Delivering transparency, choice and control for European citizens

Delivering transparency, choice and
control for European citizens
Understanding OBA Self-Regulation in
The need for a Self Regulatory
Programme on OBA in Europe
• Digital advertising is under the political & regulatory spotlight
• Particularly the collection and use of data
• Legislative attempts to regulate data practices are not always
proportionate (e.g. ePrivacy Directive / data protection
• …and threaten the viability of many ad models, and what they
deliver to brands, publishers & consumers
• Innovation can empower & protect consumers
Industry self-regulatory response
• One set of core documents for Europe based on US
principles and tech specs
• The European Principles consist of:
– IAB Europe OBA Framework
– Technical Specifications for use of the OBA Icon
– EASA Best Practice Recommendation on OBA
Key obligations
• WHAT? Main obligations for Third Party OBA
• WHO? Ad networks, technology providers, data
providers, website operators, advertisers, agencies
• WHERE? EEA countries (EU + NOR, ICE and LIE) +
« EASA + » solution
Launch of the EDAA
• Launched Oct. 2012
• Manage SelfRegulatory Programme
Supported by key stakeholders at
EU and Member State level
How is it working in practice?
Delivering a pan-EU approach for
citizens and business
User choice and control
Credible compliance
and enforcement
Icon in or around the ad
OBA Icon
Intermediary page
Icon delivery
Over 120 bn icons delivered
in 2013 by EDAA’s Approved
Icon Providers
“YourOnlineChoices” website: information &
consumer control
• 30 countries and
25 languages
• Peak av. 2 million
visitors / month
(Q4 ’13)
• 90 integrated
Centralised control tool
• The user is offered more
in-depth information on
how OBA works
• The user may, based on
personal choice, select
one of the following
Everything ON
Everything OFF
Manually hand-pick (from the
available 3rd parties)
Link in website footer
Compliance and enforcement
Engaging and Licensing
a. Engage with EDAA to determine licence requirements (via
online application form:
a. Review core documents & licence agreements
a. Sign and return appropriate licence(s):
– 3rd party (icon)
– website operator (icon)
– 3rd party (YOC)
Self Certification and independent
assessment of compliance
Step 1: Self-Certification (6 mths)
– Online form ( where companies declare compliance – info on
company’s OBA policies and practices required
Step 2: Independent assessment of compliance (+ 1 mth)
– 4 independent providers of certification services approved by EDAA
Step 3: Award of EDAA “Trust Seal” (+ 1 mth)
– Trust Seal granted following 30 days ongoing monitoring
Role of national Self-Regulatory
Organisations (SROs)
• « Self-Regulation needs to have teeth »
• SROs under umbrella of EASA – European Advertising
Standards Alliance – responsible for complaints and sanctions
• SROs across Europe to extend their remits to include OBA
(currently ‘live’ in DE, ES, FR, HU, IE, SE, UK, others to follow)
• Independent complaint handling at national level based on
« Country of Origin » priniple
• EASA Cross-Border-Complaints (CBC) system to transfer
complaints to competent SRO
Raising consumer awareness
Campaign creatives
• Launched ’13 in
UK, DE, and IE
• 350m impressions,
>103m unique
• 314k clicks
• Expected to run FI,
(Q2), with all other
markets to follow
What’s next?
Our 2014 outlook…
• Increase industry awareness and participation
• Transition from industry commitments to compliant realities
• YourOnlineChoices
improvements; roll out further countries; optimise mobile version;
develop persistent consumer choice mechanisms
• Adapting the EU Principles to the mobile space
• Engage further with political stakeholders (new intake of MEPs and
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