Liturgy Roster for 2nd November Prayers to end Abortion All Souls’ Day:

Prayers to end Abortion: Prayers are
invited every Friday for an hour before
Mass at St Mary's Chapel to end
abortion. This will be done in
conjunction with those who go to pray
and be advocates for the unborn outside
the Abortion Clinic at Tweed Heads
every Friday.
Parish Support Team:
If you know of a parishioner who is
in need of assistance? would like a
If you would like to join the team,
assist in any way, have any
suggestions, or
just for more
information please call the Parish
Office. Volunteers always wanted
and welcome.
Liturgy Roster for 2nd November
All Souls’ Day:
Saturday 6pm:
Commentator:………………... J Kelly
Reader:…………….………...S Harris
Reader:..……...……………...W Kelly
Ex’nary Minister.:.… ………..P Celich
Servers:Z & M Butler, A Pezzuitti, N Fennamore
Children’s Lit:....C Winkler & M Winkler-Dunn
Sunday 9am
Commentator:...………………J Cody
Reader……...…..…..…………L Pirlo
Reader:……………….…L McDonald
Ex’nary Minister:….……L Wallace
Servers:………M McKendry R Naliman
Counters….…………….…....J Jordan
Sunday 6pm
Commentator:…………........P Pender
Reader:...………..……Marist Brother
Reader:..………....................P Martin
Ex’nary Minister:……..G & R Colles
Servers:…J & V Bush, G McMaster, J Moase,
Children’s Lit:…….. A Ross & M Ward
Catholic Papers: The Catholic Leader
and Catholic Weekly are available at the
back of the Church. $2.00each
Feature of the Leader
- Missionaries reveal Spirit is still at
Feature of the Weekly
- What just Happened?
Head Office: Farrelly House Magellan
Agent: Cathedral Parish Office,
enable families to attend the Baptismal
Program which takes place on the 1st
Sunday of each month at 11.15am or on
the 2nd Thursday of the month
at 5.30pm in the Parish Centre.
Please phone the Parish office
to book in for a Baptismal
Program. Baptisms take place
on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays
of the month at 11.15am.
WEDDINGS: By appointment: please
contact Parish Office for all bookings.
Mass Times:
St Mary’s Chapel:
Carmelite Monastery:
Vigil Sat 6pm, Sunday 9am & 6pm.
Tues 5.20pm; Wed, Thurs& Fri 12.20pm.
1st & 3rd Sunday, 9.30am.
2nd & 4th Sunday 9.30am.
5th Sunday 9.30am.
Sun -Fri 7am (Sat 8am) Sung Mass (EF) 3rd Sunday 11am
Saturday 12-12.30pm in the Cathedral,
and after most weekday Masses in the Chapel.
Fr Nicolas Maurice, Administrator.
Fr Roland Agrisola, Assistant Priest.
6 Leycester Street, (PO Box 2) Lismore Ph: 02 6626 0200 Fax: 02 6621 2301
Web Page:
Email: [email protected]
The 30th Sunday in Ordinary time Year A, 26th October2014
law?’ Jesus said, ‘You must love
FIRST READING: Ex 22:20-26
the Lord your God with all your
heart, with all your soul, and with
2-4. 47. 51. R. v.2 (R.) I love you,
all your mind. This is the greatest
Lord, my strength.
and the first commandment. The
second resembles it: you must
love your neighbour as yourself.
On these two commandments
hang the whole Law, and the
alleluia! All who love me will
Prophets also.’
keep my words, and my Father
will love them and we will come
to them.
G OSPEL: Matthew 22:34-40
When the Pharisees heard that
Jesus had silenced the Sadducees
they got together and, to
disconcert him, one of them put a
question, ‘Master, which is the
greatest commandment of the
Mass and Liturgy
Weekday Masses:
Monday: Mary’s Grange 9.00am
Wednesday: St Joseph’s10.30am
Friday: St Vincent’s 10.30am
Holy Hour & Benediction: Sunday
in the Cathedral after the 9am Mass
concluding with Benediction.
Rosary: Mrs M Mazzer 10am
2 Invercauld Rd, G’bah
Come and pray the Rosary!
"Ask and you shall receive"
Feast Days this week:
Tues: Sts Simon and Jude
Sat: All Saints
Please pray for the following:
Recently Deceased:
Giuseppe (Joe)
Casagrande, Betty
Kinkead, Gough Whitlam,
Sr Maria Assumpta, Leah
Hughes, Patricia Kenny, Ellen
Reardon, Norma Lynch, Francis
Spinaze, Sr Mary Blanch,
Anniversaries: Ruby Myers, Maud
Youngberry, Carmen Davis, Angelo
& Giacomo Conte, Rosa Bazzo, David
Maloney, Gerard James Mazzer, Bryce
Wells, Corey New, Paul Morris, Mitch
Eveleigh, Fr Charles Griffin, Fr Patrick
Kiely, Fr John Dalton, Fr John Curran,
Deceased: Clem & Grace Cawley,
Dick & Audrey Chute, Peter Swan.
Special Intentions: Kathleen & Clare
Gallagher, Doris Murphy
Diana Sweeney, Janita Baldwin,
Rex Baldwin, Cooper Sweeney,
Meetings in the
Parish Centre
Tues 28th
Playgroup 10am –12noon
Thurs 30th Oct
Journey through the Bible - 6pm
Adult Faith Formation - 7pm
Parish Luncheon: This year the
Parish luncheon will be at 12noon
Sunday 23rd November at
St Carthage’s School Hall.
All parishioners are invited to attend
and asked to bring a dessert to share.
Could you please RSVP your
attendance to the Parish office
or email [email protected]
Understanding the Mass: The
Eucharistic Prayer; After the
preparation of the gifts, which is
concluded with the prayer over the
gifts, comes the Eucharistic Prayer,
“the centre and summit of the
entire celebration” of the Mass. It
is “the prayer of thanksgiving and
sanctification. The priest invites
the people to lift up their hearts to
the Lord in prayer and
thanksgiving; he unites the
congregation with himself in the
Prayer that he addresses in the
name of the entire community to
God the Father through Jesus
Christ in the Holy Spirit.
Furthermore, the meaning of the
Pr a ye r i s t h at th e en t ir e
congregation of the faithful should
join itself with Christ in confessing
the great deeds of God and in the
off ering of sacrif ice. The
Eucharistic Prayer demands that all
listen to it with reverence and in
It begins with the Preface and ends
with the final doxology, “Though
him, with him...” In this part of the
Mass, thanksgiving is given to God
for the whole work of salvation or
some aspect of it; the people
assembled, joining with the
heavenly powers, sings the Sanctus
(Holy); the Church implores the
power of the Holy Spirit that the
gifts offered by human hands be
consecrated, that is, become
Christ’s Body and Blood, and that
the unblemished sacrificial Victim
to be consumed in Communion
may be for the salvation of those
who will partake of it; the
Sacrifice, which Christ himself
instituted at the Last Supper, is
carried out by means of the words
and actions of Christ; the Church
keeps the memorial of Christ,
recalling his blessed Passion,
glorious Resurrection and
Ascension into Heaven; the
Church, in this very memorial,
offers in the Holy Spirit the
spotless victim to the Father; the
Church intercedes for all her
members both the living and the
dead, and; finally, in the final
doxology, the glorification of God
is expressed and which is
confirmed and concluded by the
people’s acclamation: Amen.
In the Roman Missal, there are four
main Eucharistic Prayers. There are
other six, including 2 f or
reconciliation and 4 for various
needs. Eucharistic Prayer I or the
Roman Canon, among other things,
“may always be used” and “is
especially suited for use on Sundays,
unless for pastoral reasons
Eucharistic Prayer III is preferred.”
Eucharistic Prayer II, the shortest of
the four “is more appropriately used
on weekdays or in special
circumstances.” Eucharistic Prayer
III – “its use should be preferred on
Sunda ys and festive da ys.”
Eucharistic Prayer IV “may be used
when a Mass has no Preface of its
own and on Sundays in Ordinary
Time.” In accordance to these
norms, the Priest selects one from
“By its very nature, the
Eucharistic Prayer requires that only
the Priest say it, in virtue of his
Ordination. The people, for their part,
should associate themselves with the
Priest in faith and in silence, as well
as by means of their interventions as
prescribed in the course of the
Eucharistic Prayer” namely, the
responses, and acclamations.
See General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 78-79,
147, 365