26th October 2014 FELLOWSHIP, FAITH and SUPPORT . . . .

26th October 2014
Prayer Diary: The Prayer Diary for November is now available for you to take away. It
also gives more information about this month’s charities.
Prayer for Backwell: Next meeting is Tuesday 4th November at West Town Methodist
Church, starting with homemade cookies at 7.45pm and ending at 9.30pm
Rotas for Dec/Jan/Feb. The availability forms have gone out by email but if you would
like a paper copy please help yourself to one in the Link and complete and return it to the
office by Sun 2nd November to enable the next rota to be drawn up.
Remembrance Sunday on November 9th
Our Ecumenical Service of Remembrance begins at 10.45am with a service in church
followed by a time of prayer at the Memorial.
At 6.15pm we are led in our Eucharist by the choir singing The Faure Requiem
Ladies Group: Whist Drive on Monday Nov 10th 7.30pm in Church House. Tickets £5
from Gill Boylan tel: 462282
Womans’ Refuge in Bristol (Survive) supported by M.U. We are glad to help, collecting
goods to support women and children who have had to leave their homes through fear of
violence. They need basic toiletries when they arrive and help when they are found safe
housing . Knowing that somebody cares when they have been in a place of abuse is
hugely important. Full list in the link together with box for items. Thank you for your help.
Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Project: There is a letter on the notice board in Church
House from the Sisters in St Pauls, Bristol thanking everyone for the generous donations
from the recent Harvest Eucharist. There is always a box in the Link and at St Bridget’s
for donations of tins and packets which are gratefully accepted all year.
Welcome to St Andrew’s Backwell and
St Bridget’s Chelvey with St Nicholas, Brockley.
Worship Today
8.00 am
Holy Communion (Common Worship)
10.15 am
Eucharist with Junior Church/Crèche in Church House
Hymns: SP 185, 94, 293, 289
Communion: SP 186
Anthem: O Sing Joyfully - (Batten)
Please do join us for refreshments in Church House after the 10.15 service
Meeting Point ~All Age Crafts. Tuesday
October. Come and be crafty at Meeting
Point this week. Small children through to Grannies (and Grandpas) can have a go at
making a fridge magnet or a button art card. Finger paints are available for the youngest
visitors, while Mums, Dads or Carers enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.
Activities start at 10am and last until craft materials run out (we have lots of buttons, but
fewer fridge magnets!)
Parish Office: tel 463469 is open 9.00am -12.00 pm Monday-Thursday, 9.00 am - 1.00 pm Friday
Website: www.backwellchelveybenefice.org.uk email: [email protected]
Churchwardens: Backwell: Anthony: Tel 462844 or Carol: tel 463810
Chelvey: Sue
Tel 853879 or Tony: tel. 853138
Rector: The Reverend Margi Campbell: tel 462391 Not available Fridays
Wild Harvest Eucharist at St Nicholas, Brockley
All are invited to Brockley for this Harvest Celebration—the harvest of hedgerows and wild places
for nature’s sustenance...a wonderful opportunity to worship in St Nicholas.
Collect for the day
Merciful God,
teach us to be faithful in change and uncertainty,
that trust in your word and obeying your will
we may enter the unfailing joy of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Toddlers Play Morning: Thurs 30th Oct 10am-12pm we welcome Parents/Carers and
Toddlers to a coffee and play morning in Church House. School age siblings welcome.
Bible Sunday
8am and 10.15am
Colossians 3: 12-17
Matthew 24: 30-35
Verses from Psalm 104 Matthew 6: 25-33
Today the Traidcraft stall is in Church House after the 10.15am service and includes
some craft items as well as the usual food items.
There is also the opportunity to order Christmas cards and Advent Calendars;
so come and have a look or take home a catalogue.
Clergy and Readers in the Benefice
Rector ~ The Rev’d Margi Campbell
Assisting Priest (Rtd) ~ The Rev’d Canon Peter Bailey
Licensed Readers ~ Martin Canning, Julie Densham and Vicky Dunscombe
Reader Designate - David George
If you would like to receive communion but are not able to go up to the altar - please tell one of
the sidespeople and communion will be brought to you in the congregation.
We do have GLUTEN-FREE wafers available which will be in the RODNEY CHAPEL.
If you would prefer to receive these please do tell the Sidespeople,
or the person distributing the wafers.
For your collection, if you are a tax payer, please use the Gift Aid envelopes
in order that the church can recover an extra 25% on your giving.
Large print copies of the Hymn Books and the Service Book are available from the sidespeople.
26th October 2014
Morning Prayer usually takes place at 9am -9.30am Mondays and Weds-Sat in
the Rodney Chapel and on Tuesdays at St Bridget’s, Chelvey
All most warmly welcome to this time of quiet prayer
St Andrew’s is open every day from 9am until late afternoon
We pray for those of our community in Care-Homes or at home, and those
who are unwell at this time…..those named here and others known to us:
Iris Broom, John Southern, Sarah Walker, Roy Nicholls, Joan Gray, Rupert Ridge,
Clifford Browne, Patrick Blake
We give thanks for the lives of those recently departed and those whose
anniversaries occur at this time: Jean Parry
October Charities: The Bath Clerical Families Fund, Mencap, St John’s University of
Tanzania (Further details can be found in this month’s Prayer Diary in Church)
October Prayer Cycle: Please pray for residents of Backwell Hill Rd/ Bramley Drive
Advent Preparation, Christmas Help...
Last Christmas, 316,323 children across the world received a special
gift thanks to the commitment of supporters and volunteers across the
UK. For those helping, full information is on the leaflet in church
Week 5: This is the final week, please add small toys and games eg
ball, doll, car, skipping rope, paints, puzzle, lego, playdough, pocket
kite, travel games etc. Please label your box with a sticker from the leaflet and tick the appropriate age group box .....then...........
Empty Shoe Box: If anyone has spare shoebox please leave it in the link
November 22nd - Exploring ~ Expecting ~ Engaging
Travelling hopefully into Advent, led by Margi, Ann and Richard
A day set aside to read, reflect and respond to the call of Advent
10am –3.30pm in St Michael and all Angels, Flax Bourton
with Bring and Share Lunch
Bring a newspaper or magazine and your Bible....Please sign up for resourcing purposes
2.15 pm
7.45 pm
Bible Study at 23 Rodney Road
Ladies Group in Church House. Speaker: Terry
Merrett-Smith - “Looking for the silver lining”
9.30am-4.30pm The Meeting Point in the Parish Hall
2.00 pm
12.00 pm
2.45 pm
Mothers’ Union meeting in Church House
Holy Communion
Backwell Christian Fellowship at Lawnside
Speaker: Julie Densham
7.30 pm
Bell Ringing Practice
10am-12pm Parent/Carer and Toddler Play Morning in C/Hse
9.30 am
St Andrew’s Art Group in Church House
5.00 pm
Wedding Rehearsal in St Andrews
Full Choir Practice (No Junior Practice)
12.30 pm Wedding of Matthew Roberts and Lois Zinn
all are warmly welcomed to join them for the service
2.00 pm
Confirmation Service at Wells Cathedral
Please pray for our candidates: Andrew Edgell, Liam Edwards, Emily Bower,
Kate Hatcher and Professor Christopher Hooley.
All are warmly invited to the Cathedral to support them.
NEXT SUNDAY All Saints & All Souls 2nd November 2014
8.00 am
Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
9.15 am
Holy Communion at St Bridget’s, Chelvey
10.15 am Eucharist with Junior Church and Crèche
6.15 pm
All Souls Service—a gentle service remembering loved
ones we have lost
Readings: Morning Services
Revelation 7: 9-17
Matthew 5: 1-12
Margi will be off duty this week The office is closed Wed-Fri 29th-31st October.
If you have an urgent issue, please try the Churchwardens.
As Katharin Goodland is also off that week there will be no official cleaning of Church
House/Kitchen/Toilets/Link. Could we please ask all users therefore to ensure that
these areas are left clean and tidy after their session to assist others coming in.