Beautician By: Brittany Easter

By: Brittany Easter
Graduation Plan
• I want to graduate high school and
get my GED or high school diploma.
Education Plan
• After I graduate high school with
either a diploma or a GED, I plan to go
to college at Heritage College &
Institute in Manassas, VA in a career
field incase my career option doesn’t
go as planned.
• Along with a GED or high school diploma I
need certified and supervised work
• Most states require a license awarded by
accredited private or public vocational
schools, which offer programs in Hairstyling,
Skin Care, Cosmetology and other personal
appearance services.
• Some high schools also offer vocational
courses for beauticians.
• Beauticians must have good interpersonal
and listening skills, along with a positive
attitude when working with customers.
Short-Term Goal
• My short-term goal is to graduate high
school and have a part-time job
working at Wal-Mart in Farmville, VA.
Medium-Term Goal
• My medium-term goal is to earn my
Cosmetology Associate’s Degree from
Heritage College & Institute in
Manassas, VA.
Long-Term Goal
• My long-term goal is to get and meet
all of the requirements to become a
Ultimate Goal
• My ultimate goal is to become a