Bulletin Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Community Newsletter The November 2, 2014

Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Community Newsletter
November 2, 2014
The Commemoration of
All the Faithful Departed (All Souls)
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Parish Office Hours
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Ed Yruma
Greg McDonald  Katie Riley  Geoffrey Scheer
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The Waterfront Project, inc
10 AM – 7 PM
10 AM – 5 PM
Wisdom 3:1–9 The author proclaims hope in
the face of death and persecution. Though we
may suffer in this world, the Lord’s mercy and
salvation are ever near and present to the just.
7:30 AM – 7 PM
9 AM – 7 PM
John 6:37–40 Jesus declares that he came to do
only the Father’s will, which is to save all and
raise those who believe to eternal life.
Sunday Masses
Vigil (Saturday)
5.30 PM
(No music) 8 AM
(Family Mass) 9 AM
10.30 AM
12 Noon
7 PM
Communion Service 12:10 PM
Mass intentions originally scheduled
for Monday will be rescheduled
for the following Friday
Tuesday  Friday
Mass 12:10 PM
Holy Hour
Eucharistic Adoration
11 AM to 12 Noon
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Romans 5:5–11 Paul reminds us that Jesus died
even for sinners. His reconciling and justifying
acts prove his love, which remains in us through
the Holy Spirit.
Weekday readings
Daily Liturgies
First Thursday
of the Month
Sunday Readings
To grow the Catholic Community of Ss Peter and Paul in faith,
Monday  Thursday
hope, and love.
Saturday – Sunday
Ss Peter and Paul strives to be an inviting Catholic community,
inspired by Jesus Christ, where we grow a rich sacramental life Church Hours
through prayerful worship and service to our neighbors with one
Sunday  Friday
Pastoral Team
Msgr Robert S Meyer, Esq
[email protected]
5:00 PM sharp
Ministry for the Sick
If you are aware of any parishioners who
no longer can come to Church and would
like to receive Communion and a visit
from someone at our Parish please call
the Parish Office.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing legal assistance to
disadvantaged individuals.
Prayer Intentions of the Holy Father
Elizabeth F Caraballo, Esq FOUNDING DIRECTOR for November
www.thewaterfrontproject.org Tel: 201.308.3986
General intention: Lonely people. That all
who suffer loneliness may experience the
Hoboken Catholic Academy
closeness of God and the support of others.
Proud co-sponsor of Hoboken Catholic Academy
Missionary intention: Mentors of semith
555 7 Street, Hoboken, NJ  201.963.9535
narians and religious. That young seminarMatthew McGrath, MA, MEd PRINCIPAL ians and religious may have wise and wellwww.hobokencatholic.org
formed mentors.
Monday St Martin de Porres
Philippians 2:1–4 / PS 131:1BCDE, 2, 3 / Luke
Tuesday St Charles Borromeo
Philippians 2:5–11 / PS 22:26B-27, 28-30AB,
30E, 31-32 / Luke 14:15–24
Philippians 2:12–18 / PS 27:1, 4, 13-14 / Luke
Philippians 3:3–8 / PS 105:2-3, 4-5, 6-7 / Luke
Philippians 3:17—4:1 / PS 122:1-2,
3-4AB, 4CD-5 / Luke 16:1–8
Philippians 4:10–19 / PS 112:1B-2, 5-6, 8A AND
9 / Luke 16:9–15
This Week's Mass Intentions
Saturday, November 1
5:30 pm
† Anna Roberts
Sunday, November 2
All Souls Day
All Masses † For all the Souls of
the Faithful Departed
Tuesday, November 4
12:10 pm Frances Rossi
Wednesday, November 5
12:10 pm
† Richard P. Metelski
Thursday, November 6
12:10 pm
† Diana & Patsy Toscano
Friday, November 7
12:10 pm
† John Salletto
Saturday, November 8
5:30 pm
† Joseph Mongan
Sunday, November 9
8:00 am Louis P Gargiulo, Jr
9:00 am Rosa Montalvo
and Rafael Roman
10:30 am † Deceased Members of the Rosary Society
12:00 pm † Dorothy and Patrick Mazzeo
7:00 pm † Fr Francis Hennessey
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As we delve deeper into the Fall, we have
come to the annual requirement from
the Archdiocese of Newark to "count" parishioners who attend each weekend and
weekday mass. Every parish in the Archdiocese is asked each year, once in the Fall
and once in the Spring to note how many
people attend (and contribute) to each
parish mass.
As we prepare to do so, I remind you that
these counts are important for us in order
to substantiate the many services that
we provide. In a small city like Hoboken,
five Churches may in fact be too many
for the Catholic population that actually
"practices" their faith.
Packed pews at the 9 AM Mass last week,
as the Choir from Hoboken Catholic
Academy leads the liturgical music.
Vessels of Grace
By Kathleen M BASI
Shortly after the birth of my second child, who was
diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the delivery
room, my husband and I received a letter. It was
from a man in our parish whom we didn’t know very
well. In it, he shared his experience as the parent of
a grown daughter with Down Syndrome. My husband and I wept as we read his heartfelt words and
the contents of the spiritual bouquet he promised
to offer on our behalf. It was healing for us, a touch
of grace. From then until he died, he met us at the
door of the church every Sunday with words of encouragement and snuggles for our daughter. In this
way, his memory remains alive. That’s the beauty of
the communion of saints.
The dead can pray for us, and we can pray for them,
but it’s more than that. We remember those who
went before us by imitating their example of holy
living. The giants, canonized or uncanonized, are
not the only ones whose lives illuminate the path
of holiness. The everyday saints who cross our paths
often provide the most real examples to follow in
daily living because their lives are just like ours.
They, too, have mortgages and overflowing calendars, irritating coworkers, and children who push
their buttons and break their hearts. Yet somehow
they seem to possess a peace nothing can take away.
Remember that woman who never let a harsh or
judgmental word cross her lips…the grandparents
who recited the rosary every day without fail and
Please be sure to talk with your family and friends to encourage them to
register, attend and support their parish,
whichever it is and wherever it may be. In
these days of tightening belts and using
our resources in the best possible way, we
need to be sure not to waste the time, talent and treasures entrusted to us.
Here at Ss Peter and Paul, I have noted in
the last few weeks, our own Sunday 7 pm
mass has seen both a drop in attendance
and in the basket collection. In order for
us to sustain this mass into the future, we
will need to substantially increase both.
If this is a mass that you attend, please be
sure to do your part and encourage others to join you.
As always, thanks for your love and support of our parish.
Fr Bob
Second Collection today:
Archdiocesan Assessment
In 2014 this parish must
pay $141,444 to the
Archdiocese. That’s
$11,787 per month.
We need your help.
Thank you for your generosity
today and always.
used it to pass the time on road trips…the uncle who
was never too busy to help repair a faucet or mow
the lawn?
The world is full of these “little s” saints. In quiet,
unobtrusive ways, they inspire us by taking the circumstances that feel overwhelming to us and use
them as stairways to heaven. To honor them, we can
imitate their example.
Consider this: Your actions have
a direct impact on the lives other
people across the world. How
you choose to spend and/or
invest your money, the career you
pursue, your participation or lack
of participation in the democratic
process all have positive or
negative impact on the lives of
others. Ensure that your influence
makes a positive impact. If you
use your influence to address the
problems of today and you can
help build the world of tomorrow.
7 Lessons from the Vatican’s Wild and Crazy
Synod on the Family
By David Gibson
Religious News Service
Pope Francis and senior Catholic
leaders wrapped up their two-week
Vatican summit on the challenges
of modern family life on October 19
without reaching a consensus on
a number of hot-button topics. So
where does that leave Francis’ papacy? And the church? Here are seven
A midpoint status report on the debate among some 190 cardinals and
bishops was described as a “pastoral
earthquake” because of its unprecedented (for Catholic churchmen)
language of welcome of and appreciation for gay people, as well as divorced-and-remarried Catholics and
cohabiting couples.
2. Reformers may
win the war
That could be a Pyrrhic victory, one
that cost more than it was worth. If
the controversial passages did not
reach the two-thirds benchmark they
nonetheless won strong majorities. In
addition, a growing number of reformminded bishops say they voted against
the contentious proposals because
they did not go far enough in emphasizing the church’s welcome, respect,
and value for gays and lesbians.
Many other synod participants, including Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of
Louisville, KY, head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, also made
A Soul’s Legacy
Director of Evangelization
[email protected]
to piece together vignettes of life through historical records: addresses and occupations, the age and
number of children, whether they rented or owned,
if they lived in a flat, over a store, with other relatives
or took in boarders, and whether they had received
their sacraments. All of these things plus what was
happening locally and globally helped me “know”
them. For most, life was difficult. Many were poor. I
located news clippings and obituaries for children hit
by a streetcar, or runaway horse, or who succumbed
to an illness that is no longer a threat. I learned about
their neighbors and what part of town they lived in,
and if they were active members of their church or
community. In addition to facts, my research generated questions that had no answers, like how they
spent their day, if they did acts of charity, who were
the silent saints among them, and who might have
been affected by a simple kindness, or a friendship
between neighbors that changed a life for the better.
Early in my marriage, when my husband was in law
school, I decided to trace my family history. Stories
about stout-hearted immigrant ancestors who
scraped together the fare for passage, and willingly
left their families and everything they knew for what
they hoped was a better life used to break my heart.
But those stories also inspired me. These were sturdy
and brave souls; braced for whatever awaited them
on the distant shore. I felt compelled to know them
better because I shared some of those traits.
1. Hard-liners won the battle
The media tsunami over that apparent breakthrough panicked conservatives, who waged an intense public
and private campaign to make sure
none of that language — apparently
favored by Francis himself — made
it into the synod’s final report. They
succeeded, and even the few watered-down paragraphs on gays and
remarried Catholics did not reach
the two-thirds threshold needed for
formal passage. Hard-liners claimed
victory, and headlines spoke of Vatican “backtrack” and a “resounding
defeat” for Francis that left his papacy
a point of using the language of welcome that had been rejected. Controversial efforts to alter church practice
to allow remarried Catholics to receive Communion are also still in play,
prominent church leaders said.
Francis himself also made it clear at
the end of the meeting that he wants
the church to be open to “new things,”
and he ordered that the “defeated”
proposals still be included in the text.
It is likely that over the next year or
two he will also appoint more likeminded cardinals and bishops who
will push for changes.
3. Change is hard
Change is especially hard for the Roman Catholic Church, which likes to
present itself — and its teachings — as
immutable. But history shows that
doctrine has changed (or “developed,”
as theologians say) and many synod
participants reiterated that teachings
could, and should, be adapted for today’s new family realities. Still, finding
the theological language to justify such
shifts, and the pastoral mechanisms to
carry them out, is difficult. The bishops
meeting in Rome (those who weren’t
opposed to any changes) were all over
the map when it came to specifics, and
it may take time to settle on acceptable
solutions, if there are any.
4. Catholicism is ‘flirting
with an Anglican moment’
That’s a phrase New York Times columnist Ross Douthat used on Twitter
in discussing the resistance of African bishops to what they saw as the
synod’s focus on Western concerns
like divorce and homosexuality, and
efforts to adapt church teaching on
those issues in ways that the African
churches would not accept.
The Anglican Communion is the
global network of 38 autonomous
member churches with some 80
million members — including the 2
million-member Episcopal Church,
its US branch. Anglicans have been
divided almost to the point of breaking as African churches have rejected
moves by Western members to open
the sacraments to gays and lesbians.
That dynamic is also a risk for Rome,
as African Catholicism is also growing
in size and influence. Two key differences, however: About 16 percent of
the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics live in
Africa, whereas well over half of all Anglicans are from Africa, and they have
a far greater say in the future direction
of Anglicanism. In addition, Catholic
proposals to be more welcoming to
gays are a far cry from the changes
pursued by some Anglican churches.
5. Speech is free
Amid all the lobbying and armchair
analysis, it’s important to step back
and realize that in the three decades
before Francis was elected pope, bishops, priests and theologians could
have been investigated, censured, silenced or fired for many of the ideas
that were being openly discussed at
the synod.That is perhaps the real
earthquake, and it’s one that Francis
himself wanted.
6. Talk is cheap
On the other hand, be careful what
you pray for. Francis has long urged
Catholics to say what they think
without fear of reprisals. Opening the
synod, he again reminded the participants that he had just one condition
for their talks: “Speak clearly. Let no
one say: ‘This you cannot say.’“
7. Francis is the “Pope of
That’s what Grant Gallicho of Commonweal magazine called the pontiff. Francis and his fellow Jesuits might prefer
to characterize his method as “discernment.” Either way, it means that this
synod was not the end, but the beginning. Nothing has been decided.Pull up
a chair. Discernment can be entertaining as well as enlightening.
At that time there were no online immigration records. Research involved letter writing, contacting
distant relatives for copies of pictures, marriage
licenses, birth certificates, and the hand written details inside the old family bible. It included working
with translators who could communicate with village churches in the old country, and countless Saturdays spent in the New York Public Library combing
through rolls of microfilm for census records, city directories, and vital records. It involved studying maps
and taking road trips. It was a treasure hunt that led
me to an amazing discovery.
I discovered a profound level of human connection
that revealed our divine union with God. I realized
what I was doing was in fact honoring the lives of
those who had passed—ultimately honoring God, of
whose great plan they were a part. Were it not for this
divine union we would not exist. I honor them with
my prayers in a special way on All Souls Day. Remember, the legacy we create begins with living in right
relationship; it dwells deeply in the life of every single
person with whom we share a moment, a kindness,
or a generous act, as well as in the things we do to
ensure a future for those souls who are with us and
those yet to be born. Happy All Souls Day.
My research began with my four grandparents,
which turned into sixteen extended families. On
and on it went. Through the process of collecting
and weaving bits of data into family stories I actually
developed a relationship with my ancestors. I felt I
knew them somehow, and I did. Incredibly, I was able
I do! I do!
Theology Thursday
All are invited to attend a New Program
that is beginning in November.
“I take you... to have and to hold,
from this day forward, for better for
worse, for richer and for poorer, in
sickness and in health, until death
do us part.”
With these brief words a marriage becomes a
living symbol of God’s unfailing love and fidelity.
The couple gives and receives their consent not
only to one another before God, but to the whole
church. With that in mind we ask all parishioners
to keep the following couples in your prayers as
they prepare to be wed this weekend, and that
their life together will be a true sign of God’s love
to the world.
John Maydick &
Lindsay Gallagher
November 8, 2014
We first met in 2002, however it wasn’t
until seven years later that we went on our
first date. Since then we’ve pretty much
been inseparable. Some of the things we
love to do include being with our friends
& families; summers at “the shore”; and
enjoying our downtime in Hoboken.
Our new spirituality program is called “Theology Thursday”. Beginning November 6,
immediately following the 9:30 Liturgy at St
Lawrence you are invited to attend our “Theology Thursday” program. Susan Francesconi
and Sr Joann Marie will take turns leading the
sessions. “Theology Thursday” will consists of
two themes:
„„ Susan will facilitate a study about The
Gospel of Mark, as this is the Gospel that
will be read on Sundays during this
coming Liturgical year.
„„ Sr Joann Marie will consider A Look at
the Saints. During these sessions various
Saints in the Church will be discussed
and talked about.
“Theology Thursday” will take place at the St
Lawrence Community Center on Thursdays after the 9:30 Liturgy — until 11 AM and is open
t parishioners from St Lawrence and Ss Peter
and Paul.
Real Presence
Following is a brief explanation of the term and of the beliefs Catholics hold concerning the “Blessed Sacrament”.
the tabernacle is indicated by the burning candle
in the sanctuary light located near the tabernacle.
Because of our belief in the Real Presence, Catholics show signs of reverence such as genuflecting
or bowing toward the tabernacle on entering and
leaving the church as well as a reverent, low toned,
demeanor while in the church when the Blessed
Sacrament is present. The words: “Be still and know
that I am God...”(Ps 46) comes to mind.
Since the Last Supper, when Jesus broke the bread
and distributed the wine, saying, “This is my Body”
and “This is my Blood”, Catholics have believed that
the bread and wine are no longer merely bread and
wine, but are the actual presence of Jesus in His resurrected, glorified state.
We also believe that Jesus, through the action of the
priest in the act of consecration during Mass (the
Liturgy of the Eucharist), changes the substance of
bread (usually in the form of a wafer or “host”) and
wine into His living presence. The Blessed Sacrament, also called Holy Eucharist, is received by the
faithful in Holy Communion.
Many Catholics find that being in the presence of
the Blessed Sacrament is a source of comfort and
consolation and consider frequent meditation and
prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed (displayed in the ornate vessel called the monstrance)
to be a path to spiritual growth. This devotional
practice is known as Eucharistic Adoration.
We believe that the Real Presence of Jesus in the
form of the Blessed Sacrament does not end when
Communion is complete. The Blessed Sacrament,
in the form of consecrated hosts, is reserved in the
tabernacle. The presence of the Eucharistic Jesus in
“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” This quote from
Alexander Pope touches on one of the basic facts of
human existence. There are times in our lives when
we stray from the right path. We turn away from
God as we pursue of our own plans and desires and,
inevitably, we make mistakes. However, whenever
we stray and fall into sin, even for an extended period of time, we can turn back to the God. God the
Son became a human being in the person Jesus
Christ. While he wants us to work toward perfection, He understands that human nature is flawed.
This is why Jesus gave the Church the sacrament for
Reconciliation: to ensure that, while we live, we can
always turn away from sin and back to Him.
At his first Angelus as pope in March of 2013, Pope
Francis said, “God never tires of forgiving us. It is we
who tire of asking for forgiveness.” While Francis’
words remind us that God is always willing to forgive us, they also point out that guilt, despair, pride,
and other factors prevent us from seeking and accepting His forgiveness.
A short story will illustrate this point. One of my
acquaintances, Jay, is the kind of person whose
presence who brightens up a room. Despite being
87, he is full of energy; his jokes, jovial personality, and inspirational advice manage bring joy and
hope to those around him. This being the case, I
was surprised one day when Jay told me that it was
only within the last seven years that his life should
October 1: Saint Therese of the Child
Jesus had childlike love and trust in
God. She is known for showering roses upon the earth. Can you find her
holding a rose?
October 2: The Holy Guardian Angels.
Each one of us has a guardian angel
protecting us and watching over us.
How many angels can you find?
October 4: St Francis of Assisi founded
the order of Franciscans and lived
simply with the animals, the poor,
be focused on God and others before himself. He
claimed he had made some serious mistakes before
coming to this realization and now feared it was too
late to turn back to God and truly be forgiven. Despite his seemingly positive personality, Jay really
believed he was beyond God’s mercy. I assured him
that it was never too late to seek God’s mercy, but
it occurred to me that the real problem was he had
not forgiven himself.
Shortly after this conversation, I came to realize
that many people face a similar dilemma. They refuse to forgive themselves and therefore assume
that God will not forgive them either. It’s as if they
believe God’s mercy has a deadline and that after
this “deadline” passes, they can no longer turn back
to Him for help.
In reality, it is at times such as these that we need to
reach out to God the most, lest we sink into despair.
Remember, He cares for humanity so much that He
sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to show us His infinite
love. Jesus did this by humbly suffering and dying
on the cross, thereby defeating sin. This eternal sacrifice restored our relationship with God, ensuring
we can always ask for His forgiveness; we experience its power every time we receive the sacrament
of Reconciliation. However, while there is never
a point in life in which it is too late to seek God’s
mercy, we must remember to forgive ourselves if we
truly want to accept His forgiveness.
ing a ruler?
October 6: St Bruno taught theology
and founded the Carthusian order.
He was the assistant to Pope Urban II.
Can you find him reading a book?
October 7: Our Lady of the Rosary.
Pope St Pius V attributed this naval victory to the intercession of the
Blessed Virgin Mary after a campaign
to pray the Rosary throughout Europe. Can you find a rosary?
October 6: Blessed Marie Rose Durocher was the 10th of 11 children. She
helped found the Sisters of the Holy
Names of Jesus and Mary, who serve
as teachers. Can you find a sister hold-
October 9: St Denis was a missionary
to Paris, France, and became the first
bishop of Paris. He was martyred by
beheading. Can you find a boy pretending to be headless?
October 9: St John Leonardi is the patron saint of pharmacists. Can you
find a volunteer taking some medicine?
October 14: St Callistus I. Pope Zephyrinus put Callistus in charge of the
Roman burial grounds, and today this
is called the Cemetery of St Callistus.
Can you find the tombstone decorations?
October 15: St Teresa of Jesus was a
mystical writer and is a doctor of the
Church. Can you find her holding a
October 16: St Margaret Mary Alacoque spread devotion to the Sacred
Heart. Can you find an image of the
Sacred Heart?
October 17: St Ignatius of Antioch was
captured and brought to Rome to be
killed by wild animals. Can you find a
American Bible Society and America cordially
invite you to a talk with N T Wright, Leading New
Testament Scholar, Professor and Author on “Paul
and the Powerful Word: Gospel, Community,
October 18: St Luke was a Gospel
writer. He is often shown with an ox
because it is a symbol of sacrifice. Can
you find a bull?
The conference will take place on Tuesday, November
18, 2014 AT 6:30PM at American Bible Society,
1865 Broadway, New York. Reception to follow. The
event is free and open to the Public. Please respond
by November 15th to Margaret Sarci, American Bible
Society at [email protected]
October 20: St Paul of the Cross
founded the Passionists. Can you find
a priest holding a cross?
October 22: St John Paul II had a special devotion to the Divine Mercy. Can
you find the Divine Mercy image?
October 23: St John of Capistrano lead
an army of 70,000 Christian soldiers
in the Crusades. Can you find a soldier?
An Annulment Information Evening is scheduled
for Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 7:30 PM-Saint
John the Apostle Church, 1805 Penbrook Terrace,
Linden. A staff member of the Tribunal of
the Archdiocese of Newark will provide basic
information about annulments; the requirements
for annulments and how to begin the process
of petitioning for an annulment. There will be
an opportunity for questions at the end of the
session. Pre-registration is not necessary, but for
directions, please call the parish at 908.486.6363.
Hudson Catholic Mothers’ Guild Annual Fall
Auction WILL TAKE PLACE ON Sunday November
9, 2014 AT 12 Noon in the Casino in the Park, Jersey
City. The Alumni Moms will present Hudson
Catholic Mothers’ Guild Annual Fall Auction
Celebrating 50 Years. For more information please
contact Judy Waddleton at 201.659.4641
and the lepers. Can you find St Francis
holding a bird, the “wolf” of Gubbio,
and his friend the Turkish Sultan?
October 16: St Hedwig. After her husband’s death, she gave away her fortune and entered the monastery. Can
you find a girl giving away chocolate
Join us on the first Thursday of every month at 11 AM
for a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration.
Does God’s Mercy Have a Deadline?
Find it!
It’s Halloween and the students in the picture are dressing up in costumes as
their favorite saints. See if you can identify the saints and symbols of October.
October 24: St Anthony Mary Claret
spread devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Immaculate Heart of
Mary. Can you find an image of the
Immaculate Heart?
October 28: Ss Simon and Jude. St Jude
is the patron of hopeless causes, and
St Simon is the patron of woodcutters. Find a club and a saw.
Via: RTJ’s Creative Catechist Magazine
Also, find these characters from the
bible, Moses, Noah, Elisha (he has a
crow on his shoulder) Joseph (see his
stripped coat) and just for fun find
a Brontosaurus, 4 ghosties, Zita the
Space Girl, a Pirate, and a Cyberman.
We Remember Our
Faithful Departed
for the Past Year
†Anna Roberts
†Maureen Heslin
†Ellen MacPorcelli
†Vinko Perkoviv
†Milos Dostal
†Gertrude Kelly
†Charles A Lallo Sr
†Minarni Lilis
†Mitilde Herrera
†Veronica Garvin
†Edward Bracero
†Florence Frustieri
†Ricardo Pineda
†Bernice McDonough
†Clara Cattaneo
†AnneMarie Trapp Dreyer
†Margaret A Erhardt
†Robert J Murillo
†Carlos Albert Moreno
†Xavier Hernandez
†Onofrio Tattoli
We also remember the recently
departed retired members
from the Hoboken Police and
Fire Departments:
†Police Captain Rafael "Ray" Cruz, Jr
†Fire Captain Joseph
F Montecalvo
†Police Lieutenant
Harry J Pinkman
†Firefighter John J Huelbig
†Police Sergeant James
"Jimmy" Mancuso
†Firefighter George F Schlereth
†Police Officer Harry Huncken
†Firefighter George Hendricks
†Firefighter Willie L Pittman
All will be remembered in a
Memorial Mass in November.
Bring Your Donated Food Items
to Church Next Week
As part of our Social Justice
Sundays (the second Sunday
of the month) SPP takes up a
collection for a local charity.
Please take some time to go
shopping this week and bring
your donated items to church
next Sunday for our neighbors at St Matthew-Trinity
Lunch Time Ministry, Hudson
Street, Hoboken. Each day,
the ministry serves lunch to
many guests. Your donated
non-perishable items are very
much needed. Drop off your
items at mass on November 8
& 9. Please do not bring items
to the church office. Thank you
again for your generosity.
Parish Calendar
Saturday, November 1
All Saints Day
3 PM Wedding: Corvino — Richichi
5 PM Confessions
Sunday, November 2
All Souls Day — Also: Daylight Saving Time ends
Monday, November 3
4:15 PM Jr Girl Scouts 12881 / Daisy 12006
6:30 PM Buildings & Grounds Committee
7:00 PM Finance Council Meeting
Tuesday November 4
1:00 PM Piano Tuning
5:30 PM ACOA Meeting
6:00 PM Hoboken Shelter Ministry
Wednesday November 5
10:00 AM Stay. Play. Pray. Weds Morning
Mom's Group
7:30 PM Choir rehearsal
Thursday November 6
9:30 AM Theology Thursday (at St Lawrence
Community Center, 22 Hackensack
Avenue, Weehawken)
1:00 PM Rosary Society Meeting
5:00 PM Wedding Rehearsal:
Van Steenbergen — Alvarez
7:00 PM Knights of Columbus Open House
Friday, November 7
3:00 PM Wedding:
Van Steenbergen — Alvarez
5:00 PM Wedding rehearsal:
Maydick — Gallagher
Saturday, November 8
3 PM Wedding: Maydick — Gallagher
5 PM Confession
Sunday, November 9
at tiny.cc/relay
09 AM
Open the
10 AM Faith Formation — Family Assembly
Relay For Life Cocktail Party
Please join us for a
cocktail party and
silent auction to support the American
Cancer Society Relay
For Life of Hoboken.
The tickets include
passed and stationed
appetizers provided
by the Hoboken Gourmet Company and
a selection of wines
and beers as well as
the opportunity to
bid on amazing silent auction items.
The event will also
include live entertainment
the evening and will
be a fun way to support the American
Cancer Society Relay
For Life of Hoboken. If
you have more questions please call us at
201.457.3418 Ext 2207.
For more than 25
years, people from
communities have
joined together at a
Relay For Life event
to raise funds that
support the American
Cancer Society’s efforts. Relay For Life is a
team event dedicated
to building community spirit and honoring
loved ones who are
affected by the disease.
We Share Hope
Stewardship and Financial Responsibility
We ask a minimum of one hour’s wage from each
working parishioner weekly. Why one hour?
The first hour of the work week is given to God,
imbuing our work with a sense of sacredness and
gratitude. This is a spiritual approach to work and
Yesterday was All Saints’ Day, when we celebrate the
saints. Today is All Souls’ Day, the day we hope and
pray that everyone who has gone before us is or will
be with God. Catholics do a thing that others, including other Christians, find very strange: We talk to “the
faithful departed.” There is a logic behind our practice. When humans are particularly nervous, we ask
for help. Sometimeswe go directly to the person who
can help us, and sometimes we ask others to intercede for us. Most people who believe in God pray, so
we might ask, “Mom, I have a test tomorrow, will you
pray for me?” (You can bet she is also praying as you
drive out of town for spring break.) Do we know how
prayer works? No. Do we know it matters? Yes. Instead of asking our friends to pray for us, could we go
directly to God? Of course. No doubt we do that anyway. So why do we look to other people? Because we
are all in this together. We care about each other. Of
course, Christ has the central place in our prayer life.
He is our intercessor. He is also the one who taught us
to pray with and for each other.
When we pray, we have a lot of company. Other
types of Christians pray for each other. Folks from a
lot of ancient faiths prayed for each other. So what
makes Catholics different? We talk to people who are
dead. And here is why. We don’t think they’re dead.
They were joined with Christ and with us when they
were here. Are they any less concerned for us now?
Of course not. So we ask them, saints and nonsaints
Knights of Columbus
Open House
Have you ever wanted to give your faith a more central role in your life? Are you looking for ways to put
your Catholic faith into action? Do you want access
to some of the best life insurance policies in the US?
Would you to join a social organization that will
help you do all these things and more? If so, come to
the Knights of Columbus Open House here at Ss Peter and Paul for more information. The Open House
will take place on Thursday, November 6, 2014, at 7
PM in the Waterfront Room. Come learn about:
„„ The benefits of joining the
Knights of Columbus.
„„ What being a Knight entails.
„„ How to join the Knights.
Hosted by Neal McGarrity
For a convenient guide on how much is one
hour's wage for you, please go to: spphoboken.
Average weekly
e-giving contribution:
This represents 62% of our weekly expenses.
October 26, 2014
Weekly average expense :
Basket Collection (121 envs):
Fiscal Year 2014-2015
Cumulative expenses:
Fiscal Year 2014-2015
Cumulative Collection:
Deficit for the fiscal year so far:
alike, to intercede on our behalf with God. Christ triumphed over death—his and ours. He is our hope. In
the body of Christ, we share hope.
Make YOUR donation
dollars go further for
Ss Peter and Paul
Many employers offer employees the opportunity
to make contributions to charitable organizations
such as Ss Peter and Paul Church (SPP) through:
IHA Open House
Immaculate Heart Academy will be hosting an
Open House on Wednesday, November 5 from
6:30–8 PM. This is a great opportunity to learn more
about the school, the curriculum, and IHA’s athletic,
art and extracurricular programs. Members of our
administration, faculty, and coaching staff will be
on hand to answer questions. Online preregistration is requested at www.ihanj.com. Call 20l-4456800 for more information. IHA is located at 500 Van
Emburgh Ave. Township of Washington, NJ 07676.
The Academy of Saint
Elizabeth Open House
Where can AOSE take you? Find out at our Open
House at 2 Convent Station, Convent Station on
Thursday, November 6, (7-9 pm) For more information please visit aosenj.org
Miraculous Medal Novena
The Shrine of the Miraculous Medal will host their
prayers, Homily & Benediction in afternoons and
Annual Solemn Novena (Nine Days of Prayer), No-
evenings. Confessions heard on Mondays and
vember 17th to 25th with Fr Michael Whalen, CM.
Thursday. Join us at the Miraculous Medal Shrine,
The Theme is: The Hail Mary: Prayer of Angels, Saints,
500 E Chelten Ave, Philadelphia. Free and secure
and Sinners. Mass, homily and Novena prayers at
parking is always available. Visit www.Miraculous-
7 am, 9am, & 12pm daily except Sunday. Novena
Medal.org for more details.
Payroll withholding deposited into the employer controlled trust account(s)
2. Credit card donations deposited into the employer's controlled trust account(s)
3. Personal checks paid to the employer's controlled trust account(s)
4. Matching gifts
5. Paid work days to serve as a volunteer
You may also designate the Waterfront Project,
Inc (WFP) as your charity of choice. SPP is a major sponsor of WFP, an independent non-profit
providing legal assistance to the underserved.
Contact Lou Scarpa, parish development director at
ddevelopmentspp[email protected] or 201-659-2276 x306
for more information. Your gift combine with your
company's philanthropy is a perfect match for SPP.
Thank you!
E A R L F. B O S W O R T H F U N E R A L H O M E
“Serving the Community Since 1917” ~ Family Owned
Pre-need Counseling for Medicaid • Revocable and Irrevocable Funeral Trusts
James L. Bosworth, Manager, NJ Lic. No. 2988
A man wakes up after sleeping
under an ADVERTISED blanket
on an ADVERTISED mattress
and pulls off ADVERTISED pajamas
61 6th St.
bathes in an ADVERTISED shower
Between Hudson & Washington
shaves with an ADVERTISED razor
brushes his teeth
with ADVERTISED toothpaste
washes with ADVERTISED soap
Open for Dinner
7 Nights
Sunday Brunch
puts on ADVERTISED clothes
drinks a cup
HOBOKEN To LGA $45+ toll
Serving NJ, PA & DE
To EWR $40 • To JFK $60
$5 OFF on $30+
Exp. 8/30/14
[email protected]
of ADVERTISED coffee
drives to work
in an ADVERTISED car
and then . . . .
refuses to ADVERTISE
believing it doesn’t pay.
Later if business is poor
he ADVERTISES it for sale.
Memorial Home
Only your Nonna
can make it better!
John McKnight, Jr.
Owner / Manager, N.J. Lic. No. 3559
Homemade Pasta
Fresh Homemade Mozzarella
Everything made to order...
Let us Cater your Special Event!
David J. McKnight
Owner / Director, N.J. Lic. No. 4766
740 Washington St., Hoboken
(201) 222-2400
Cor. of 6th Street at Willow Ave.
~ Parking on Premises ~
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