presents Race No. 2 of the Winter Season Calendar
BEECHWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL proudly presents this new
venue thanks to the kind permission of the Head of Bulmershe School
( Mrs Emma Reynolds) to use the Bulmershe Sports Playing Field.
This event is being hosted in conjunction with The Coombes School ,
Ascot Heath Primary School and Hawkdon Primary School .
Thames Valley Running League- Thursday 23rd October
2014 at 3.30pm at Bulmershe School- Second event of the
new Winter Season 2014/2015
Here are the instructions: The races are scheduled as follows:Year 3 / 4 Girls race at 3.30pm
Year 3 /4 Boys race at 3,45pm
Year 5/6 Girls race at 4.00pm
Year 5/6 Boys race at 4.15pm
 Race briefings will take place at the start, 5 minutes before the
START of the race
 NB All car users , coaches transporting athletes with their Team
Managers must be in the site before 2.50pm ( Bulmershe School
children exit at 3.00pm so we need to keep the exit gates clear and
for emergency vehicles after this time) No car users will be
allowed to leave until Bulmershe children have exited their school!
 There are 220 car park places available on site in three netball
court car park areas which will be manned by two supervising
adults and Year 12 / 13 World Challenge students who will be
asking for a £1 or £2 donation for parking Please give
generously. ( Hawkdon Primary School)
 All schools should aim to report for 2.50pm on the Sports field at
Bulmershe School, Woodley
 All athletes should run in T – shirt, shorts and socks with good grip
trainers. Spikes are allowed but in this first event the going is
expected to be FIRM
 The whole Schools Race Briefing will be at 3.15pm
 Marshals must be in place by 3.25pm at their race positions. Every
school is expected to nominate TWO parent volunteers to help
marshal the extensive site. They should report to Mr Winship ( The
Coombes) by 3.10pm at the tree for briefing and placement on the
We expect a high number of schools entering this event- last year
over 900 athletes were present at this equivalent event of the
season. We need to know how many numbers to expect so please
ring in by Tuesday 21st October to Beechwood School 0118
9695976. leave your numbers with the school secretary (Nicki)
 The Course at Bulmershe has been set up to include the whole
perimeter and a route which travels around the sports pitches.
There is some hill work in the north east corner and the race
distances are as follows:
 Yr 3 /4 Girls and Boys ( Blue route on the map) 1,830m (1 1 /3rd
 Yr 5 /6 Girls and Boys ( Red route on the map ) 2.430m ( 1 2
/3rds mile)
 All schools must report into the Registration desk near the tree in
the warming up Paddock on the field to pick up their Results
Service score sheets which must be handed into Terri Gregory at
the end of the event if you want your school to be placed in the 24
schools’ results. Please note that Ascot Heath Primary School will
be manning this desk.
 Team managers- You are responsible for your pupils’ safety,
welfare and behaviour. At any time any of the senior organisers
can refuse entry to a child or a school if any of these areas of
responsibility are contravened.
First Aid: All schools must bring their own First Aid equipment/
box and have someone to administer treatment to minor injuries. A
Para medic vehicle will be on stand by to deal with more serious
injuries or medical problems. ( Ian Garner)
 If you are going to be late to the event or you have to inform us of
an emergency please ring either myself Gordon on 07879405854 or
Despite any untoward happenings it is expected that the races will
run on time and even a bit before if weather threatens
 Parking: Please advise your parents not to park on pavements or
someone’s drive. The RESIDENTS in the roads adjacent to the
School have all been told to report any vehicle registration number
to the school and this will be passed onto the Police. It is an
offence to have two wheels on the pavement and or trespass on
someone’s property. A summons will be issued. Please pass on.
1. Please advise other runners who are not in the race that they
must not run alongside the athletes during the race. The same
applies to Parents. We can get congestion and confusion
about which way to go if the course becomes crowded.
Please Keep off the running track! Only teachers or Team
Managers are allowed to be close to the athletes and run
alongside to offer encouragement .This should only be in
the case of a child who is SEN or is having difficulty
2. Finally even on a dry warm day athletes must look after
their body before and after the race. TOG UP before and
3. Don’t forget to urge your children to return to base in the
Paddock because of safe guarding
4. They should all have water with them and have taken their
ventolin if they suffer from asthma
The Responsibility of the Team Manager is to : Ensure the behaviour of all their athletes is in keeping with the
expectations of other schools
 Ensure that the safety of their children is paramount at all times
and that their behaviour doesn’t compromise the safety of others
especially in the races
 Ensure that the parents escorting their children park responsibly
in designated areas and behave in a responsible manner . ( See
separate note on PARKING)
 Ensure that no adults other than authorised personnel can run
alongside the athletes. Only in the case of vulnerable children or
those with some impairment maybe accompanied by a guide or
an adult
 That no bicycles or vehicles are allowed to be ridden or used
anywhere near the Athletes
 Ensure that drivers ensure the roadway from Howth Drive to the
Bulmershe School is kept clear at all times to allow the entry and
exit of an emergency vehicle
Usual Health and Safety warnings
Ensure all athletes stay with their school base and do not wander
 All athletes should come adequately attired with over track suit,
top and bottom worn before and after the race. Children should
be encouraged to run in shorts and T shirts. Good grip trainers are
perfectly ok! All school runners should run in their school colours
so they can be differentiated
 Someone on your school Management Team must be responsible
for First Aid. They must carry their own First Aid Kit. Paramedics
may not be available for this event.
Clear warning to Athletes
Any reports of cheating or improper behaviour towards other athletes
could result in your team’s disqualification. As competition hots up, so
do the rules, which must be adhered to.
I must ask you to reinforce to your parents the following warnings: Do not park on anyone’s drive or outside their house in front of
their drive in adjoining roads
 Respect the wishes of the organisers( T.V.W.R.L.) and Woodley
Town Council. The Police will patrol the roads and estates during
the afternoon and will ticket offenders. On behalf of the residents
I have promised to request the Police to punish offenders.
 Do not park irresponsibly on pavements or commit u turns in the
road by turning on people’s property
 Please park in Bulmershe Leisure Centre or in the School
designated Car Parks or adjoining roads named on map.
 Please limit the number of cars where possible and come early
 Schools who are using Coaches must let me know or Clear
pathways must be kept clear for the Ambulance
 Loddon Valley Police will be requested to stand by in view of
expected numbers
These instructions have been agreed in accordance with, The Loddon
Valley Police and myself as organiser.
Thanking each Team Manager for passing on these requests to your
parents and athletes in your schools.
Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation
See you there and let’s enjoy a happy end to another memorable
winter’s running event in 2014/ 2015
Thames Valley Winter Running League Organiser ( TVWRL)
Wednesday 1st October