Rewards & Recognition - the Magic Motivator that many Managers Overlook! Tom Dupre

Rewards & Recognition the Magic Motivator that
many Managers Overlook!
Tom Dupre
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Topics to Discuss
• What is Recognition?
• Why Bother?
• Key Components of Successful Recognition
• Role of Management
• Best Practices
What is Recognition
Rewards, awards, recognition….
Acknowledgement of some achievement
Predetermined or unplanned
It promotes behavior you want repeated
Individual or teams
Why Bother?
Benefits of well designed
• Reinforces the strategies/goals of the
• Promotes repeatable behaviors
• Improves morale
• Can promote teaming, communities, etc.
• Can be positioned as a part of a total
compensation package
Types of Recognition
• Organization wide programs
– Anniversaries
– Suggestion programs
– Top achievers
• Management discretion/ nominated
– Employee of Month
– Best when at discretion of manager
• Peer to peer
– Usually many restrictions
Key Components
• Targeted
• Timely
• Public
• Appropriate
• Support strategies and
• Specific behaviors
• Clearly communicated
Framing of Recognition
• Who
– Individuals
– Teams
– Various organizational subsets
• When
– Daily, monthly, quarterly, annually
– As behavior occurs
– Specific events
• How – Always Public
Timely and Public
• Last decision to make when designing a reward process
• Review all other forms of recognition within
• Determine least method for most gain
• Cash or Non-monetary?
Role of Management
Not to be immobilized out of “fairness”
Ensure timeliness
Fully utilize management programs
Be guardian of process
Constantly seek prospects and opportunities
Promote peer programs
Seek assistance in presentation skills as needed
Pitfalls to Avoid
Rewarding wrong behavior
Too little
Too late
Too much
Out of sync with other reward structures
Team Awards
Team Awards
• Divided equally among team members
• Divided proportionally to contribution
determined by management
• Divided proportionally to contribution
determined by the team
A Word about Safety Awards
• Experts not supportive of rewards for “safe”
• Good to have nominal recognition
• Better to promote proactive behaviors to reward
• Best to put efforts into education and process
Best Practices
• Award budget for managers
• Eat your own dog food
• On going publicity
• Options
Thank You
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