St Joseph’s Newsletter Parish

Our Lady’s High School Former Pupils
A reunion dinner [in aid of Our Lady’s High School War Memorial Chapel
Appeal Fund] will take place in Dalziel Park Hotel on Thursday 11th December.
Drinks reception at 7.15 pm Guest speaker Duncan Cameron. Tickets, priced
£30 from Marjory Hughes tel. 013552 23971 or email
[email protected] .
St. Blane’s Primary School
Is your child starting school in August 2015? If you would like to find out more
about St. Blane’s during a short visit bring your child along to meet the staff and
pupils on Tuesday 25th November 1.00 pm –4.00 pm. Or Thursday 27th
November 10.00 am –4.00 pm.
Rood Screen
Partly due to the success of our funding package for the church renovations
Bishop Toal has approved a plan to install a Rood Screen [Calvary] which will
be suspended from roof at the front of the sanctuary. We are negotiating to
purchase and renovate a screen from a previously closed church in England and
will install it in St Joseph’s some time in the New Year. The Calvary has a life
size figures of Jesus, with Mary and John at the foot of the cross. The
installation will be almost four metres [13 feet] in height.
Annual Census
The annual census of Mass attendance will be taken at Masses this weekend.
St Joseph’s Parish Newsletter
St Joseph’s,
Mayberry Place,
G72 9DA
House: 01698 823896
Email: [email protected]
Parish Priest: Rev. Brian Lamb
Ph.B. S.T.L.
Assistant Priest Rev. Rafal Sobieszuk M. Theol.
Deacon Rev. Joseph Dowds
The Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
Charity No. SCO1 11041
9th November 2014
Remembrance Sunday
Times of Services
+ Please Remember in Your Prayers +
Recently Dead:
Ellen O’Neill 15 Spruce Avenue
John Weatherall 73 Craig Street
Cornelius Gallagher, Ian Cunningham.
Months Minds & Anniversaries
Sharon Orr [Houston], Elspeth Rouse, Tobias Murphy, Michael Murphy, Isabell
Canning, Frank Cooney, Janey Campaigne, James McAleenan, John & Margaret
Cushley, John, Molly & James McDonagh, William Lanaghan, Harry Breslin, Margaret
Gorrance, Ann & Frank Innes, Vincent & Helen McGuire, Martin Faulkner, Patrick,
Maria & John Mulvanny, Thomas & Frances Kennedy, Christine Hodson, Pat, Annie,
Frank & Margaret McQuade, Cathie Robertson, Mina McInally.
Vigil 5.00 pm
10.00 am, 12.00 & 6.30 pm
Mon –Fri 1.00 pm
Thurs— also 7.00 pm
Sat 10.00 am
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Thursday 12.30 am - 12.55 am
6.30 - 6.55 pm
9.30 - 9.55 am
& after Vigil Mass.
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Thursday 6.00-6.55 pm
All whose names are placed before our altar
And all who have lost their lives through
War and conflict.
“ He was speaking of the
sanctuary that was his body.”
Church Collection
Church Building Fund
Hall Bookings
Anyone wishing to book the church hall
is asked to phone 0793 200 1210.
Church’s Social Teaching
“…. Our faith demands of us a certain sparingness in use [of
temporal possessions], and the Church is obliged to live and
administer its goods in such a way that the Gospel is proclaimed to the
poor. If instead the Church appears to be among the rich and the
powerful of this world its credibility is diminished.”
Justice in the World, 47
November Lists
November Lists and envelopes are available at the back of the church.
Mass is offered each day during November for all whose names are
included. Your Mass offering may be included in the envelope as all
are opened.
Parish Christmas Cards
The cards are available for purchase. Single cards are 25p and the pack
of four cards is available for 80p.
Advent calendars, Christmas cards calendars are now available from
the stall.
Poppies and a donations box are available at the back of the church
and in the church hall. The monies raised go to support ex-sevicemen
and women who have been disabled or affected by trauma from their
experience on the battlefield.
White poppies are also available at the back of the church. In 1933 the
first white poppy appeared on armistice day. The white poppy was not
and is not intended as an insult to those who died in the war—a war in
which many of the white poppy supporters lost husbands, brothers
sons and lovers—but a challenge to the continuing drive to war. The
following year the newly founded peace pledge union began
widespread distribution of the poppies and their annual promotion.
Monies raised will be used for peace education.
The work is on schedule The lower roofs have been stripped and
felted. The upper scaffolding will be installed over the next two weeks
to begin the work of stripping the upper roof. The Window repair and
replacement should also start on 17th November.
Weekday Masses
Please note that weekday Masses will be at 1.00 pm Monday to Friday
unless otherwise indicated until further notice [May 2015].
Enrolment Request Forms
Parents are asked to collect an enrolment request form at Mass THIS
weekend. Please bring this completed form along to your individual
meeting over the next two weeks for First Communion Candidates and
the following two weeks for First Confession candidates.
First Confession
The list for appointments will be available in two weeks time.
First Communion
Appointment times for this week are available on the radiator at the
back of the church. Please do not add times to the given list.
Parish Web Site
The parish website has been re-launched in a new format and includes
a new pictorial tour of the church. The web address will remain
without change.
Deanery Meeting
You are invited to an open Deanery Meeting in St Joseph’s Church
hall at 7.30 pm on Monday 24th November. Bishop Toal will lead
clergy and parish communities from Hamilton Deanery in a reflection
and discussion regarding present and future staffing and organisation
of parishes within the Diocese. You are encouraged to come along and
participate in the prayer & discussion.
Living Stones DVD
The DVD is available for purchase from the stall. The cost per copy is
£10.00. Sales of the DVD have already covered production costs and
have paid for the renovation of the grave of our first parish priest, Fr.
Thomas Frawley who died in Victoria, Australia only nine months
after leaving Blantyre in ill health in 1880. All monies now raised
from sales will go directly to the church building fund.
Society of the Innocents
Annual Draw tickets are available from the stall, priced 20p per ticket.
First prize is £500 which will be drawn on 22nd November at the
Ceilidh in Holy Family Church Hall, Mossend.
We thank the Brownie & Rainbow Packs for their participation in our
Remembrance Sunday celebration at 10.00 am Mass..