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Please check for what we are currently
accepting and call us at (805) 648-1735 to set up an appointment.
Print & complete this SELLERS AGREEMENT FORM.
Items must be clean and neatly folded. Baby Equipment must
have working batteries.
You may bring a maximum of 2 reusable bags per appointment
If you already know what you plan on doing with your unsold
items please circle here DONATE or PICK UP
Consignment Agreement Form
* Please initial that you have read and agree
____ Percentage: You will receive 40% of the FINAL sales price via check or 60% in store credit – Store
credit can be used at any time as funds accumulate. Checks are only written once per month and need to
be requested by the 10th of any said month for payout on the 15thof that month.
____ Condition: All items must be in gently loved & excellent condition (We will only accept items that
are stain free, have all buttons attached, and zippers in working order, etc.). If any item has a recall issue,
we cannot sell it. Please check your items before you bring them in.
____ Pricing: Prices vary by brand and demand. We research items and usually start clothing at around 30-50% off
retail of pricing. Baby equipment is generally marked 20-40% off retail. All pricing is done at our discretion. Feel free to
shop our racks to get an idea of how we price items while we are sorting through your items.
____ Your Item List: At the time of your appointment, you will be given online access to view pricing and track your
inventory and sales. We typically enter items in the order in which we receive them. Depending on volume, please
allow up to 2 weeks for your inventory to populate and be visible. Your consignment period does not start until items
are priced and on the floor.
____ Consignment Period: We keep your items on our racks for approximately 8-10 weeks. We will notify you if you
have any unsold items. You have the choice of picking up your items (within 7 days) or donating your unsold items.
Items not picked up within 7 days will automatically be donated.
____ Markdowns: We markdown items by 50% after 6 weeks. Our goal is to get you the best, fair, price on your items.
____ Payment Options (check only one):
Mail: We will mail you a check minus a $1 check printing and postage fee
Pick Up: There is no charge to pick up
____ Liability: I will not hold Little Birdy Lane, or its owners, responsible for lost or damaged items due to water, fire,
acts of God or vandalism. We will do our best to safeguard your items!
I, the Seller, have read and understand the preceding and agree to the terms and conditions set forth.
Print Name:
Consignor Number Assigned:
Please print clearly ALL FIELDS BELOW. We promise to respect your privacy and we will never share this information
with anyone. Our business insurance requires us to have this information on file. Thanks for understanding!
Day Phone:
Questions? Email us at [email protected]