Presents Dr. David Wiens Wildlife’s EcoSeries Seminar Dec. 5

Wildlife’s EcoSeries Seminar Dec. 5th – 4 pm - WLDF room 258
Presents Dr. David Wiens
Spotted and Barred Owl Interactions in Western Oregon
Dr. David Wiens will
present his research
findings on the ecological
relationships between
sympatric northern spotted
owls and barred owls in the
Coast Ranges of western
Oregon. His research
methods entailed using a
combination of population
surveys and radiotelemetry to investigate
competition for space,
habitat, and food between
the two previously
This event is wheelchair accessible.
Persons who wish to request
disability–related accommodations
allopatric species.
including sign-language interpreters,
should contact: Laura Weisel at
[email protected]