Press Release LAA Leadership in Logistics Awards 2014 October 2014

Press Release
October 2014
LAA Leadership in Logistics Awards 2014
The LAA Leadership in Logistics Awards were held at Rydges Rosehill on Thursday 25 September 2014.
Allan Murray, LAA National President and Master of Ceremonies welcomed all and thanked industry
partners, long term supporters and Life Members for their contribution to the industry. Several awards
were presented by Life Members Malcolm Priestley, Malcolm Walker, Keith Campbell, Larry Smith and
Kim Rothwell.
Life Membership Award
Bill Allen has recently joined members who have previously been awarded life membership for exceptional
service to the LAA Ltd; fellow Life Members Keith Campbell OAM, Malcolm Priestley, Malcolm Walker
and Larry Smith and Kim Rothwell.
Leadership in Logistics Awards (Six are named in honour of Life Members)
These annual awards seek to encourage, support and recognise excellence in the logistics and supply
chain management profession in Australia. They are awarded to a company or individual for outstanding
leadership contribution to the logistics and supply chain and for continued professional development education, training and networking excellence in innovation, participation, continuous improvement and
change management to the industry.
The Robert Lamb Leadership in Logistics Customer Support, Systems and Services Award for
logistics and supply chain operations customer support, system or process, methodology and services.
The award was presented to Asixa, a Victoria- based distributor for achieving a DIFOT of 98%.
The Malcolm Walker Leadership Innovation in Supply Chain Operations Award for innnovation
across any industry category. The award was presented to Manhattan Associates, for the SCALE
Platform with their six modules supporting the supply chain continuum.
The Kim Rothwell Leadership in Logistics Education Award for excellence in participation by an
employer, individual, company or university in the development, provision of education and training. The
award was won by Urban Global, for chain of responsibility training and solutions for the industry.
The Larry Smith Leadership in Technology Award (IT capability) across the Logistics and Supply
Chain Industry for hardware or software including materials handling and distribution systems and
equipment, transport, freight, warehousing and other communications and information systems, systems
integration, and web development. This award was won by Honeywell’s Vo Collect, for voice solutions
in warehousing operations.
The Keith Campbell Leadership in Logistics Mentoring Award for individual industry mentee, or
mentor existing in either one of the LAA’s formal mentoring programs or is a leading industry
participant/contributor. This award was won by ATSI ( a majority indigenous-owned employer) for
developing learning partnerships for employees with Real Institute.
The Malcolm Priestley Leadership in Logistics Operations Environment Award.
This was won by Soti, for their Mobi Control Enterprise Mobility Management Solution empowering
stakeholders throughout the value chain to harness disparate mobile devices.
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