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A Level
Biology Credentials
Popularity of specification continues
to grow
Designed for teachers by teachers
Key points of the specifications
• Evolutionary rather than
revolutionary changes
• Contemporary topics retained
• New content added
• Modern, interesting and relevant
• Revised core content
• Task based assessment
• Flexible approach to teaching
Biology | AS Structure
Teaching units
and Assessment
method and
F211 Cells, Exchanges and Transport
•Exchange and transport
F212 Molecules, Biodiversity, Food and
•Biology Molecules
•Food and health
•Biodiversity and Evolution
F213 Practical Skills in Biology
•Controlled internal assessment of
practical skills
Biology | A2 Structure
Teaching units
and Assessment
method and
F214 Communications, Homeostasis
and Energy
•Communications and Homeostasis
F215 Control, Genomes and Environment
•Cellular Control
•Ecosystems and sustainability
•Responding to the Environment
F216 Practical Skills in Biology 2
•Controlled internal assessment of
practical skills
Stretch and Challenge
Stretch and Challenge is a new QCA initiative for A Levels:
Included in A2 assessment
Reflected in the style of question asked which invite a greater variety of thinking
Questions are structured to show more connections between different sections of
the specification
Extended writing is encouraged in all subjects (except Maths0
A wider range of question types – like case studies and open ended questions
More synoptic assessments – exploring connections between different areas and
levels of a subject
A Level
Human Biology
Human Biology Credentials
Distinct from A Level Biology
It offers an interesting and relevant
path for students who want to focus
on biological science, more specifically
on the human animal
Route into higher and further
education for those specialising in
caring professions
Developed by teachers for teachers
Key points of the specifications
• Extended investigation has been
retained in A2
• All content refers direct to the
human body
Human Biology | AS Structure
Teaching units
and Assessment
method and
F221 Molecules, Blood and Gas
•Molecules and blood
•Circulatory and Gas Exchange systems
F222 Growth, Development and
•The Developing cell
•The Developing Individual
•Infectious Disease
•Non-infectious Disease
F223 Practical Skills in Human
•Internal assessment of practical
Human Biology | A2 Structure
Teaching units
and Assessment
method and
F224 Energy, Reproduction and
•Energy and Respiration
•Human Reproduction and Populations
F225 Genetics, Control and Ageing
•The genome
•The Nervous System
•‘The Third Age’
F226 Extended Investigation in
Human Biology
•Internal assessment of practical
What’s in it for you?
Easy to administer
Rewarding to deliver
Flexibility in teaching topics to meet
your needs
Appeals to less experienced teachers
as well as those looking into
broadening their repertoire
What’s in it for your learners?
• Enjoyable and motivational
• Improving performance through
skill based subject
• Stretch and challenge
• Clear, explicit and accessible
question papers
• Build on GCSE knowledge
What’s in it for your school?
The most popular A Level science
Flexibility in curriculum planning
Good progression routes into HE/FE
and from GCSE
• Overarching scheme of work and
sample lesson plans
• E-community
• Exemplar candidate work
• Coursework guidance documents
• Past papers on line for you to
• Exam quest
We are working with publisher
partner Heinemann to provide further
resources to support these
specifications. The student books and
teacher resources are specifically
tailored to the new specification.
Next steps
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