Teen Living 4.03 - 4.04 Practice Job Readiness Skills &

Teen Living 4.03 - 4.04
Practice Job Readiness Skills
Career Opportunities in the Community & Family
Services Field
Job Applications
The job applicant should answer
every question HONESTLY
An application/resume for a
teenager with no experience
should focus on
After the Application
After submitting a job
application, you should call and
request further information or an
Job Interviews
Practicing for interviews gives you
A positive attitude gives a good
During an interview
Sit up straight with your feet flat on
the floor –good posture shows
 Speak clearly
 Your appearance should be neat
to show self-respect
SCANS Skills
Broad academic and workplace
skills developed by the
Secretary’s Commission on
Achieving Necessary Skills
Technology skills involve the
use of computer applications
Careers in Community
and Family Services
Community & Family Services
Social Workers – help clients who
face a disability, life-threatening
disease, inadequate housing, or
Assist families that have serious
domestic conflicts, sometimes
involving child or spousal abuse.
minimally requires a college degree
Community & Family Services
Teacher – also requires a
bachelor’s degree
When preparing to work at a new
childcare center, learn as much as
you can about the center to
prepare for the job
Community & Family Services
Substance Abuse Counselor –
trained specifically to help
people overcome drug/gambling
or other addictions
The most challenging career
choice for mental health
Requires a master’s
degree in most states
Apply what you have learned to
create a resume.
Resume requirements:
Resume format typed-visit my PBWorks
Obj 5 for sample resume.
List interest and abilities, volunteer work,
clubs, etc.
Due 9/25
Chapter 23 pg 334 Viewpoints answer
“Seeing Both Sides” questions.
Pg 342 Thinking Critically answer 1 & 2.
How many words can you make out
of the word INTERVIEW?