Our Pathways Program International is currently
in a drive to sponsor educational software based on
cutting edge technology to Learning Institutions in
order to bring to life our students’ effective learning
Working with countries such as the United
States of America, Canada, Australia, United
Kingdom and South Africa has proven to be
a success in improving learners’ learning
ability, and through this our vision has
moved home to meet the educational and
self-empowerment needs of our nation.
Our mission is to support teachers, children
and parents to develop effective learning
skills through the use of our cutting edge
technology, based in research on the brain
and its learning capacity.
The TT Technology team includes researchers,
scientists, educators and parents who
together make students experts in learning
with superior educational tools that focus on
the fundamental areas of reading, vocabulary,
and mathematics.
Our educational software of the Vocabulary Builder moves the learner
from the thinking part of the brain to the knowing part of the brain.
Within this we create direct memory access to the learnt subject and
thus accelerate the learner with critical thinking skills and the ability
to process information at a faster pace.
Our Company’s goal is to see the TT Technology at the fingertips of all
students & parents available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Our students will then be prepared to arrive at their institutions with
abilities required to learn at a higher & accelerated rate.
It’s a known fact that words create our world. Words are the
creators of our reality because words are the foundation from
which we are able to explore and discover our natural skills. A
solicitor is a solicitor through the legal words they know; a doctor
is a doctor through the medical words they know; To expand our
natural skills and therefore, create our reality, the Words we hold
within ourselves is the foundation from which we are able to grow
and empower ourselves within our world.
Vocabulary Builder
By TechnoTutor
Designed for Success
Give the students the ideal starting point
— whether it’s in primary school or higher education, by providing them with
rock solid foundations of their world:
their vocabulary. Words are the building blocks of our society. Understand
vocabulary, perfect your vocabulary, let
the vocabulary work for you. TechnoTutor Vocabulary Builder was crafted for
students, parents and teachers - the
people you care about the most.
Packed with Features
Easy to Use
Never get lost while enjoying your learning experience. TechnoTutor’s Vocabulary Builder is designed with You — the
user — in mind. When you launch the
program you’re presented with options
to continue where you left off, Remediate the mistakes you made or choose a
custom word list to work with. The Word
List Editor includes guidance so that you
know how to expand Vocabulary Builder
for your own needs & requirements.
Utilizes the student’s Natural Learning Ability
Ready for students in all school grades
Great for teachers wanting to improve and remediate their vocabulary skills
Infinitely extendable through inserting personal
word lists and categories
Built-in dictionary for definitions and word context
Track the student’s progress through History
Separate User Accounts for every student in the school
Pathways to
Independent Learning
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