Ann Barker, CMA, EA
Enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.
Call 916-408-8690 for an appointment.
Individual, Business, Non-profit Tax Preparation
“Your place or mine, I’ll get the job done!”
Sun City Resident
Free initial consultation - 15% off with this ad.
durable. Apple sold 10 million of them on the
first weekend. Consumer Reports put them
to the test, to see if they were more prone to
bending than competitor’s phones. (See photo
above). Their conclusion: ”iPhones aren’t any
more prone to bending than smartphones from
other companies, and damage only occurred
when excessive force was applied” So far, 60
percent of the new phones sold have been the
larger iPhone Plus.
Investor Study Group
November Meeting: We meet on the
first Thursday of the month, November 6, at
Presentation Hall, Kilaga Springs, from 2:00
PM 3:30 PM. Refreshments afterwards. All
Sun City resident’s welcome.
Holiday Party. Our annual Christmas/
Holiday Party will be held at Turkey Creek
Golf Club on December 4 from 5-9:00 pm.
Please remember to bring your checkbook
and sign up for the event at our November
meeting, November 6.
November Speaker: Anne Mathias of
Guggenheim will be our Speaker. Ms. Mathias
is the Managing Director for Global/Macro
and Investment Research in the office of the
Global CIO at Guggenheim Partners. She
focuses on the intersection of politics and
markets and has an in-depth understanding
of tax-policy and the macro-economic climate.
She appears frequently on Bloombert TV,
CNBC, CNN and others. We look forward
to an entertaining afternoon. Our meeting
takes place at Presentation Hall, Kilaga Springs
Lodge, from 2:00-3:30. Stick around for
refreshments after the meeting. John Noon,
Active Investors meet in the Multipurpose Room, Orchard Creek, on the second
Monday of the month from 3:30-5:30. Bill
Ness, 434-6564.
LH Veterans Group
The 2014 Veterans Day ceremony will
be held at the Orchard Creek Lodge Porte
Cochere on November 11, 2014, 11:00a.m.
Due to the limited seating in this area we
are reserving the chairs for those that have
difficulty standing and asking people that are
able to stand to do so. We apologize for the
Wyatt, Lazenby, USMC will be the Master
of Ceremony. The National Sojourners led
by Ollie Guinn, US Army will be the Honor
Guard, posting the Colors and placing the
wreath at the Lincoln Hills Veterans Memorial.
The Pledge of Allegiance; will be led by Jon
Hodson, US Navy and Chaplin Alan Hearl,
US Navy will ask the invocation. The National
Anthem will be sung by the Hills Brothers
and they will also sing a medley of God Bless
America and America the Beautiful later in
the Program. Veterans Day remarks will be
offered by Doug Cooper, USAF and Taps will
be played by Trumpeter Robert Maske, US
Navy. Designated parking for the veterans
will be in the area where the Farmer’s Market
is held.
Some of our Associate Members, spouses
of deceased members have expressed concern
of their status in the Group. Article II, Section
2.1.2 of the Veterans Group Bylaws, state
Associate Members are able to participate in
all group activities, serve on committees, and
do not have to pay dues. We welcome you to
all of the Group functions and social events.
The Veterans Group welcomes five new
members into the organization, Robert Hanson
- USMC; Andrew Martel - USAF, Jim Black
- US Army, Allan Kingston-US Navy, Darrell
Scott - USAF. Welcome Aboard Gentlemen.
The USMC veteran Jim Kennemore
will be the speaker for the general meeting
(cont’ on page 18)
(916) 772-2522
Offering our clients experienced professional services
with convenient access to their attorney.
• Living Trusts • Wills
• Powers of Attorney • Health Care Directive
• Document Review & Updates • Probate
1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Suite 106 • Roseville, CA 95661
Phone: (916) 772-2522 • Email: [email protected]
Member: California State Bar, Placer County Bar Association, AARP Legal Network Attorney
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
LH Veterans Group
The Travel Group
(cont’ from page 17)
November 20, 2014. Jim is the son of Medal
of Honor recipient S/Sgt Robert S. Kennemore
and will be speaking about his father’s actions
in WWII and Korea. Jim’s presentation is one
you will not want to miss.
Christmas Party and Lunch, Noon,
December 16, 2014, menu items will include
Roast Turkey, Baked Ham, or Pasta. Desert,
Coffee and Tea will be served and there will
be a No Host Bar available. The flyers will
be out soon.
Italian Club
Turkey Bingo, the club’s popular annual
event, is just around the corner on Sunday,
Nov. 9 at the Timber Creek Ballroom, Del
Webb Roseville. Doors open at 5 p.m. and
dinner is at 6 p.m. Come for a turkey dinner
with all the fixings, including bingo and raffle
prizes. Please bring a non-perishable item
to donate to a family in need. Deadline for
reservations is Nov. 3. Contact Lilly LaPira
at [email protected]
This year, the Italian Club will celebrate
the holidays at a Christmas Lunch set for
Thursday, Dec. 4 at noon at Catta Verdera
Country Club in Lincoln. (More information
to come.)
Many club members, including the
Lucchetti family (Linda and Randy, Lori
and Dario) have welcomed exchange
student, Beatrice Galletto, of Torino, a city
in northwestern Italy, into their homes for
dinner. Beatrice is excited to be in America
Giuseppe LaPira and Ron Ranellone
at the ‘Great Gatsby’ event.
for her first visit and is attending Lincoln High
School during the academic year. Her visit
is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lincoln.
Benvenuta, Beatrice! (For more information
about the exchange student program, contact
Kris Wyatt of the Rotary Club at [email protected]
Have you purchased your official LHIC
name badge yet? Orders are placed the first
of each month. The cost is $6.50 each. Go to
the club’s Website at
for more info.
Are you a Sun City Lincoln Hills resident
of Italian heritage? Don’t miss out on the fun
and friendship. Club info and future events: or Virginia Halstenrud,
membership chair, at 543-3293.
Where do you want to go? We may have
just the trip you want. Meetings are on the third
Thursday of each month, 7pm, in the Kilaga
Springs Presentation Hall. Presentations
on selected travel destinations are shown by
Professional Travel Managers. Everyone is
welcome. We have been offering trips that
go all over the world since 2000. Committee
members are all residents of Lincoln Hills.
We are NOT travel agents.
See our website http://www.lh-travelgroup.
com for complete details about the following
Grand Circle Cruise: Paris & Normandy
(Apr 17-30, 2015)
Cruise 13 days on the Seine River
Contact Louise Kuret at 408-0554 or
[email protected]
Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern
Europe (May 9-23, 2015)
Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow,
Auschwitz, Warsaw, Berlin
Contact Judy Peck at 543-0990 or
[email protected]
AMAWaterways River Cruise: Istanbul
to Vienna (May 13-27, 2015)
Free excursions, Wi-Fi, wine/beer/soft
drinks onboard
Contact Teena Fowler at 543-3349 or
[email protected]
Grand Circle: Amazon River Cruise &
Rain Forest (Aug 18-29, 2015)
Lima, Iquitos, cruise the Amazon.
Option: Machu Picchu & Cuzco
Contact Judy Peck at 543-0990 or
[email protected]
Canadian Rockies by Train (Aug 29-Sep
6, 2015)
Vancouver, VIA Rail, Jasper, Lake
Louise, Banff, Calgary
Contact Louise Kuret at 408-0554 or
[email protected]
Collette Tour: England, Scotland &
Ireland (Sep 5-19, 2015)
Stonehenge, castle stay, St. Andrews,
Hadrian’s Wall, Dublin
Contact Teena Fowler at 543-3349 or
[email protected]
The Riviera’s: France, Italy & the Isles
(Sep 10-25, 2015)
Small ship Cruise Tour – Cannes to
Contact Louise Kuret at 408-0554 or
[email protected]
Crystal Symphony Cruise: NYC to
Montreal (Sep 12-20, 2015)
All inclusive (except shore excursions)
Contact Linda Frazier at 424-8266 or
[email protected]
Collette Heritage of America (Oct 1626, 2015)
NYC, Philadelphia, Amish, Gettysburg,
Williamsburg & DC
Contact Judy Peck at 543-0990 or
[email protected]
Proposed Future Travel
Amsterdam Tulip Cruise
Norway Cruise
Western Canada
C o l l e t t e : G r a n d To u r o f N e w
England – 2016
Western Florida
(more Club News cont’ on page 19)
B. Jowers Painting
Seventh Day
(Now Holding English
Speaking Services)
Saturday Mornings
Bible Study 9:15 am
Worship Service 10:45 am
Pastor: Rob Kearbey
Join us at
600 McBean Park Drive
Licensed Contractor # 781292
Why not call someone that
lives and works in your own
Repair, Service & Install
All Makes & Models
• Two coats of highest quality
paint for all interior.
• For exterior spray and back
roll body.
• Prime and two coats on all trim
with paint.
Cold Weather
All work guaranteed!
References from people in your own
community proudly provided.
Be aware of statements such
as “As needed”.
Diagnostic Fee
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
RV Group
The members who participated in the RV
Group’s last rally of the year are back and all
reports were that they had a fantastic time.
That last rally was the great Wine Crush
where they got to taste – and buy – some of
the finest wines the Amador Valley has to
offer. Home base was the 49er Campground
in Plymouth in the early October event. In
addition to the weekend wine tasting there was
some delicious food and great music to be had.
Next on the docket will be the Christmas
Party Dec. 2 in the Orchard Creek Ballroom,
5:30 p.m. for cocktails and 6 o’clock for dinner.
First rally of 2015 will be Jan. 26-30 at the Sands
RV and Golf Resort in Desert Hot Springs.
Meetings are held on the second
Thursdays of each month, 4 p.m., in the Kilaga
Springs Social Kitchen Room. Meetings are
open to all RVers who are interested in joining
the group.
Contact Rosie Eads at 408-0129. E-mail
LH Astronomy Group
The Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group
(LHAG) general meetings are the first
Wednesday of the month. Wednesday,
November 5, at 6:45 p.m. in the Presentation
Hall at Kilaga Springs Lodge, our main
program will be “Exploring the Solar System”
by Anthony Oreglia. Anthony will brief us on
currently active exploratory missions to the
planets, moons, and other objects in our solar
system. A survey of the key characteristics
of these missions and a summary of the most
Mark Whittle’s DVD series, “Cosmology The History and Nature of our Universe”
on Monday, November 17, at 6:45 pm in the
Fine Arts Room of the Orchard Creek Lodge.
Lecture 19, Infant Galaxies, and Lecture 20,
From Child to Maturity - Galaxy Evolution, will
be shown. Contact Morey Lewis (408-4469)
or [email protected] for more information.
LHAG’s annual holiday party is scheduled
for Dec. 7, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the
kitchen area at the Kilaga Springs Lodge.
We’re tentatively planning a catered Italian
meal for $12 per person. More information
will be forthcoming to LHAG members...
save the date!
The Binocular Interest Group (BIG) is back.
interesting findings will be discussed along with
many stunning images of the objects under
LHAG’s presentation on Wednesday,
October 1 was, “Exoplanets - an Update”
presented by Dave Woods. Dave has his PhD in
Astronomy from Cal. He reviewed the methods
of exoplanet detection including radial velocity,
gravitational micro-lensing, planetary transit,
circumstellar disks and direct imaging. These
detection methods are enhanced by space
observation by Hubble and Kepler, France’s
CoRoT (COnvection ROtation and planetary
Transits), Spitzer and the new Kepler K2
mission. There are planets around many stars
so there’s little belief that we are alone. The
focus, however, is on earth-like planets and
there may be 9 billion earth-like planets.
Nina Mazzo opened the October meeting
segment, “What’s Up in Astronomy”, with a
briefing on solar sail technology. Sailing in
space? Yes! Spacecraft equipped with sails
are powered by sunlight--literally flight by
light. Small satellites called CubeSats are able
to use this technology. This is a huge boon to
university and smaller organizations because its
relatively cheap. This month the largest solar
sail built to date will be launched by hitching a
ride atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as it takes
cargo to the Space Station.
The re-instituted Binocular Interest
Group had their first observation evening on
September 30. It was well attended and the
weather was perfect. Stay tuned for more
opportunities to bring your binoculars to see
the heavens.
The Cosmology Interest Group (CIG) will
continue its viewing and discussion of Professor
Join us on Tuesday, November 18 at
10:00 AM in the Kilaga Springs Lodge
Presentation Hall to hear Lincoln Mayor,
Gabriel Hydrick review the progress of the
Lincoln Transportation Plan. It includes ways
that are being developed, and in place, to
access downtown Lincoln through the Lincoln
Boulevard. As part of the Master Plan, it
will enable owners of a NEV (neighborhood
electric vehicle) to use lanes for their special
use only.
We welcome all golf cart owners to
attend our meetings. We have informative
monthly programs on maintenance of the
LSV (low speed vehicle), improved insurance
policy available, a 10% discount on annual
maintenance with a reputable service company,
plus many other benefits. Our LSV/NEV
Group members are friendly and very helpful.
The membership meetings are held the
(cont’ on page 21)
Phone: 916-209-8471
Cell: 916-798-7347
[email protected]
Resources for Care Options:
Home Care, Assisted Living
“VA Aid & Attendance
CA BRE#01229917
“Sun City Lincoln Hills Resident”
sMost Dental Services Performed in Our Office
~ — ^— ^— ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~ — ~
945 Orchard Creek Lane, Suite 200, Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-5557
New expanded hours: 7am to 7pm
Pam Cabezas
Larry Pearson
CA BRE#01922151
CA BRE#01938527
4011 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Roseville, Ca 95747
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
GETTING TO RETIREMENT is one thing. Having enough money to enjoy it is another.
That’s why at The Principal®, we offer many ways to help you to maintain a steady income
stream well beyond your working years. From IRAs to annuities to mutual fund investments,
we can customize a strategy to help you aim for growth while helping you meet your income
needs. After all, why should you stop at retirement, when you can shoot for more?
Rich Hanlin
Financial Services Representative
Princor Registered Representative
1478 Stone Point Drive, Ste. 390
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 773-3343, ext. 304
[email protected]
©2014 Principal Financial Services, Inc. “The Principal,” “Principal Financial Group,” the Edge design, “We’ll Give You an Edge” and the illustrated character are registered
service marks of Principal Financial Services, Inc. Insurance products from the Principal Financial Group® are issued by Principal National Life Insurance Company (except
in New York) and Principal Life Insurance Company. Securities offered through Princor Financial Services Corporation, 800/247-1737, member SIPC. Principal National,
Principal Life, and Princor® are members of the Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA 50392.
AD2782 | t14100100mv
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
who will be administering to the riding and
social events of 2015. Our officers-elect are:
President - Doug Sterne, VP/Head Road
Captain - John Marin, VP/Membership Patrick Chaves, Treasurer - Larry Ridley, and
Secretary - Millie/Richard Eslinger.
We have no club meeting in November
due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. In December
we enjoy our annual holiday party and install
the new officers.
RoadRunners meet the fourth Thursday
of the month at 6:00 PM in the Multi-Purpose
Room (OC). Guests are always welcome.
“Ride safe, ride with friends!”
Contact: Patrick Chaves, 916 408-1223
Email: [email protected]
(cont’ from page 19)
third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM at
the Kilaga Springs Lodge Presentation Hall.
The annual Christmas dinner party is
scheduled for Monday, December 1st at
Orchard Creek Lodge Ballroom. If you do
not have the invitation
it is available at the November 18th
membership meeting. Should you have
questions about the event, please call our
Social Events Directors, Carol and Freank
McGara 543-7039. Deadline for reservations
is November 25.
The LSV/NEV Group board wishes to
express its appreciation to the members for
their support and involvement given this year,
to keep the group growing and to see it thrive.
Contact: Dan Gilliam, President 209-3946
Rods & Relics
Coast Redwoods
LH Sports Car Club
We had two big trips in October.
Our trip on October 7-9 was led by Edy
Ternullo and the Baldos. We went to the
Victorian Village of Ferndale and then to
Eureka to visit the famous Carson Mansion,
staying two nights at the Victorian Inn and
Hotel Ivanhoe. We had a private tour of the
Mansion. Passing through the Avenue of the
Giants, some trees taller than the Empire State
Building and hundreds of years old, reminds
you that time still passes slowly in some parts
of our world.
The second big trip was to Yosemite on
October 14-16. On the second day we drove to
Badger Pass, Glacier Point and the Mariposa
Grove, with tours of the valley with wonderful
panoramic views, and dinner at the Ahwahnee
Hotel in their fantastic dining room. We stayed
at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. This trip
involves long distance driving, perfect for our
sports car enthusiasts.
If you own a sports car and want to
participate in our club’s activities, now is the
time to join and start planning for a lot of fun.
Check our web site for the list of approved cars.
Contact: DiAnn Rooney, 543-9474, [email protected] Web site
Hotel Ivanhoe
Motorcycle Group
With the coming of Halloween, our
October outing was a cemetery ride to Lincoln
Manzanita burial ground where Road Captain,
John Marin, shared some interesting stories of
people interred there. We continued on to an
enjoyable lunch in a restaurant on the Colusa
canal waterway.
The elections put in place our new officers
At our September General Business
Meeting we heard presentations from six
very worthy local charities. It was difficult
to choose but our membership decided to
support Ride to Walk, The National Down
Syndrome Coalition, and The Lighthouse
Counseling & Family Resource Center, with
proceeds from our 2015 Car Show to be held
Saturday June 6th. We also discussed plans
for club participation in the Sun City Lincoln
Hills 15th Anniversary Party. Five members
will drive their cars in the parade representing
Rods & Relics. Several other members with
(cont’ on page 23)
Road Runners taking a break for lunch.
St James Episcopal Church
A Caring Christian Community
Come to our Blessings of the Animals Event, October 4th,
Corner of 5th and L Streets, Lincoln
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
SUN SENIOR PROFILES Getting to know you...
Meet the Putnams — Bob and Lucille
(cont’ from page 1)
as Bob went through University of Buffalo
and dental school. Dental school gave Bob
the dubious distinction of treating inmates
at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary who had
transferred from Alcatraz after its closure.
Bob always wanted to come to California
after seeing photos his father had taken when
he lived in Hemet during the Great Depression.
At 14, Bob went to the 3rd National Jamboree
in Santa Ana in an 18-car caravan that stopped
at the Indianapolis Speedway and national
parks along the way. He even ventured into
Tijuana with a group of teenage boys and girls.
Following dental school, Bob interned
at the V.A. Hospital in Palo Alto. He and
Lucille moved to Sunnyvale and Cupertino
before settling in Almaden Valley where they
raised their two daughters, Keri (Reno) who
lives in Roseville and Kathy (Mitchell) who
lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. They have
three grandchildren, one of whom just moved
here from Colorado. Bob practiced dentistry
in South San Jose, and Lucille worked in
his office. She says that Bob enjoyed getting
to spend time talking with his patients, and
he nods and says he did so even when their
responses were muffled. A sign in their onestory office said “Painless Dentistry” with an
upward-pointing arrow.
Although Bob had always wanted to live
in California, Lucille had been enchanted
with Arizona since a friend moved there in
Bob and Lucille Putnam • April 25, 1959.
childhood. The couple moved there following
Bob’s retirement in 1997. For 8 years, they
enjoyed the golf community where Bob cycled
and Lucille learned to weave beautiful baskets.
However, Lucille, like most grandmothers,
didn’t like seeing their youngest granddaughter
in tears when she and
Bob took off after
California visits. In
2005, the couple
moved to a house on
Sutter View Lane in
Lincoln Hills.
Sun City has
kept them busy ever
since. Bob is an avid
cyclist and member
of the Sun City
cycling group that
meets at Kilaga for
three 4-hour rides a
Lucille and Bob Putnam pictured by their grandkids picture.
week. He hopes to
take part in the 104
mile El Tour de Tucson in November. He is
at Dietrich Theater December 19 at 7:30 PM
also in the Investment Club. Together he and
and December 20 and 21 at 2 PM. The Harris
Lucille enjoy the Travel and Mac clubs and
Center at Folsom College will feature concerts
Lincoln Hills PM Bowling League.
December 13 and 14 at 2:00 P.M.
In 2007, Lucille was accepted into the
Music and hearts merged when Bob and
Sierra College Community Chorus, her dream
Lucille first met. In 2002, Bob’s heart acquired
come true. She is a member of the Chorale
two stents and in 2012 added a 7-way bypass.
Council and Alto 1 Section Leader. She enjoys
Back in sixth grade Bob captured Lucille’s
their partnering with A Gift of the Heart in
heart. Turnabout is fair play, and Lucille
Auburn to present two patriotic concerts in
captured his. No doubt, her sweet music and
the Auburn library garden in July. At home,
their mutual warmth will keep it beating steady
she practices singing every night for l l/2 hours
for many years to come.
and also joins weekly group 2 l/2 hour practices
at Sierra College.
The chorus traveled to Ireland two
years ago and went to Barcelona this year
Know a neighbor who should be
where they performed in outdoor castle ruins
in small communities. Their entertaining
performances included various choral, solo
Well, just let us know!
and duet selections.
Every September, tickets become
Call us at 727-6383 or e-mail us
available for the popular Placer Pops’ holiday
at [email protected]!
concerts. This year, the chorale will perform
Moving Life Forward
Accessible Van Conversions
Sales — Rentals — Service
Toll Free 888-852-6981
• In Stock New/Used
• Scooters/Wheelchairs/Modular
Ramps/Stair Lifts
• Cutting Edge Assistive Technology
& Mobility Consultants
Vehicle Lifts and Seating Systems
6550 Freeport Blvd. Ste A
Sacramento, CA 95822
Funding Now
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Rods & Relics
(cont’ from page 21)
convertibles will transport members of other
Sun City organizations.
We had a good turnout Saturday
September 27, for a cruise up to Wheatland for
its Car Show. The Rods & Relics won the “Club
Participation Award” and six of our members’
cars also won awards. Murrill Conley’s 1956
Oldsmobile won “Best of Show.”
Our members also participated in several
other car shows including “The Show & Shine”
at Cameron Park Airpark where Murrill Conley
won a trophy in his class with his beautiful
On Tuesday, September 30, a number of
members cruised the back roads to Garden
Highway and south along the Sacramento
River to Swabbies for lunch.
On October 22, the Club will gather at
the Del Webb Sports Pavilion for a picnic.
Everyone is looking forward to some great
food, good conversation, and lots of car stories.
If you have an operating 1972 or
older America-made or American-powered
vehicle and enjoy meeting with people with
similar interests, come join us at our Tuesday
breakfasts or our monthly General Business
Meeting. See the dates and times below.
Cruise safely.
Upcoming Events —
November 4 and 18: Breakfast at the
Waffle Farm in the Twelve Bridges Shopping
Center. Members start arriving at 8:00 a.m. Join
us for a tasty breakfast and to catch up on the
Birders at Mono Lake.
Comp-Solve Computers
latest Car Club-related news.
Everyone is
November 20:
The General Business
Meeting is held at Strikes Unlimited at 5681
Lone Tree Blvd. in Rocklin. Dinner is available
from 5:00 p.m. on and may be followed by a
speaker at 6:00 p.m. The meeting starts at 6:30
p.m. Everyone is welcome!
Contacts: Ray Geiger, President 543-0464
Norm Penrice, Membership Director
Bird Group
October has brought us into the busy
season of birding, really starting a new birding
year. In mid-September our initial walk was at
Griffith Quarry in Penryn. The 23-acre site was
the first quarry to produce polished granite, as
used in many buildings in San Francisco and
Sacramento, including the state capitol. While
the site is mixed meadows and woodlands,
the drought has reduced the open water in
the quarry pits, which seems to have reduced
bird counts. We did see a number of species,
including Nuttall’s and Acorn Woodpeckers,
a White-breasted Nuthatch, Bewick’s Wren,
and a show-off Turkey Vulture, but very few
birds of each species.
On September 22, we visited the Lincoln
Wastewater Treatment Plant, usually a birding
hotspot for the county. Wading or shorebirds
seemed to be very uncommon, perhaps since
the ponds contained more water than usual,
reducing the amount of mud flats. We did
see egrets, sandpipers, Black-necked Stilt,
and American Avocet. Even waterfowl were
less numerous than other years, but we
did see Ruddy Ducks, Mallards, Pie-billed
Grebes, Canada Geese, and other grebes.
The surrounding fields brought sightings of
American Kestrel, Northern Harrier, Redshouldered and Red-Tailed Hawk.
October 4 brought our fall walk on our
own Ferrari Ponds. Here too the drought had
its effect, as the Salt Pond was nearly dry. We
did view 30 species, which is a low for the last
4 years, but did include Bushtit, cormorant,
egrets, Black-crowned, Green and Great Blue
Herons, killdeer, mallards and Canada Geese.
The Green-winged and Cinnamon Teal usually
found at this time of year were missing.
On October 5-7 a number of us traveled
the Sierra to bird the Mono Lake area. While
we have visited the area before, this is our first
visit in the autumn, so the species seen were
different and not the wider variety seen in other
seasons. Near the county park at the north end
of the lake, we met our usual guide, Santiago
Escruceria, who led us into the woods across
the road. There, one of our first finds was a
Merlin, a small falcon, who was perched high
in a cottonwood tree. Soon, a flock of Clark’s
Nutcrackers began harassing the Merlin. Then
a pair of American Kestrels joined in, making
a mighty melee that lasted at least 30 minutes.
As we wandered the woodlot watching the
show, a Great-horned Owl was watching us
a few yards away. Moving back on the side
road, the aerial display continuing, we spotted
a Fox Sparrow and a couple of White-crowned
Sparrows. Returning to the park and walking
on the boardwalk to the lake, we found Spotted
Towhee and California Quail on the grass; and
Eared Grebes, American Coots, American
Avocets, and a lone California Gull at the lake.
For your calendar, the fall trip to Vic Fazio
(cont’ on page 25)
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Now is the
time for a fiscal
No more excuses for not knowing how your finances and
investments line up with your life goals and retirement
Call today for a free consultation, and we’ll explore investment
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Robert Burton, CFP®
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945 Orchard Creek Lane
Suite 100
Lincoln, CA 95648
Eric Schott
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Financial Advisor
Walter J Gallo, Jr.
Financial Advisor
Investment and Insurance Products: X NOT FDIC Insured X NO Bank Guarantee X MAY Lose Value
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James Stagg
Vice President-Investments
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Bird Group
contact: Larry Clark
(cont’ from page 23)
Garden Group
Membership-2015 will
near Davis is set for 8:00 AM November 5, and
commence in January
the Gray Lodge trip at 8:00 AM on Saturday,
and more information
November 22. These trips will leave from the
will be out soon.
western side of the Orchard Creek parking
Marie Salers has
lot, near the Wave indoor pool.
shared the following
In our October monthly meeting, John
information about the
Garfein presented bird photos from around the
Lincoln Community
world, concentrating on his recent transatlantic
Garden, which has
cruise, which included the Faroe Islands
finished its third summer
north of Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, and
season. If you are
interested in a plot (or to
Our next meeting, Monday, November 10
share a plot with another
at 1:30 in Kilaga Presentation Hall, will feature
person) in 2015, contact
Kelli Moulden of Hawks, Honkers and Hoots.
Marie (408-3895).
Kelli and her birds recently appeared at the
One of the original
Salmon Celebration at McBean Park. She will
goals of the garden
again be bringing Murphy, a Red-tailed Hawk,
was to allow individuals
Clicky the Screech Owl, and Bolt a Peregrine
and families to grow
Falcon. Please join us in welcoming Kelli and
their own produce to
her friends to Lincoln Hills.
decrease household
Again, the birding trips leave from the
costs and maybe help
Wave parking lot at 8:00 AM, on November
the Salt Mine food bank.
5 for Vic Fazio, and November 22 for Gray
Chuck Nolan and his
wife, Liberty, wanted
Contact: Kathi or Larry Ridley, 253-7086.
to help this project
[email protected]
along. He coordinated
Autumn Harvest and Clean-up (Lincoln Community Garden)
people from the Lincoln
business community and
SCLH Garden Group
SCLH residents. The Lincoln Rotary Club
with Home Depot who eventually constructed
supplied the insurance coverage to this city lot
a wrought iron fence with several gates. The
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We
which was turned into a garden. The lot was
final cost was over $10,000 with Home Depot
take this opportunity to thank the Steering
donated by the Tofft family as their grandfather
staff volunteers doing the construction. The
Committee Members and other volunteers
had himself farmed that lot for their family.
old table and chairs were stolen that year and
who help make the Garden Group function
Into the second 2013 season, some
an Eagle Scout stepped up to build a cement
throughout the year! We are always looking for
vandalism occurred which frustrated several
table, chairs and several stools throughout the
volunteers to assist with the different activities
gardeners and made some just give up. The
garden. An umbrella was purchased with help
and if you want to be a member of the Steering
need for a fence became apparent and Chuck
from the Lincoln Foundation, who was a major
Committee, you are certainly welcome to join
began fundraising. He developed a rapport
contributor to the fence funds.
us! Contact: President
As you can see many people helped this
Virgil Dahl (408-3748)
empty city lot flourish into the beautiful garden
for more information.
spot that it is today. All 25 raised beds have
There are no
enthusiastic gardeners of all levels of expertise
General Meetings in
engaged in growing crops and flowers for
November or December,
themselves and their community. The Garden
but the Holiday Brunch
Group has donated $1000 to the project and
(December 12-10am)
many of our members have taken advantage
will be the last function
of its use!
of the year. If you have
A colorful perimeter flower garden shows
not purchased a ticket
diversity of annuals and perennials.
yet, contact: Judie
in beneficial insects like bees and
lady bugs to promote the garden’s health and
make the neighborhood proud.
One plan already started, is to offer
Group will be meeting
ongoing basic gardening classes open to all of
November 20 for a
Lincoln-including children, a Face book site
field trip to Matsuda’s
is up and going and a blog is being developed
Nursery in Newcastle.
as a teaching tool.
For more information,
LH Shooting Group
The purpose of the Shooting Group is
to meet neighbors and make friends among
the Sun City Lincoln Hills residents who are
interested in shooting or reloading and to
give these folks an opportunity to participate
together in shooting sports activities. People
interested in Shotgun, rifle or pistol shooting
can contact each other through the Group and
get together at local or nearby shooting ranges.
The Group has a very active skeet and
trap program. We meet every Tuesday morning
at 8:00 AM, during the warmer Spring and
Summer months and at 9:00 AM, during the
cooler Fall and Winter months, to shoot Trap,
International Trap and Sporting Clays. We
meet again on Thursday morning at using the
above times to shoot Skeet and 5 Stand. These
shoots are held at the Coon Creek Trap and
Skeet range. This is a local public range. Please
contact us for directions and to determine the
hours we are shooting. Skeet shooters can
participate in a weekly handicapped event.
Participants shoot two rounds of skeet. The
scores are then adjusted with handicap points.
This allows shooters of all different abilities to
shoot in the same round and still have a chance
to win the event. After scored shooting the
range is available for Skeet, Trap, Sporting
Clays and 5 Stand practice.
Local ranges offer competitive trap
shooting programs sponsored by the American
Trapshooting Association (ATA) and the
Pacific International Trap Association (PITA).
As our skills and experience improve some of
our members are competing in these events.
These competitions are held at the Coon Creek
range and other public ranges in the area.
If you are interested in shooting please
join. People who used to shoot or reload
regularly, but have been out of these sports
for years, are welcome and encouraged to
take it up again.
Each month we also gather at a different
members home for hors d’ oeuvres and drinks.
This gives us an opportunity to enjoy each
others company and meet the member’s
spouses. If you are interested in joining us,
contact John Kightlinger at (916) 408-3928 for
details of our next get together.
Membership is free. Our group has no
Residents interested in trap or skeet
shooting can contact: John Kightlinger (916)
408-3928 [email protected]
Residents interested in rifle or pistol
shooting can contact Jim Trifilo at (916) 4346341 or [email protected]
(more Club News cont’ on page 26)
“The Smile Makers”
$ 6 9 50
Three Generations Strong
My staff and I look forward to adding you to our family of patients. Our normal
business hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8:00am to 12 noon and 1pm - 5pm.
Also, I will be happy to take care of your emergency needs after hours.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Sun City Hiking Group
I learned something new on our recent
hike of Sugar Pine Reservoir in Forrest Hill. We
were walking and talking and one of our hikers
mentioned that she saw “Mountain Misery”,
a plant. Her friend has asthma and is very
allergic to this plant. Ada Squire mentioned
that Mountain Misery was very problematic for
the early settler’s traveling by wagon because
it got caught in their wagon wheels. We all
know about poison oak however, I had never
heard of Mountain Misery so coming home I
did some research.
Chamaebatia foliolosa is commonly
known as Mountain Misery and bearclover.
It is a species of aromatic evergreen shrub in
the rose family. It looks like a small fern (the
photo on the left is hard to see). It grows close
to the ground and doesn’t exceed 2 feet tall;
however, its root system may measure 82 feet
long. Mountain Misery was named because
Mountain Misery (plant)
of the sticky resin/oil on all parts of the plant
and its strong medicinal odor. Quoting a US
Forest Service article, “the leaves become oily
and sticky during the summer months and thus
highly flammable. Combined with pine needles
in dry months, they’re a true fire hazard that
causes headaches to forest managers.” In
winter, when rains have washed the leaves, the
black-tailed deer consume more of the foliage
(cont’ on page 27)
A Family Tradition Since 1934
400 Douglas Blvd. • Roseville
2046 Stonecrest Lane
Sequoia Floor Plan - $309,000
794 Wagon Wheel Lane
Alpine Floor Plan - $369,000
621 Rustic Ranch Lane
Napa Floor Plan - $680,000
1174 Secret Lake Loop
Meadowgate Floor Plan - $799,000
Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page. There isn’t a better way to stay on top of
today’s real estate market.
BRE 00556444
BRE 01821982
We are “The Realty Experts” when Selling
or Buying in Sun City Lincoln Hills
Sugar Pine Reservoir Hike
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
LH Cyclists
(cont’ from page 26)
than other wildlife.
The Miwuk Indian tribe called it kit-kitdizze. They boiled the leaves and made a tea
to be used to treat colds, coughs, rheumatism,
chicken pox, measles, smallpox and other
diseases. I don’t think I would be interested in
trying this tea. Oh well, did you learn something
new today? Good. It will keep you young.
Come join a hike and see if you can find and
identify this plant common to the California
Sierras. Hopefully, I’ll see you on the trail.
Upcoming easy hikes, Fabulous Forties,
Sacramento, December 4th, Pleasant Grove
Creek Trail Roseville, December 9th
Upcoming moderate hikes, the Nov. 4th
Jack London hike in Glen Ellen has been
changed to Saturday, November 8th, the Cool
Loop, near Auburn is on Nov. 13th and last
of the year, December 18th Hidden Falls in
As of September 1st our walking group
has switched to their fall schedule and walks
begin at 8 a.m. Each week is a different trail.
You can check out the walking schedule on the
website, For
more details on the hikes mentioned above,
click on “Upcoming Hikes” and the “Photo
Gallery” too.
Hiking-Walking Group Website: http://
Call Denny Fisher, Hiking Group
President, 434-5526 or Sue Geisler, Vice
President, 408-1010, with questions about the
Hiking Group.
Call Louis Bobrowsky, Walking Group
Coordinator, 434-5932, with questions about
the Walking Group.
Noteworthy Accomplishments — This
month, I thought I’d do something different.
Instead of writing about bicycling in general,
I’m going to recognize the accomplishments
of some members of Lincoln Hills Cyclists. I
would venture to say that most readers are not
aware of these accomplishments, since none of
these individuals participated in their events for
the purpose of notoriety or publicity. Rather,
they set personal goals and trained long and
hard to achieve them. That’s what makes it so
satisfying to write about them. So, here goes.
On July 12 of this year, Jerry Johnson
participated in, and successfully completed,
the Tour of the California Alps. To give you
an idea just how tough this ride is, it has been
nicknamed the Death Ride. It is a grueling
129-mile, bicycle ride over five mountain
passes with a total of 15,000 feet of cumulative
elevation gain. For those not familiar with
elevation gain, that’s a lot! This annual event
takes place in Alpine County with the starting
point near Markleeville. Although Jerry was
the only participant from the club this year,
several other members have completed the
ride in the past. Mike Connolly 4-times, Bob
Burns, Gary Ferris, and Ron Greeno 3-times
and Ken Corcoran and Reiner Greubel 1 time.
You guys have a lot to be proud of.
If you call Norm Beffert on the weekend,
you probably won’t get an answer. Norm will
likely be off to some location in the United
States to participate in a Century (100 mile)
ride. He’s been doing this almost every
weekend during the cycling season for years.
I wouldn’t dare to estimate how many miles
he has covered, but I would guess he has
Proudly Celebrating our 10th Year
in the Solar Industry
Pay Less each month than you are
currently paying!
Don’t Miss Out,
Call Today!
(916) 782-3333
We Install the Highest Efficiency Modules with Guaranteed Performance
Extensive List of Satisfied Customers in SunCity Lincoln Hills
“Last year, our December PG&E electric
bill was $124.79 & this year it was $11.63.
A monthly comparative savings, to us, of
$113.16 or 90.7%, with solar.”
- Dan & Carol Larsen, Sun City Lincoln Hills
(916) 782-3333
CCL# 817001
ridden his bicycle further than some people
have driven their cars. Once in a while, Norm
takes a break from century rides and flies off
to Europe where he rides and hikes the hills of
Italy, Spain, France, or wherever he happens
to land. He is the embodiment of what Albert
Einstein once said, “Life is like bicycling. In
order to maintain your balance, you have to
keep moving”. Keep on truckin, Norm.
Steve Valeriote has been organizing group
cycling trips to various destinations throughout
the U.S., Canada and Europe for several
years. This past September, he took a group
of eight riders and two non-riding spouses to
Spain. They were outfitted with bikes and took
off for 11 days of cycling along Costa Brava
and inland. The group cycled 500 miles with
a total elevation gain of 38,500 feet, twice
crossing the Pyrenees Mountains. For those
of you not familiar with the Pyrenees, that’s a
lot! Although the climbing was a bit arduous,
everyone enjoyed the route. After turning in
their bicycles, they continued to tour Spain
and returned after 23 days. All travelers report
they had a great time. What’s in store for next
year, Steve?
On August 23 and 24, Suzanne Shaffer and
Bill Richardson competed in the Lake Tahoe
Triathlon. Suzanne entered the Olympic event
on August 24, which included a .95-mile swim,
a 25-mile bike ride and 7-mile run. Bill entered
the Sprint event on August 23 completing a
500-meter swim, 10-mile bike ride and 2 mile
run. Are you ready for this? Both Suzanne and
Bill recorded times that earned them FIRST
PLACE honors in their respective age group.
Way to go Suzanne and Bill!
The final person I want to recognize should
probably be the subject of a separate article.
It’s difficult to sum up all his accomplishments
in a single paragraph, but I’ll give it a try. Gary
Ferris (you may remember his name from
the Death Ride paragraph) is Lincoln Hills
Cyclists consummate Ironman. The Ironman
event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile
bike ride and 26.2 mile run. It is considered
the toughest one day endurance event in the
world. Gary competed in Ironman events in
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Quebec, Canada
during this past year. At Coeur d’Alene, he
finished first in his age group and qualified for
the Ironman World Championships in Kona,
Hawaii. On October 11, Gary competed in the
Kona, Hawaii World Ironman Championships.
He finished the course with an aggregate time
of 16 hours, 37 minutes and 12 seconds, which
placed him 16th in his age group. We are all very
proud of Gary for being able to compete at the
international level in an event, the difficulty of
which most of us cannot comprehend. Gary,
you are something else!
I’d like to close with a word about Lincoln
Hills Cyclists. We have about 150 members
who ride bicycles for recreation and fitness.
If you happen to drive by the Kilaga Springs
parking lot on Monday, Wednesday or Friday
mornings, you will see a large group of cyclists
getting ready for their rides. We have groups
that ride various routes from 10 to 50 miles or
more. Each group has an experienced leader
and the route is tailor-made for individual
tastes and requirements. If you are so inclined,
I encourage you to come out and join us. Who
knows, some day your name may be mentioned
in recognition, similar to those above. See you
on the road.
(more Club News cont’ on page 29)
Sun City Hiking Group
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
What people are saying
about Whisper Hearing...
“ I am very happy with my aids and the special service you
provide. Thank you!”
–James A Meucci, M.D.
“I have recommended Whisper to friends, family and went to
the office in Lincoln, Ca and found them great... I can now have
conversations with family. It is indeed a wonderful life now.”
–Dorothy Alexander
Glad to have switched to Whisper. Will always recommend them.”
-Judi Cordova
“My hearing devices changed my life for the better. The association
is not only most professional but personable.”
–Wini Dick
“The staff at Whisper Hearing Center was very helpful and friendly.
The insurance billing process was painless and my son’s hearing
aids are a great help to him.”
–Karla and Matthew Metcalf
The day I got my hearing aids I apologized to my husband for the many times I asked him
to repeat something he’d said and for the loud T.V. - Now I think he has the TV too loud.
- Caroline Ghinassi
Talk with an Audiologist
at Whisper Hearing
When it comes to quality, expertise and
value - Whisper can’t be beat!
• complete hearing exams by Doctors of Audiology
• personalized convenient service
• breakthrough hearing technology
• astonishingly reasonable prices
Charles Sanders AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Carol Trussell AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Tracy Volkman M.S., Audiologist
6633 Coyle Ave., Suite 1
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 961-2154
TJ Maxx Shopping Center
1850 Douglas Blvd., Suite 992
Roseville, CA 95661
Raley’s Shopping Center
905 State Hwy 65, Suite 30
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 784-3500
(916) 434-1110
Free Hearing Screenings
2nd Monday, Every Month
8:30 - 11 am, the lodge
at Sun City Roseville
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Tennis Group
Lincoln Intraclub Team Tennis Evenings –
We played the finals on October 14th finishing
at 10:00 at night just before the lights went out!
The Purple Team captained by Miguel Cuevas
got the Gold and The Red Team captained by
Linda Burke got the Silver. Many thanks to
Humana for sponsoring this fun event!
LITT Purple team got the GOLD. Miguel
Cuevas – Captain, Diane Huisinga, Polly Smith,
Russell Smith, Pietrina Magna, Larry Magna.
Not pictured: Pat Campbell, Judy Nielsen,
Wayne Sloan.
LITT Red Team got the SILVER but
still celebrated! Lisa Snapp, Jackie Fong,
Barb Davis, Marc Fong, Sharlene Zielinski,
Bob Zielinski, Linda Burke – Captain, Mark
Snapp, Dennis Beldon.
LITT Blue Team: Greg Burke – Captain,
Linda McDermott, Carol Rodwick (sub), John
Flaherty, Marie and Marc Praly (subs). Not
pictured: Bob Belknap, Sue Huskey, Jerry
Ingram, John Kirkwood, Steve Shafer, Janey
LITT Green Team: Dick Gootee, Cecelia
Champion, Jack Williams – Captain, David
Glasspiegel, Valerie Green, Doris DeRoss. Not
pictured: Joe Favela, Suzanne Favela, Lyman
and Robin Olney.
LITT Orange Team: Greg Didion, Terry
Padovan (passer bys), Katie Didion, Tony
Vasconcellos, Carol Vasconcellos – Captain,
David Rosenthal, Stan Spring, Linda Shoub,
Mary Keaney. Not pictured: Judy Camy,
Sandor Ludaici, David Mateer.
LITT Yellow Team: Sally Sanguinet, Bob
Sanguinet, Jack Ryder - Captain- 3.5, Sunny
Simons, Vicki Parks, John Parks, Espie Cruz,
Helen Evans, Phil Meth.
Upcoming Social Events —
Fall Dinner/Dance - November 13
Women’s Holiday Luncheon – Dec. 4
Men’s Holiday Luncheon – December 4
Check it out at:
LHTG Contacts: Greg Burke, President
Ph: 316-3054 Email: [email protected]
Linda Burke, Communications Ph:
209-3463 Email: [email protected]
(more Club News cont’ on page 30)
LITT Purple Team
LITT Green Team
LITT Red Team
LITT Orange Team
LITT Blue Team
LITT Yellow Team
Sterling Pointe Family Dentistry
Dr. Mike Bradaric, Pastor
“Active Seniors -Dreaming Dreams
Bigger Than Ourselves”
Over 30 Years Experience in General Dentistry
Kris Martinson, D.D.S.
(Next to Raley’s)
Call Us Today
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Water Volleyball
Water volleyball is open to all Sun City
residents of any skill level. Come and try it out.
It’s good exercise and a lot of fun, but it’s
not too strenuous for aging joints and muscles.
Come try it out up to 3 times without joining.
Water volleyball is now available five days a
week! Everyone can play at least four days a
week (Mon., Tues., Wed., Sat.) if they wish,
and rated players can play up to seven times
a week, so there are lots of opportunities to
play. The best days for new players are Monday
and Wednesday nights at 5:20 and Saturday
morning at 8:50 (see the full schedule below).
Did you see our group in the Sun City
Lincoln Hills 15th anniversary parade? It was
a fun day for all. We started playing unofficially
10 years ago and became an official club two
years later with 34 members. We now have
112 members and growing. We’re making
plans for even more social events next year,
so stay tuned. Our next event is our annual
Christmas party on Saturday, December 6.
Look for details next month. Meanwhile, come
join us anytime at the indoor pool at Kalaga.
It’s a great way to meet new people and get a
low stress workout. So come join the fun. See
you in the pool!
Mon: Open Play (All Levels) 5:20-6:40pm
Competitive Play for rated players 6:458:05pm
Tues: Open Play (All Levels) 6:20-8:05pm
Wed: Open play 5:20-6:40pm
Competitive Play for rated players 6:458:05pm
Thurs: Competitive Play for rated players
Sat: Open Play (All Levels) 8:50-10:30am
For further information, contact Steve
Parke at 716-5379 or at [email protected]
net or
Jerry DiGiacomo at 521-1904 or [email protected] You can also check out our
website at or our
web page on the Sun City Lincoln Hills website.
Table Tennis
Thanks to all who participated in
obtaining a new robotic ball server. Bob
Gritner our local resident professional sets up
the server every Friday at 8am. The server is
programmable for ball speed as well as time
interval and location. Bob also assists all
players during these Friday sessions.
Play takes place at Kilaga every Sunday
afternoon starting at 12:30pm, Tuesday evening
at 6pm and Friday mornings at 8am. All
residents are welcome. Play continues for
approximately 3hrs and you may start play at
anytime within that three-hour block. Play
is generally mixed doubles as well as single
play depending on the number of participants.
There are seven tables for play.
Contact: Ed Rocknich 434-1958
[email protected]
LH Ladies Golf—18 Holers
For the Breast Cancer Exchange Tourney
with the Lincsters, it was a Four Seasons Day,
but Big Girls Don’t Cry. After a downpour
forced the cancellation of the golf portion of
the day, we reconvened at noon to lunch on a
salad/sandwich bar. With plenty of chatter and
Kathi McCoy, Joyce Herrerias, Rose Marie Warren and Judy Habecker.
laughs to go around, Gayle Petersen presided
over a sea of pink. Nearly every shade of pink
one can imagine, from pale pink to camellia
to an orchid was donned by a hundred ladies.
Thirteen turned out to be the lucky number of
cancer survivors honored amongst the Niners
and 18-holers, and a raffle plus donations raised
$3,040 for the Sacramento-based Albie Aware
Foundation. Kudo’s to those who donated and
to those who helped to make this day a success.
As if on cue, the stormy morning gave way to
a sunny exit by mid-afternoon.
Indian summer returned for the Club
Championship, the first two Thursdays in
October. After the first round on the Hills,
there were many changes in the original
seedings. Then, playing the Orchard course
on the second day proved more disastrous
for many, as high scores resulted in changes
to the standings, yet again. However, our
Champion, Rose Marie Warren, held onto the
top spot from start to finish, shooting 80-83
(163). This was her third consecutive title,
since moving to SCLH. She was presented a
cornucopia by Joyce Herrerias, the tourney
chair, along with some nice prize money at the
awards dinner. Warren’s closest challenger,
Kathi McCoy, came up short by six strokes,
scoring 169. Judy Habecker earned the Low
Net with 141. Other winners in Flight One
included Sybille Carlson with Low Gross,
Donna Sanderson with Low Net and Remy
Raquiza, 2nd Low Net. In Flight Two, Linda
Anselmo took Low Gross, Peggy Carr, Low
Net, and 2nd Low Net went to Darcie DeWitt.
Judy Dong was the Low Gross winner in Flight
Three, and Bonnie Hing earned Low Net by
one stroke over Joanne West. Finally, in the
Fourth Flight, Low Gross went to Karen Thom,
with Pat Lewis taking the Low Net, followed
by Bonnie Devers with 2nd Low Net. Cheers
to all the winners.
(more Club News cont’ on page 31)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
LH Lincsters
The 2015 Lincster Executive Board was
voted into office at the general meeting held
on 10/8/2014. The Executive board members
are: Darlynne Giorgi, Captain; Nancy
McDonald, Co-Captain; Marie Bossert,
Tournament Chair; Sara Cannon, Secretary;
Barbara Conger, Treasurer. Other board
members are: Pat Shafer and Patty Alderete,
Membership Chairs; Sharon Grimes and Ive
Laske, Website; Linda Salmon, Handicap
Chair; Ruth Pennington and Carole Cain,
Awards Chairs; Sue Pharis, Publicity; May
Lyau and Joyce Kazuki, Historians; Margie
Jewett, Mama’s; Barbara Gorden, Go Away
Lincsters (GAL); Carol Golbranson, PWGA
Darlynne Giorgi, Incoming Captain and
Carol Golbranson, Outgoing Captain.
Representative; Alyce Stanwood, WNHGA;
Judy Boltz, Sunshine; Mary D’Agostini, Social
The Lincster Holiday Luncheon, It’s a
Holiday Delight, will be held on December
10 in the Orchard Creek Ballroom.
Golfer of the Month for September was
Gunilla Christol of Flight D.
Remember: “The most important shot in
golf is the next one.” (Ben Hogan)
Mad Hatters Bocce Group
Thanks again to Don and Selby for
covering for us while we were in Italy. And
speaking of Italy, we didn’t see one Bocce Court
during our entire 14-day stay. We spent most
of our time close to the tourist attractions in
large cities so that might not be too surprising,
but we really expected to see some Bocce
action somewhere. Maybe we overlooked
them because we’re use to looking at green
Bocce Courts. A quick search on Google
Maps didn’t reveal any obvious courts either.
On Thursday, November 6, we will switch
to our winter Bocce start time of 10:00 AM.
Please note that on your calendar so you don’t
wind up standing around in the cold and dark
waiting for us to show up.
Paul Mac Garvey, 543-2067, [email protected], Bob Vincent, 543-0543
LH Pickleball Club
Rainy weather did not
prevent completion of the
2014 Wells Fargo Advisors
Pickleball Tournament.
With 39 mixed doubles
teams participating we had
3 days of fun, yummy food
& great pickleball. Rich
Lujan once again planned
an organized, well-run
tournament with assistance from Lynn
Fraser, Bill MacCullough, Paul Walz,
4.0 medal winners
3.0 medal winners
2.0 medal winners
3.5 medal winners
Sharon Klotz and Barb Bartley. 4.0 medal
winners: gold-Andrea Mayorga/Richard
Norman, silver-Robin Haney/DJ Cox, bronzeAudrey Morse/Don Parent. 3.5: gold-Elizabeth
2.5 medal winners
(cont’ on page 37)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
SSN Gardening Corner —
The Standard Landscape
$14 Early
Sunday through Thursday
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Homemade Gnocchi
Veal Scaloppini
Chicken Marsala
Eggplant Parmigiana
Chicken Chardonnay
& many more!
All entrees served with soup or salad, and
Early Bird Specials not valid with any other
promotions or coupons.
$7.00 off Lunch
Everybody does this! And, we are no
We see a relatively large area of the garden
like the corner area where the fence behind
the house meets the fence between houses.
Near the back of the corner, we plant a
little tree – since we need something large in
that corner. In front of the new tree (which
when planted is no larger than we are tall)
we plant an assortment of sun-loving plants.
Fast forward a couple of years. The tree
is much larger and the increased size provides
the plants below a measure of relief from the
hot sun of June, July and August.
Fast forward another couple of years. The
tree now shades everything near it. In addition,
and to some extent a surprise for us – the tree
now has an extensive root system that drinks
all the available water in its area.
The result is that all those beautiful sunloving plants below and around the tree are
now looking shabby, not getting either enough
light – or – enough water!
Sound familiar?
We all know that, at the outset, we would
have been foolish to surround the tree with
shade loving plants, because they would have
‘fried’ in the early years while the tree was
So, what is a person to do about this?
My answer to people who ask me about
this is simply ‘Your garden is a movie – not
a still snapshot’. Expect the need to change
(some) plants from time to time. Be aware
Intermediate Harmonica —
Oldies and Goodies
Bud Gardner, founder and leader of the
Sun City Roseville Harmonicoots—the largest
working harmonica band in the country—is
offering an Intermediate Harmonica--Oldies
and Goodies class on Saturday, Nov. 8th at
Sierra College from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
“If you’ve ever played around with the
ten-hole diatonic harmonica or even taken a
basics class,” said Gardner, “now is the time
to take the next step. This class—designed for
beginners and intermediate players alike—will
guide you to become a better player.”
After a brief review of the basics,
participants will learn how to apply the
of the above-described tendency and do the
best to create a landscape that will survive and
even prosper without CONSTANT replacing
of one plant with another. The initial planting
arrangement is never ‘forever’ – unless you
plant the tree and then wait for 8-10 years for
it to mature, after which you plant under it
some nice shade-loving plants.
With the cost of plants still affordable
(for the most part) and with the knowledge
that changes will be needed as the tree grows
larger, my vote goes for using the sun-loving
plants initially and then slowly introducing
replacement plants that are well suited for the
environment to come.
Some plants do almost as well in shade as
sun – and conversely. These are the “industrial
strength” plants that landscapers often use.
Believe me, these people are some of the
best at recommending plants for challenging
or changing environments since they often
guarantee plants that they put in your yard.
Obviously, if you choose among such plants,
your need to change plants will be less frequent.
George Porter directed the landscaping and
landscape maintenance work for over 20-years at the
Northgate Property Owners Association in Walnut
Creek, CA before moving to Sun City Roseville
(SCR) in 1999. At SCR, he has worked with various
staff specialists to provide the landscape designs and
upgrades to the Common Areas as well as a number
of Golf Course locations. At his SCR home, he grows
almost all of the plants used in his designs. His home
and garden have been featured on a number of local
home/garden tours.
following techniques—the slide, shake, tongue
blocking and switching, tongue slapping, hand
and throat vibrato, and more—to a variety
of songs.
“Imagine,” said Gardner, “the fun of
learning to play America (My Country ‘Tis of
Thee), The Happy Wanderer, and other popular
songs.” An instruction and song book with CD
will be handed out at the class.
Participants will use the ten-hole diatonic
harmonica in the key of C which will be
available at the class for $10. The materials fee
for the class is $20 and the class fee is $48. The
class will be held at the Rocklin Campus, Room
D-1 (Music Bldg.). The code to enroll is 8299.
Pre-registration is required. Go to www. or call the Sierra College
Community Education office at 916-781-6280.
THE of
with WITH
2 LunchOF
& 2 Beverages
Call today for reservations!
(916) 624-3401
5015 Pacific Street, Rocklin
Follow us on Facebook & Twitter
Lincoln Hills Resident Agent
30+ Yrs R.E. Experience
(916) 747-5050
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ll for
f a Free Market
k Analysis
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Multiple Sclerosis
Learn the Joys of Yoga for limited
“You can do it Yoga, for MS” is the
video to be shown at the November Multiple
Sclerosis Meeting.
Tuesday, November 4 • 1:00pm, Sierra
Room, Kilaga Springs.
All interested are Welcome!
Call Marilyn Sharp, 434-6898, for further
Glaucoma Support Group
The Glaucoma Support Group will meet
November 12, 2014 at 4:00 in the Multimedia
Room of Orchard Creek Lodge. Our guest
speaker for the meeting will be Dr. Jacob
Brubaker, a Glaucoma Specialist with
Sacramento Eye Consultants. If you plan to
attend this meeting, please contact Bonnie
Dale a 543-2133 or [email protected]
Lincoln Democratic Club
The Lincoln Democratic Club invites all
interested residents to attend a presentation
by Amanda Wilcox, Legislative and Policy
Chair of the California Brady Campaign
to Prevent Gun Violence, at the Thursday,
November 20th meeting. The Brady
Campaign seeks to alter the trajectory of
gun violence in our country through changes
to culture, laws and the gun industry.
This presentation is particularly timely as
December 14 is the second anniversary of
the violence at Sandy Hook. The meeting
will begin at 6:45 p.m. at the Kilaga Springs
Lodge. For questions contact June Paquette
at 408-2263.
Single Diners
Single Diners get together at the
Meridians Restaurant O.C. on the second
Monday in November. Cocktails at 5p.m.
dinner at 6pm. No reservations required,
but if you are planning to come, a phone call
would be appreciated. Bring a friend. Info?
Call Helen at 916-408-0428.
Shalom Group
The Shalom Group is a very active social
group. There are no restrictions on joining
other than living in Lincoln Hills. Coming
events include: miniature golf, bocce ball
challenge, and the men’s club breakfast.
La Shana Tova to all our Jewish neighbors
and friends. For more information contact:
Sandy Klein 408-2020 or Judi Schane 253-9129.
Spiritual Discussion Group
Are you spiritual but not religious? Do
you value the words of Wayne Dyer, Eckhart
Tolle, Ernest Holmes and others. Do you seek
wisdom from many spiritual paths? Join us for
open, honest discussion and sharing of ideas,
the second Sunday of each month 2-4pm in
the Multipurpose Room at Orchard Creek.
More info: [email protected]
Semper Fi Association
Rotary Club of Lincoln
Breakfast: Every 1st Monday, 9:00am, at
Thunder Valley Casino. All USMC personnel
and Naval corpsmen welcome.
For information, contact Rich Ruef,
645-5446 or [email protected]
We have weekly meetings Thursday
noon (12-1:30) at the Lincoln Woman’s Club
5th and E Street. Interesting speakers and
service to the community. For information
visit or call us at
Grupo De Conversacion
Nos reunimos para practicar y mejorar
nuestro español. We meet every Tuesday at
4:00 pm in the “Living Room” area of Kilarga
Springs Lodge, 434-6898.
LH Parkinson’s Support Group
The LHPDSG meets every 3rd Tuesday
in the Lincoln Rayley’s Conference room and
on Fridays 2:00 to 3:00 PM at the SCLH Kilaga
Springs Fitness Center. This is a diverse group
with one thing in common, we are all dealing
with the varied stages of the Parkinson’s
Disease be it the afflicted individual or the
caretaker. Newcomers are welcome.
Caregiver Support Group
Caregiver Support Group meets the
third Thursday of each month at the Lincoln
Library from 9:00-10:30. Caregivers for any
person, any ailment are welcome to attend.
For more information call Brenda at 916253-7537.
Sons in Retirement (SIRS)
The Lincoln/Roseville branch of Sons In
Retirement (SIR) meets the third Wednesday
of each month at the Roseville Elks Lodge,
3000 Brady Lane, Roseville for a three course
luncheon that costs $16. SIR is a men’s social
group, dedicated to preserving the dignity and
independence of retired men. The Lincoln/
Roseville branch of SIR has golf activities
weekly at courses throughout the region as
well as bridge weekly that occurs at Raley’s
in Lincoln. If you are interested in attending
the luncheon or becoming a new member of
SIR, please call Chet Winton at 916-408-8708.
Sons in Retirement Branch 98
The Rocklin/Rosevile Branch of SIR
meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday in
the ball room of the Timbers at Sun City
Roseville beginning at 10:30a.m. Join retirees
for fellowship, lunch, golf, fishing, cards, and
even bocce ball… many other activities also
available. Call Tom Werth at 782-3536 for
more information. No dues, just fun!
LH Lions Club Meeting
The Lincoln Hills Lions Club meets the
1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at noon at
the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Hall, 541 5th
Street. We brown bag it so bring your lunch
and a drink and come join a group of service
minded men and woman who are interested
in improving our community while having
fun. Call Sue and Bob Olin for information
Lincoln Kiwanis Club Meeting
We e k l y b r e a k f a s t m e e t i n g s a t
Buonarroti’s Restaurant, 460 Lincoln Ave.,
in Lincoln every Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00
a.m. Guests are welcome. For information
regarding the Lincoln Kiwanis Club, please
call President Ted Widing at 408-661-6435 or
visit our website at
Family Mental Illness
Support Group
This group is for SCLH residents
who have immediate family members who
experience serious mental illnesses such as
bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder,
schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive
disorder, clinical depression, etc.
We meet on the second Friday of the
month at 2pm. For more information: Dede
Ranahan at 408-4541 or [email protected]
Solo Travel Network
If you are a Single traveller looking for
someone to travel with come visit the Solo
Travel Network (STN). We meet monthly
to socialize and plan new trips both locally,
nationwide and internationally. Bring your
ideas and dreams to find someone who may
like to join you. If interested find out about
our next meeting. Call 916-408-0968.
An Essential Tremor Support Group
The Essential Tremor Group meets the
first Saturday each month at Kaiser Roseville,
in Building D, third floor, conference rooms
2 and 3 from 10AM to noon. For more
information, please contact Judy Doughty
at 916-543-4882 in SCLH.
Senior Peer Counseling
Senior Peer Counseling provides free, inhome counseling to Placer County residents
age 55 and above who are experiencing
depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family
conflict and financial stress. Contact Melinda
Lacey, MSCC 530-886-3413.
Lincoln Hills Community Church
Annual Craft Faire & Bake Sale
The Annual Craft Faire will be held on
November 7th and 8th at the Lincoln Hills
Community Church. The hours are Friday
Noon - 6 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM - 3 PM.
Fifty Four crafters will be featured, coming
from all over Northern CA, showcasing a wide
variety of crafts and unique holiday and gift
items. Bake Sale proceeds go to Christian
Community Schools, and other proceeds go
to Church Missions, Alpha Henson Women’s
Center (Teen Challenge), and to our church
programs. Lincoln Hills Community Church
– 950 Joiner Parkway – Lincoln. For more
information, call Beth Barnes: 916-434-8227.
Art League of Lincoln Gallery
The Art League of Lincoln Gallery is
located at 580 Sixth Street in Lincoln and
is open from 11am to 3pm Wednesdays Saturdays. The Gallery features a different
exhibit each month.
Through November 15 the Gallery is
hosting a Native American and Western
Art Exhibit.
From November 19 - December 20 the
Gallery will host a Miniature Art Exhibit.
Join us at the reception for the artists
on Saturday, November 22 from 5 - 7:30 pm
And, be sure to see the beautiful items
in our gift shop!
For more information: please see www. or call 916-209-3499.
Fall Food Faire & Craft Fair
Lincoln United Methodist Church
629 I street Lincoln • 916-645-3588
Sat., November 22 • 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Hundreds of unique items including
custom sewing, crafts, baby gear &
clothes, baked goods, CUTCO, affordable
“Paparazzzi” jewelry, handmade scarves,
scrapbooking, “Tupperware” & others!
We’ll also have raffle prizes every half
hour, food for purchase, and a fun cakewalk!
The Scandinavian Lunch Bunch
Traditional Scandinavian Christmas
Lunch (dinner). Anyone with a trace of
Scandinavian blood is cordially invited to join
the festivities.
The location is SCR Timbers Lodge, 7050
Del Webb Blvd., at 11:00 AM, Sat. Dec. 13 (St
Lucia’s day). The menu will include traditional
Herring/Sild with snaps (beer) followed by
Flaeskesteg -Roast Pork with all its trimmings.
Dessert will be Risen Groed, (rice pudding with
berry sauce and almonds). As is the tradition
there will be an Almond for you to locate for a
special gift. Please bring some of your favorite
Christmas cookies to share. Honored guest will
be the Consulate General of Denmark, Dorthy
Mikkelsen who will give an update on the “old
country.” The cost is $35 per person – make
out your check to Jonas Porup. Send to him
at 1853 Leander Lane, Lincoln 95648. Seating
is limited to 49 and the deadline is November
25. For questions, call Jonas at 916 543-3302.
From San Leandro to Sun City…
Seeking folks who grew up and/or went
to schools in San Leandro, California. Having
serendipitously met and enjoyed many SCLH
residents who hail from San Leandro, I
decided to locate more, so we can all get
acquainted or re-acquainted. If you grew up
in San Leandro and would like to connect
with others to remember the good-old-days,
please send me an email containing your first
and last name (ladies, please include your
maiden name), which ‘Sally Andro’ schools
you attended and year of your graduation I
will try to plan a gathering so we can reminisce
and enjoy each other’s company. Hope to
hear from you. Darleen Costa Giannini,
[email protected]
Love College Football? Look Here!
My name is Mike Dawson and with
football season upon us I looked around
for a group at Sun City that loves college
football and didn’t find one so I am looking
to start one.
I envision an informal group that gets
together to enjoy college football and the
camaraderie that goes with it, be you a Sooner
fan like myself or a Texas Longhorn fan like
my friend Jerry or whomever you root for.
We could meet at different sports bars
and even members homes should they want
to host.
If you or anyone you know loves college
football contact me at 916-209-3683 or
[email protected] for more info.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
DAILY t".1.
3,000 $500
Winners will also get $100 Free Slot Play games 1 through 9
Maureen Munro, new
Neighborhood Watch
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Nonprofit Initiative is a Success
You may have heard the great things
local nonprofit leaders are saying about
Placer Community Foundation’s Nonprofit
Initiative, but just in case you haven’t, here’s
the word on the street:
• “We went from an organization that
would typically raise $10,000 in a year to
one that raised $100,000.”
• “We are serving twice as many or more
people; we have grown in leaps and bounds.”
• “We now have a functioning board!”
And there’s much more enthusiasm
where that came from! That’s because
the Nonprofit Initiative is a program that
helps nearly 200 local organizations like
Placer Food Bank, Child Advocates of
Placer County, and Placer Land Trust, to
name a few, make their great nonprofits
even better. Our program offers grants and
workshops to help nonprofit leaders improve
communication, raise more money, and plan
for the future, so they can keep doing what
they do best: building a strong community.
The Scoop — We at PCF have always
had a notion that the Nonprofit Initiative,
created in 2006, makes a powerful, positive
impact on local nonprofits. Today we’re
very pleased to share the results of a recent
independent study that show exactly how
important this program is to the Placer
County community. Here’s the gist: Nearly
half of the participants said the program
improved their organization, and another
one-third expressed the value of learning
about fund-raising skills. Finally, one-third
gained valuable knowledge about the nittygritty of running a nonprofit.
Learn More — PCF invites you to
help us expand the Nonprofit Initiative
program to continue to support vital
nonprofit organizations that provide
valuable community services in our region.
Please consider making a contribution to
the Nonprofit Initiative by visiting our
donation page and clicking on “Nonprofit
Initiative” in the “I Would Like to Support”
drop-down menu, or by giving us a call at
Tu s k e g e e A i r m e n ,
Incorporated, George S.
‘Spanky’ Roberts Chapter —
73rd Anniversary Celebration,
Educational Assistance Gala
educational opportunities for the next generation
of history makers!
To purchase tickets, tables and sponsorship
opportunities for this exciting event in support
of our Educational Assistance program please
visit our website at: or call
Tickets are $65.00 in advance and $80.00
at the door.
The George S. ‘Spanky’ Roberts Chapter
of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)
(3) organization.
Tuskegee Airmen, Incorporated, George
S. ‘Spanky’ Roberts Chapter presents our
73rd Anniversary Celebration, Educational
Assistance Gala, Saturday, November 8th at the
Aerospace Museum of California.
This exciting evening honors the legacy of
the Tuskegee Airmen, whose heroic little known
story was portrayed in the movie, Red Tails,
and raises funds to support our Educational
Assistance program which allows us to create
possibilities so others may realize their dreams.
The evening will include dinner, great raffle
prizes, dancing to the sounds of Mercy Me!
Band and a live auction, called by David Sobon
Auctions, will keep the fun rolling, AND, you
can meet some Documented Original Tuskegee
Airmen, DOTA, who live right here in our
Come! Join us and be part of creating
In Loving Memory of
Mary Louise Pickens
Mary Louise Pickens, lived in Sun City
Lincoln Hills for 12 years, widow of Daniel
Pickens. She resided in Citrus Heights for
over 40 years. She loved Flower arranging and
gardening. She also played golf and did some
line dancing there at Sun City. She enjoyed
living in Sun City. She died on September
23, 2014 and will be missed by her family and
her friends.
“Don’t Pay Big Companies Overhead!”
“Savings from $500 up to $2450 on New System Installs”
We have over 200 happy, installed customers in Sun City already! “Our quality and pricing can’t be beat.”
Sierra Nevada Winds Presents “Beyond the Horizon”
Beyond the horizon is a long way off and
the Sierra Nevada Winds plans to take its
listeners there musically—by foot, horseback,
automobile, ship, train, plane and starship. The
Winds, a 55-piece wind ensemble conducted
by Dr. Robert Halseth, performs on Saturday,
November 22, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at the First
United Methodist Church, 3101 Colusa
Highway, Yuba City, California 95993.
David Gillingham’s “Internal
Combustion,” a celebration of the American
automobile, will be featured. It was selected to
honor the memory of Daryl Stephens, a longtime Yuba City resident, owner of Stephens
Automotive and a generous supporter of the
Wheatland’s David Coe is clarinet soloist
on George Gershwin’s jazzy “Walking the
Dog.” Coe is principal clarinet with the Winds.
Judy Toyoda Coe, principal flutist, is featured
on the hauntingly beautiful “Star Trek – The
Inner Light” by Jay Chattaway.
Other program selections include
“Beyond the Horizon” by Rossano Galante,
“Riders for the Flag” by John Philip Sousa,
“Sea Songs” by Thomas Knox, “The Klaxon”
by Henry Fillmore, “Ghost Train” by Eric
Whitacre and “Visions of Flight” by Robert
Tickets, available at the door, are $10
for general admission and $7 for seniors and
students. Check www.sierranevadawinds.
org or call (530) 269-0395 for further
Wine Event Aids
Winery will take place at the end of the event.
The cost is $30 per person and reservations
are required (sorry, no walk-ins).
Send your check, with your name and
number of guests and with “Wine Tasting
Fundraiser” in the memo, to: AAUW Wine
Tasting Fundraiser, 5153 Wedgewood Way,
Rocklin, CA 95765. Reservations are “Will
Call” at the door.
Funds raised will send middle school
girls to Tech Trek Summer Camp on the
UCDavis campus for STEM enrichment
(science, engineering, technology, and math)
to encourage careers in those fields, sponsor
the annual Speech Trek competition for high
school students, provide scholarships to Sierra
College for women re-entering college, provide
school supplies for emancipated foster youth,
conduct Elect-Her and $tart$mart student
workshops on the Sierra College Campus, and
send college students to a national leadership
conference. For more information, visit www. or call 916315-9036.
Get a taste of the best of Placer County
wines and a chance at winning great door
prizes — while you help support educational
opportunities for local women and girls. The
AAUW Wine Tasting Fundraiser is slated
for Sunday, November 2 from 2 to 5 PM at
the Old Spaghetti Factory in Roseville (731
Sunrise Avenue) and is sponsored by AAUWRSP (American Association of University
Women- Roseville South Placer Branch), is a
501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization.
Representatives from Naggiar Winery from
Grass Valley and Rock Hill from Loomis, PaZa
Vineyard and Winery from Auburn will be
pouring their wines. There will also be tastings
from Secret Ravine Vineyards, Dono Dal Cielo
and Rancho Robles. Hearty appetizers will be
served. A drawing for a door prize valued at
$60.00 contributed by Pescatore Vineyard and
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
St. John’s Episcopal Church
2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Roseville
welcomes YOU
“to come experience the love of JESUS CHRIST”
8 a.m. Traditional Eucharist
10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship
praise music/ Sunday school /youth group
The Reverend Cliff Haggenjos, Rector
Fiddyment Rd to Village Green,
Village Green to Bob Doyle,
Rt on Bob Doyle to Westpark,
Left on Westpark to Phillip Rd
Detour, Follow Detour to 5480
Phillip Rd.
New directions due to construction detours:
Dog & Cat Boarding
Obedience & Field Training
24 Hour On-Site
Estate appraisals by appointment
* Pre-10 Year Warranty Inspection
An Important Mile Stone for Your Property!
There are many builder warranties UP to 10 years.
Don’t wait - call David Jerzak today
* Special Pre-10 Year Warranty
Inspection Price - $175
(916) 812-3151 or (916) 768 3203
call today to discuss roof, gutter, or fence repairs;
solar panel cleaning; dryer duct cleaning;
home inspections
(many references available)
Gold & Coin
547 Lincoln Blvd.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
LH Pickleball Club
(cont’ from page 31)
Mallin/Cal Meissen, silver-Glenise & Barry
Cunningham, bronze-Susan Whalen/Bill
Bjorge. 3.0: gold-Chris & Jim Berney, silverKalli & Mike Genest, bronze-Crissy Beadle/
Ron Dobin. 2.5: gold-Pam & Ron Slagle,
silver-Charlene Kleppe/Connie Hoetger,
bronze-Gale Miller/Bill Brunst. 2.0: gold-Karyl
Freeman/David Whorf, silver-Betty Carol &
Norman Smith, bronze-Sue Ann Donegan/
Harry Ramsden.
Loretta Halpin is now accepting 2015 club
dues payments….still just $15 per member. If
you’re not yet a member, but plan to join, now
would be the ideal time, as your membership
begins immediately, giving you the last 2
months of 2014 at no cost! What a deal!
Membership forms are available now on the
club website.
Our club’s Holiday Party is set for
December 3. Details have been emailed to all
members and reservation forms are available
for pick-up at the courtside bulletin board.
Reservations are on a first-come basis and must
be in by Nov. 20. Don’t delay! Lynn plans a
fun evening of holiday cheer with delicious
sit-down dinner selections, music, dancing &
who knows what else!!
Check out ladder days & times, as well
as beginner clinic times posted on the weekly
calendar at the courtside bulletin board near
our new shade cover. Stay informed! Court use
rules, special event info & recent tournament
photos are also posted there.
Our next General Membership meeting
will be Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 9:00 AM in
Presentation Hall (KS). Come to club news
and to vote on 2015-16 open Board positions.
Pickleball Club website, www.lhpickleball.
Contact: President Scott Sutherland 2533997, [email protected]
Cribbage Club
Cribbage club plays 8:00 AM through
12:00 PM, Tuesdays at the Card Room (Orchard
Creek). A six-game mini-tournament starts at
9:00 AM. We play four-handed partner games,
adding a two handed or three-handed game
when necessary, or a sit-out, when required
by the number of players. We use a rotation
system to mix players. We generally have 16
or more players and we always welcome more
to come and join the fun.
Contact: Larry O’Donnell 916.253.9222
Ken Von Deylen 916.599.6530
SCLH Duplicate Bridge Club
With the arrival of November, we notice
changes around us. The changing foliage colors
and the falling leaves are sure signs that winter
is coming. Within our club, there will also be
changes as the election results for Board of
Directors will be announced at the beginning
of the month. As we move into the new year,
the new board will need help in keeping our
club running smoothly. They will welcome any
help that club members are willing to give. If
(cont’ on page 41)
Wells Fargo Advisors Tournament participants.
Tree Care – Planting- Irrigation- Fertilization
* Thinning/ Pruning of all plants
shrubs and trees
* Tree Training/ Maintenance
* Weed Abatement
* Planter Beds
* Pathways/ Walkways/ Walls
* Boulders/ Stream Beds
* Bark Installation
Reason #1 to
make an
Estate Plan
Your Granddaughter,
• Keeps a job for about a month
• Goes to a diīerent club
every night
• Her idea of saving is a piggy bank
Authorized Dealer
Houk Investments, Inc Est. 1999
We specialize in converting your
ideas into distinctive, attractive
and yet economical Cabinetry
Please contact us at:
solutions for your home
or business.
Fax: 530-745-2530
Š–>‹’\Ñ°>ÓӋJˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –ÑUÑåååµÑˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –
• Her cell phone bill is higher than
most mortgages
Are you sure you want to leave your estate to
her outright?
Call Today for a Free ConsultaƟon: 530-269-1515
200 Auburn-Folsom Rd., Ste 160 | Auburn, CA 95603
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Benefit Concert For
Placer County Homeless
Noted and local musicians come together
for the Fourth Annual Be The Change Winter
Music Festival on Saturday, December 6, 2014
at The Blue Goose Event Center at 3550 Taylor
Road in Loomis, California.
Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at
6:30pm. Tickets to the event are $30.00 in
advance/ $40.00 at the door.
All proceeds go to The Gathering Inn
in south Placer County offering homeless
individuals and families hope, dignity and
a warm and secure place to rest at night,
with a portion also benefiting Gold Country
Wildlife Rescue in support of their continued
work in rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife
in Placer County; both 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
This benefit concert features members of
Pablo Cruise, Tesla, Y&T, Garratt Wilkin and
The Parrot Heads, along with Mr. December
Band, Nashville singer-song writer Jaime Kyle;
introducing from Carson City The Whitehats,
and several other incredible guest artists all
taking the stage for this worthy cause.
Meals by Billie Bones BBQ, and soft
drinks, beer, wine and cocktails will be available
for purchase at the event.
Raffle and silent auctions items will be
available for purchase that will make great
holiday gifts.
A live auction will be held at the event
for an autographed guitar signed by Peter
Frampton, Melissa Etheridge, Huey Lewis
and The News, John Waite, Los Lonely Boys,
The Wallflowers, members of Little Feat, and
The Curly Wolf band (includes certificate of
authenticity). There will be a second live
auction for a guitar signed by all the artists
performing at this event.
The Gathering Inn is already reporting
an unseasonably high demand for beds and
shelter that will only continue to grow with the
cold winter nights ahead. With homelessness
on the rise, funding is desperately needed in
order to keep their operation going.
GCWL is experiencing an increase of
injured and orphaned wildlife, rescuing and
rehabilitating over 2,400 animals since the
beginning of this year. In order to keep their
doors open year round, community support
and funding is needed.
Due to the success of past three years
this has become an annual event bringing
musicians, volunteers, and the community
together to raise funds to help those in
Please show your support and join us for
an evening of fun, food, friends, and incredible
music. Your attendance will truly make a
difference in the life of another as all ticket
sales and purchases made at the event will go
directly to these two outstanding nonprofit
For tickets and event info go to www. or email [email protected]
(916) 532-7600
Randy Smith
(916) 532-7600
[email protected]
(916) 532-7600
(916) 532-7600
BRE 01169980
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Donates
Golf Clubs to Elementary Students
One obvious
need for young people
attempting to learn
the game of golf… are
clubs that are the right
size to fit the golfer.
It’s rather difficult to
accomplish much if
you’re a kid using a
club that was designed
to fit a grown-up who
is anywhere from a few
inches to more than
a foot taller than you.
Just like most other
sports where more than
just a ball is required,
the equipment must fit
the user.
Golf equipment is expensive and that’s
another impeding factor in a young person
learning how to play the great game. So what
do you do if you need clubs to fit but maybe
they’re out of reach financially?
You could stick to one of the other sports
that perhaps need only a ball, a bat, or maybe
a hoop and hone your skills there. But you see
golf on t.v. and you hear coaches, parents, and
friends talk about it, and you’re determined
to get involved.
Well, locally, the Sun City Lincoln Hills
FCA huddle came to the rescue of several
young would-be golfers at the Community
Thoughts From Jack—
We Must Have The Best
Christian School here in Lincoln. The group
provided the funds to acquire a variety of
clubs, both new and used and went to work to
get them all altered to fit golfers who may be
under five feet tall and don’t weigh as much
as a good size golf bag.
Sun City resident Barry Cunningham,
who is a personal trainer at the Orchard Creek
Gym, was glad to contribute his expertise as
a golf club maker. Barry cut each club down
to the appropriate length for young kids and
re-gripped them so they all looked brand new.
FCA leaders Wayne Reid and Rodger
Oswald presented the spiffy, like new
Caring, In-Home Assistance...
helping you or a loved one remain at home
Serving Placer, Nevada &
Sacramento Counties
r a no-cost,
Call today fo
in-home asses 6
ail to
Or send an em
[email protected]
equipment to the very grateful school principal,
Julie Blines. Julie indicated that there were
plenty of her students anxious to take up the
sport and now can get the instruction needed
using proper tools.
Other golf items such as balls, tees, ball
markers, golf bags, and other sports equipment
are needed and welcomed by the school.
Who knows what could come out of
helping kids be able to participate in a game
that previously was out of reach.
The local FCA huddle is proud to be a
contributor to a school where not only the
basic curriculum is taught but also these kids
are learning about how important Jesus Christ
can be in their young lives.
Services Provided
• Meal preparation
• Light housekeeping
• Dementia care
• Medication reminders
• Bathing & dressing assistance
• Errands & shopping
• Transportation to doctor appointments
• Laundry, folding & ironing
• Caring companionship, and more!
Our caregivers are carefully screened, trained, bonded, insured, and background checked
through the DMV, Department of Justice and FBI.
150 Lincoln Blvd, #104
$200 Off
Notary Services
All of Sacramento is talking about a
‘strong’ mayor. I haven’t figured out whether
that’s a mayor who doesn’t bathe, or one who
works out in the gym everyday. And, while on
the subject of the gym, I must tell you about
the gym in Lincoln Hills.
Recently, the gym was shut down so they
could install new weight machines. Heaven
forbid we have ‘dated’ equipment. The
following day, when I walked in there, I thought
I had entered an airplane hanger full of B-29’s.
Here were these huge hunks of iron, obviously
made for NFL linebackers, with signs all over
the place stating, “Come to a meeting, we’ll
show you how to use these things without
lengthening the obituary column.”
The old equipment was functional, floor
level, easy to get on and off of, and you could
even read the weights while seated. Now people
in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are trying to climb
up on these things that are the size of 2 ton
Ford pickups, finally planting their buns on
the linebacker seats. That’s when they realize
what the word ’subdivision’ means.
So now you’re seated. That’s when you
become aware that you can’t reach or operate
all the pins n’ levers sticking’ out all over the
place, so you have to get off and take care o’
those problems. Now you’re climbing back on
to hopefully get into motion on this thing and
you realize you didn’t set the weight, which you
no longer can read from the seated position.
You see, in this brilliant design, the numerals
used to indicate the weight are much smaller
than they were on the old equipment, part of
the reason being they had to make room for
the metric system. How did we ever survive
without the metric system?
Well, you get off again to be able to see
and set the weights, then you’re climbing back
on for the third time, when you say to yourself,
“Hell, I’ve already had enough exercise, I’m
goin’ home.”
Some of the machines I was afraid to try
were the Knee Replacement Generator, the
Biceps Muscle Buster, the Deltoid Muscle
Masher, and the Hip Replacing Thigh
After a couple o’ weeks on this giant
equipment, obviously made by the Boeing
Aircraft Company, there’s one machine I’m
satisfied with. It’s called the Leg Extension.
I’m already an inch taller.
They’re now installing big red buttons
that, when pressed, automatically dial 911.
Zoe’s Cruises & Tours
(cst # 2024900-40)
MELANIE at 916-771-7429
or [email protected]
(Free Upgrades; Free Shore Excursion Credits; & Free Onboard Credits
(San Francisco – Ft. Lauderdale)
Escorted dates with FREE ROUNDTRIP BUS
March 21 & April 29, 2015 (Star) or October 24, 2015 (Grand)
RATES FROM $1599 (Inside Cat. ID)
Collapsible wheelchairs and walkers can be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus. Space is not available for motorized scooters. Buses do not
have wheelchair lift access. All special equipment being transported by bus must be identified at time of booking. Fares are cruise only, per person, USD,
based on double occupancy, capacity controlled and subject to availability. Government Fees and Taxes are additional. Refer to applicable Princess brochure or for terms, conditions, and definitions which will apply to all bookings. Ships’ registry: Bermuda.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
LINCOLN, CA • 877-468-8777
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
SCLH Duplicate Bridge Club
(cont’ from page 37)
you like having a cup of coffee or tea during
our Wednesday games, why don’t you volunteer
to make the coffee and hot water for one, or
several, Wednesdays before the game? If you
like the pre-game lessons, volunteer to be a
member of the education committee. There
are also several other tasks that need to be
done each week to make sure our games are
free of irregularities. So if you can contribute
to that effort, volunteer your help.
Save the dates of Friday, Dec. 5th through
Sunday, Dec. 7th for the upcoming Sacramento
Sectional Tournament to be held in the
Orangevale Community Center. On Friday
and Saturday, the tournament will feature
separate sections for 99er and 299er pairs, as
well as open sections starting at 10:30 AM and
3:30 PM each day. Then on Sunday there will
be a stratified Swiss Teams game beginning
at 10:30AM. This tournament provides an
excellent opportunity for our newer players
and intermediate players to get tournament
experience while staying relatively close to
All of the club duplicate bridge games are
played in the Kilaga Springs Lodge as follows:
Wednesdays at 12:30 PM, Fridays at 5:00 PM,
and Saturdays at 12:30 PM. For newer duplicate
players, the Wednesday game always includes
a 199er section (restricted to players with
less than 200 Masterpoints) and the Saturday
game includes a 299er section (restricted
to players with less than 300 Masterpoints).
Also, informative bridge lessons are presented
each Wednesday promptly at 11:45 AM before
the club’s regularly scheduled game. Lesson
titles will appear on the home page of our
club website
Our game table fees are $2.00 per person for
club members, and for non-member Sun City
residents for their first three visits, or $5.00 for
their invited visitors. If you are looking for
a bridge partner for any of the open games,
call Barbara Dorf (434-8234), Squeak Conner
(645-9085), or Lynne White (253-9882). For a
partner in one of the limited games call Nancy
Rice (543-5275). For more information, visit
the club web site or call club president, John
White at 253-9882.
SCOOP led off the fantastic Fifteenth
Anniversary Parade for Sun City Lincoln Hills!
And a fine performance they presented. Many
were in costumes, and marched very proudly
with their leaders to the spectators’ delight.
Our last official SCOOP Meeting for 2014
was held on October 7, 2014 at Orchard Creek
with Dr. Amanda Lee, on the staff at Loomis
Basin Veterinary and a graduate of UC Davis
Veterinary School. Dr. Lee addressed our
members and guests on changing dog behavior
in positive ways. This proved to be a very
popular subject with our members and guests.
Our next official Members’ Meeting will
be February 2, 2015 at Orchard Creek. Details
will follow.
SCOOP is hosting a Holiday Luncheon on
Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at the Meridians
Restaurant – Solarium Room – at Noon. The
menu will include your choice of Turkey Pot
Pie - $19.19; Half Turkey Sandwich & Cup of
Butternut Squash Soup - $16.63; Chicken Fuji
(cont’ on page 46)
Autumn In New England
Much has been written of New England’s Fall
Of the beauty of grand maple trees
Such glorious colors of leaves that we saw
Swaying gently in the Autumn breeze.
Men and women,
boys and girls.
Living, wounded,
prisoners of war,
We’d come round a bend on a country road
And we’d cry out in such pure delight
At the brilliance of color revealed to us there
In the filter of golden sunlight.
The trees overlooking a placid lake
Were reflected in orange, red and gold
And breath-taking is the word to describe
God’s beauty for us to behold.
I thought the colors in postcards and books
Must have some additional dyes
But now that I’ve witnessed New England in Fall
I’ve seen proof with my very own eyes!
We all know them.
They’ve given their all
for our freedom.
Let us thank them
with respect.
Let us always remember
their sacrifices.
You’ve probably heard it said,
“If you can read, thank a teacher.”
“If you can read in English,
thank a Veteran.”
Thank you Veterans.
God bless you one and all!
We welcome your submissions such as humorous observations and poetry.
Please see page 3 for submissions information.
Southern Comfort
Call Now For
expires 12/2014
Prompt Response to Your Needs.
Free Estimates & Second Opinions.
We Send Technicians NOT Salesmen.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Neighborhood Watch
Halloween has come and gone, but
pumpkins are still in vogue if yours haven’t
gotten mushy (at least the side that wasn’t
carved!) Thanksgiving will be here before
long, and those of us who are fortunate to
live in Sun City Lincoln Hills have lots of
reasons for great gratitude. We hope you all
had a chance to participate in or cheer for the
wonderful Parade on October 18 celebrating
the 15th Anniversary of the establishment of
our community. Neighborhood Watch had
the huge contingent that brought up the rear
of the parade, with cars and walkers galore.
We all owe our thanks to the founders of our
town of Lincoln, and later in this article, you
will read about contributions from a few of
the founding families.
ALERTS: Vehicle Protective Coating
Scam – A resident in village 43B had his RV
parked outside his residence and the suspect
convinced him that he could apply a
“special protective coating” for $550.
The resident agreed, and the suspect began
cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. He then
applied his “special” coating and left. The
next day, the RV was covered with bugs and
the “coating” had bubbled. An RV dealer
told the resident that the coating was simply
furniture polish. The resident was unable to
reach the subject with the phone numbers
provided and also discovered that his listed
address was also bogus.
Since that incident, the resident received
a call from someone who said he had heard
that the resident needed his RV cleaned up
and offered to do the job for only $250. It is
possible that the two scammers are working
together. The suspect gave the name Mitch
Stephens, and is a white male, approximately
45 years of age, 5’6’’ tall, dark hair, medium
build and with a foreign accent. He drove a
small pickup truck, possibly red.
Hit and Run Incident – a resident in the
1700 block of Andover Lane reported that
about 4:30 PM on September 22 an unknown
subject ran into the resident’s vehicle which
was parked at the curb outside his house.
Please notify the Lincoln Police if you have
any knowledge of this incident.
New Hotel Scams – Police are suggesting
that travelers check into hotels with a credit
card, not a debit card. If the guest uses a debit
card and the desk later calls for a credit card
number instead, be sure to go down in person
Neighborhood Watch 2014 Volunteer Honor Roll
Neighborhood Watch wishes to acknowledge its most recent volunteers who have achieved
five years as of October 31, 2014, by acknowledging them through our perpetual Neighborhood
Watch Volunteer Honor Roll. Volunteers are our most important resource! These volunteers
join our 650 plus Neighborhood Watch volunteers!
Bjorge, Bill & Sally V43AB
Capell, Georff & Linda V22B
Carlson, Patricia V21
Case, Mary Sue V16A
Chicoine, Carole V5AB
Corley, Joni V3A
Crets, Gary V10
D’Amico, BJ Betty V10
Dentinger, Mary Lou V16B
Derosier, Linda V35A
Diddy, Ann V26A
Doctor, Dottie V41A
Dyer, Jan V16A
Garrison, Cathy V5AB
Gavis, Grace V16A
Geiger, Pat V25A
Geisler, Susan V20
Hanson, Jean V26C
Hanstock, Joyce V4
Harcarik, Sharron V43C
Harris, Hilde V24A
Horst, Jim V38B
Martin, Sara V13
Matthews, Carol V23
Mayer, Debby V10
McMenamin, Paula V26A
Mendez, Irma V26C
Nakao, Carol V10
Norman, Julie V41A
Petit, Mary V10
Peyton, Davis & Margaret V43AB
Piercy, Jay V3A
Radcliffe, Paul V10
Ridley, Larry & Kathi V10
Rognlien, Jan V5AB
Sanderson, Phil V22A
Jamieson, Burna V42A
Sharief, Al V40A
Jewell, Susan V16A
Shuttleworth, Nancy V41A
Johnson, Terry V5AB
Slotsve, Sherrill V16B
Kaul, Sandee V16A
Stanwood, Alyce V16C
Kempe, Theresa V16A
Stults, Craig & Ann V25A
Kleman, Marianne V16A
Taylor, Gerry & Patricia V19B
LaFave, Carla V20
Tijsseling, Gita V41A
LeCara, Tony V35B
Walker, Tangi V38A
Lopez, Lavaughn V7B
and handle any problems in person. Also, be
suspicious of “flyers’ for pizza in hotel rooms.
You call in the order and give a credit card
number, and the pizza may never show up. You
need to establish that you will pay on delivery.
Mobile Fix-A-Dent Scam – On September
21, a subject approached a resident whose car
was parked outside. He offered to remove a
dent in the car for the sum of $25. The resident
refused and asked for a business card, so subject
got in his own vehicle and drove away. He is
a white male, 5’10’’ to 6’ tall, thin, with dark
hair in need of cutting.
Mission Statement Of Neighborhood
…To strengthen neighborhood ties
…To increase personal safety and security
...To be the “eyes and ears” of the Lincoln
Police and Fire Departments
…To encourage emergency preparedness
Please check out this year’s list of Honor
Roll residents elsewhere on this page.
We are pleased to welcome new Mail Box
Every month
people in
Sun City turn
to our pages
for the latest on
community news!
Captains in the following villages:
Kathy Beauchamp, Village 20; Heather
Cooper, Village 21; Sherry Howard, Village
21; Rob Howe, Village 20; Bonnie King,
Village 20; Christine Negres, Village 13;
Diane Quintarelli, Village 15; and Mike Varin,
Village 31 B.
Also, Bill Carvalho, has agreed to be CoCoordinator in Village 35B.
We still need Coordinators in the
following villages: 8A, 8B, 14 16B, 19B, 22A,
24C, 24D, 26C, 30A, 30C, 32A, 34A, and 39.
Remember, you need not live in a village
in order to serve as a Mail Box Captain or a
Coordinator. You can ADOPT any village
in need of helpers.
Neighborhood Watch changed the date
of the annual Dessert Potluck from November
7th to a November 1st Breakfast Potluck. We
thank all of you who attended and shared
yummy breakfast treats. The next issue of Sun
Senior News will name the new Directors and
Officers who were elected at that meeting.
If you are interested in helping with
Neighborhood Watch, please contact Executive
Director Larry Wilson at [email protected]
com or Pauline Wilson at [email protected]
If you are new to SCLH or have missed
a previous chance to attend an orientation
meeting, mark November 18 on your calendars.
New residents are encouraged to attend
these gatherings held every other month
in the Solarium in Orchard Creek Lodge.
Attendees will hear from the Association, the
representatives of various departments, and
from Neighborhood Watch. The forum begins
at 1:00 PM and goes for about two hours. No
reservations are necessary; just show up outside
the solarium and sign in with the Neighborhood
Watch representatives.
The last segment of our Lincoln history
deals with a few families who were pioneers in
the town. In 1880, Charles Beerman opened
a harness shop at 5th and F Streets and also
served as town treasurer beginning in 1892.
His sons Elmer and Carl operated a meat
market from 1909 until 1930 in the IOOF
Building constructed in 1864. It is the site of
what became Beerman’s Restaurant and Bar
that served Lincoln and environs successfully
in more recent times until it shut down in 2012.
Elmer ran the meat market until 1950. The
upstairs ballroom was thought to be haunted
and was the site of a couple of radio shows
about paranormal happenings.
Many of the early immigrants to Lincoln
were of Danish heritage, and the Jansen family
was one. Walter Jansen came from Denmark
in 1877 at the age of 15. He spent over 10 years
working on farms before he opened a grain
store along the main road, an imposing brick
building with a loading dock so that farmers
and ranchers could pull up to the dock and
more easily load bags of grain and seed. By
1900, the business grew to include the entire
block, and the structure still stands today. The
Jansens, father and sons, served Lincoln for
more that 50-years, and Walter was honored
by the community for his business partnership
with the Lincoln community.
There were three drug stores in the town
of Lincoln, one of which belonged to William
Ingram. It was in his family for 75-years.
John Alexander opened one on 5th Street in
1916 and continued there until the mid 1940s.
Arthur Leavell started his drug store in the
1890s and operated it until 1906.
This is a fascinating history, which
somewhat softens the news that the very first
business opened in the town of Lincoln was:
a saloon. Pick up the “Images of America”
paperback book about Lincoln and learn more.
Please read the names of our volunteers
on the annual Honor Roll, and a Happy
Thanksgiving to all!
Helping Hands
24 Hour Personal Care
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Observant readers may have noticed
the absence of “Observations” in last
month’s issue. The reason for this will be
given later on in this column. So read on.
No, no fair peeking, read on. Way back
in August, which seems a long time ago,
Beverly and I went on an Alaskan cruise. I
usually report on some observations when
returning from a cruise. The truth is that
my observations are not too different from
those made after our first cruise some 15
years ago. I commented then on how
many passengers were baffled by the ship’s
elevators and the same was true this time.
People would get in an elevator and ask
if it was going up or down. Wives would
ask husbands or vice versa if they were
getting off at six or seven. And, as before,
the ship’s elevators always seemed to be
going in the opposite direction to where
you wanted to go.
Also, as on previous cruises, the
cruise director introduced all the shows
and came out after them to tell us what
other great activities were going on and
he was always so cheerful that he made
the old ever-smiling airline stewardesses
seems like grouches. There was the usual
comedian who was, at best, semi-funny,
and told jokes about how small the ship’s
bathrooms were, all too true. But one
thing was different this time. I noticed
how many passengers had canes, walking
sticks, walkers and even (a few) were in
wheelchairs. I noticed this because I
myself had a walking stick (not a cane, yet),
thanks to an arthritic hip. I remember one
time we got on a elevator, going in the
right direction, and three other persons
were on, all with their sticks. In fact, we
might have made up a majority of the
ship’s passengers.
As on a cruise two years ago, Beverly
volunteered for a “pop” chorus, which
performed on the last night. I took a video
of the chorus with my trusty iPad, which,
after a few minutes, told me I’d run out of
space. I only mention this because most
videos, like the one I was attempting, are
innocent enterprises. It can be otherwise,
as when we returned and there were the
videos of the ISIS beheadings and the
video of Ray Rice punching out his wife.
Both of these had devastating effects and
I can think of other videos which came to
light and ruined persons’ careers. The
truth seems to be that almost everything
we do nowadays comes under surveillance
and can come back to haunt us. Pretty
frightening, when you come to think of it.
All in all, the cruise to Alaska, our
fourth, was pleasurable. Unfortunately,
as soon as we returned home, both
Beverly and I were hit by that most feared
phenomenom, the post-cruise cold, and
these were really nasty colds. This was
especially bad for me because---now
comes the revelation---I was scheduled
for hip replacement surgery in three
weeks. I was supposed to report a cold
and for a time I feared that the surgery
was in doubt. At my visit to the surgeon
I had a coughing fit. When Beverly and
I went to my physical exam appointment
we both had to wear masks so as not to
infect anybody. Nevertheless, the surgery
went on, even though I still had a lingering
cough. On the cruise I’d met no less than
six people, all women, strangely, who’d
had hip replacements, some recently.
To a man, I mean to a woman, they told
me not to worry, I’d be happy I’d done it.
Needless to say, this being my natural
disposition, I started to worry (still am).
Staying in a hospital, as readers who’ve
had that experience know, is an adventure.
I could fill a book with LLA/s after just
a three-day sojourn. Let me describe
just a few. Meals were delivered on a set
schedule, usually at some inconvenient
time. (As for the food, well, it was hospital
food.), If you needed a certain medication
it had to be ordered and go through
the hospital bureaucracy for approval.
Getting discharged was more difficult
than breaking out of a maximum security
prison. I kept track and it took over four
hours between the time I was “discharged”
and the time I was actually free.
Regarding the surgery itself, the
doctor assured me the new hip was in
there as solid as a rock. I hope that I can
eventually report that the ladies on the
cruise were right and that I was happy
I’d gone through with it. Readers who
read last months “Favorite Restaurants”
and then the article on my e-books please
note that any book sales will speed my
recovery. By the way, I’d written that an
article on State retirees who are writers,
hopefully myself among them would be
in the October Retiree newsletter. It has
been put off until the November issue
so please keep an eye at. No “Favorite
Restaurants” this month as I have only
one report (by letter) and Beverly and I
haven’t been eating out.
and let them
know you saw
their ad in the
Sun Senior News!
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
Seniors Need to Know!
Know Your Medicare Rights
As a person with Medicare, do you have
any rights and protections? You certainly do!
You have rights whether you’re enrolled
in Original Medicare – in which you can
choose any doctor or hospital that accepts
Medicare – or Medicare Advantage, in which
you get care within a network of health care
Your rights guarantee that you get the
health services the law says you can get,
protect you against unethical practices, and
ensure the privacy of your personal and
medical information. You have the right to be
treated with dignity and respect at all times,
and to be protected from discrimination.
You also have the right to get information
in a way you understand from Medicare, your
health care providers, and, under certain
circumstances, Medicare contractors. This
includes information about what Medicare
covers, what it pays, how much you have to
pay, and how to file a complaint or appeal.
Moreover, you’re entitled to learn about
your treatment choices in clear language
that you can understand, and to participate
in treatment decisions.
One very important right is to get
emergency care when and where you need
it -- anywhere in the United States.
If you have Medicare Advantage,
your plan materials describe how to get
emergency care. You don’t need permission
from your primary-care doctor (the doctor
you see first for health problems) before you
get emergency care. If you’re admitted to
the hospital, you, a family member, or your
primary-care doctor should contact your
plan as soon as possible. If you get emergency
care, you’ll have to pay your regular share
of the cost, or copayment. Then your plan
will pay its share.
If your plan doesn’t pay its share, you
have the right to appeal.
In fact, whenever a claim is filed for
your care, you’ll get a notice from Medicare
or your Medicare Advantage plan letting
you know what will and won’t be covered.
If you disagree with the decision, you have
the right to appeal.
You don’t need a lawyer to appeal in
most cases, and filing an appeal is free. You
won’t be penalized in any way for challenging
a decision by Medicare or your health or
drug plan. And many people who file appeals
wind up with a favorable outcome.
For more information on appeals, you
can read our booklet “Medicare Appeals,”
available at
Or call us, toll free, at 1-800-MEDICARE.
You can also file a complaint about
services you got from a hospital or other
provider. If you’re concerned about the
quality of the care you’re getting, call the
Quality Improvement Organization (QIO)
in your state to file a complaint. A QIO is
a group of doctors and other health care
experts who check on and improve the care
given to people with Medicare.
You can get your QIO’s phone number
at or by calling
Many people with Original Medicare
also enroll in Medicare Part D prescription
drug plans. Here, too, you have certain
For example, if your pharmacist tells
you that your plan won’t cover a drug you
think should be covered, or it will cover the
drug at a higher cost than you think you’re
required to pay, you can request a coverage
If that decision isn’t in your favor, you
can ask for an exception.
Ask for an exception if you, your doctor,
or your pharmacist believes you need a drug
that isn’t on your drug plan’s list of covered
medications, also known as a formulary.
For more details, read our booklet,
“Medicare Rights and Protections,” at
David Sayen is Medicare’s regional
administrator for Arizona, California,
Hawaii, Nevada, and the Pacific Territories.
You can always get answers to your Medicare
questions by calling 1-800-MEDICARE
The views expressed here are those of Mr.
David Sayen, and do not necessarily represent
those of the Commission or individual
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Each office independently owned and operated.
3400 Douglas Blvd., Suite 260, Roseville CA 95661
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
(cont’ from page 41)
Apple Salad - $19.19, House Roasted Turkey
Breast – 21.75. This menu includes rolls,
butter, coffee or tea, dessert, and gratuities.
RSVP with meal choice to: Deirdre Ryan –
408-0580 and mail your check to SCOOP – 200
Shadow Lake Pl.
Space is limited – Please reserve as soon
as possible.
Dues for SCOOP are $12 annually, per
household. If you would like to join and pay
your dues now, your membership will run
through December of 2015! Now is a great time
to join our organization and take advantage
of all it has to offer our four-legged friends
and their owners.
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Window & Patio Door Repair Specialist.
916-764-1757. State Contractors License
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THIS CLEAN HOUSE By Andrea 916960-8667. License and bonded, 10 years
experience, Lincoln resident.
years experience, prices may very, call for
appointment. 916-220-8721.
repairs. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, mobile,
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Sacramento, Oakland, SFO, Pier 35. License
TCP25881P, Insured. Apex Transportation,
916-344-3690. www.apextransportation.
HOME SWEET Home House Cleaning.
Serving Sun City for the past 13 years.
Owner/operator, Sun City resident. $10
off your 1st cleaning. 916-205-0404.
NEED A RIDE to doctor’s appointment,
airport or shopping? Call your SCLH
neighbor, Dianne! 916-434-8961. SAC Int’l
$50. Lic#106453.
computer service with a personal touch.
Senior Citizen Discounts! Free pick up,
delivery. Your personal A+ certified
computer tech is Steve. www.comp-solve.
com. 916-435-4293.
HOME. LH Resident/RE Broker will list
your home for only 1.5%! Full service, less
cost! DRE#01195871. SELL n SAVE w/
Cindy. Action Realty: 916-543-3050. www.
HEALTHY FEET PLUS: RN specializing
in in-home foot care and health coaching
for diabetics and those with problem feet,
difficult nails and calluses. Call Debbie at
JOAN’S PET SITTING: Licensed, bonded/
insured, references. Daily visits to your
home. SCLH resident 916-505-5000 or
[email protected]
Quality work, reasonable rates: Electrical,
gardening, fence repair, power washing,
window cleaning, gutter cleaning, hauling,
& more. Please call 916-225-2551.
869624. Valves replaced, drip systems
checked, timers, broken pipes. 916-2233706.
help make it fun and easy with tutoring at
your home. Internet, email, digital pictures,
Word, Excel, etc. Call Kendra 543-0618.
Please patronize our
We are the “Power of Two” ... providing clients
with our knowledge, integrity, dependability,
experience, and personalized service.
Bill & Jan Rexrode
EJSFDU 916.408.3997
and let
you saw
their ad
in the
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
for a 10’x12’ room. Over 50 colors.
Good references. Randy 916-847-4357.
Computer help in your Home. 15%
Computer! Viruses, Bugs, Spyware,
Malware, Adware, Tracking Cookies,
Trojans & Internet Popups removed. New
PC setup, Wireless, High Speed Internet,
Tune-ups, Upgrades, System Restores,
New installation, Customized PC Training
in your HOME, or general PC HELP. PO
Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg #85117.
Call Jerry at 916-663-4500.
WANTED: To rent a small RV for
occasional use. Call Brenda, 916-253-7537.
TRUCK, SUV. I pay more than Car Max,
Montie Boatwright LHSC resident. 916434-5089.
cash, free appraisals, discreet, I pay more!
Private collector, SC resident. Call Jerry
WANTED: Buying cars, trucks, SUV’s,
consignments welcome. Les Van Pelt, 12yr
LH resident. 916-837-7659.
WANTED: Old/Antique Rifles, Double
Barrel Shotguns. Damascus OK. SCLH
collector. Call John 916-408-4442.
MAUI & TAHOE Condos 2BR/2BA from
$ 1 5 0 / n t . By SCLH owner Gil Van
Valkenburg. 800-733-3603.
Maui, Ocean -
Maui, Wailea - www.homeaway.
com/368174. Tahoe, Incline - www.
Rental: Beautiful Irish Beach Ocean view
home, exclusively age 55+, 530-217-3881., www.
FOR RENT: Furnished SCLH home
starting Dec. 1st. $1,800/per month plus
depost. Call 530-440-4278.
CASITA AVAILABLE: Full or part/time
use in exchange for guy or gal to prepare
dinner, occasional driving, etc. Helper/
companion wanted for self-sufficient
elderly lady. Call Susan at 415-479-2114 or
[email protected]
CARING FEMALE companion for female
resident in exchange for room and board.
Please call 916-212-2837.
WANTED: 55+ female to share a
2bedroom/2bath, clean & comfortable
house in Lincoln Hills. Master brm/bath
available. Share costs of most utilities,
community amenities available, OC Lodge,
pools, gym; etc. 760-994-6944 cell.
FOR SALE: End table - beautiful silver
metal $95. Decorate mirrors, accent chairs.
Forged iron chandelier $150. 916-408-4313.
FOR SALE: 8 FT. dining table & 6 chairs
plus large buffet $750. 916-408-1722.
Classified ads are not taken over the phone. Submit by mail only. Ads must be received
by the 15th of the month to appear in the following issue.
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unsuitable. ERRORS can be compensated only if the negligence is ours, and we are
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materially affects the content and advertising value of the ad. Compensation will be in
the form of additional advertising space or credit, and will not exceed the value of the
ad. Your canceled check is your receipt.
FOR SALE: 2-Glass front niches at East
Lawn Sacramento. Call Conner, 916-4081968 or Parham 916-732-2000.
FOR SALE: 77 Jazz CDs DVD set History
of Jazz. $75. Call 916-543-0638.
FOR SALE: Twin adjustable bed w/pure
latex mattress, remote massage, excellent.
$400. 916-253-7172.
FOR SALE: Cross Country Skis, boots,
bindings, poles, 2-sets. $50 each, like new.
FOR SALE: Babylock Serger, like new,
4-thread, differential feed. Call for info.
GARAGE SALE: NOV. 15 & 16, 8am –
2pm. 965 Yosemite Lane, Lincoln.
ER 15!
Sun Senior News has a distribution of 7,500 copies, which go directly to
residents in Sun City the first week of each month.
Write your ad on the form provided and mail to:
Sun Senior News - Mailing Address:
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3 PMB 405
Roseville, CA 95747
FOR SALE: TWO-white twin headboards,
near new $150. Classic style. 916-408-3607.
FOR SALE: Hummel figurine, Ride into
Christmas Hummel Porcelain Doll. 916408-7478.
FOR SALE: Hitchcock Rocker $200. Call
after 4PM. 916-434-7878.
Upright high speed, 1 Super Buster BMaxi
Power Compact w/attach. Both have extra
belts & bags. $50. 916-408-3616.
FOR SALE: Louis L’Amour collection,
good condition, paperbacks. $100 (91). Call
END STRESS! Enjoy a normal stress free
life with the L.I.F.E. Biofeedback System.
Read more about the Biofeedback at the
World Health Organization’s Website, Search for “Biofeedback”.
I have the complete computer system and
all attachments. Paid $14,500. Will consider
offers. 916-408-1280.
FOR SALE: AT&T iPhone5 – 16GB, black,
good condition. 916-408-7476.
FOR SALE: Piano, Yamaha Clavinova
CLP170, Rosewood, 38 voices, PC interface,
song recorder, advanced keyboard. $1,000.
FOR SALE: Stained Glass Equipment. New,
never used. Inland diamond grinder, plus
additional accessories, $150. 916-408-1392.
FOR SALE: Tow bar with 2-inch ball for
2-inch receiver, free. 916-408-5581.
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Lost and found items/pets. Notices of meetings or events by local non-profit groups.
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Name: ______________________________________________________________
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City: _________ Zip: _____________ Daytime Phone: _____________________
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • NOVEMBER 2014
For Sale
Since 1991
Don’t Trust Computer
Generated Home
Value Estimates
Call us for an
Expert Home Price Evaluation
George Brown
Recent Sales in Lincoln Hills
2444 Rubicon Lane
2784 Black Hawk Lane
1307 Shadow Glen Court
101 Lasso Lake Court
111 Walden View Court
Recent Listings in Lincoln Hills
1525 Hackberry Lane
2927 Coopers Hawk Loop
2249 Monument Drive
2655 Blue Heron Loop
2669 Black Hawk Lane
Upcoming Listing!
This one is special.
Popular Alpine plan on a full 1/4 acre
lot. Side yard has 9 fruit trees - an easy
to care for orchard. For the active
senior who wants space
to garden and grow.
Not on MLS, but we are
cooperating with outside agents.
Call if interested.