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Contract, Policies, and Procedures
Before you start:
Student must be 15 years old on the first day of class.
Parents and students must plan ahead and commit to attending classes and drives
We must be made aware of any physical or learning disabilities prior to class starting
Students with any learning disability are allowed to bring in a relative or friend after class hours for extra help.
Student may enroll in any class prior to the third scheduled date.
Program and Discounts:
PROGRAM: 30 hours of classroom instruction, 5 hours behind the wheel and 1- 6 hour(s) of observing, and 4 hours of
Driver Zed Interactive Risk management training.
Getting Started:
Full payment of tuition is required before the first day of class.
A deposit of $175 is required to sign up for class, and is non-refundable.
Once a class begins, tuition fees are non-refundable.
Permit waivers can only be obtained and used ten days before the first day of class.
Permit waivers will be given only when full tuition is paid.
A permit is required to be shown by the 3rd class date and must be brought to every drive.
Students need to bring in a 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper and pens on the first day of class and be ready to take
Parent Requirements:
30 hours of classroom time are mandatory. Please make sure that your students will attend all 30 hours of class on
Our goal is for each student to successfully complete each drive. In order for your student to do this parents must
practice for a minimum of two hours between each drive. If this is not possible another drive hour must be purchased
to make up for the loss of practice.
If a student is struggling in class by missing or failing tests, parents or a relative must be willing to come in and help
students catch up on their tests.
Parents are required to attend the first hour of the first class to orient them to class procedures and you understand
that by not attending, you may miss important information that may result in additional fees.
During a short time of one class I will be discussing with the students of their choice to become a donor and all the
information needed to know about this topic. By signing below you are agreeing to allow your student to participate in
the donor section of the class. If for some reason you are not comfortable with this, let the Smooth Ride Driving School
staff know and we will arrange an early dismissal.
If a student is involved in an accident while behind the wheel of the Smooth Ride Driving School car and is found legally
at fault, parents or students will be held responsible for any damages or deductible up to $500.
Mp3 players, iPod’s, and tape recorders are not allowed in class. Cell phones must be turned off during class. If not,
they will be taken away and not returned until the end of class.
No smoking will be allowed 500 feet from the driving school.
Students are fully accountable for their conduct and attendance. Students can be dismissed from the course for
misbehavior (including, but not limited to, deliberate disruption of class, and deliberate disrespect of other students
and Smooth Ride Driving Staff. If faced with these, we will call the parents of the student once, as a warning, and if the
behavior continues, will immediately dismiss the student from class with no refund of tuition), cheating (whether
sharing or receiving answers), being under the influence of drugs, including alcohol, during any of the instructional
phases, misuse or abuse of Traffic Safety Education equipment, and repeated and willful violation of traffic laws.
Students who show up to a drive with improper shoes (no flip-flops, clogs, UGG boots, or any shoes without a heel
strap), without their drivers permit, without glasses/contacts, or are more than 10 minutes late, will not be able to
drive and there will be a $35 rescheduling fee.
Students will not be able to drive on any further drives until no-show fees are paid off.
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Drives that are canceled 48 business hours prior to the drive will not be charged the $40 rescheduling fee.
If for any reason a student misses a class, the missed time will have to be made up before the student graduates the
If the student misses more than three classes (6 hours), they will be dropped from the course.
All classroom tests, driving tests, and the final must be passed with an 80% or higher.
If a student needs to be picked up for a drive during school hours they must let the instructor know before the day of
the drive.
In order to receive an Intermediate Driver’s License the driver must obtain a Driving Permit for at least 6 months and
not have been convicted of any traffic violation.
They must also present proof of 50 hours of driving including 10 hours of night driving.
Class length will be a minimum of 30 days. Everything must be completed within 60 days of the start date.
No refunds of tuition will be offered after a permit waiver is entered into the DOL system.
Start date is: _________. Student cannot end class before __________.
Summary of Fees:
Basic Class Tuition
Standard Class Tuition
Restart Class:
Returned check:
Reschedule Fee:
Additional Drive:
Adult Drive:
Full tuition
By signing this document I agree that I have received information regarding the policies, procedures and fees of Smooth
Ride Driving School and that I have received information regarding the requirements and penalties for the Intermediate
Driver’s License. I also agree that I should attend the first hour of the first class and should I not be able to attend, I will miss
important information that may affect my student’s driver’s education.
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Parent Signature X________________________________ Date_____________ Print Name ____________________________
Contact Information
Student Name:
Student Cell:
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High School:
3.0 GPA or Higher:
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