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VeriFone and ValueCentric Marketing Group
Integrated Loyalty Solution
Do you want to increase your
profitability, visitor frequency and
customer spending?
Introducing VeriFone and VCMG
Integrated Loyalty Solution
VeriFone and VCMG
Loyalty Program Drivers
Benefits of using a Loyalty Solution
VCMG Loyalty Solution
• Program Elements
• Marketing Elements
Sapphire and ValueSYS Framework
Benefits of an Integrated Loyalty Solution
VCMG Loyalty Solution Set-up Screen
VCMG Loyalty Reports
• Detailed Customer Transaction Query
• Top 100 Customer Analysis Reports
• Food Club Analysis Report
• Loyalty vs. Non-Loyalty Bucket Analysis
VeriFone and VCMG
 VeriFone and VCMG partnered to integrate VCMG’s loyalty
functionality with VeriFone’s Sapphire
 The combination of VCMG’s unique ValueSYS™ loyalty
application and the VeriFone Sapphire site controller, gives
customers the ability to instantly access and view their
loyalty account status, immediately redeem rewards, and
receive discounts at the POS that are specific to them
 The ValueSYS™-Sapphire Loyalty Solution makes it easy
to reward your most loyal customers in a variety of ways, at
the pump and in the store
Loyalty Program Drivers
Increasing needs to drive in-store traffic
Dwindling margins
Price fixation by customers - especially at pumps
Rapid advances by retail superstores and grocery stores
into industry
 Fiercely competitive industry
 Do not know customer buying patterns
Benefits of Using a Loyalty Solution
Increased brand awareness
Shifts customer focus away from pump prices
Increased sales of higher margin item purchases
Builds long term relationships with customers
Increased visitor frequency, spending, and profitability –
driving customer purchases
 Increased customer retention – building in-store
opportunities, preventing loss of valuable customers
 Capturing Data – identifying customers and analyzing their
purchasing behavior
 Rewarding Customers – rewarding profitable behavior and
measuring the ROI of each reward
Program Elements
 Free membership
• Membership is offered to customers at the store level by having
them fill out an application form.
• Application includes questionnaire to better understand customer
wants and needs.
• Members immediately receive an activated
key chain and membership card.
Program Elements
 Point-based program
• Customers earn one point for each dollar spent on lower-margin gas
purchases and two points per dollar spent for in-store purchases.
• Customers are encouraged to purchase higher profit margin items
by awarding bonus points.
– The point-based program helps to motivate customer spending
behavior, while decreasing the fixation on price alone.
– Awarding points encourages shopping frequency, and in-store
purchases while increasing profit margins.
Program Elements
 “Show Your Card and Save” rewards
• Immediate discounts are given to members at the point of purchase
simply by showing their card. Promotional items are determined
through vendor support.
• Savings are in the form of an amount-off regular
price. This promotion encourages frequent
shopping, and increased customer spending.
– New customer acquisition is also enhanced
through elevated interest in the immediate savings.
Program Elements
 Point redemption for rewards
• Members redeem accumulated points for
certificates via a toll free number or online.
• Points can be redeemed for $5.00 certificates
that can be used for gas and merchandise, or
on specific high margin products, such as
coffee, pizza or fountain drinks.
– These rewards encourage repeat visits, and
increased spending. The focus on high pump
prices is reduced because certificates
can be used for gasoline purchases.
Program Elements
 Merchant Partner Rewards
• “Show Your Card and Save”
– Members receive immediate rewards by
showing their card at participating merchants.
• Point redemption rewards for certificates
– Accumulated points can be redeemed for
certificates good for dollar-off discounts at
– Merchants are signed to a yearly contract
and enjoy the exposure the program offers
to a loyal customer base.
– The merchant element adds excitement
and additional real value to the program.
Program Elements
 Frequent Buyer Rewards - Food Club
• Members are encouraged to visit repeatedly by utilizing a
series of higher-margin food and drink products.
• The Food Club includes a coffee, pizza, fountain drink, milk, sub,
and soup club.
• Unlike most frequent buyer clubs which usually require the customer
to carry a “punch card” to track purchases, Rewards Plus tracks
each member and automatically prints out a coupon
at the time of purchase when the reward threshold is
• This element motivates high margin purchases, rewards the
customer for shopping, and offers an advantage over the
– Verifies secured transaction and measures breakage and cost of
program. It also encourages
peripheral sales.
Program Elements
 Exciting Sweepstakes
• Includes a variety of sweepstakes
• Vendor supported with prizes, point-of-purchase displays and other
promotional pieces - very little, or no out-of-pocket expenses
• Although all sweepstakes are offered to nonmembers, Rewards
Plus members receive an automatic entry and an additional entry
each time they make a purchase during the sweepstakes period. All
electronic entries are maintained in the system software.
– This added value element adds excitement, encourages multiple
visits, and offers an edge on the competition.
Marketing Elements
 Store level promotional materials
• Store level promotional materials generate program interest
• Windmaster signs greet the customer at the entrance
• Pump topper signs tell of special promotions at the pump
• Display, bonus point and shelf talker signs announce member
specials throughout the store
• Information centers, strategically located near the checkout include
current program brochures for membership, rewards, merchants,
sweepstakes and monthly specials
Windmaster sign
Pump topper sign
Information center with brochures
Display and shelf signs
Counter Sign
Bonus point shelf sign
Push/pull door sign
Quickway radio
Marketing Elements
 Member communications
• Program information, benefits and rewards are
communicated to members. Information
centers offer brochures with current program
information, including specials, rewards, merchant
offers, etc.
• Biannually, members receive a direct mail brochure
– member-specific data including number of points earned, points
redeemed, and savings received as a result of using the Rewards Plus
– New rewards announcements
– Program change information
• Online member information
– Redeem points, get point balances,
available rewards, special offers
Marketing Elements
 Merchant partners
• Participating program merchants receive marketing collateral (point
of sale signs, window decals, and register signs) to display at their
businesses to heighten program awareness.
• Cross marketing opportunities offer greater awareness to the
Marketing Elements
 Media advertising
• Mass-media advertising
– Informs members of rewards and
– generate public interest
• Media used is mainly radio
and television with occasional placement
of newspaper and penny saver ads.
VeriFone-ValueSYS Loyalty Framework
Benefits of Integrated Loyalty
Sapphire – ValueSYS Integrated Loyalty Solution
Pay at the pump and earn points
Use multiple forms of tender as loyalty cards
Web-based portal for easy access
Flexible promotion set-up with measurable results
Unlimited data mining and basket analysis of customers
and products
 Detailed reporting for analyzing effectiveness
 Easy monitoring at store level, district or region
Benefits of Integrated Loyalty
 No additional hardware is required
• ValueSYS™ solution is fully integrated with Sapphire
• There is no need to have a separate printer or kiosk to educate the
consumer on the program
• All transactions are processed through the current POS setup
triggered by Sapphire
 No additional training of CSRs is necessary
• CSRs will continue to use their POS stations with no change in
transaction flow
 Setup provides real-time point accumulation on every
transaction at any location
• Customers are always current on their point accumulation after each
and every transaction
• Customer are able to immediately redeem points at the POS for
rewards and discounts
Benefits of Integrated Loyalty
 Print a customer-specific discount on pump transaction
• The customer is made aware of the discount by the line item
indicating the discounted amount of the transaction
 Eliminate “Punch Cards”
• Provides real-time club programs
• End-user is able to track all clubs through a bar code printed on
every reward that is issued to the customer
 Easy access to complete profile information on your best
• Profile reports include what they buy, how often they visit, and how
much they spend, month after month and year after year
Benefits of Integrated Loyalty
 Defined and targeted rewards programs
• For specified customer groups/site locations/district locations
 No need for multiple cards
• Easily link your favorite credit card to your profile, enabling your
designated card to trigger reward accumulation
 Reduce fraud
• Save time and money with complete tracking and reconciliation of
new and existing clubs and programs
Loyalty Plan Set-Up Screen
 Award points
 Track purchases at the pump and in-store utilizing any
card… national debit,
credit and proprietary
 Easily set card criteria at
the promotion level,
allowing different point
awards for the type of
tender used.
Reporting Screen
 Offers easy web access to
all types of standard and
customized reports.
 Recurring reports can be
automatically generated
and emailed to managers
and administrators for
timely program
Detailed Customer Transaction Query
 Data mining of loyalty members, their habits and purchases
provide vital information for management to make informed
decision on products and promotions.
Top 100 Customer Analysis Reports
 Get to know your customers. Find out what, when, how
much and where they purchase. ValueSYS makes it’s easy
to determine who your most valuable customers are.
Food Club Analysis Report
 Tracking data by
store, district, and
region helps
managers make
smarter decisions.
Loyalty vs Non-Loyalty Bucket Analysis
 Easily analyze
groups or buckets of
customers and data
to learn who is
buying what, how
many and when.
Sapphire Cost Savings
• Implementing a customer loyalty
program with Sapphire is cost effective.
It saves on capital investments for
additional PC, database licensing fees,
additional printers, serial port splitters
and system administration.