LITURGICAL MINISTRY – Oct 26, 2014 Sacristan: Coordinator of Ministries: Lector

Sacristan: Anne Bergh
Coordinator of Ministries: Mary Bachar
Lector: Beth Huschle / Bernie Eischens
Commentator: Bonnie Trucke
Body of Christ: Carol Marchand
Blood of Christ: Bob & Barb Mullan
Lori O, Kim H
Greeters/Gifts: Joan Benson Bertina Hanson
Terri Derby
Servers: Adam Olson / Jarrett Merschman
Ushers: Frank Bergh / Chuck Galli
Sacristan: Adeline Beltz
Coordinator of Ministries: Connie Riewer
Lector: Carol Marchand / Leroy Riewer
Commentator: Cea Arneson
Body of Christ: Clarissa Dowhower
Blood of Christ: Paul D, Gail St. G
Lori O, Matt H
Greeters/Gifts: Al & Margaret Rusch
Molly Carter
Servers: Zerian & Zavior Franck
Ushers: Pat Hammer / John Gregory
LITURGICAL MINISTRY – Nov. 8 -Hunters Mass
*Note date change
Sacristan: Lee Tobkin
Coordinator of Ministries: Bertina Hanson
Lector: Art Tobkin-both readings
Commentator: Frank Bergh
Body of Christ: Art Tobkin
Blood of Christ: Beth M, Lee Tobkin
Greeters/Gifts: Bernie & Alice Eischens
Janet Schafer
Servers: Hannah & Mekah Agnes
Ushers: Bernie E / Tony Schmitz
“Whoever sacrifices to any god, save to the Lord
only, shall be utterly destroyed.” – Exodus 22:20
Do you put other “gods” before God? Is your love
of money, power, status or some personal possession
greater than your love for God? If so, you may want
to pay attention to the scripture reading because you
are not going to like the outcome. The good newsit’s not too late to put God first in your life.
Sunday Offering
October 19, 2014
World Mission
$ 4,207.00
Lectors who will be doing the Readings next
week, please not the readings specified for the
All Souls Day.
Reading for next Sunday, Nov 2
First Reading: Wis 3:1-9
Psalm: 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6,
Second Readings: Romans 6:3-9
Gospel: John 6:37-40
HOSPITALITY Each Sunday after the 10:30 a.m.
Mass there will be hospitality for those who wish to
stay and visit with their fellow parishioners. The
purpose is to build community. In order to have this
run smoothly there will be a calendar in the Parish
Hall kitchen for you to sign up for the Sunday you
would like to help provide the hospitality and get the
coffee/juice ready. The committee is asking that
there be at least 2 couples/families per Sunday. If
you have any questions, please contact Matt & Beth
Huschle 218-779-2873 or Clarissa Dowhower at
218-556-5520. Thank you.
Please pick up your raffle tickets. They are
at the front & back of Church.
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Stewardship Bits
10 Red Lake Ave. N.W.
PO Box 67, Bagley, MN 56621
We are to be authentic evangelists, that is, the
central gospel message is also to be the center of
our own preaching, so that all may clearly hear
that they can be saved from the sins that depress
and cripple their spirit, and can live a new life in
God in his light. It is the one righteous act of the
one man Jesus Christ on the cross that does this
for us, when we believe and personally trust in
him. The message about this is the basic gospel
message that we are to preach to the nations.
Love & Life Blurbs: Year of Marriage
“…the Church is called upon to offer support and
guidance, wherever she be, in faithfulness to the
Lord’s mandate to proclaim the beauty of family
love. The Holy Father encouraged everyone to look
with hope to the future and recommended a manner
of acting which preserves and fosters love within the
family, namely, by saying “Can I? May I?, humility
to ask forgiveness.”
Preface to the Instrumentum laboris for: II
General Assembly October 2014
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 26, 2014
Parish Office: 694-6416
E-Mail: [email protected]
Pastor: Fr. Manny Sundaram,
E-Mail: [email protected]
Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator
- Louann McGlynn 218-281-7895
[email protected]
Religious Formation Coordinator:
Clarissa Dowhower 218-556-5520
Pastoral Council Chair:
Marianne Trcka - 694-2137
Trustees: Mary Bachar - 694-2111
Chuck Galli – 694-6261
Secretary: Terri Derby 694-6386
(In office: Tuesday & Thursday)
St. Joseph
Adoration: Tuesday, Noon – 6PM
Thurs., Oct 30, No Mass
Sun., Nov 2, at 10:30 AM Holy Mass
Leonard Shereck+
St. Mary's
Adoration: Wed, 12 Noon – 8:30PM
Wed., Oct. 29, No Mass
Fri., Oct 31, 11:30 AM Holy Mass
Tom Killian+
Sun., Nov 2, at 8:45 AM Holy Mass
For all the deceased members of
both parishes
The Janitor position is open if anyone is
interested. 6-8 hours per week depending upon
funerals & weddings. Those who are
interested, please feel free to apply for the job.
You may obtain job description from the parish
office. We sincerely thank Sherri & her crew
for the excellent job.
November 2, 9, 16
Sundays: K-6th Grade: 9 AM Music,
9:30 – 10:25 Class, 10:30 Mass
Release Time- every Wednesday there is
school through April 29th, 2015.
If your child is in First Grade through 6th grade:
please send a note to the school office to release
them for sessions. Clarissa will pick up the
young people at 1 pm and return them to school
in time to ride the bus home.
7th through 12th Grade: Each Wednesday
evening 5:30 supper, 6PM to 7:30 PM Class.
Parents and Parish family are welcome to
ARISE The final six week session of ARISE is set
to begin the week of October 5th. Groups will meet
Sunday at 9:00 AM, Tuesday at 6:30 PM, and
Thursday morning at 10:00 AM. Please notify
Bonnie Trucke 694-2271 or Dianna Bromaghin 6942514 if you plan to attend. You will get the books
at class. All are welcome, old members and new.
LIGHT HOUSE MEDIA CDs: How many of us
make use of the Light House Media Cds, which are
very Catholic down to earth, my dear friends? They
are for you! Let us use those Cds and learn more
about our faith. If you come across any other good
CDs please let us know and we can order it.
Northwoods Caregivers –Bagley
2nd Tuesday, 5-6:30 PM
Faith Lutheran Church, 32 Bagley Ave. NW
We will meet in the church Library
Sponsored by a grant from Land of the Dancing Sky
area Agency on Aging
For Info. Call Carol Priest 218-333-8265
or 888-534-4432
Next St. Ann’s Guild Mtg. Nov. 18 at 2 PM
* Deer Hunters Mass is Nov 8, at 7:30PM
“Lord, Your Word is a Lamp for my feet, a
Light to my Path.” Psalm 119:105.
We Have started the Bible Study for Adults on
1st & 3rd Wednesdays of every month. In
November it will be on 5th & 19th, at 6 -7:30
PM. This year’s topic will be: “Catholicism –
A Journey to the Heart of our Faith,” by Fr.
Robert Barron, a DVD presentation. Next time
we will deal with chapter three: Those who like
to participate, please join us on at 5:30 for light
supper before we begin our classes. May God
Bless You!
Come Join Us! All are Welcome!
Sunday, October 26, 2014
Serving 11:00 AM – 3:00PM
Knights of Columbus Walleye Fish Fry
or Ham Dinner, Country Store, Bingo, Silent
Auction, Raffles, Candy/Fudge, and more booths.
Dinner and some booths hosted at adjoining Mount
Saint Benedict due to ongoing renovations.
$11.00 – 9 –Adult, 5.00 Children ages 3-8
Under 3 Free
Cathedral Church, 702 Summit Ave., Crookston
The Topic for the Retreat is: Blessed are the
Married: The Beatitudes as a guide for Christian
Marriage (Matthew 5: 1-12). Presented by Dr.
Mark and Julie Krejci. It will take place at St. Mary's
church,Fosston, on Saturday, Nov. 22, starting with
checking-in at 8: 15 AM. It will be concluded at
5:00 PM with the HOLY MASS, which can be
considered as your Sunday obligation Mass. Let us
benefit from this retreat. We hope to see you all!
The Beatitudes will guide couples on this
retreat as they consider how to enrich their marital
Couples will see how the Beatitudes can
deepen and strengthen their on-going marital
sacrament and time in prayer will be used for
reflection on the Beatitudes and Christian marriage.
As the day progresses, the presenters will reflect on
the connection between each Beatitude and how they
are connected to specific aspects of healthy marital
living. Couples will consider such things as
listening, communication, empathy, forgiveness, and
how to keep marriage and Christ at the center of life.
Mark and Julie Krejci have been married for 30
years and are members of St. Joseph’s Parish in
Moorhead, Minnesota. They both have their
graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology from
the University of Notre Dame. Mark is a professor of
psychology at Concordia College and is in the
Deacon Formation Program for the Diocese of
Crookston and Julie is a school counselor in the
Fargo Public Schools.
We shall have Catholic Charismatic Renewal &
Healing Prayer Service on Sunday, Nov. 16th, at St.
Joseph's Church, Bagley as a joint-parish event. It
will start at noon and be over by 4:00 PM. There
will be light lunch provided at 11:30 AM. IT will
be conducted by Brendan Case from Arizona. To
know more about him, please visit his website
( It is a rare and
wonderful opportunity to renew ourselves in the
Spirit of the Lord and be healed in the Lord, our
Savior. Let us benefit from it. There will be more
detail in the next week's bulletin. God bless!
Tuesday, October 28: “Bombing the Big Bog
and Bemidji Naval Base WWII”. Doug Easthouse
Learn about the history of the Big
Bog as a
target range in the 40’s & 50’s, including
the use of the naval air base in Bemidji, We will
discuss some of the military events that have
occurred on Upper Red Lake and the Red Lake
Peatlands. Mr. Easthouse researched primary
sources in the Waskish area for this interesting
recording of history during and after World War II.
All are Welcome.
ALL: Adventures in Lifelong
Learning is organized exclusively to provide
opportunities for continued lifelong learning in the
Bemidji area. It is intended that ALL programs will
assist participants to improve their critical thinking
skills and appreciate the diversity of human
experience through presentation.
FALL, 2014 ALL: Meets Tuesdays, September 23November 11, 2014: 10-11:30 am at Beltrami Electric
Roger Spiry Community Room, 4111 Technology Dr NW.
Come Join Us! All are Welcome!
"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves
those who are crushed in spirit" Ps. 34: 18.
Dear friends, Some of us asked, "Is it safe to
light the candles in the votive candle stand or should
we put it off when we leave the church?" It was
discussed at our last Pastoral Council meeting. All
the safety measures, prescribed by the Diocesan
insurance policy, has been taken care of and
therefore it is safe to light the candles and leave
it to extinguish by itself. We request you not to
allow your kids near the votive candle stand. If
they want to light candles, let the parents or the
guardians be with them. After lighting the candle,
please place the used matchstick inside the glass
container kept on the stand. Let us make use of this
opportunity to offer our prayers and petitions to the
Lord, who "hears the cry of the poor", as Ps. 34: 6
says. God bless.