Greetings!! My name is Natnael T. Hamda (PhD) and I am...

My name is Natnael T. Hamda (PhD) and I am originally from Ethiopia. I came to Poland for my
PhD study at Jagiellonian University through the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, funded
by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme, and ran from September 1,
2009, to August 30, 2014 ( Prior to joining this fellowship programme I
worked as a lecturer at Addis Ababa University, the biggest and oldest university in Ethiopia.
Beside my teaching and research work I founded two family owned Engineering companies,
Hamda Engineering Consult plc and Multi-D Engineering Consultancy plc.
During my stay in Poland, I am very happy to know Sebastian Żmudzki. Our relationship dates
back to January 2010, when I came to Krakow, Poland for my PhD interview. Then after I joined
Jagiellonian University, our acquaintance continued and even we started discussing business
partnership. Finally, we layout the foundation of Hamda Trade, a company that imports coffee
from Ethiopia and roasts and distributes in European market with a brand name Etno café. Mr.
Żmudzki played a significant role in the foundation and the success of the company. He went to
Ethiopia and explored the different types of coffee and selected those suitable to the European
market and make a deal with the people responsible for supply of the coffee. To that end he
travelled to the different parts of the country and helped him to see more opportunities for
business and cultural relationship between Ethiopia and Poland. After he visited the Athletes
village in Asella, my birth place, he became more interested to send young athletes from Poland
to the athletes’ village. As part of this big plan, we already talked with the officials responsible
for the training programe in the center and they express their willingness to work together.
To give you a brief introduction of Asella, it is located in central Ethiopia, some 150 km. from
the capital city, Addis Ababa. The place is typically known for its highest altitude, 2500 – 3000
m a.s.l. This high altitude makes the place suitable training spot for medium and long distance
runners. All most all men and women world class long distance runners, including Kenenisa
Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie, Derartu Tulu, Tirunesh Dibaba and other Dibaba’s family came from
Asella. Currently me and Sebastian are working in the establishment of Olkusz-Asella
partnership, if possible to make them sister cities. As first step we are organizing training camp
in Asella, in which Olkusz young athletes will get the opportunity to train alongside world best
I would like use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sebastian Żmudzki, his
family and friends to made me fell at home all the time. I wish the residents of Olkusz a
prosperous future and to excel with all aspects of the future.
Sinceerily yours
natnael hamda
Natnael T. Hamda
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, 55108 MN