SA Health Job Pack

SA Health Job Pack
Job Title
Retrieval Consultant
Applications Closing Date
30 June 2015
Region / Division
Health Service
SA Ambulance Service
MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval base at Adelaide Airport
Criminal History Assessment
Applicants will be required to complete and submit a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion
(DCSI) Criminal History Check. The following checks will be required for this role:
Child Related Employment Screening
Vulnerable Person-Related Employment Screening
Aged Care Sector Employment Screening
General Employment Probity Check
Please ensure that the appropriate forms are completed and taken with you to the interview stage of the
recruitment process. Further information is available on the SA Health careers website at - see Career Information, or by referring to the nominated contact person below.
Contact Details
Full name
A/Prof Andrew Pearce BSc Hons FACEM
Job Title
Clinical Director, Training and Education
Phone number
+61 8 8154 4201
Email address
[email protected]
Guide to submitting an application
Thank you for considering applying for a position within SA Health. Recruitment and Selection processes across SA Health
are based on best practice and a commitment to a selection based on merit. This means treating all applications in a fair
and equitable manner that aims to choose the best person for the position.
A well presented, easy to read application will allow the panel to assess the information they need from your application. To
give yourself the best opportunity to reach interview, the application should clearly and concisely demonstrate to the
selection panel that you are suitably equipped to perform the role, and that you possess all of the stated minimum essential
skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and educational qualifications (where required).
The online application form to apply for this position will ask for employment history, education, qualifications and referees
however to understand the position and requirements we suggest you become familiar with the attached Job and Person
We request that you attach the following to your application  A covering letter of up to 2 pages introducing yourself to the selection panel and describing your skills, abilities,
knowledge, qualifications and experience in relation to the position;
 A current Curriculum vitae/Resume that includes your personal details, relevant employment history, education,
training courses, qualifications and professional memberships.
* Refer to for further information regarding
The Indicative Total Remuneration which is inclusive of Award salary, superannuation and other monetary benefits.
Information for Applicants
Criminal History Assessment requirements
Classification Code: MD02G
Position Number:
Date Reviewed:
October 2010
The community of South Australia is secure in the quality of care provided by its ambulance
To save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life through the provision of
accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport.
Our reputation and professional profile
The passion, effectiveness and potential of our people and their wellbeing
Underpinning the SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) Strategic Directions are the agreed values
that reflect honesty, respect and integrity for every individual. These values drive how we
conduct our business and how we behave. We aim to make the values “live”. It is important
that we incorporate the values into our behaviour systems and processes.
SA Ambulance Service has a “Commitment to Workplace Values” attached to Job and
Person Specifications that all staff are required to uphold.
Australia has one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse populations in the world.
Having bi-lingual and bi-cultural employees can enhance the department’s ability to
negotiate with, and meet the needs of, the full range of its clients and customers. Such
employees also add to the diversity of the workforce, and give added opportunities to fully
capitalise on difference as a valuable asset in an increasingly competitive environment.
Summary of the broad purpose of the position in relation to the organisation's
The Retrieval Consultant undertakes regular clinical duties within the retrieval service and
participates in service teaching, training, research, audit and clinical governance activities.
As such, the RC will be recognised as an operational retrieval service clinical leader.
Reporting/Working Relationships
This position reports to: The Director, MedSTAR.
The position is required to develop collaborative working relationships with all MedSTAR
medical, paramedical, nursing staff, administrative staff, SA Ambulance Service Emergency
Operations Centre staff, Royal Flying Doctors and other related service providers and
external stakeholders.
Special Conditions.
The incumbent:
Will uphold the SAAS Code of Conduct, values, principles, policies and procedures
of SA Ambulance Service.
A satisfactory Child Related and Vulnerable Person criminal history screening
checks obtained through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion prior
to commencement of employment and renewed every 3 years thereafter.
Meet immunisation requirements as outlined by the Immunisation Guidelines for
Health Workers in South Australia 2010.
Will undertake training as directed to attain or maintain the required competency
skills and knowledge applicable to the role.
Comply with SA Public Sector Code of Ethics and Code of Fair Information Practice
within the workplace and in the public domain.
Behave consistently in accordance with SAAS guiding principles, workplace values
and directions.
Be operational at the MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval base at Adelaide
Airport during operational retrieval rostered hours.
Be contactable by mobile communication device at all other times when nominated
‘on call’ for retrieval duties.
Be able to respond to the MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval base within 30
minutes when rostered for ‘on call’ operational retrieval duties.
Adhere to relevant legislation, SAAS policies, procedures, instructions and
Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and when relevant WHS Defined Officers
must meet due diligence requirements.
Comply with all Occupational Health Safety and Welfare provisions, policies and
strategies which result in a healthy and safe work environment.
Attending mandatory safety training programs.
T:\OPSUPP\WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT\Executive\Recruitment Strategy\Advertising\MedSTAR\140730_Retrieval
Maintain confidentiality regarding any information about client/patients, personal staff
information, human resource and financial information and information of strategic
importance to SAAS and SA Health units.
The incumbent will be required to complete further training as specified by the
Director, MedSTAR and other leadership staff – including Helicopter Underwater
Escape Training (HUET).
The incumbent may be required to undergo a pre-employment assessment of
medical fitness.
You holding a driver’s license that does not legally restrict your ability to drive an
operational ambulance. This must be a South Australian licence, if resident in South
Australia (or be in the process of transferring an interstate or international licence to
a full South Australian licence within published timeframes).
After hours work will be required.
Interstate and/or overseas travel may be required.
T:\OPSUPP\WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT\Executive\Recruitment Strategy\Advertising\MedSTAR\140730_Retrieval
Statement of Key Result Areas and Activities
4.1. Contributes to the provision of safe, best practice clinical services to patients in
the pre-hospital, retrieval and transport environments by:
Providing mentoring, support and clinical supervision for retrieval registrars and
fellows, other retrieval consultants, paramedics and nurses in the retrieval service.
On a roster basis, acting as the duty retrieval consultant responding to pre-hospital
and retrieval missions as tasked by the EOC and/or MedSTAR retrieval and transport
coordination centre.
Providing clinical leadership to facilitate and support a team approach to the provision
of pre-hospital and retrieval clinical services.
Participating in regular service Clinical Governance, risk management and audit
Ensuring the appropriate documentation of retrieval clinical care including the entry of
clinical and logistic information onto the statewide retrieval service data base.
Assisting the Director, Clinical Directors and other members of the MedSTAR
leadership team in strategic planning and organising the delivery of emergency
medical retrieval services.
Initiating and supporting MedSTAR clinical improvement activities. This will involve
evaluation of clinical processes and service outcomes, including patient safety,
identifying possible areas for improvement and implementing the required changes.
Maintaining an awareness of risk in the clinical environment including maintenance of
required operational currencies (e.g. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training,
equipment and aviation familiarisation training).
Reporting sentinel events and adverse incidents.
4.2. Contribute to MedSTAR service teaching/training by:
Attending (and from time to time running) regular retrieval service educational
Contributing to medical teaching/training programs at undergraduate and
postgraduate levels.
Providing appraisals as required of trainee medical officers employed by MedSTAR.
Contributing to the training of paramedics and nurses within the service.
4.3. Contribute to advances in knowledge in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine by:
Initiating and participating in relevant research projects.
Publishing in peer reviewed journals where possible.
Presenting at local, national and international conference forums on a regular basis.
T:\OPSUPP\WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT\Executive\Recruitment Strategy\Advertising\MedSTAR\140730_Retrieval
4.4. Complies with and utilises procedures, policies, regulations and standards
which impact upon the position, including contemporary human resource
management requirements and practices, such as workplace health and safety,
equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination policies.
Promotes a positive image of MedSTAR in a proactive way by fostering:
4.6. Contributes to the promotion and implementation of the General Public Sector
Management Aims, Personnel Management Standards and employee conduct
standards and in particular Equal Opportunity and Occupational Health Safety
and Welfare by adhering to the provisions of relevant legislative.
Key Result Area: Counter Disaster Activities
Achieved by the following activities:
Contribute to the well-being of the people in South Australia through participation in
Counter Disaster activities including attendance, as required, at training programs and
exercises to develop the necessary skills required to participate in and respond in the
event of a disaster and/or major incident.
Approved by Manager: ______________________________
Agreed by Incumbent: ______________________________
T:\OPSUPP\WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT\Executive\Recruitment Strategy\Advertising\MedSTAR\140730_Retrieval
Educational/Vocational Qualifications
Post graduate qualification allowing for specialist registration in Anaesthetics,
Intensive Care or Emergency Medicine with the Medical Board of SA.
Experience in the following:
Experience in a pre-hospital or retrieval service.
Knowledge of the following:
Modern ambulance service operations.
Rural health environment in South Australia
Relevant clinical quality improvement principles.
Skill/Ability demonstrated in the following areas:
Exceptional interpersonal communications skills.
High level decision making and problem solving skills.
High standard of clinical practice in emergency and critical care medicine in the prehospital, retrieval and transport environment.
Professional integrity.
Work in a multi-disciplinary team environment.
Commitment to quality improvement.
Be adaptable to change.
Educational/Vocational Qualifications
Post graduate qualification relevant to pre-hospital or retrieval medicine
Advanced Life Support Course instructor/director i.e. EMST, APLS, MIMMS.
Experience in the following:
Senior level of professional practice.
Teaching at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Research initiatives.
Medical management.
T:\OPSUPP\WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT\Executive\Recruitment Strategy\Advertising\MedSTAR\140730_Retrieval
SA Ambulance Service values have an influence on the people we employ
Every organisation has values that govern the way people are treated and the way
decisions are made. SA Ambulance Service Strategic Plan identifies the values that
guide our behaviours. These behaviours apply to all employees and govern the way
people in the organisation are treated, the way decisions are made and how we
provide our services.
These values are used in day to day communication and interaction between all employees
and are linked to the whole of government Code of Conduct, Performance Development,
Job and Person Specifications and SA Ambulance Service Conditions.
We value
Protecting and upholding the professional reputation of SAAS with the Government, health
and emergency services sector, community and staff.
Recognise and value the individual and collective contributions of staff
Understanding and accepting your responsibilities
Consistently doing the right things for the right reasons
A commitment to change and improvement
I ___________________________________ have the ability and commitment to
behave consistently with the stated values of SA Ambulance Service
Please return the completed document to the Human Resources Unit
“The right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time”
T:\OPSUPP\WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT\Executive\Recruitment Strategy\Advertising\MedSTAR\140730_Retrieval