CUT 3000S - Serie CNC-Foam Cutting Machines MADE IN GERMANY

CUT 3000S - Serie
CNC-Foam Cutting Machines MADE IN GERMANY
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CUT 3000S - Series
CNC Foam Cutting machine for professional
Polystyrene and Styrofoam production..
All CUT 3000S series cnc foam cutter have
4 movable axes. These axes can be controlled
parallel or independently to cut cones or other
tapered cuts with up to 2 wires simultaneously.
These CNC contour cutting machines are the
first choice for companies with high quantity
The heavy machine table is made of welded
steel profiles and can be freely loaded and
unloaded with a forklift from all sides due
to its open design.
For the CUT3000S machines a cnc-turntable, cnc-lathe, shapeable wire set and
an automatic wire tensioner is optional available.
Architectural Shapes and Models
Industrial-grade machine
PreCast Concrete Molds
Open machine table in a
Letters, Numbers, Logos
solid steel construction - Forklift loadable
Trim, columns
4 independent axes to do tapered cuts
Store Props & Displays
2 cutting wires simultaneously
Theme, movie or theater props
CorelDraw ®, Adobe ®, Autocad ®
Craft and industry
Supported file formats: DXF, PLT
Technical Data
CNC Foam cutting machines
X-Axis (1)
Y-Axis (2)
Z-Axis (3)
CUT 3100S
2.650 mm / 104”
1.650 mm / 65”
1.300 mm / 51”
CUT 3200S
2.650 mm / 104”
1.650 mm / 65”
2.600 mm / 102”
CNC Milling Machines
Contour cutting machines
Gate cutters
Block cutters
Coating machines
(1) Horizontal travel forward / back
(2) Vertical travel up / down
(3) Length of the cutting wire
3D Laser scanners
PU Coating Systems
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Content of Delivery
Machine fully assembled and tested
Machine control, power supply
Power supply for 2 wires, multiwire arms
Machining Software, CAD-Software
Manuals, installation instructions, tutorials
CNC Turntable
1-year technical email and phone support
2-year warranty
The assembling of the machine takes about
3 hours.
A Windows Computer is needed to run the cutting machine.
This computer is not part of the delivery and can be ordered optional.
Shapeable wire
Needed Accessories
Windows PC
Optional Accessories
Windows PC with software
About 6 weeks after receiving
Automatic wire tensioner
CNC Turntable
Insured transportation via Schenker
CNC Lathe
Pickup available
Cutting Wire
Shapeable wire, straight wire
Teamviever training
Training on site
cnc-multitool GmbH | Neuhäuser Weg 1b | D-98693 Ilmenau | Phone +49 (0) 3677 877 233 |
[email protected]
cnc-multitool GmbH
Neuhäuser Weg 1b
98693 Ilmenau
T. +49 (0) 3677 877233
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