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Ruskin Bond, (born. 19 May 1934) is an
Indian author of British descent.
In 1992, he received the Sahitya Academy
Award for his short story collection, Our
Trees Still Grow in Dehra, given by the
Sahitya Academy, India's National
Academy of Literature. He was awarded
the Padma Shri in 1999 for contributions to
children's literature. He now lives with his
adopted family in Landour near Mussoorie.
Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal
reversing wind accompanied by corresponding
changes in precipitation, but is now used to describe
seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and
precipitation associated with the asymmetric
heating of land and sea. Usually, the term monsoon is
used to refer to the rainy phase of a seasonallychanging pattern, although technically there is
also a dry phase.
The term was first used in English in British India
(now India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) and
neighboring countries to refer to the big seasonal
winds blowing from the Bay of Bengal and Arabian
Sea in the southwest bringing heavy rainfall to the
area. The south-west monsoon winds are called ‘
Nairutya Maarut' in India.
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